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  1. Ep: 76 Dial it Down - Meditation2020/05/22

    This meditation is to help you dial down your stress, pain, anger, etc. You choose how to control your body. Have a listen.

    Music: Wind Of The Rainforest Preview by Kevin MacLeod
    Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5729-wind-of-the-rainforest-preview
    License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
  2. EP:75 Sensual Hypnosis Meditation2020/02/13

    With Valentine's Day arriving tomorrow, I thought it would be a great time for you to get focused and feel your absolute best. With or without a partner!

    <3 xo
  3. Ep: 74 Smile and be happy2019/06/19

    This meditation is a short way to begin your day for a positive outlook.

    Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
  4. Ep: 73 Being Present in the moment2019/06/12

    This meditation is about mindfulness while in meditation. It is advised that you do not operate any heavy machinery while meditating.

    Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke "Adrift"
  5. Ep: 72 Identify your stress meditation2019/06/05

    All of these meditations are amazing with headphones. This meditation can help you target emotional pain as well as physical pain and release it.
  6. Ep. 69 Mindfulness practice importance2019/05/15

    This podcast we talk about how vital an every day practice of being in the moment can help your life.

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    FB: MediumLaura.Evans
  7. Ep. 68 Self Compassion Meditation (long)2019/05/09

    This meditation is 22 minutes long and intended for those going through difficult times with self love and kindness.

    FB: MediumLaura.Evans

    All music is by Liquid Mind
    Purchase your copies here www.liquidmindmusic.com/
  8. Ep. 67 Be your own warrior2019/05/09

    Today we're going to work on your ability to push through those tough times.

    Meditation for this coming soon.
  9. Episode 66 Meditation for Business2018/01/02

    Music by Rouly Antonopoulos Mediterranean Spa 2009
  10. Ep 65 Where is your focus?2017/12/02

    What do you think about every day and how does it affect your life?

  11. Episode 64 - Message on the Beach Meditation2017/03/13

    Walk along the beach and hear a message as you relax and regenerate your energy.

    Medium Laura Evans
  12. Episode 63 - Destress Mantra Meditation2017/01/19

    This 5 minute meditation is simple, without music and calming.
  13. Episode 62: Negativity and Social Media2016/12/17

    It's all around us, so how does it really affect us?
  14. Episode 60 - Why do psychics and mediums charge?2016/08/22

    The question is often asked. Here is my view on it.
  15. EP 61 Boundaries for young people2016/07/19

    With real people and spirit. Learn to set limits in your life.
  16. Guide Issues2016/05/11

    Some of you have asked about your guides and why you are having trouble meeting them.
  17. Episode 59 - Life agreements2016/04/04

    Talking about the 4 agreements.

  18. Psychic Empathy 2015/05/13

    What is it? and how do you stop it from happening?
  19. 8 minute breathing meditation2015/03/29

    A simple exercise that can be done at anytime.
  20. Fear of the dark (children and adult) Meditation2015/03/29

    This meditation focuses on releasing fears of the dark and will drift you off to sleep.
  21. Self Esteem meditation for young adults2014/02/06

    This is for younger people who are having issues with self love and esteem.

    Photo: © Kenneth Sponsler | Dreamstime Stock Photos http://www.dreamstime.com/

    Music: Deuter - Seashell
  22. Releasing the past - Self help series2014/01/13

    This can be recent past, or even things that you may not know about in your past lives.

    stitcher.com www.zenithmetaphysics.com
  23. Grief and emotions therapy - self help series2014/01/03

    This hypnotic meditation will help you talk to your emotions.
  24. Releasing performance anxiety - self help series2013/11/09

    Do you have to perform? give a talk? do a reading? Try this short meditation to help you.
  25. Anger deactivation - Self help series2013/11/09

    Learn to deactivate your anger in a short visualization meditation.
  26. Accidental Meditation- information podcast2013/11/09

    You are already meditating! I'll tell you how!
  27. Releasing Guilt - Self Help series2013/11/04

    Do you hold onto something that still bothers you? Do you have a tightness in your stomach over something in your past?

    Try this meditation.
  28. Children's Horse relaxation meditation2013/09/27

    Take a ride on your own horse!
  29. Children's White Light/Grounding2013/09/12

  30. Prana Meditation2013/09/10

    Written by Medium Brian Anderson, recorded by Laura Evans.
  31. Euphoria Meditation2013/08/28

    Written by Brian Anderson - accredited Medium with my mediumship development course.

