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  1. National Geographic Kids: Zeus the Mighty2020/05/21
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  2. National Geographic Kids: Almanac 20212020/05/20
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  3. Joel Sartore: National Geographic’s THE PHOTO ARK2020/05/18
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  4. All The Horrors of War: Bernice Lerner2020/05/14
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  5. Katherine Lerner: Unleashing Your Creative Zest After 50!2020/05/12
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  6. Bonnie Taub-Dix: Cooking With the Kiddies2020/05/07
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  7. Sara Zeff Geber, Ph.D.: Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers2020/05/06
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  8. Judith Marshall: Staying Afloat2020/04/30
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  9. Virtual Meetings: Top Tips to Help You Shine!2020/04/28
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  10. David Baldacci: Walk the Wire2020/04/21
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  11. CBD: The Healthy Alternative to Pain Relief2020/04/20
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  12. Joy Cho: Be Curious!2020/04/15
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  13. Roshani Chokshi: Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes2020/04/14
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  14. Blue Zones Kitchen: Dan Buettner2020/04/09
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  15. Tina Sloan: Chasing Cleopatra2020/04/03
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  16. Barbara Rose Brooker: Love, Sometimes2020/03/27
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  17. Dragon Hoops2020/03/25
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  18. Tracy Ross: Grey Divorce2020/03/03
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  19. Honeybee: A Gift For Grandparents and Grandchildren Alike!2020/02/27
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  20. Stacy Kaiser: Coping Strategies When It Comes To Aging Well2020/02/26
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  21. Death is But a Dream: Dr. Christopher Kerr2020/01/31
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  22. Immortality, Inc., Chip Walter2020/01/14
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  23. The Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change the World2020/01/08
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  24. How to Be a Mindful Drinker: Laura Willoughby2020/01/07
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  25. PLACES I REMEMBER: Tales, Truths, Delights from 100 Countries2020/01/03
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  26. One Day at Disney: Bruce Steele2019/12/20
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  27. Make Your Own Beauty Masks: Justin Krasner2019/12/17
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  28. Is This Seat Taken? Kristin Kaufman2019/12/12
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  29. With No Regrets: Jane Goldman2019/12/10
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  30. Manson Exposed: A Reporter's 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder2019/12/05
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  31. Revolution and Renaissance: 1965 to 19752019/12/04
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  32. Toys for Tots: An Important Message for the Season2019/12/03
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  33. A MINDSHIFT: Disrupting The Status Quo Of Senior Living2019/11/05
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  34. All The President’s Women: Donald Trump And The Making of a Predator2019/10/24
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  35. Nava Atlas: 5-Ingredient Vegan2019/10/23
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  36. Dork Diaries--Rachel Renee Russell2019/10/22
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  37. Intermittent Fasting: Dr. Rand McClain2019/10/14
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  38. Mayo Clinic: Guide to Fibromyalgia2019/10/04
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  39. Why We Believe, Agustin Fuentes2019/09/26
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  40. The Winning Dating Formula for Women Over 50: Lisa Copeland2019/09/24
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  41. Manson Exposed: Ivor Davis2019/09/20
