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tales of the texas rangers

  1. just a number 07/08/19502011/06/11
    To a Texas Ranger may go as many as four assignments a week, a case may lead him in to the remotest corner of the plains or the crowded streets of the biggest cities but wherever he goes he commands respect. To Texans his badge is the symbol of security.
  2. white elephant 07/15/19502011/08/20
    A deserted motel is the hiding place for stolen goods and a murderer or two. Based on events of January 16, 1950.
  3. apache peak 07/22/19502009/07/11
    A hitch hiker murders a New Yorker and steals his car and clothes. Based on the events of October 4, 1949.
  4. trigger man 07/29/19502011/08/13
    The vicious Gordon brothers leave a trail of death behind them as they head for the Mexican border. Based on events of May 27, 1947.
  5. quicksilver 08/05/19502011/07/02
    Jace Pearson tracks down the crooked constable who killed Sheriff Smithers in cold blood.
  6. fools gold 08/19/19502011/06/04
    A gold tooth is the clue needed to track down a botched bank robbery and a killing.
  7. open range 08/26/19502011/08/06
    Modern day cattle rustlers murder a rancher who catches them in the act. Based on events of August 4, 1948.
  8. dead or alive 09/09/19502011/04/09
    The Galveston disaster is the backdrop for a plan to have a wanted man switch identities with an unidentified corpse.
  9. candy man 09/16/19502009/07/11
    An escaped convict leaves a trail of candy wrappers for the Rangers to follow. Based on events of April 14, 1947.
  10. play for keeps 09/20/19502011/06/25
    Jace Pearson tracks down the crooked constable who killed Sheriff Smithers in cold blood.
  11. open and shut 09/23/19502011/08/27
    A young Mexican is obviously the killer of a young accountant in Lovers Lane.
  12. clean up 09/30/19502011/09/03
    Murder in the oil field, just the tip of a very dirty iceberg. Based on events in Killman, Texas.
  13. living death 10/08/19502011/09/10
    Narcotics smuggling and murder on the Texas Mexico border.
  14. dead giveaway 10/15/19502011/09/17
    A woman and her four month old baby are both murdered. The husband is a prime suspect, but he has an airtight alibi.
  15. soft touch 10/29/19502011/09/24
    An elderly farm couple is found beaten to death, by an assailant who knew what he was doing, Based on the events of August, 1949.
  16. white suit 11/05/19502011/10/01
    A convict escapes from a small jail. The manhunt is aided by the prisoners white jail clothes and a small walkie talkie. Based on the events of June 23, 1947.
  17. blood relative 11/12/19502011/10/08
    A young ex convict comes to town and threatens the life of a store owner, who is found shot to death the next day. Based on events of June 26, 1949.
  18. hanging by a thread 11/26/19502011/10/15
    George Hawks has committed suicide. Based on events of May 5, 1947.
  19. lucky dollar 12/10/19502011/10/22
    A store keeper is murdered by a robber who shuts off the electricity inside the store. A special kind of dollar leads the Rangers to a young Mexican girl and a Dandy suspect. Based on events of August 14, 1945.
  20. cactus pear 12/17/19502011/10/29
    A cowboy is gunned down with a shotgun. The clues are a shotgun shell and a cast of a horse shoe. Based on events of March 28, 1947.
  21. christmas present 12/24/19502009/07/11
    The Santa Claus Stickup of December 31, 1931, a crime story with a happy ending.
  22. room 114 12/30/19502011/07/09
    Liz Ferris, a chambermaid at the Hotel Alamo in the town of Linpear Texas approaches Sam Bicksfy the desk clerk. She is still waiting to clean Room 114 as the guest has left a Do Not Disturb card on the door.
  23. devils share 12/31/19502011/11/05
    tales of the texas rangers
  24. deadhead freight 01/07/19512011/11/12
    A dead body is found in a duffle bag in an empty freight car. The trail leads to an Italian shoemaker and a bootlegger named Rosie. Based on events of August 27, 1938.
  25. death in the cards 01/14/19512011/05/28
    A used car salesman is killed by a man posing as the father of his adopted child.
  26. blood harvest 01/21/19512011/11/19
    Two rustlers round up stolen alfalfa hay instead of cattle. Caught in the act, they kill the farmer.
  27. loggers larceny 02/04/19512011/11/26
    tales of the texas rangers
  28. hatchet 02/11/19512011/12/03
    The murder of a high school teacher leads Ranger Jace Pearson to a cattle water tank and the murder weapon at the bottom of it.