    This meditation will help you raise energy within your body.
  32. Setting Personal boundaries2013/08/21

    These are incredibly important in anyone's life.
  33. Releasing Fear meditation2013/07/21

    Music by Liquid Mind

    Do you fear spirits? Do you have phobias or just seem to be a fearful person? Try this meditation.
  34. Beach meditation by Monica Smith2013/06/30

    Recorded by Laura Evans

    Music by Liquid Mind - Whisper to me

    With thanks to Monica Smith

  35. Trusting your intuition2013/03/26

  36. Questioning energies2013/03/26

    How to question non-physical entities.
  37. Drawing love to you/Self love Hypnosis2012/07/23

    This is for attracting love to you in different ways, a partner and of self.
  38. Hypnosis Podcast - A.D.D. - better concentration2012/07/17

    For people who suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder, this hypnosis helps you to stay focused and retrain your subconscious mind to concentrate easier.
  39. Hypnosis Podcasts - Become free of worry and anxiety2012/07/17

    This hypnosis is for reprogramming your worry thoughts into more positive thoughts about events.
  40. Hypnosis Podcasts - Drawing Abundance to you2012/07/17

    This is for drawing various kinds of abundance into your life.
  41. Hypnosis Podcasts - Complete dream recall2012/07/16

    This hypnosis is to remember your dreams with complete clarity.
  42. Deep Sleep Meditation2012/02/24

    A relaxing meditation on a star filled night.

    Music by Steven Halpern
  43. Self Esteem Meditation2012/02/20

    A wonderful affirmation meditation to help build your self esteem and work towards your self love.
  44. Episode 21 - Chakras - What are they?2011/05/09

    Explanation of Chakras - a meditations and chakra balancing tones.

    Visit TFollower.com
  45. 5 minute love2011/03/19

    Simple and effective. Takes only 5 minutes to send love!
  46. Guest Podcast with author/intuitive Jamie Roth2011/02/12

    Are you ready to create the life you truly desire?
    This podcast is all about Jamie's new book The General Manager of Your Universe.



  47. Advanced Guide meditation2011/02/01

    This meditation is for those who have met a guide or guides and are at a loss on what to ask of them. There is a short introduction to the podcast and then a 30 minute meditation.

    Request by Nathope :)
  48. Staircase Meditation2010/11/09

    A comfortable relaxing meditation to help you connect to loved ones and spirit friends.

  49. White light protection2010/01/22

    This meditation is for protecting your energy daily. Do this in the morning.

  50. Grounding your energy2010/01/22

    Posted by emergency request.

    Use this when you feel anxiety, or excess energy from public places.

    Music by Robert Jisa (used with permission)

  51. Episode 3 - Runner Guides2010/01/24

    Episode 3 - Today I will explain the importance of our guides and the roles they play. Runner guides - our invisible helpers.

    Next week, Joy Guides - that make us laugh

  52. Episode 4 - Joys and Helper Guides2010/01/30

    This is part 4 of my podcasts on guides. What are joy guides how do they work in our lives? Is there a way to call on our helper guides when we need advice or information?

    This podcast distributes on Mondays
  53. Episode 5 - Animal totems and Angel guides2010/02/06

    This week we will go over some basic understanding of how animals and angels serve to protect and guide us on earth.
  54. Episode 7 - protector, teacher and doctor guides2010/02/22

    The final 3 jobs our guides do in our lives.

  55. Episode 9 - spirit guide meditation2010/03/08

    This meditation will help you to identify your spirit guide.
  56. Episode 10 - whats love got to do with it2010/03/20

    Informative information about love and fear
  57. Episode 13 - Forgiving2010/05/04

    This podcast is about forgiving yourself and forgiving those that have hurt, abused or neglected you. There is a short meditation afterwards, please do not listen to the meditation while you are driving or doing anything that needs your full attention
  58. Episode 14 - guides and imagination2010/05/22

    Here I will explain how "imagining" fits into our guides messages as well as a short meditation to help you release some self doubt about what you are receiving from your spirit friends.
  59. Past Lives Meditation2010/03/14

    Narrated by me to help you gain access into your past lives.
  60. Children's angel meditation2010/03/25

    For kids (tested by my 9 year old daughter who helped me write it). It teaches them to find and draw their own guardians.
  61. Relaxing meditation by Angel Jayson2010/03/03

    A wonderful gift from my friend to share with you.
  62. Self-love meditation2010/08/09

    Written and read by Angel Jayson

    (Thank you so much - such a beautiful meditation)
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