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  42. Over 50? Then It's Time To Own Your Weird!2019/09/18
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  43. Carole Simpson: W.O.W., Wise Old Woman2019/09/17
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  44. Dale Smith Thomas: Good Morning Gorgeous!2019/07/30
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  45. Important Updates on Medicare: Danielle K. Roberts2019/07/29
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  46. Keith Frohreich: Blackberries Are Red When Green2019/07/27
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  47. David Baldacci: One Good Deed2019/07/24
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  48. Author - Single Mom and the City, “Create Time, Money and a Rich Life”2019/07/17
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  49. From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily and Finding Home: Tembi Locke2019/06/11
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  50. I Survived The Battle of D-Day: Lauren Tarshis2019/06/05
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  51. The Misadventures of Max Crumbly: Rachel Renee Russell2019/06/04
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  52. Grandma Alert: Joyful Books For Curious Minds2019/05/16
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  53. Mended Hearts: Donnette Smith2019/05/14
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  54. Colton’s Pocket Dragon: Rebecca Massey2019/05/08
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  55. LADIES WHO PUNCH: The Explosive Inside Story of The View2019/05/07
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  56. AARP’s: Healthy Living Guide 20192019/04/30
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  57. The Mayo Clinic: How to be a Safe Weekend Warrior2019/04/19
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  58. The Mayo Clinic Guide to Raising a Healthy Child.2019/04/17
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  59. David Baldacci: Redemption2019/04/16
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  60. Kushner, Inc., Vicky Ward2019/04/10
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  61. Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior and Happiness: Gary Weitzman2019/04/03
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  62. Holistic Health & Wellness: Lynne Wadsworth2019/03/27
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  63. This is Motherhood: Jill Koziol2019/03/20
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  64. AARP’s Date My Grandma: Jeffrey Eagle2019/03/11
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  65. Anna Delfina: Nourished2019/03/09
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  66. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S 100 DIVES OF A LIFETIME: Carrie Miller2019/03/07
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  67. The CBD Oil Solution: Dr. Rachna Patel2019/03/06
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  68. What to Eat When: Dr. Michael Roizen & Dr. Michael Crupain2019/03/05
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  69. David Baldacci: The Stars Below2019/02/25
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  70. How Can I Help? Sherrie Dunlevy2019/02/20
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  71. National Geographic’s 100 Parks, 5,000 Ideas: Joe Yogerst2019/02/13
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  72. NATURE’S BEST REMEDIES: The Top Medicinal Herbs & Spices2019/02/05
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  73. Dr. Robi Ludwig: Why Your Best Age is NOW!2018/12/06
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  74. Brother John: August Turak2018/12/03
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  75. An End to Upside Down Thinking: Mark Gober2018/12/02
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  76. Toys for Tots: How to Make the Holidays Bright For Children In Need2018/11/27
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  77. The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy2018/11/26
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  78. Mary Higgins Clark: You Don’t Own Me2018/11/15
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  79. GOOD, BETTER, BEST: Sue McCarthy2018/11/06
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  81. National Geographic: ALL OVER THE MAP With Betsy Mason2018/11/01
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  82. The Tattooist of Auschwitz: Heather Morris2018/10/30
