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Alchemic Dose by DJ GHOSH

  1. Alchemic Dose Episode 1152014/10/18

    Happy Halloween? Enjoy the set :)
  2. Alchemic Dose Episode 1142014/09/02
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  3. Alchemic Dose Episode 1132014/08/18

    The internet seems to need a hug. Here it is. Progressive house and trance for those introspective moments :)

    Stay Angry.

  4. Alchemic Dose Episode 1122014/08/08

    Life is a cycle. Ongoing.

    Stay Angry
  5. Alchemic Dose Episode 1112014/07/01

    My my... the wreckage we leave behind. The wreckage of our lives. The wreckage on which we have to build foundations and hope they don't fall.

    Enjoy the download, All.

  6. Alchemic Dose Episode 1102014/06/22

    Let's burn together. A longer mix, with emphasis on remixes and longer mixing, because unfortunately, mixes these days and a lot of tracks these days are short and suck. Enjoy, all.

    Much Love.

  7. Alchemic Dose Episode 1092014/06/10
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  8. Alchemic Dose Episode 1082014/05/25

    If life were made more of the moments we want to remember, instead of time remembering those moments gone.

    Enjoy the episode, all, see you for Dose 109

  9. Alchemic Dose Episode 1072014/05/07

    Apologies, i get the numbers wrong on the voice over.

    But life, it's about living with the mistakes you can't live with making.

    Enjoy the episode.

  10. LIVE @ BETA- Alchemic Dose Episode 1062014/04/08

    Sorry about the delay, folks :) But finally managed to get my set from Beta uploaded. There are some weird recording artifacts and speed issues from the recording equipment, so I apologize. If you missed it, download and listen. If you were there, let's relive it again ;)

    As always, this goes to those who wait by the window.


  11. Alchemic Dose Episode 1042013/12/27

    Happy Holidays, everyone :)
  12. Alchemic Dose Episode 1032013/12/16

    Holy moly, why are trance and progressive house tracks such garbage as of late? Went into my 2010 promo folders and whipped what i think is a set comprised of much better, unique, and original sounding music. See if you agree. As always, this goes to those who wait by the window.
  13. Alchemic Dose Episode 1022013/12/07

    Talk and care about each other. Like real humans.
  14. Alchemic Dose Episode 1002013/10/14

    Last episode for a while, while i get my head and creativity back inline. Appreciate the support for the podcast, it means a lot! Much love and all that. As always, this goes to those who wait by the window.
  15. Alchemic Dose Episode 0982013/09/16

    Bad state of mind this week. And the promo music was worse. So an olderschool set of tech trance from my older folders and records.

    Love those who love you. Appreciate those who appreciate you. You never know when you may not get the chance to see them again.

    Enjoy guys. See you next week.
  16. Alchemic Dose Episode 0972013/09/05

    Special birthday shout out to Yousef from long time fan of the show Zak Alawaji. A thought to ponder on this week... we are all as useful as smoke in the breeze. All talk, no action. Hopefully there is a reversal soon. One of my fav to make episode this week, running the gamut from progressive to hard hitting tech. As always, this goes to those who wait by the window.
  17. Alchemic Dose Episode 0962013/08/24
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  18. Alchemic Dose Episode 0952013/08/17
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  19. Alchemic Dose Episode 0942013/08/11

    Love does not conquer all, but life does.
  20. Alchemic Dose Episode 093 (Guest Mix Ovalice)2013/07/04

    Only hate the road when you're missing home.
  21. Alchemic Dose Episode 092 (Guest Mix JOOP)2013/06/12
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  22. Alchemic Dose Episode 091 (Guest Mix Jordan Staus)2013/05/31

    Hello all, a special birthday mix for a special someone, as well as the second installment of the NU-TYPE series with a guest mix in the second part of the episode by Jordan Staus. More progressive trance from my end, followed by a higher energy mix from my guest. Enjoy all, as always, this goes to those who wait by the window.
  23. Alchemic Dose Episode 090 (Guest Mix Craig Townsend)2013/05/20

    Hey all, welcome to the "NU-TYPE" Sub series of Alchemic Dose, a pet project of mine involving artists, musicians and DJs of like mind in regards to EDM as I. Thanks to Craig for submitting a mix for the second half of the episode, and the talented Jenny Laz for making updated voice overs to replace my aging previous ones. As always, this goes to those who wait by the window. Much love.
  24. Alchemic Dose Episode 0882013/04/21
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  25. Alchemic Dose Episode 0872013/03/03

    Be love :)
  26. Alchemic Dose Episode 0862013/02/17

    Fuck this shite.

    Also, Happy farkin valentine.

  27. Alchemic Dose Episode 0852013/01/28

    If You See Them, Let Them Know.

    An emotive, energetic mix of tech and trance this week. Enjoy folks.
  28. Alchemic Dose Episode 0842013/01/14

  29. Alchemic Dose Episode 0832012/12/15

    For my friend, going through a rough spot.
  30. Alchemic Dose Episode 0822012/12/04

    "In The End, All that remains is Dust and Memories"

    This by far, was my favorite set this year to mix, back to form with my signature tech trance style. Much love, all, ENJOY!!
  31. Alchemic Dose Episode 0812012/11/23

    Be thankful for what you have. And Remember, no matter how alone you feel, those that care about you all look at the same sun and moon as you.
  32. Alchemic Dose Episode 0802012/11/11

    "Remember Us as we were, not by the Masks we now wear"

    Special Guest mix for the second half of the show by the infamous Nathan Brown, Enjoy :)
  33. Alchemic Dose Episode 0792012/10/14

    Special 80 minute Episode. For Those I Left Behind, For Those That Left The Earth Too Soon.
Alchemic Dose
Weekly Trance, Progressive and Tech mixset uploaded every Saturday.

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