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  1. "Don't Go Changing"2010/01/02

    So many people are innocently putting too much confidence in their ability to change.While working hard to change themselves many forget where the real Change has already taken place. Once we understand the exchange we'll demonstrate the change.
  2. Episode 13 Those Wonderful Declarations2009/12/12
    Prophetic Declarations are God’s people #1. Hearing from him. #2.Checking what they heard with the Scriptures #3. Then Declaring it . A what I tell you in secret shout it from the rooftops sort of thing. These declarations were written by a new friend of mind Prophetess Ruth Ann McCormick of FREEDOM FIGHTERS INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES located in Panama City Florida USA.
  3. Episode 12 "TO HELL WITH NEGATIVITY"2009/12/04
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  4. Episode 13 LETS GET IT STARTED IN HERE2009/11/29
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  5. Episode 12 "LORD I CAN’T BE GOOD"2009/11/29
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Faithman's podcast

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