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  1. Lisa Lampanelli: Comedy's Lovable Queen of Mean 2011/03/30
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  2. Cracked.com's Oren Katzeff2011/01/26
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  3. Kiri Blakeley's "Can't Think Straight", Resolutions w/ Jonathan Alpert & more2011/01/21
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  4. Two-Year Anniversary Show2011/01/07
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  5. Live Music with Bill and Tamara Champlin2011/01/04
    Bill&Tamara Champlin

    Return to Perform on

    Last "Chat About It" Show

    Singer/Song-writers Bill and Tamara Champlin return to the show via Skype and perform some live acoustic selections for the viewers and listeners on Night Views Radio's last show on CBS's Chat About It

    CLICK HERE to WATCH this broadcast filmed in CBS Studios in New York City.
  6. Night Views with Frank Nicotero2011/01/04
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  7. Rock Icon Grace Slick and Michelle Mangione2011/01/04
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  8. Interview with Keith Chagall2011/01/04
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  9. For Tessa: A Special Event with Michael Caruso2011/01/04
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  10. Holiday Binges, Embarrassing Moments, and More2011/01/04
    The hosts chat with CEO of Journey Recovery Centers about holiday binge drinking. Also most embarrassing stories are discussed, Trenita's FREEBIE and love life, + much more

  11. Music with Michelle Mangione2011/01/04
    On this live edition of Night Views, the hosts chat with Singer/Song-Writer/Musician Michelle Mangione. Mangione also performs 3 live songs on this broadcast. Plus hot topics, Trenita's Freebies and more

  12. Dates Gone Wrong and More2011/01/04
    Join Rob, Travis and Trenita for a Night Views full of current events and hot button issues. Author Cynthia Fabian stops by to discuss her book "Those Sweet Nothings" with stories of dates gone wrong. Plus interactive discussion including border control issues, unemployment and much more

  13. Lucie Arnaz, Joe Luckinbill and The Passion Playbook2011/01/04
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  14. Annie Duke, Flirting and Prop 192011/01/04
    The hosts talk with Poker legend, Celebrity Apprentice and talk show host Annie Duke about her career. Author of "The Flirting Bible" Fran Greene stops by to talk about the art of flirting. Harvard Lecturer Dr. Jeffrey Miron talks to Night Views about why he suspects Prop 19 (Legalization of Marijuana in CA failed.
  15. Polygamy, Revenge and Freebies2011/01/04
    The hosts premiere the new segment "Trenita's Freebies" with new segment host Trenita Taylor. Results of Travis's Facebook poll of what your greatest moment of revenge was. Author Ron Seaborn stops by to have a controversial chat about Polygamy
  16. Z Talk Premiere-Halloween Show2011/01/04
    Rob and Travis kick off the premiere at Z Talk Radio with a Halloween themed show. Author of "Encyclopedia of the Unseen World" Constance Victoria Briggs is our guest. Former Night Views host Double K stops by to talk some topics with his former colleages.

  17. Brad Garrett Interview2010/11/24
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  18. Night Views 10-142010/10/15

    Hosts Rob Saul and Travis Wettstein discuss current events, hot button issues and entertainment. Join us as we discuss the legalization of marijuana with CEO of the Journey Healing Center Josh Lannon. Also we will be talking about the impact of social media and Facebook with licensed psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert. All that and much more on an all new live Night Views.
  19. Update and Back to Basics and TRENITA!!2010/10/08
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  20. Sons of Champlin2010/08/27
    Bill Champlin
    Tamara Champlin

    This week the hosts of "Night Views" are rocking out with the soulful sounds of music legends the Sons of Champlin. Founder Bill Champlin (formerly of the band Chicago) and his wife Tamara Champlin will be joining us to talk about the Sons of Champlin's current tour and the upcoming gigs you can still catch.
  21. Comedian Jim Florentine2010/08/20

    Funny man Jim Florentine talks about upcoming projects

    From terrorizing telemarketers to Crank Yanking on Comedy Central, comedian Jim Florentine always makes us laugh. Jim will be dropping by "Night Views" to talk about his successful VH-1 Series "That Metal Show" and his upcoming film "A Little Help" where he plays the love interest of The Office's Jenna Fischer.
  22. News and Views2010/08/13
    The hosts return back live with some of the most current headlines. Alanna Jensen will be a guest on the show to talk to the hosts about her view on being in the news after receiving her lost wallet after 5 yrs.when a couple teenage boys found it in a used couch cushion with $650 cash still in it.That and much more
  23. Brad Garrett Weighs in on a 'Raymond' Reunion' 2010/07/30
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  24. Tamara Champlin: Singer-Songwriter2010/07/30
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  25. Comedian Frank Nicotero2010/07/16

