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The SciFiLine Podcast

  1. Episode 3 November 30, 20092009/11/29

    This week MJ covers more Thor news, Samurai Jack, Family Guy does "Empire", Hugh Jackman goes robo,Joel Silver tests Lobo ,Highlander, and more!
  2. The UPDATED SciFiLine Podcast for November 20,20092009/11/24

    Volume issues of last cast resolved!(we hope) Plus we added our first 'Classic Commercial' Segment.

    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-0e1a7470c229f06939e6ffd441fef429}

    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-0e1a7470c229f06939e6ffd441fef429}
  3. Episode 2 November 20,20092009/11/21

    This week we cover the Spiderman 4 rumors, Underworld 4, Chuck, Lost and more!
  4. The Sci Fi Line Episode 12009/11/18

    The latest science fiction news, rumors, classic commercials and movie trailers in a fun and informative weekly podcast from SciFiLine.com
The SciFiLine Podcast
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