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  1. Color2013/06/17
    Decorating with color.
  2. Small Spaces2012/01/12
    Does your space looktoo small? Today Rena's DIY Design Fix will give you ideas to trick the eye into thinking your space is bigger - so you can enjoy your space.
    Actual Show Time: 11 minutes
  3. Decorating Inspiration2012/01/11
    Having trouble starting a decorating project? On today's DIY Design fix, Rena will share where to find inspiration - and - in only 5 to 15 minutes.
    Actual Show Time: 8 minutes
  4. Pretty Practical Rooms??2012/01/04
    Today's DIY Design Fix focuses on the importance of making a space both functional & fabulous. Rena will offer helpful hints in only 5 - 15 minutes!
  5. Finding Balance & a Focal Point: Principles of Design2012/01/03
    Pilot show: Join Rena for a 15 minute diy (do it yourself) design fix. Today's topic talks about how you can achieve Balance and Emphasis (aka Dominance or Focal Point) easily in your space.
    Actual time: 11 minutes
  6. Romantic Bedrooms: Bring the Sexy Back!2010/10/08
    Does your bedroom need a romantic makeover? Romance isn't just for Valentine's Day. Tune in to hear 10 quick tips on how to make your bedroom romantic & relaxing. The easiest & quickest tip is #10!!! Show length 30 minutes.
  7. DIY Decorating Preview Show2010/09/29
    Coming soon... A series on DIY Decorating... Listen now... Preview Show Length: 15 minutes
  8. Outdoor Eating & Entertaining Tips2010/07/15
    Time to take your eating & entertaining outdoors. Here are a few tips to consider. I save my 4 KEY tips for making your event memorable for the last 10 minutes. Show length: 30 minutes
  9. 10 DIY Tips for Interior Painting2010/04/16
    Professional painter, Dave Tingle shares 10 questions you should ask yourself & answer BEFORE beginning your DIY (do-it-yourself)paint project. Dave also shares basic tips & tricks that will make your DIY paint project look like you hired a pro. Show length: 40 minutes
  10. Clutter Control: Spring into Action2010/03/19
    Spring is around the corner. Tune in to hear 10 tips from professional organizing expert, award winng Maryland business entrepreneur, and owner of CastAway the Clutter!, Jacquie Ross, on how to take control of clutter before it takes control of you and your space. Show length: 30 minutes
  11. Tips for Couples: "Decorating Without Divorcing" (TM)2010/02/12
    Rena interviews Kathryn Bechen, of Kathryn Bechen Ink. Kathryn shares tips on how "couples can create style harmony at home". And, just in time for Valentine's Day, Rena offers a few gift ideas to make your day or night special. Show length: 1 hour
  12. Wall Art Decor Made Easy2010/01/29
    Info (Show/Hide)
  13. The Christmas Show: Decorating & Gift Ideas2009/12/04
    Joy to the world! Tune in to hear holiday decorating and gift ideas for every budget & those who are crafty. I save my 12 holiday decorating tips for the last 15 minutes of the show. Don't miss them. Catharine Gaither will return to help me share ideas with you. Go to my website for links to all the great gift ideas. The link is on the right. Show Length: 1 hour
  14. Rena's Favorite Blog Talk Radio Shows2009/11/25
    Oprah has her favorite things show and Twitter has follow Fridays. I was inspired to do a show on my favorite BTR shows. I featured 9 shows today and chatted with Laurie Zeiber, host of She Speaks 2 Inspire.
  15. Decorating for Kids & Victoria Pericon, editor of Savvy Mommy.com2009/11/18
    Tune in for 6 tips to remember when decorating kid's spaces. Rena will also talk with the editor of SavvyMommy.com, Victoria Pericon.
  16. Marleen Prater, Owner of Remixed Rooms & CEO of SDP2009/11/13
    Rena & Marleen talk about budget-friendly ideas for DIY decorating. Show length: 1 hour
  17. Food Safety & Decorating Tips: The Thanksgiving Show2009/10/30
    Info (Show/Hide)
  18. Part 3 - History of Decorating Styles2009/10/23
    Join Rena for the last part of The History of Decorating Styles. This series is for anyone who wants to know what periods have influenced their preferred decorating style. Show length: 20 Minutes
  19. Part 2 - History of Decorating Styles2009/10/14

    We will continue our journey through the centuries exploring the history of decorating styles. This show series will give you confidence as you decorate your own space and help you to communicate your preferred style to a professional decorator / designer effectively. Show length: 30 minutes
  20. Catharine Gaither of Freedom by Design2009/10/02
    My guest will be Catharine Gaither: owner of Freedom by Design.
    Catharine is a lifestyle decor specialist and member of The Society of Decorating Professionals. Catharine will offer insightful ways you can create a space that is uniquely yours. Show length: 30 minutes
  21. Part 1 - History of Decorating Styles 2009/09/25

    Join me as we explore the history of decorating styles (Part I). Every decorating diva and decorating enthusiast should know the history of their decorating style. Tune in to discover yours. This show series will help you to decorate your own space or communicate your preferred style with a professional decorator / designer. Show length: 30 minutes
  22. Susie Coelho, Author of "Secrets of a Style Diva"2009/09/22

    Join Rena for a chat with Susie Coelho,host of the show Outer Spaces (formerly on HGTV) currently airing on the Fine Living Network. Show length: 20 minutes
  23. Staging Tips for Selling a Home2009/06/26

    If you are going to sell your home, staging is an absolute must! I'll share staging tips that won't cost you a lot but will enable you to sell your home for a great deal more money.
  24. Decorating on a Dime2009/05/29
    Sure, we need to watch how we spend these days, but don't let your home's decor suffer. Tune in to hear 10 tips on how to save money when decorating your space. Don't miss tip #10, it's my favorite. Show Length: 30 Minutes
  25. Interior Decorating Q & A2009/05/07
    Ask Rena! This is a fun and informative show. The show is dedicated to questions people have asked via my website, twitter and facebook. Don't miss it. I could be answering your interior decorating question. Show Length: 30 Minutes
ReDecorating by Rena
Rena is gifted, trained and certified as an interior decorator. Rena is an expert writer for Ezine.com, Creating Great Homes, and contributed to the online magazine, The Decorator's Notebook. Rena offers tips on how to Revive, Refresh, and ReDecorate a space.

As the host of her show, Rena discusses interior decorating & staging topics and brings you interviews with industry professionals. Rena believes your home should be a place of peace and tranquility and uses design to begin the process. Rena's goal is simply to help you make the space you live in the space you love.

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