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Barefoot Doctor World AudioPods

  1. festive gift2011/12/20

    My festive passage audio gift to you, in which for just over 16 minutes I share from the depths of my heart in honor of this incredible year drawing to a close and the advent of 2012, with encouragement, reassurance and support – and of course, love.
    Merry passage.
  2. angels singing meditation2011/09/18
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  3. Audio gift from Barefoot & Lekaster2011/05/23

    An authentic Barefoot & Leakster podcast for you deeper existential and sensual delectation and delight, in which your producers liberally hold forth in respect of their first and latest EP release: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS – download-ready within…
  4. silence-stillness-power meditation2010/05/13
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  5. Impromptu DocPod - transcending preferences2009/07/10

    The ability to transcend preferences for this over that is one of the major keys to personal liberation according to Taoist wisdom – find out more in this free-to-ear offering, fresh from the forest.
  6. creativity boosting meditation2009/07/10

    Boost your levels of original, creative thinking power with this powerful meditation session set to an urgent PURE BAREFOOT beat fresh from the forest for your listening pleasure and existential delight – with love.
  7. impromptu docpod - INCLUSION2009/07/02

    After a hiatus of more than 3 years, a new (and entirely free-to-ear) Impromptu DocPod discussing the whole issue of social inclusion and how to find sanity in the midst of the global loony bin in respect of it, all transmitted with a lot of love and wishes for many miracles in your life and set to a slinky PURE BAREFOOT BEAT for your listening and existential pleasure.
  8. September Impromptu DocPod2007/08/31

    Over a squelchy, slinky PURE BAREFOOT vintage beat, Barefoot brings solace, succour and a plan to defeat the downs, doubts and despair arising in a dissacociated world, for your sensual and existential soothing and pleasure…with love.
  9. Immersion2007/07/06

    Barefoot does the blessing for being totally immersed in the flow of life and indulges a little rave about the new music he’ll be playing at the Latitude Festival on July 12th, set to a pleasant beat – with love…
  10. Impromtu DocPod - The Key2007/06/28
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  11. Solstice Impromptu DocPod2007/06/21

    Solstice-inspired jaunty discourse on the key to unlocking a stream of beneficial shifts in external reality, by internally adjusting your relationship to your own mind, body and spirit, shunted along by a raucously overdriven Pure Barefoot beat for your spiritual edification and aural stimulation – with love…
  12. Impromptu DocPod - inward gaze2007/06/15

    A short look at the compulsive pull of the outside world and how yearned for peace and wholeness derives from turning the gaze inwards instead, set to a jaunty PURE BAREFOOT beat for your existential and sensual delight – with love…
  13. ode to a one-armed man2007/06/07

    A jolly cheerful Pure Barefoot Afro-London lively-style guitar ditty drives this ode to an anonymous one-armed hero, who teaches you to count your blessings, eschew self-pity and no longer allow self-doubt to inhibit your progress to success in all aspects of your life – for your spiritual and listening pleasure – with love…
  14. Impromptu DocPod - wisdom prevail2007/05/30

    Low-key, lo-fi ramble around the topic of visualising a world in which wisdom prevails by way of contributing to healthy change – with love…
  15. Impromptu DocPod - ALTRUISTIC VISUALISATION2007/05/24

    The evolutiuonary thrust is causing a mega-shift in the collective psyche and this little excursion into hyper-reality, set to a jaunty Pure Barefoot twiddle-beat, provides a moment to visualise a happy outcome for everyone – for your listening and spiritual delight. with love…
  16. making the world beautiful for everyone2007/05/09

    A zippy little Pure Barefoot beat to mildly trip you out as you chum Barefoot along in an enquiry into the realm of looking good to make the world more beautiful – with love…
  17. beauty contemplation2007/04/27

    A wee excursion into the realm of your own preatomic beauty set to a quirky alpha-wave stimulating PURE BAREFOOT sonic doodle for your existential and sensual delight – with love…
  18. IMPROMPTU DOCPOD - pure magic2007/04/20

    pure magic is what this 1 minute 48 second sonic foray into the realm of personal transformation is – check it out – warning: very quick and could be addictive – with love…
  19. Impromptu DocPod 28-03-072007/03/28

    All about stating your intention with the fullness of yourself causing reality to match you, underscored by a quirky Pure Barefoot beat helped along by the deft young fingers of Michael Angelo for your sensual and eixstential pleasure – with love…
  20. 23-3-7Impromptu DocPod2007/03/23

    A nice warm mellow Barefoot beat underscores a nice warm mellow Barefoot ramble through the paths of the mind and elsewhere for a nice warm mellow listening experience, with love (and warmth)...
Barefoot Doctor World AudioPods
Welcome to the Barefoot Doctor World audioblog. Hosted by Wayward Taoist founder, Barefoot Doctor!

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