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Deadline Live with Jack Blood

  1. Jack Blood Show – April 20 20182018/04/29
    Friday – Hour One – Zigs and zags through occult info detailing late April sacrifice… Also Breaking news and 420 info. Hour Two: Ghouliani on Trump legal team, Bolton and Israel, history and 20 minutes of Geo Politics with F William Engdahl (new book “Manifest Destiny, Democracy and Cognitive Dissonance”) + KARMA for your support!
  2. Jack Blood Show – April 13 20182018/04/15
    Friday – In hour one Jack decodes the week’s news with history, and rants riddled with non sequiturs and digressions. Utah reporter Greg Knight rides shotgun in hour two.
  3. Jack Blood Show – April 6 20182018/04/12
    Friday – Jack rants and takes callers in the second hour.
  4. Jack Blood Show – March 23 20182018/03/25
    Friday – Jack rants about Trump’s neocon appointment of John Bolton to national security advisor. Jacks first hour guest was Greg Newburn. Jack takes calls in the second hour.
  5. Jack Blood Show – March 16 20182018/03/25
    Friday – Jack Rants in the first hour. Jack’s special guest in the second hour was Scott Rickard.
  6. Jack Blood Show – March 2 20182018/03/04
    Friday – Jack Rants about Trump and the Florida school shooting. His first hour guest was Julio Rivera. In the second hour Jack opens the phones and takes listener calls.
  7. Jack Blood Show – February 23 20182018/02/25
    Friday – The Jack Blood Show: Rants on real debates, and debunked illusions. As always news, history. Owing karma to the mighty forces, our listeners and supporters!
  8. Jack Blood Show – February 9 20182018/02/11
    Friday – Jack Rants on Trump, Kissenger, North Korea and more in the first Hour. In the second hour Jack is joined by Musician Buck Johnson.
  9. Jack Blood Show – February 2 20182018/02/04
    Friday – Our won: Jack dissects the Trump SOTU speech and its ramifications + Breaking news. Our too: Kathleen Fitzgerald of Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers is the guest. Subject – Toxic Skies, food, water, vaccines…
  10. Jack Blood Show – January 19 20182018/01/21
    Friday – Jack rants and is joined by Scott Rickard in the first hour. In the second hour Jack’s guest was Tom Creal.
The Jack Blood Show
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