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  1. Comedian Joe DeVito Returns, Episode 10032019/01/08
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  2. Surviving Chris Kelly Episode 10022019/01/04
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  3. Why Black Panthers Don't Celebrate Kwanzaa Episode 10012019/01/01
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  4. Build A Wall Around Wall Street Episode 91042018/12/28
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  5. Frank Conniff and Michael Brooks Episode 91032018/12/25
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  6. How About A Wall To Keep Russia Out? Episode 91022018/12/21
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  7. Donald Trump's Adderall Abuse Part Two2018/12/18
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  8. Maria Butina Fondles Our Gun Nuts- Episode 91002018/12/14
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  9. Individual 1 is Full of Number 2-- Episode 9992018/12/11
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  10. Oscar's Hart Disease- Episode 9882018/12/07
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  11. Why Private Equity Is Public Enemy #1-Episode 9972018/12/04
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  12. Who Ru(i)ns The World?- Episode 9962018/11/30
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  13. Trump's South of The Borderline Personality- Episode 9952018/11/27
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  14. Trump's South of The Borderline Personality- Episode 9952018/11/27
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  15. Romaine Holiday- Episode 9942018/11/23
    Black Friday's E-commerce sidelined by E. coli. Lettuce pray Trump eats some. Ivanka Trump's Email is eLegal. Frankie Muniz's cat is E. Vil. Paris Hilton calls off her wedding. What is a Chris Zylka? Ralph Breaks The Internet, Facebook Breaks The Law. Comic Kevin Bartini joins us.
  16. White House Turkey Pardons Trump Episode 9932018/11/20
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  17. Pelosi's Got The Blues2018/11/16
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  18. Kellyanne Conway Has A Husband?2018/11/13
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  19. America Back From The Brink2018/11/09
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  20. Midterms 2018, Election Day2018/11/06
    Washington Post Political Columnist Richard Cohen, Vanity Fair's David Margolick, author of "The Promise and the Dream: The Untold Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy" (RosettaBooks, April 2018), Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein and Professor Corey Brettschneider author of "The Oath And The Office: A Guide To The Constitution For Future Presidents."
  21. Congressman Alan Grayson Talks Midterms2018/11/02
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  22. N.R.A. Is A False Flag Operation2018/10/30
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  23. Splat! Megyn Kelly's Black Face Plant2018/10/26
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  24. G.O.P.'s Migrant Caravan of Lies2018/10/23
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  25. Snow White Wasn't Woke2018/10/19
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  26. Snow White Wasn't Woke2018/10/19
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  27. Elizabeth Warren's & Prince Harry's DNA2018/10/16
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  28. Kanye Meets Con Ya2018/10/12
    Kanye meets with Trump demonstrating once again he loves big asses. Obviously, Kanye doesn't care about black people. Comedy Writer Colleen Werthmann from The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, and The Oscars is back. Comedian Kevin Bartini talks Kanye's meeting with Trump, plus Zack Ford, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress.
  29. Comic Sam Tripoli's Theory About Conspiracy Theories2018/10/09
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  30. Elite Schools Are Toxic Health Hazards2018/10/05
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  31. Lindsay Lohan v. Lindsey Graham2018/10/02
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  32. Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Mark Judge2018/09/28
    Comic Dave Sirus unpacks all the reasons to send Brett Kavanaugh packing. Then it's time to get inspired with Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding who is the Democratic nominee for US Congress to represent Colorado's Fifth Congressional District. Find out more by going to stephanyroseforcongress.com.
  33. Trump, "I Believe The Rapist"2018/09/25
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  34. What If Donald Trump Is Right?2018/09/21
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  35. Sean Penn v. Brett Kavanaugh2018/09/18
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  36. Cynthia Nixon Is Still America's Future2018/09/14
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  37. Sorry Serena, You're Wrong2018/09/11
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  38. Jamie Kennedy2018/09/07
    From "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" and "Scream," Comedian and Actor Jamie Kennedy. Then Comic Dave Sirus looks back at this uneventful week in American history, and then we talk bread with one of the world's leading experts on the history of bread, Professor Eric Pallant.
