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  1. EPISODE47 - Coadjutor Archbishop Gomez2010/05/15
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  2. EPISODE34 - Unborn Jesus Prayer Hour2010/03/25
    Join us as we pray the Way of the Incarnation and other prayers. Our prayers are offered as part of "The Great Prayer Project - End Abortion" - see www.luke181.com. Pedro will be leading us in this prayer hour. We will meet on the 25th of every month at 9 pm pacific time for one year starting March 25, 2010.
  3. EPISODE40 - St. Joseph2010/03/20
    Carol, Mike and Pedro discuss the saint of the day -- St. Joseph. Also - a statement from the Catholic Bishops on the reform of health care. In addition we discuss Luke181.com (prayer site for an end to abortion).
  4. EPISODE43 - Los Angeles March for Life (Part 3)2010/03/13
    In part 3 of our live broadcast from the 7th Annual March for Life we hear from several women testify about their abortion experiences. These women are part of a group called "Silent No More".
  5. EPISODE42 - Los Angeles March for Life (part 2)2010/03/13
    Mike from MyCatholicVillage.com reports in live during the March for Life along Ventura Blvd. in Encino.
  6. EPISODE41 - Los Angeles March for Life Part 12010/03/13
    Live broadcast from the 7th Annual Los Angeles March for Life. We were transmitting via cell phone so our apologies for any audio quality issues. The call opens up with speakers at the event which included Reverend Walter Hoye and Lila Rose, as well as Fr. Peter West of Priests for Life.
  7. EPISODE33 - St. Maximllian A.D. 2962010/03/13
    Carol, Mike, and guest Minister Kenneth (Baptist) discuss the saint of the day and other topics related to the Catholic faith.
  8. EPISODE32 - St. John Joseph of the Cross (1654-1734)2010/03/06
    Pedro Mike & Carol discuss the saint of the day, the 7th Annual Los Angeles March for Life, and the current debate regarding health care reform.
  9. EPISODE31 - St. Alexander A. D. 3282010/02/27
    Pedro, Vincent, Carol, Jeff, and Mike plus guest join in to discuss St. Alexander, Lent, Divine Mercy Sunday, Luke181.com (a year of prayer to end abortion), and more!
  10. EPISODE30 - St. Barbatus A.D. 682 & Our Lady of Lourdes2010/02/20
    Pedro, Vincent, Mike join in as John shares with us about Our Lady of Lourdes and his experience visiting Lourdes France. Also, we discuss sites with live webcams of the grotto and other locations at Lourdes.
  11. EPISODE31 - St. Meletius; California Human Rights Amendment2010/02/13
    On this call Mike, Vincent, Carol, and Pedro discuss St. Meletius; Pedro's Unborn Jesus banner featured in music video; The Great Prayer Project - End Abortion; and the California Human Rights Amendment
  12. EPISODE30- St. Agatha & much more2010/02/06
    In this call Pedro, Carol, Vincent, Mike, and others join to discuss St. Agatha, sainthood cause of Maria Esperanza, Secrets of Farmville with Fr. Roderick, Our Lady of La Salette, a Polish priest who checks fingerprints for mass attendance, The Great Prayer Project to End Abortion, and more!
  13. EPISODE29 - St. Gildas the Wise2010/01/30
    Vincent, Pedro, Carol, and Mike discuss St. Gildas the Wise, St. John Bosco, Pope Benedict's statements to the Roman Rota regarding the sacrament of marriage, Obama's State of the Union address and more!
  14. EPISODE28 - Walk for Life West Coast (part 3)2010/01/23
    A recorded live broadcast from the Walk Part 3 of our recorded live broadcast from the Walk for Life West Coast which took place Jan. 23rd, 2010 in San Francisco. Several interviews are conducted of people who participated in the event. For more information about the Walk for Life West Coast go to http://www.walkforlifewc.com
  15. EPISODE26 - Walk for Life West Coast (part 2)2010/01/23
    Part 2 of a recorded live broadcast from the Walk for Life West Coast which took place Jan. 23rd, 2010 in San Francisco. Several interviews are conducted of people who participated in the event. For more information about the Walk for Life go to http://www.walkforlifewc.com
  16. EPISODE25 - Walk for Life West Coast Live (Part 1)2010/01/23
    Pedro reports in on the holy hour which took place at Sts. Peter and Paul church in San Francisco. Also we hear reports live from the start of the Walk for Life West Coast.
