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  1. Gadgettes 33: Flashback! - The Stalker Episode2008/07/03
    Yeah, we suck. What with all the babies, vacation and CBS happening around here, a new Gadgettes just wasn't in the cards this week. So instead, get ready to get your stalker on with this episode from Gadgettes past.
  2. Gadgettes 96: The Childhood Bliss Episode2008/06/27
    In the spirit of Kelly Baby Watch, we explore the many reasons why now is a really good time to be a kid. Us grown ups can still have a little fun too.
  3. Gadgettes 95: The Beauty and the Butt Episode2008/06/20
    Beauty... that's the easy part. Working "butt" into the podcast in multiple different places, now that's simply raw talent.
  4. Gadgettes 94: The Solar Episode2008/06/14
    Lindsey's going green, pigeons! Molly and Jason never knew she was such a hippie. But she'll have a chance to explain herself on this week's solar powered episode of Gadgettes.
  5. Gadgettes 93: The Kelly's Extravagant Baby Shower Episode2008/06/06
    We are gonna miss Kelly around here while she's away on her maternity leave. So guess what? Molly and Jason both chipped in and bought Kelly a bunch of really cool stuff for her time away from the podcast! Yes, we're that rich.
  6. Gadgettes 92: The Summer Weekend Entertainment Extravaganza Episode2008/05/30
    Summer happens but once a year. Enjoy it. Here... we'll get you started on your path to summer fulfillment.
  7. Gadgettes 91: The Things Are Not What They Seem (Thank God) Episode2008/05/23
    The title of this episode is itself a thread of virtual reality... because the REAL theme of the show revolves around RDB's. What is an RDB, you might ask? Tune in to find out.
  8. Gadgettes 90: The "No Way" Episode2008/05/16
    Some items make us go "No Way!" Others make us go "No Way?!" That question mark makes all the difference in the world.
  9. Gadgettes 89: The Mother's Day Episode2008/05/09
    Mothers deserve more than a lousy microwave. Take it from the Gadgettes. Two out of three of us know from experience. As for Jason, he's hiding under the desk trying to avoid scary birthing stories.
  10. Gadgettes 88: The "scaring the bejesus out of us" Episode2008/05/02
    They're creepy. Sometimes crawly. Some might classify them as ooky. Then there are people like Kelly who don't seem to be afraid of the dark like the rest of us.
  11. Gadgettes 87: The Eco-Geek Chic Episode2008/04/25
    That's right. We're eco-concious. Get Eco-geeky with us.
  12. Gadgettes 86: The Body Episode2008/04/18
    Fit yourself with your best hot breath voice and say it: Body. It's fun, if not a bit creepy. Sums up this week's episode pretty well, come to think of it.
  13. Gadgettes 85: The Things That Glow Episode2008/04/11
    Glowing things can be somewhat morbid. They can be somewhat toolie. But sometimes, if you're lucky, they can be totally and completely PRETTTTTY.
  14. Gadgettes 84: The Li'l Critters Episode2008/04/04
    Molly must say "nubbins" at some point, because this episode is pretty much dedicated to the cute li'l critters of the world.
  15. Gadgettes 83: The Cool Concept Episode2008/03/28
    Let us quit beating around the bush and accept that sometimes a cool concept is good enough. So expect these concepts to become reality sometime in the flying-car future.
  16. Gadgettes 82: The Cake Tech Episode2008/03/20
    Have you ever looked at a gadget and thought to yourself: "Self, that would make a mighty delicious cake!" Exactly. No one has. So we go where no gadgette has gone before.
  17. Gadgettes 81: The I Love You Episode2008/03/14
    Our listeners are so super cool. They do things like create websites based on things we talk about on Gadgettes. They make us laugh. And for that reason alone, this episode is for you, you awesome-heads.
  18. Gadgettes 80: The Everything Old is New Again Episode2008/03/07
    Haven't you heard? Old is the new New. Which would actually make it the old New. Think about it. Take a trip down memory lane with these gadgets that harken back to a simpler time.
  19. Gadgettes 79: The Feel-Good Episode2008/02/29
    It's summer outside! It's freakin summer outside! OK, so we realize we've been given an unseasonable gift in February. But that won't stop us from feeling good!
  20. Gadgettes 78: The Last Gadget on Earth Episode2008/02/22
    If that one missile that was shot at that one satellite was to, oh I don't know, miss that satellite entirely and redirect itself at the earth and blow everything up except for one of us and a small handful of gadgets...Well, let's just say you'd NEVER see us using them. Not even if they were the last gadgets on earth.