    This week the guys at "Night Views" are chatting with the host of Yahoo! TV's "Primetime in No Time" and former host of "Street Smarts", comedian Frank Nicotero. Frank will be talking about his career as a successful comedian and television host as well as his current Yahoo! TV show.
  26. Chat with World's Fattest Mom Donna Simpson2010/07/02
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  27. Interview with the Redneck Outlaw-Christian Lee2010/06/25
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  28. Night View 6-17-102010/06/18
    Join Rob, Travis and Michael as they discuss hot topics in current events, news, music, entertainment etc...
  29. Night Views chats with Musician, Producer and Author Loren Weisman2010/06/11
    Join Rob, Travis and Michael for another live editon of "Night Views" Radio. On tonight's show we will be talking with the author of "The Artist's Guide to Success in the Music Business", Loren Weisman. Loren will be talking about his career and his book that is a tell all guide about how NOT to get screwed in the music industry. That and much more LIVE on Night Views.
  30. Brad Garrett at the Annie Duke After School All Stars Poker Tournament2010/05/28
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  31. WWE Diva Stacy Keibler Drops in and More2010/05/14

    Join hosts Rob Saul, Travis Wettstein and Michael Nayt for another edtion of "Night Views" Radio. This week former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler stops in to talk about what's new and the After School All-Stars Charity.
  32. Night Views 04/29/102010/04/30

    Join hosts Rob Saul, Travis Wettstein and Michael Nayt as they discuss what's going on in the world of current events and the latest headlines
  33. Night Views 04/22/102010/04/23

    Join Rob Saul, Travis Wettstein and Michael Nayt as they discuss what's going on in current events and the news.
  34. Night Views' Ladies Night2010/04/16

    Come pour a drink, relax and enjoy the show cause tonight is Ladies Night on "Night Views" Radio. We are welcoming back for their third appearance the ladies from MyTalkDirty Radio Misress Alexis and Mistress Twisted Kitty. Join us we discuss the new endeavors of the phone sex and cyber mistresses.
  35. Billy Vera Interview2010/03/19
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  36. Song-Writers Spotlight2010/03/12

    Night Views is doing their first Song-Writer's Spotlight Show featuring Singer/Song-Writer/Guitarist Brett Mikels and Singer/Song-writer/Guitarist Michael Caruso.
  37. Interview with Lucie Arnaz2010/03/05

    Night Views is talking with Emmy Award Winning, Show biz legend Lucie Arnaz about her spectacular career. Lucie is the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz from the legendary series "I Love Lucy". Lucie also starred with her mother in the CBS hit series "Here's Lucy". Lucie will be talking about the release of her new album "Latin Roots", an homage to her father.
  38. Interview with keyboardist/musician Hawk Wolinkski2010/02/19
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  39. Rick Vito Interview2010/02/12
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  40. Jeff Timmons Interview2010/01/29

    Singer, song-writer, producer Jeff Timmons is talking with "Night Views" Radio about his career in the limelight as the singer and founding member of 98 Degrees, his solo albums, his reality TV fame on VH-1's "Man Band", and his amazing upcoming album "Emotional High". Jeff will also be taking calls from listeners and fans so don't miss your chance to talk to this pop sensation.
  41. Will Champlin Interview2010/01/15
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  42. "Night Views" Talks About Sex 2010/01/08
    If you haven't listened to our first "Let's Talk About Sex" show, download now at http://nightviewsradio.com. Mistresses Alexis and Kitty from MyTalkDirty Radio are returning to Night Views to get down and dirty and talk all about America's favorite Hot Topic...SEX! It's no holds barred on this show, call in and talk with the Mistress Phone Sex Operators live on the broadcast.
  43. Danny Seraphine Interview2009/12/18
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  44. The New Night Views Radio Show2009/12/04
    The "Night Views" Radio hosts bring the fun over to BlogTalkRadio for a fantastic show that features the hottest topics in news, current events, music & much more
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