  39. Comic Jim Earl Together Again2018/09/04
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  40. Should The Pope Resign?2018/08/31
    Zack Ford, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress, on the distinction between homosexuality and pedophilia, and why the Pope has a lot to answer for.
  41. Congressman Drunkin' Hunter2018/08/28
    Congressman Duncan Hunter, who proudly vapes, now finds his career up in smoke. GOP San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter couldn't control his spending so he dipped into his campaign war chest according to the latest indictment. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein on Duncan Hunter's drinking, womanizing and financial carelessness. Plus Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling.
  42. Trump's David Pecker Problem2018/08/24
    Are the walls finally closing in on Donald Trump? Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider walks us through all the options on the table to remove a sitting president. Corey Brettschneider is author of "The Oath And The Office: A Guide To The Constitution For Future Presidents" which you should order right now.
  43. Andy Kindler Together Again2018/08/21
    Frank Conniff and Bill Scheft. David's plans to play Mystery Guest are thwarted by Andy never allowing the show to get started. Andy Kindler hosts "Thought Spiral." Frank Conniff's new book is, "Codename D.O.U.C.H.E.B.A.G." Bill Scheft's has written several novels including "The Ringer" and "Shrink Thyself."
  44. Comic Ian Bagg2018/08/17
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  45. The Simpsons’ Mike Reiss2018/08/14
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  46. I Stand With Alex Jones, Unfortunately2018/08/10
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  47. Alex Jones Given The (Sandy) Hook2018/08/07
    Comics Aaron Berg and Joe DeVito. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein and PETA's Emil Guillermo.
  48. Comic Dan St. Germain2018/08/03
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  49. Is Israel A Jewish State?2018/07/31
    Historian Arnon Degani on Israel's vote this month officially declaring Israel a Jewish state. What does this mean for Palestinians and hopes for a two state solution? Read Arnon here: https://ucla.academia.edu/ArnonDegani
  50. Cohen Sings Like Leonard2018/07/27
    Comics DAVE SIRUS and KEVIN BARTINI look back at the week in Trump. Plus ZACK FORD, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress.
  51. Kitty Bruce2018/07/24
    Lenny Bruce's Daughter Kitty, Washington Post Columnist Richard Cohen, Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider, Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein, PETA's Emil Guillermo, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, and Comic Aaron Berg.
  52. Time For A Putin Travel Ban2018/07/20
    David Klion writes for The Nation Magazine, his latest piece is "Russiagate Is Far Wider Than Trump and His Inner Circle." Comics Kevin Bartini, Dave Sirus, Jon Ross and Dr. Jay Sutay. Plus the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress Zack Ford.
  53. Greg Fitzsimmons Together Again2018/07/17
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  54. Party of Racists Opposes Bias2018/07/13
    Dave Sirus on the GOP's crackup. Kevin Bartini on Papa John taking a knee. Emery Emery on atheism. Zack Ford from Think Progress on substance abuse in the LGBTQ community. Professor Andrew L. Russell on Silicon Valley's toxic conservative wasteland. Professor Corey Brettschneider on what the Senate Judiciary Committee needs to ask Kavanaugh.
  55. Stuttering John Melendez Returns2018/07/10
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  56. Frankly Scarlett Johansson Doesn't Give A Damn2018/07/06
    LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD on Scarlett Johansson taking work away from transgender actors. Plus Comics DAVE SIRUS and KEVIN BARTINI on EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, Congressman Jim Jordan wrestling with his past, and white people calling the police on black people for being black.
  57. Robin2018/07/03
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  58. Only Bullies Demand Civility2018/06/29
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  59. Sarah Huckabee's Been Served Enough Food2018/06/26
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  60. Melania Owes Peter Fonda An Apology2018/06/22
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  61. Melania Owes Peter Fonda An Apology2018/06/22
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  62. The Factually Incorrect on College Campuses2018/06/19
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  63. Michael's No Roy Cohn2018/06/15
    Comedy Writers DAVE SIRUS and JON ROSS, plus the LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD. Did Comey go too far? Will Michael Cohen flip? Is Manafort going away for life today? The New York Attorney General sues the Trump Foundation.