  21. Gadgettes 32: Flashback! - The Valentine's Day Episode2008/02/15
    Kelly's out, Molly's voice was kidnapped, and Jason... there ain't no saving him. Unfortunately, we had to run a flashback episode this week as a result. But we WILL be back in full force next week.
  22. Gadgettes 77: The Songs Of Gadgettes Episode2008/02/09
    That's right! You too can own all of the best songs from the critically acclaimed podcast sensation, Gadgettes. Order yours today by calling 1-800-750-2638, or email us at gadgettes@cnet.com. We're waiting patiently for your call, so call NOW!
  23. Gadgettes 76: The What I Want for Valentine's Day (hint hint) Episode2008/02/01
    Put those pink gadgets back on the shelf. We don't want 'em. But, since you asked, here are a few ideas. We're making it easy for you this Valentine's Day.
  24. Gadgettes 75: The "Superbug" Episode2008/01/25
    Everyone's getting sick around here. We imagine it might just be the type of superhero you never want to meet. Superbug! Here's some things to occupy your time if Superbug destroys your universe.
  25. Gadgettes 74: The What the Hell? Episode2008/01/18
    Today we pay homage to one of our favorite segments. It's a whole lotta What the Hell?!
  26. Gadgettes 73: The What We Got (and secretly wanted) for Christmas Episode2008/01/04
    Not satisfied with your Christmas loot this year? Neither are we. So take notes people! Add these items to your wishlist for next year.
  27. Gadgettes 72: The What to Get a Pregnant 16-year-old Nickelodeon Starlet for Christmas episode2007/12/20
    We couldn't avoid looking at the tabloids, and had to ask ourselves what we would buy the soon-to-be mom for Christmas. Hot button issue, for sure.
  28. Gadgettes 71: The Indulge or Be Punished Episode2007/12/14
    Shopping for yourself? Feeling a little guilty? Here are a few self indulgence items, followed by a few products that make you pay for your selfishness.
  29. Gadgettes 70: The Who Spiked the Eggnog? Episode2007/12/07
    Alright. Someone did it. We're not pointing our fingers. But whoever it is, THANK YOU for spiking the eggnog! The Gadgettes are happy to return the favor with a few gift ideas for the lush in your life.
  30. Gadgettes 69: The Weird Holiday Stuff Episode2007/11/30
    You already know how to find a neck tie for dad, and a necklace for mom this Christmas. But what about an oddball gift for that special nerd in your life? Gadgettes to the rescue!
  31. Gadgettes 68: The Good Idea Episode2007/11/16
    As we rapidly approach the holidays, it's time to start taking stock of some unique, and undeniably good gift ideas. Look no further. The Gadgettes are here to help you in your quest.
  32. Gadgettes 67: The Pens Episode. Yes, Really. 2007/11/09
    We're back in the studio after being teh sick, and let me tell you, nothing sparks a serious debate like the hot topic of pens. And we write a new musical Blendle!
  33. Gadgettes 9: Flashback! - Hot Asian Gadgets Editon2007/11/01
    It's time to take a trip into the catacombs of Gadgettes history. Surprise! Nate is back! Well, for this week, anyways. In this flashback episode, the Gadgettes take a look at a slew of Hot Asian Gadgets. Have any of them crossed the pond and mere year and a half later?
  34. Gadgettes 66: The Trick or Treat Episode2007/10/26
    With Hallow's Eve upon us, it's time to take a look at some high-tech ways to treat yourself... and trick others. MUHAHAHAHA!
  35. Gadgettes 65: The Beauty and the Geek Episode2007/10/19
    Keep fit without sacrificing your superior nerditude. Get the tools you need, right here! You can't say we don't love you.
  36. Gadgettes 64: The Bad Robots Episode2007/10/12
    Wow. It began with Kelly Morrison, Molly Wood and Jason Howell discussing evil robots. But boy oh boy, how quickly things devolve.
  37. Gadgettes 63: The Sky is Falling Episode2007/10/05
    For those who need a reason to be paranoid, this episode is for you.
  38. Gadgettes 62: The Sophomoric Episode2007/09/28
    Molly, Kelly and Jason try really, really hard to get their heads out of the gutter... with mixed results.
  39. Gadgettes 61: The Fall Season Episode2007/09/21
    If you like TV like we like TV, then this episode is for you, TV liker.