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  83. University of Heaven: Dr. Raymond Moody & Lisa Smartt2018/10/29
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  84. Jonathan Baillie, THE SPLENDOR OF BIRDS: Art and Photographs from National Geogr2018/10/26
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  86. Tasting Italy: Jack Bishop2018/10/24
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  87. Dork Diaries--Rachel Renee Russell2018/10/16
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  88. Lacy M. Johnson: The Reckonings2018/10/09
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  89. The Burn Zone: Renee Linnell2018/10/08
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  90. My Mixed Emotions: Maureen Healy2018/09/20
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  91. Unpunished Murder: Lawrence Goldstone2018/09/18
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  92. Arlene B. Englander: Let Go of Emotional Overeating!2018/09/13
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  93. Nocturia: You May Not Know the Name But You Likely Have the Condition!2018/09/12
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  94. What Doctors Don’t Know About Menopause2018/09/11
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  95. Decoding Your Dreams: Layne Dalfen2018/09/06
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  96. Dav Pilkey, Dog Man: Lord of the Fleas2018/08/28
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  97. Bobbi Palmer: Date Like a Grownup!2018/08/20
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  98. Dr. Marilyn Joyce: The Stress to Success Formula2018/08/14
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  99. Glenna Crooks: The NetworkSage2018/08/03
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  100. Mary Kay Andrews The High Tide Club2018/07/30
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  101. Women at Woodstock: A Celebration of Our Generation2018/07/25
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  102. Becoming Starlight: Sharon Prentice, PhD2018/07/12
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  103. The Green Reaper: Elizabeth Fournier2018/07/06
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  104. Santa Fe Footprints: Bob Ackenhausen2018/06/26
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  105. Healthy You—Healthy Planet: Marian Carroll2018/06/22
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  106. Barbara Hannah Grufferman: LOVE YOUR AGE2018/06/19
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  107. Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body!2018/06/14
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  108. Kelly Glazer Baldwin: Familial2018/06/12
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  109. The Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 5th Edition2018/06/05
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  110. Sharon Wilharm: Summer of ‘672018/05/30
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  111. Stroke Awareness: What You Can Do For Your Health!2018/05/23
  112. Barbara Hannah Grufferman: Love Your Age!2018/05/08
  113. Janelle Hanchett: I’M JUST HAPPY TO BE HERE2018/05/01
  114. Over 50? It's Time To Get Financially Fit!2018/04/30
  115. You Are Not Alone2018/04/24
  116. Sara Bendrick: Gardening With Your Grandchildren2018/04/23
  117. David Baldacci: The Fallen2018/04/17
  118. Jeffery Deaver: The Cutting Edge2018/04/16
  119. Nathan Turner: I LOVE CALIFORNIA2018/04/13
  120. Cheryl Benton: Can You See Us Now?2018/04/12
  121. Mary Higgins Clark: I’ve Got My Eyes On You2018/04/05
  122. Food Sanity: How to Eat In a World of Fads and Fiction2018/03/30
  123. John Medina: Brain Rules for Aging Well2018/03/16
  124. Karen Karbo: In Praise of Difficult Women2018/03/14
  125. Betsy Werley: Encore.org2018/03/12
  126. Nava Atlas: Literary Ladies Guide To The Writing Life2018/03/08
  127. Noah Strycker: National Geographic’s BIRDS OF THE PHOTO ARK2018/03/06
  128. Dale Smith Thomas: Good Morning Gorgeous!2018/03/05
  129. Julia Samuel: Grief Works2018/02/28
  130. John Hart: The Hush2018/02/27
  131. Barbara Hannah Grufferman: Love Your Age!2018/02/07
  132. Gail Woodard: Write the Book You’re Meant to Write2018/01/30
  133. Dr. Laura Berman: Great Sexpectations After Menopause2018/01/29
  134. Exercises For Perfect Posture2018/01/26
  135. Claire Kann: Let's Talk About Love2018/01/23
  136. Gretchen Rubin: The Four Tendencies2018/01/09
  137. Roz Quarto: The Critical Relationship Between Financial and Physical Health2018/01/04