  64. De Niro's Da Best2018/06/12
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  65. Food Court Is Now In Session2018/06/08
    Acid Reflux please rise! The Food Court has issued a ruling on Masterpiece Cake Shop.Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider talks about the Supreme Court's latest ruling on the Masterpiece Cake Shop and whether or not Donald Trump is above the law. Comedy Writer Dave Sirus talks about Rudy, Pence and winning another roast battle.
  66. Aaron Berg Pleasures A Mobster's Wife2018/06/05
    Comedians Aaron Berg and Joe DeVito take a much needed break from Trump to focus on the other horrors in the world like marriage, dating and white heterosexual males. Also Aaron Berg recalls his threesome with a Russian mobster's wife.
  67. Roseanne Versus Samantha Bee2018/06/01
    Who had a rougher week? Roseanne or Samantha? Comic DAVE SIRUS, Constitutional Law Professor COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER, Think Progress' ZACK FORD, Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, and the hardest working pediatrician in comedy DR. JAY SUTAY.
  68. Comic Blaine Capatch2018/05/29
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  69. Harvey's No Freeman2018/05/25
    Comedy Writers Jacob SagerWeinstein, Steve Skrovan and Dave Sirus. Comedian Dr. Jay Sutay. Think Progress' Zack Ford. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein. On today's show we tackle Jason Bateman, Morgan Freeman, Jeffrey Tambor, Arrested Development, The Mann Act, British Healthcare, British Teeth, Woody Allen, Trophy Hunters, How Fish Improve Your Sex Life, and Last Tuesday's Primaries.
  70. Randy Credico's Back2018/05/22
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  71. Frank Conniff & Eddie Pepitone Are Back2018/05/18
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  72. Bobby Slayton & Rich Vos2018/05/15
    Comics AARON BERG, BRUCE SMIRNOFF and LAURA HOUSE. Plus the host of the PETA Podcast EMIL GUILLERMO.
  73. Iran So Far Away2018/05/11
  74. The PETA Principle2018/05/08
    Boycott PetSmart and switch to a plant based diet. Comics JOE DEVITO on Big Macs and AARON BERG on oiling his insanely hot stripper body. Host of The Michael Brooks Show MICHAEL BROOKS on the death of the labor movement, and host of The PETA Podcast EMIL GUILLERMO on why it's more important to go vegan than call yourself a liberal.
  75. Trump's Adderall Addiction2018/05/04
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  76. Randy Credico Talks Roger Stone, WikiLeaks & Russia2018/05/01
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  77. Trump, Powered by Incel2018/04/27
    LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD, Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, and Comedy Writer DAVE SIRUS. On today's show we talk about Boycotting The Police, Joy Reid's Homophobia, Jewish Gay Reparative Therapy, Kanye, Cosby, Fox and Friends, and Hitler's Hollywood?
  78. Aaron Berg's Sordid Canadian Past2018/04/24
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  79. Rudy Can Fail2018/04/20
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  80. Judy Gold & Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling2018/04/17
    Comic Aaron Berg. WARNING: Today's show is explicit. There's something inside this puppy for everyone to complain about. JUDY GOLD tries to resolve a beef. JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING tells 20 of the funniest jokes ever committed to audio. And AARON BERG describes the unmitigated joy of pissing off the entire nation of Canada.
  81. Book Him Comey2018/04/13
    Trump's days are numbered, and not just because of the arteriosclerosis. Think Progress's LGBTQ Editor ZACK FORD, Down With Tyranny's HOWIE KLEIN, and comics DAVE SIRUS AND JON ROSS.
  82. Judd Apatow Director of "The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling"2018/04/10
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  83. Trump's Caravan of Racist Lies2018/04/06
    Constitutional Law Professor COREY BRETTSCHNEIDER, The LGBTQ Editor for Think Progress ZACK FORD, Comedian DAVE SIRUS and JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING.