  40. Gadgettes 60: The Kitchen Gadgets Episode2007/09/14
    Molly and Lindsey and a bunch of kitchen gadgettes. Also, this just in: Jason gets hungry.
  41. Gadgettes 59: The iBoycott Episode (featuring toys!)2007/09/07
    Molly Wood and Kelly Morrison are down to talk about toys, and SkyMall finds.
  42. Gadgettes 58: The "What the hell?" Episode2007/08/31
    Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself... what were they thinking? The answer might surprise you on a very thought provoking Gadgettes.
  43. Gadgettes 57: The Desperate Housewives episode2007/08/24
    Kelly and Lindsey take about gadgetes that are fun for the home
  44. Gadgettes 56: Yet another car episode2007/08/17
    Molly and Kelly talk car tech. Funny, that sounds familiar. I wonder why.
  45. Gadgettes 55: The Judge Me All You Want Episode2007/08/10
    Molly and Kelly just don't care what you think... about these gadgets.
  46. Gadgettes 54: Get Your Sh*t Together Episode2007/08/03
    Molly and Kelly attempt to solve your problems. No really, you have organizational issues. Awkward!
  47. Gadgettes 53: The Format War Episode 2007/07/27
    Molly and Kelly discuss the war between Blu-ray and HD DVD.
  48. Gadgettes 52: The 'I Miss My Baby' Episode2007/07/20
    Molly and Kelly talk about Gadgets for your baby.
  49. Gadgettes 51: The Wii Episode2007/07/13
    Molly and Kelly talk about the Wii
  50. Gadgettes 50: The A Sante Episode2007/06/29
    Kelly and Lindsey talk tech
  51. Gadgettes 49: The 10 things to do while you wait for the iPhone episode2007/06/23
    Kelly and Lindsey count down the 10 things to do while you wait for the iPhone.
  52. Gadgettes 48: The Don't Lift a Finger Episode2007/06/14
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about gadgets to keep you from lifting a finger.
  53. Gadgettes 47: The, is it Art? Episode2007/06/08
    Kelly and Lindsey question whether certain tech items are art or not
  54. Gadgettes 46: The Where in the World Episode2007/05/31
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about gadgets to take around the world with you
  55. Gadgettes 45: The Road Trip Episode2007/05/25
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about gadgets to take on the road with you
  56. Gadgettes 44: The Playing With Fire Episode2007/05/18
    Kelly and Lindsey talk abou playing with fire.
  57. Gadgettes 43: The Underwater Edition2007/05/11
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about gadgettes that you can take underwater
  58. Gadgettes 42: The Things We Want Episode2007/05/04
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about gadgettes that they want.
  59. Gadgettes 41: The Crafty Episode2007/04/28
    Kelly and Lindsey talk neat crafty gadgets
  60. Gadgettes 40: The Eco-Frivolous Episode2007/04/20
    Kelly and guest Jasmine France chat about being green
  61. Gadgettes 39: The Relaxation Episode2007/04/13
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about tech toys you can relax to
  62. Gadgettes 38: The Easter Gadget Episode2007/04/06
    Ariel talk with Bonnie Cha and Jasmine France about Gadgets they want to see on Easter morning
  63. Gadgettes 37: The 'Things I Would Buy My Girlfriend' Episode2007/03/30
    Ariel chats with Veronica Belmont about cool gadgets to get a girlfriend.
  64. Gadgettes 36: The Coffee Episode2007/03/26
    Kelly and Lindsey talk about coffee machines
  65. Gadgettes 35: The Fashionable Gadget Episode2007/03/03
    Kelly and guest Jasmine France bring talk about stylin' gadgets.
  66. Gadgettes 34: It's About Time Episode2007/02/23
    Isn't it about time we talk about time?
  67. Gadgettes 33: The Stalker Episode2007/02/16
    We can all use a break from love. So here's a special episode of Gadgettes for those seeking love, maybe a little too hard.
  68. Gadgettes 32: The Valentine's Day Episode2007/02/09
    Molly and Kelly talk LOVE.. The tech way!
  69. Gadgettes 31: The Self-Help Episode 2007/02/05
    Molly and Kelly talk about fun gadgettes to help yourself.
  70. Gadgettes 30: The Robot Episode2007/01/26
    Molly talks about cool robots with our special guest host.
  71. Gadgettes 29: The Lost CES Episode2007/01/25
    Molly and Kelly bring you Gadgettes, live from Vegas.
