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  1. Lost Boyz2010/01/04

    Quick demo program: Cocktail party for a MOPA screening of 'The Lost Boys'...

    1. 'Entropy' - Etienne Jaumet
    2. 'Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven' - Love and Rockets
    3. 'I Still Believe' - Tim Capello
    4. 'People Are Strange' - The Doors + Echo & the Bunnymen
    5. 'Fire in Cairo' - The Cure
    6. 'Pass This On' - The Knife

  2. I Got Two Lips for You2009/12/20

    quickmix from a few weeks back. didn't make a set list...
  3. TOUCHE MA MARCLAY2009/12/03

    quickmix: download it and shove it in your ipod for a jog around the park.
  4. The Tansions2009/11/17

    1. 'Big Booty Bitches' - The Soft Pink Truth

    2. 'Darkroom' - Martini Bros

    3. 'California' - Claude VonStroke

    4. 'Leectric Feel' - Hot Nautured

    5. '45:33' - LCD Soundsystem

    6. 'Coimbra' - Dave DK


    recorded 11_16_09 live in-house at BLEEPBOX: 920 E ST #103 SAN DIEGO, CA 92101

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