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Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing

  1. EVs Take Center Stage at CES Tech Show2022/01/06
    General Motors, Chrysler and electronics giant Sony unveiled their visions for the future of electric cars at the tech conference CES. WSJ reporter Mike Colias joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the designs, why more tech companies are eying the auto industry and what it means for the broader EV market.
  2. CES Kicks Off With Robot Tables, Smart Remotes And Self-Driving Boats 2022/01/05
    The annual consumer tech trade show CES opens to the public in Las Vegas on Wednesday. For decades, the event has been the place to reveal devices that may one day become staples in homes and offices. WSJ Personal Tech News Editor Shara Tibken joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the most exciting trends and gadgets being revealed at this year's event.
  3. Tonal CEO Bets on Fitness Personalization2021/12/30
    Aly Orady, founder and CEO of fitness company Tonal, says artificial intelligence is better and safer than a human trainer. At the WSJ's Tech Live event, he spoke with host Zoe Thomas about personalized workouts, how the company uses customers' data and more.
  4. How Computer Makers Aim to Cut E-Waste2021/12/17
    Companies are working to develop "circular" manufacturing processes to reduce waste, bring down costs and make electronics easier to repair. But there are many challenges to making laptops and other devices fully recyclable. WSJ Pro Sustainable Business reporter Dieter Holger joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss how Dell is trying to make it work.
  5. Space Industry's Banner Year: What Comes Next?2021/12/15
    There have been more human space flights this year than any other, and private companies with paying customers are starting to make their mark on the industry. So what comes next for the space sector and humanity's ambitions among the stars? WSJ aerospace reporter Micah Maidenberg joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss.
  6. Facebook Shareholders Want More Power Following Investigations2021/12/14
    Shareholders of Facebook parent Meta are calling for a range of changes to how the company operates, following revelations that internal research showed the company's platforms can be harmful to some users. WSJ reporter Emily Glazer joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss what investors want and how likely they are to succeed.
  7. Google's Plans for Artificial Intelligence Without Bias2021/12/13
    Google's VP of Engineering shares her thoughts on the challenges of developing responsible artificial intelligence and avoiding AI bias with WSJ Columnist Christopher Mims. Julie Chang hosts.
  8. Amazon Upends the Labor Market2021/12/10
    Amazon's growing need for warehouse workers means the company is dominating the hiring market. WSJ reporter Sebastian Herrera joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the effect Amazon is having on low-skilled workers and the other companies competing to hire them.
  9. Musicians Turn to Data to Court Superfans2021/12/09
    The pandemic opened up whole new ways for musicians and recording artists to collect data on their audience. Now they are using that data to connect with and sell things to their biggest fans. Music-industry reporter Anne Steele joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the data that musicians are gathering and how it is reshaping the music industry.
  10. Elon Musk on Federal EV Support, Telepathy and Reusable Rockets2021/12/08
    Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the electric-vehicle market would be better off without government support or intervention. He spoke with the WSJ's Senior Personal Tech Columnist Joanna Stern at the WSJ's CEO Council Summit about a wide range of topics, from innovation and leadership to telepathy and reusable rockets. Zoe Thomas hosts.
WSJ Tech News Briefing
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