  138. Cynthia Spillman: From Dinner Date to Soulmate2017/12/22
  139. Mary Cunningham: Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder2017/12/15
  140. Martha Brockenbrough: Love, Santa2017/12/13
  141. Julia Ross: The Craving Cure2017/12/12
  142. My Family Record Book2017/12/11
  143. The Kindness Diaries2017/12/08
  144. The How Not to Die Cookbook: Simple, Delicious Recipes That Reverse Disease2017/12/05
  145. Toys for Tots2017/11/28
  146. ATLAS OF BEER2017/11/27
  147. Cynthia Soloway: Journey From Invisibility To Visibility2017/11/17
  148. Mary Higgins Clark: Every Breath You Take2017/11/15
  149. Bruised Hearts: Johanna Sparrow2017/11/08
  150. The Psychobiotic Revolution: Scott Anderson2017/11/07
  151. Kathy McCoy, Ph.D.: We Don’t Talk Anymore2017/11/03
  152. Joy Loverde, Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?2017/11/02
  153. Peter Moffat: Creator of HBO’s The Night Of2017/10/26
  154. John David Mann: The Recipe2017/10/25
  155. Melanie Merriman: Holding The Net2017/10/23
  156. Quackers: A Treat for Grandchildren and Grandmas Alike!2017/10/16
  157. Dale Smith Thomas: Good Morning Gorgeous!2017/10/13
  158. Laurie Seymour: Discover Your Compass Within2017/10/09
  159. AARP: How to Select a Surgeon2017/10/05
  160. Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken2017/10/03
  161. Mark Lipton: Mean Men2017/10/02
  162. John Tarnoff: Boomer Reinvention2017/09/30
  163. Carol Bryan: Saving Face Initiative2017/09/28
  164. Douglas Noll, De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less2017/09/22
  165. Dav Pilkey, Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties2017/09/07
  166. Phyllis Good: Stock The Crock2017/09/06
  167. Tad Mayer: Career Negotiations2017/09/05
  168. Karen Allen: Year By the Sea2017/08/31
  169. Autumn Reeser: Valley of Bones2017/08/24
  170. AARP: How to Save Your Senses2017/08/21
  171. Mayo Clinic: The Integrative Guide to Good Health2017/08/08
  172. Mark Oldman: How to Drink Like a Billionaire2017/07/27
  173. Andrew Solomon: Far From The Tree2017/07/25
  174. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2017/07/21
  175. Howard Helmer, Guest Star of Little Big Shots: Forever Young2017/07/12
  176. Dr. Marilyn Joyce: Keeping Cool With Instant Energy2017/07/11
  177. Diana Black: Windows to the Soul2017/06/26
  178. Women at Woodstock: A Celebration of Our Generation2017/06/05
  179. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2017/05/31
  180. The Plant Paradox: Dr. Steven Gundry2017/05/26
  181. Marilu Henner: Bladder Cancer. Its Symptoms and Treatments2017/05/15
  182. Lesslee Belmore: It’s Never Too Late To Get Fit and Healthy!2017/05/10
  183. Nan Narboe—Aging: An Apprenticeship2017/05/05
  184. Elizabeth Havey: A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE2017/05/04
  185. Victoria Kann: Peterrific2017/04/28
  186. Gail Carson Levine: Lost Kingdom of Bamarre2017/04/26
  187. Dr. Janis Clark Johnston: Midlife Maze2017/04/19
  188. David Baldacci: The Fix2017/04/18
  189. Steven Campbell: Making Your Mind Magnificent2017/04/14
  190. Loryn Brantz: Feminist Baby2017/04/13
  191. Pandora's Lab2017/04/12
  192. Jeffery Deaver: The Burial Hour2017/04/11
  193. Mary Higgins Clark: All By Myself, Alone2017/04/06
  194. Gloria Loring: The Power of Coincidence & Universal Energy2017/04/04
  195. Peter H. Reynolds: Happy Dreamer2017/03/29
  196. Giving Confidence To Cancer Patients2017/03/27
  197. Tia Mowry: WHOLE NEW YOU2017/03/21
  198. Robert Alexander: Vanished Splendor2017/03/07
  199. Gloria Loring: The Power of Coincidence2017/03/06
  200. Better Nutrition With Ashley Koff, RD2017/03/01
  201. SPARK: How to Lead Yourself and Others to greater Success2017/02/28
  202. Fancy Nancy: A Treat for Grandchildren and Grandmas Alike!2017/02/27
  203. Mary Pope Osborne: 25 Years of The Magic Tree House2017/02/21
  204. 75 Years of Golden Books2017/02/16
  205. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2017/02/15
  206. Barbara Hannah Grufferman: 5 Things to Do to Have Your Best Year Ever!2017/02/10
  207. Victoria Aveyard: KING’S CAGE2017/02/02
  208. Suzanne Braun Levine—Reflections on the Women’s March2017/01/30
  209. Mary-Kate Mackey: WRITE BETTER RIGHT NOW2017/01/17
  210. Mary Ann DiMarco: BELIEVE, ASK, ACT2017/01/12
  212. Charles Duhigg: How to Be Smarter, Faster & Better!2017/01/10
  213. Deirdre Hade: The (not so) Little Book of Surprises2017/01/04
  214. Dr. Catherine Shanahan, DEEP NUTRITION2017/01/03
  215. The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook.2016/12/21
  216. Suzanne Braun Levine--Election Aftermath2016/12/16