  17. EPISODE20 - St. Agnes, March for Life & the West Coast Walk for Life2010/01/23
    On this community call our saint of the day is St. Agnes. Mike also discusses the March for Life in Washington D.C. which took place Friday Jan 22nd. and the West Coast Walk for Life which takes place on Saturday Jan. 23rd.
  18. EPISODE22 - St. Vincent, March for Life, Walk for Life, and more!2010/01/22
    MyCatholicVillage member Vincent leads a dicussion on St. Vincent. Other topics included the victory of Scott Brown in MA and the impact on health care reform. The March for Life on Jan 22nd, the virtual March for Life, the Walk for Life West Coast on Jan 23rd.
  19. EPISODE 19 - St. Ita, St. Paul the Hermit & more2010/01/16
    Pedro, Vincent, Carol and Mike discuss St. Ita, St. Paul the Hermit, Catholic Bishops and Health Care reform, Catholic news, and more!
  20. EPISODE18 - - St. Thorfinn, Catholic trivia & more2010/01/09
    Pedro, Mike and Vincent discuss the saint of the day St. Thorfinn, try their hand at some more Catholic trivia, and discuss the latest regarding health care reform and more.
  21. EPISODE17 - ST. OLYMPIAS2009/12/18
    On this call Pedro joins Mike as we discuss St. Olympias, health care reform, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and Pedro tries his hand at some catholic trivia.
  22. EPISODE15 - St. Adelaide & Our Lady of Guadalupe2009/12/17
    On this call we discuss St. Adelaide, Unborn Jesus at the Wilmington Christmas Parade, and health care reform. Vincent interviews Pedro regarding the meaning of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  23. EPISODE14 - Interview: Jeff from the Catholic Band "Simple Servants"2009/12/12
    Interview with singer songwriter and guitarist Jeff from the Catholic Band "Simple Servants". We discuss with Jeff how he got into performing Catholic music. We also discuss and play two of the songs that Jeff wrote and peformed..."Speak for Me" and "Hail Mary". After the interview with Jeff stay tuned to listen to another song Jeff wrote named "Raise your Hands up High".
  24. EPISODE13 - St. Vincent2009/12/12
    St. Vincent, Health Care bill in the Senate & abortion, human relationships and Christmas/holiday season.
  25. EPISODE12 - Topics: Saint John Damascene, Catholic Single sites2009/12/05
    Topics includes: Catholic single sites, Saint John Damascene (Early Church Father & Doctor of the Church), and Catholic news.
  26. EPISODE11 - Pope John XX1112009/11/26
    Pope John XX111, Prayers for Uruguay, discussion about Biship Tobin and U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy being denied Holy Communion. Walk for Life West Coast coming up in January 2010.
  27. EPISODE10 - St. Andrew Dung-Lac and his 116 companions, martyrs2009/11/25
    Today's saint is St. Andrew Dung-Lac and his 116 companions, martyrs & in current events we discuss the Walk for Life West Coast which takes place on Saturday, January 23, 2010.
  28. EPISODE9 - Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J.2009/11/24
    Today's saint is Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J. We will discuss today's saint, National Catholic Youth Confernce, and introduce the Catholic musician Simple Servants as well as discuss the latest news in Catholic world.
  29. EPISODE8 - Home Entronement2009/11/20
    On this show we discuss home entronement by the Alliance of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary as well as the Saint of the Day (St. Margaret of Scotland) and more!
  30. EPISODE7 - Reform the CCHD2009/11/19
    Reform of the CCHD - Annual collection takes place at Catholic parishes this weekend (Nov 22nd) but serious problems with CCHD donations exist.
  31. EPISODE6 - St. Hugh of Lincoln2009/11/18
    Topics include St. Hugh of Lincoln, new updates to the MyCatholicVillage home page, the Catholic view of marriage, The13th Day movie, and more.
  32. EPISODE5 - St. Gertrude2009/11/17
    Discuss Catholicism and our faith. Topics include Saint of the Day and current news in the Catholc church. New features added to the MyCatholicVillage home page.
  33. EPISODE3 - St. Francis Xavier Cabrini2009/11/14
    St. Francis Xavier Cabrini 1850-1917, the first American to be canonized. Other topics include Divine Mercy Sunday, St. Francis of Assisi, Anglicans coming into the Catholic church, and more.
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