  84. Wayne Federman Talks Shandling2018/04/03
    Comics FRED STOLLER, JOE DEVITO AND AARON BERG. Plus Congressman Ted Lieu's Chief of Staff MARC CEVASCO. Comic, Actor, and Author Wayne Federman played Garry Shandling's brother on "The Larry Sanders Show" and is one of the producers of the new Judd Apatow HBO documentary "The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling" which explores Garry's lifelong pursuit of comedic and spiritual enlightenment.
  85. HQ Trivia's Scott Rogowsky2018/03/30
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  86. Bill Scheft's March Madness2018/03/27
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  87. Scapegoating Putin and Facebook2018/03/23
    Who's really to blame for Trump winning in 2016? Putin? Facebook? Cambridge Analytica? Or maybe it's simply the fault of the American people. Down with Tyranny's Howie Klein, Think Progress's Zack Ford, plus Comics Dave Sirus and Aaron Berg.
  88. Abolish I.C.E.2018/03/20
    America's only immigration crisis is I.C.E. and it's time to abolish it. Dan Canon is a civil rights attorney running for Indiana's 9th congressional district and is calling for the dissolution of I.C.E., and he's not the only candidate in 2018 to say that. Dan is supported by Howie Klein and Act Blue. Also on today's show Comics Joe DeVito, Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling and Jon Ross.
  89. Todd Glass Star of Netflix's "Act Happy"2018/03/16
    Comic Dave Sirus on Donald Jr.'s divorce, Zack Ford from Think Progress on adults in Tennessee getting married to children, and Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein on the Blue Wave turning into a tsunami after this week's incredible upset in Pennsylvania 18. Comic Todd Glass's new special "Act Happy" premieres this month on Netflix.
  90. Frank Conniff & Nicki Clyne2018/03/13
    Comics Myka Foxx, Joe DeVito and Aaron Berg. Plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider. Nicki Clyne plays Gail Gartner on Amazon Prime's Personal Space, she also played Crewman Specialist Cally Tyrol on Battlestar Galactica.
  91. Comic Rick Overton Remembers Barry2018/03/09
    Plus Zack Ford, the LGBTQ editor for Think Progress, talks about country music's problem with Mike Huckabee, and Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein on Texas's primary this week, why the GOP is freaking out over Pennsylvania's special election and what to watch out for in Illinois's congressional primary later this month.
  92. Will Durst & Steve Young2018/03/06
    Comics Dave Sirus, Joe DeVito and Aaron Berg. Will Durst has been called by the New York Times, "Quite possibly the best political satirist working today." Steve Young is one of the greatest comedy writers in the history of television, he talks about a new documentary about his life and obsession with industrial musicals. Sirus talks Trump, Joe DeVito talks Oscars and Aaron Berg talks love.
  93. Comedian Randy Credico Remembers Barry2018/03/02
    Plus Think Progress's LGBTQ Editor Zack Ford, Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein and some much needed laughs from Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling. Music: "Afterglow" and "The Musical Box" via Genesis. "To Binge" via Gorillaz.
  94. The Second Amendment Is Number Two2018/02/27
    Comics Aaron Berg, Joe DeVito and Dr. Jay Sutay. Plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider.
  95. Twitter IS Fake News2018/02/23
    David explains why Twitter's business model is based on misleading investors, advertisers and American voters. Also Comics Dave Sirus and Jon Ross. Plus Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein.
  96. Dr. Jason Westin For Congress (Texas 7th)2018/02/20
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  97. Fred Stoller Stops By2018/02/16
    Comics Dr. Jay Sutay, Dave Sirus and Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling. Plus Constitutional Law Professor Corey Brettschneider and Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein. Buy David's comedy album
  98. Laura House Has A New Album!2018/02/13
    Plus Comics Aaron Berg, Joe DeVito, Tommy McNamara & Tom Thakkar. Laura House's new album is Mouth Punch. Buy it now!
  99. 2018 Midterms Start Now2018/02/09
    Illinois and Texas Congressional primaries are next month. It's getting serious. We're taking America back. Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein tells us which races to watch. Then Comedian Jon Ross recalls one of his failed auditions for an NBC sitcom.
  100. Eddie Pepitone & Bill Scheft2018/02/06
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