  217. Rev. Dr. Karen Tate: Goddess 2.02016/12/15
  218. Toys for Tots2016/12/13
  219. Dorothy Firman: Engaging Life2016/12/06
  220. The Pefect Gift For Your Grandchildren2016/11/30
  221. Matt Haig: A Boy Called Christmas2016/11/28
  222. David Baldacci: No Man's Land2016/11/17
  223. Rachel Renee Russell: Dork Diaries2016/11/15
  224. Leeza Gibbons: Caretaking With Self-Compassion2016/11/07
  225. William Madison: Madeline Kahn2016/11/02
  226. Laura Schroff: Angels on Earth2016/11/01
  227. The Bear Ate Your Sandwich: A Treat for Grandchildren and Grandmas Alike!2016/10/26
  228. William Novak: Die Laughing2016/10/25
  229. Karen Kingsbury: A Baxter Family Christmas2016/10/24
  230. Dr. Marilyn Joyce: Instant Energy2016/10/18
  231. Leigh Bardugo: Crooked Kingdom2016/10/13
  232. Angie Sage: Todhunter Moon2016/10/11
  233. Reimagining Women’s Cancers2016/10/06
  234. How D’ya Like Them Apples2016/10/04
  235. Brace For Impact2016/09/27
  236. Dr. Tara Allmen: Menopause Confidential2016/09/23
  237. Jerry West and Dr. James Reiffel: Heart Health and Basketball2016/09/21
  238. Kendare Blake: Three Dark Crowns2016/09/20
  239. Dr. Harley Rotbart: Miracles We Have Seen2016/09/14
  240. Dr. Robi Ludwig: Your Best Age is NOW2016/09/12
  241. Megan Shull: Bounce2016/09/08
  242. Rosemary Wells: Hand in Hand2016/09/07
  243. Dav Pilkey's Dog Man2016/08/30
  244. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2016/08/24
  245. A New Stage of Midlife Transition with Mary Keyes Rogers2016/08/19
  246. Sandra Brown: Sting2016/08/16
  247. More About the John Mitchum Tribute Party and CD2016/08/11
  248. Lisa Luckett: The 9/11 Widow on a Mission2016/07/20
  249. John Mitchum Tribute Party and CD2016/07/15
  250. Safe Travels: What You Need to Know2016/07/14
  251. Soman Chainani, creator of the much-loved series, The School for Good and Evil,2016/07/12
  252. Cracking the Aging Code2016/07/06
  253. Diane Reeve: The New Face of HIV2016/06/29
  254. Brad Meltzer: THE HOUSE OF SECRETS2016/06/10
  255. Brad Thor: Foreign Agent2016/06/09
  256. Waking Up White2016/05/12
  257. Natural Born Heroes2016/04/26
  258. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2016/04/21
  259. Weight Watchers: Family Meals Cookbook2016/04/05
  260. Cinda Williams Chima: Flamecaster2016/04/04
  261. Dr. Josh Axe: Eat Dirt!2016/03/29
  262. Brooke Griffin: Skinny Suppers2016/03/24
  263. Dr. Mark Hyman: Eat Fat, Get Thin2016/02/25
  264. Signs of Life, Love and Other Miracles2016/02/23
  265. The Planet Friendly Diet2016/02/19
  266. Big Nate Blasts Off!2016/02/12
  267. Andy Warhol Was a Hoarder2016/02/09
  268. Maria Allyn: Your Midlife Coach2016/02/01
  269. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2016/01/27
  270. How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine!2016/01/21
  271. How Not to Die: Scientifically Proven Foods That Reverse Disease2016/01/14
  272. The “Obesity Warrior” Shares the Real Way to Lose Weight2016/01/11
  273. Mary Giuliani: The Cocktail Party2015/12/17
  274. Rene Syler Shares Holiday Tips2015/12/07
  275. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2015/12/03
  276. Toys for Tots2015/12/01
  277. Mary Higgins Clark, the Queen of Suspense2015/11/20
  278. Corey Ann Haydu: Rules for Stealing Stars2015/09/29
  279. How to Upgrade Your Brain and Upgrade Your Life!2015/09/25
  280. The Jazzy Vegetarian2015/09/08
  281. Having the Last Say: Capturing Your Legacy2015/09/02
  282. Tina Sloan and Gloria Loring2015/08/26
  283. Kristin Hannah: The Nightingale2015/08/19
  284. Mark Anthony Dyson: The Voice of Job Seekers2015/08/07
  285. Soman Chainani: The Last Ever After2015/07/21
  286. Elliot Mintz—An Insider’s Look at Your Favorite Stars!2015/07/16
  287. Mary Higgins Clark2015/06/25
  288. Suzanne Braun Levine—Aging, Authenticity & the Importance of Being Selfish!2015/06/23
  289. Road Trip USA With Jamie Jensen2015/06/18
  290. Bald, Fat & Crazy! One Woman’s Journey Through Pregnancy, Adoption & Cancer2015/06/16
  291. City of Liars and Thieves2015/06/05
  292. The Shed That Fed A Million Children2015/05/28
  293. Senator Adlai E Stevenson III2015/05/27
  294. Stephen Hunter: I, Ripper (The Story Behind Jack the Serial Killer)2015/05/19
  295. Eat Right For Your Sight!2015/05/07
  296. Florence Henderson: “I Didn’t Get That Memo”2015/05/05
  297. Super Tips From the Skin Whisperer!2015/04/22
  298. Suzanne Braun Levine—Women’s Lib: Then and Now2015/04/15
  299. God is Always Hiring2015/04/14
  300. The Blue Zones Solution2015/04/09
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