  72. Gadgettes 28: The Apropos (of) Nothing Episode2007/01/19
    Molly and Kelly chat about random gadgettes.
  73. Gadgettes 27: The Vegas Baby, Vegas! Episode2007/01/05
    Molly and Kelly talk about much needed tech toys for Vegas.
  74. Gadgettes 26: The Road Trip Episode2006/12/01
    Molly and Kelly chat about cool tech toys for the road
  75. Gadgettes 25: The Customization Episode2006/11/17
    Molly and Kelly chat about customizing your gadgetes
  76. Gadgettes 24: The Tiny Tech Episode2006/11/13
    Molly and Kelly talk tiny tech toys
  77. Gadgettes 23: The High Roller Episode 2006/11/03
    Molly and Kelly talk about big pimpin' gadgettes.
  78. Gadgettes 22: The Home and Body Episode2006/10/31
    Molly and Kelly chat about gadgets for your home, and your body.
  79. Gadgettes 21: The Holloween Episode2006/10/20
    Molly and Kelly talk ghosts, goblins, and gadgets.
  80. Gadgettes 20: The Kill Your Landline Episode2006/10/13
    Molly and Kelly talk about why killing your landline may be a good idea.
  81. Gadgettes 19: The Green Machine Episode2006/10/06
    Molly and Kelly talk green. But not to worry, they still got your pink watch.
  82. Gadgettes 18: The Pink-Is-Good Episode2006/09/29
    This week pink gets even better!
  83. Gadgettes 17: The Family Episode2006/09/22
    Molly and Kelly chat about the perfect gadgets for the family.
  84. Gadgettes 16: The Nondenominational Holiday List Preparation Episode2006/09/15
    The chill is NOT in the air, the leaves are STILL on the trees, and yet the holiday gadget pickings are coming fast and furious. Gadgettes break it down.
  85. Gadgettes 15: The Cell Phone Episode2006/09/08
    Molly and Kent chat about hot, new cell phones!
  86. Gadgettes 14: The Bling Episode2006/09/01
    With Kelly on vacation, Ms. Veronica Belmont cohosts the podcast, inspiring the Gadgettes to get iced out.
  87. Gadgettes 13: The Pink Episode2006/08/28
    Molly and Kelly are seeing the technology world through pink-colored glasses.
  88. Gadgettes 12: The Food Episode2006/08/18
    Molly and Kelly explore the tasty intersection of food and gadgetry.
  89. Gadgettes 11: The Fear Episode2006/08/11
    With iPod toting terrorists, RPG-proof accessories, and smog huffing pigeons, the Gadgettes are scared silly!
  90. Gadgettes 10: Musical, musical phones!2006/08/10
    The Gadgettes tackle musical phones, Panjabi hip-hop, and iPod accessories that go buzz in the night.
  91. Gadgettes 9: Hot Asian Gadgets Editon2006/07/28
    The Gadgettes look to the hottest Asian gadgets and discuss the one and only David Hasselhoff.
  92. Gadgettes 8: The Accessories Edition2006/07/25
    Gadgettes - The Accessories Edition
  93. Gadgettes 7: iPod Alternatives2006/07/14
    Molly Wood and Kelly Morrison offer alternatives to the mighty iPod.
  94. Gadgettes 6: The Rage Edition 2006/06/26
    Gadgettes Molly Wood and Kelly Morrison are mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore. They discuss technology and gadgets that raise their collective dander.
  95. Gadgettes 5: Just Buy it Already!2006/06/19
    Molly Wood and Kelly Morrison run through a laundry list of must-have technology essentials.
  96. Gadgettes 4: The Vacation Edition2006/06/09
    The Gadgettes have the beach on the brain. They discuss waterproof iPods, pink laptops, and ponder Bill Gates\' love for the Tablet PC.
  97. Gadgettes 3: The Camera Episode2006/06/09
    The Gadgettes give their take on digital cameras, lampoon pink gizmos, and discuss the finer points of Elton John.
  98. Gadgettes 2: The Premiere Edition2006/05/26
    Gadgettes finally gets off the ground, just in time for the Motorola Q.
  99. Gadgettes 1: The Beta2006/05/26
    Gadgettes finally gets off the ground, just in time for the Motorola Q.
Gadgettes from CNET

Girl gurus Kelly Morrison, Molly Wood and producer Jason Howell give you the latest on hot gadgets, pop-culture tech, and shopping advice. Email us at gadgettes@cnet.com or call 1-800-750-CNET to leave a message, and be a part of the show.

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