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  1. Xymphoni Video entitled " Driven "2009/12/27
    From the cd entitled " Driven " is the title song it self. Driven is rapidly climbing up the charts around the world as is already a classic " a song that will live forever "
  2. I Found A Love 2009/12/27
    Love, you search high, you search low and you look for it everywhere except right in front of you, one day you'll realize that love was right there in front of you the whole time.
  3. The Funkanuats -The Right Thang2009/12/26
    The Funkanauts are here to save the Planet Funk and their music is just " The Right Thang " to do it.

    It don't get no funkier than this
  4. ROB BESS "STAY" VIDEO2009/12/20
    This is the first single off of the New CD entitled: "STAY"
  5. Rey T. From The I Know A Secret CD The Video " Never Gonna Let You Go " 2009/11/25
    If it's right and you know hang on to it let her know " I"m Never Gonna Let You Go "

    On the Prime USA Records/Attack Records distributed by "The Orchard " Published by:

    Cherry Lane Publishing
  6. Prime USA Television Korrosive and Ice Dogg Interview2009/11/25

    Today Korrosive and Ice Dogg visit the set to discuss their new cd's and going on tour with you host Rey T.
  7. Special Request Featuring Rey T. LIVE in Concert2009/11/29
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Reynard Thomas' Podcast

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