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Help Desk - Windows 7

  1. 018: First Looks At Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)2011/04/24
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    On April 12, Microsoft released the first platform preview for Internet Explorer 10.

    Running time: 3:54
  2. 017: Surfing the Web in IE9 Without Leaving a Trail2011/04/10
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Internet Explorer 9's InPrivate Browsing enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail.

    Running time: 2:34
  3. 016: The Faster IE92011/03/26
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Internet Explorer 9 takes full advantage of the operating system and hardware to fully accelerate rendering of web pages.

    Running time: 5:27
  4. 015: One Click Browsing2011/03/15
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    With One Click Browsing, your favorite websites can be accessed directly from the Windows taskbar so that you don't need to first open the browser.

    Running time: 3:56
  5. 014: Exploring The New Windows Aero Desktop Features2010/11/14
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Windows 7 includes a new feature called 'Aero Snaps' that makes it easy to work with certain windows without being distract by the clutter of others. Aero Snap has 3 functions...

    Running time: 3:06
  6. 013: Speed Up Your Internet Browsing In IE82010/10/21
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    So what have you got to do to enjoy an Internet speed increase in IE8? Simple! This episode will show you all the details.

    Running time: 1:48
  7. 012: Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7 - Part 22010/10/03
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Once Windows 7 is installed and up-to-date, it’s time to bring back those data files & settings.

    Running time: 3:10
  8. 011: Upgrading Windows XP to Windows 7 - Part 12010/09/21
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    While Windows Vista allows you to perform an in-place upgrade to Windows 7, Windows XP does not.

    Running time: 5:35
  9. 010: Check Your Network and Internet Connections2010/09/21
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    The Network And Sharing Center Panel provides a one-stop access to all networking settings.

    Running time: 1:00
  10. 009: Monitor Your Computer's Security2010/07/27
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    New to Windows 7, security-related options have been gathered in a new application called 'Action Center'.

    Running time: 2:25
  11. 008: Check Your System's Security2010/07/18
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    A default installation of Windows 7 includes basic security safeguards that protect your PC from a variety of threats with one important exception.

    Running time: 1:01
  12. 007: Measuring The Performance Of Your Computer System2010/07/03
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    We are going to show you how to view & measure your computer systems performance index on the key subsystems.

    Running time: 1:16
  13. 006: Adjusting Your Screen Resolution2010/06/25
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    If your looking to change your screen resolution to fit more windows on your screen or to make the windows larger if your having trouble seeing the window, this video will show you how to make the screen resolution larger or smaller. That is to say, make your windows screen larger or smaller.

    Running time: 1:29
  14. 005: IE8 Addons2010/06/20
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Introduction to Internet Explorer 8 new browsing capabilities called Accelerators.

    Running time: 1:05
  15. 004: The New Action Center2010/02/11
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    The new action center consolidates messages, troubleshooting tools and basic system management functions in a single location.

    Running time: 1:19
  16. 003: The New File Libraries2010/02/10
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    A brief look at the new file organizing feature called 'Libraries' which presents a unified view of data files stored in multiple locations that you can search, filter, sort and group the entire collection.

    Running time: 1:19
  17. 002: The New Taskbar2010/02/08
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Check out some of the new features with the Windows 7 taskbar.

    Running time: 1:34
  18. 001: Finding Basic Information About Your Computer2010/02/07
    Host: Rudy Stebih

    Answers to basic questions about your operating system and computer.

    Running time: 1:33
Help Desk TV: Windows 7
You're beyond the basics - so dive right into Windows 7 and really put your PC to work! Discover how to tackle Windows 7 and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery! Released every Wednesday at midnight Pacific.

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