  29. sweet revenge 02/18/19512011/07/23
    A sugar bowl helps Jace Pearson find a killer. Based on the events of March 13, 1944.
  30. trap 02/25/19512011/12/10
    tales of the texas rangers
  31. blind justice 03/11/19512011/12/17
    A seeing eye dog leads Jace Pearson to an interesting story of murder and a 40,000 dollar treasure in the desert wilderness. Based on events of March 6, 1940.
  32. death by adoption 03/18/19512011/04/09
    A used car salesman is killed by a man posing as the father of his adopted child.
  33. breakdown 03/25/19512009/07/11
    The Rangers track down Rex Lang, a young mad dog killer and try to take him alive.
  34. pressure 04/01/19512011/12/24
    Lucifer confesses to killing Mike Redford, but Jace Pearson has his doubts.
  35. bad blood 04/08/19512011/12/31
    A vicious murder with a frying pan has occurred, the victims friend is the likely suspect. Based on the events of September 14, 1950.
  36. conspiracy 04/15/19512012/01/07
    tales of the texas rangers
  37. canned death 04/22/19512012/01/14
    A family is poisoned by tainted sausage meat. The trial leads to a feeble minded boy living in the wilderness and a hardware store owner. Based on events of January 26, 1940.
  38. no living witness 05/06/19512012/01/21
    A doctor is found murdered in his office, a cowboy is found murdered too.
  39. paid in full 05/13/19512012/01/28
    A Mexican is shot in the back with a shotgun, based on a true incident of August 18, 1941.
  40. square dance 05/20/19512012/02/04
    Mort Rogers is killed at a square dance, knifed in the parking lot by a man known to steal from parked cars. Based on events of October 14, 1949.
  41. joyride 05/27/19512012/02/11
    A pimply faced youth and his trigger happy girlfriend hold up a liquor store and kill the owner.
  42. death shaft 09/30/19512012/02/18
    A skeleton is found in a deserted mine, with the skull bashed in. Based on events of November 18, 1941.
  43. wheelchair killing 10/07/19512012/02/25
    An old man is beaten to death with a sock filled with sand, the clues lead to a CCC camp nearby.
  44. tplay for keeps 10/14/19512012/03/03
    tales of the texas rangers.
  45. fugitive trail 10/21/19512012/03/10
    A teen-aged baby sitter disappears after a shotgun murder. Her exboyfriend seems eager to help the Rangers track her down.
  46. white elephant 10/28/19512012/03/17
    tales of the texas rangers
  47. helping hand 11/04/19512012/03/24
    tales of the texas rangers
  48. open and shut 11/11/19512012/03/31
    tales of the texas rangers
  49. wild crop 11/18/19512012/09/22
    After a cowboy is found beaten to death, the smell of marijuana gives Jace Pearson the clue needed to track down the killer.
  50. blow off 11/25/19512012/04/07
    A rural gas station attendant is murdered during a robbery. The clue to solving the crime is a pickled two headed baby.
  51. dead give away 12/02/19512012/04/14
    A woman and her four month old baby are both murdered. The husband is a prime suspect, but he has an airtight alibi.
  52. death plant 12/09/19512012/04/21
    A home made time bomb is used to kill Sylvia Peters and wound her husband Tom. Will Fenton is the obvious suspect.
  53. pick up 12/16/19512012/09/29
    After a cowboy is found beaten to death, the smell of marijuana gives Jace Pearson the clue needed to track down the killer.
  54. christmas payoff 12/23/19512009/07/11
    Dr. Hartley is murdered in his office on Christmas eve. The killer had a bandaged hand.
  55. killers crop 12/30/19512012/04/28
    Kitty Barrows, a narcotics user, is found murdered. The trail leads the Rangers to Mexico.
  56. clip job 01/13/19522009/07/11
    An experienced hearse chaser has cheated a poor widow out of her last 6000 dollars. A hidden microphone is used by the Rangers in an attempt to get the goods on the crook.
  57. night chase 01/27/19522011/06/18
    A pair of cattle rustlers is caught in the act and one of them is killed. The Rangers begin the search for the other one.
  58. blood trail 01/29/19522009/07/11
    Doc Thomas collapses and dies on the street after being hit by a car. The blood trail leads to a dead cowboy and a dying herd.
  59. rub out 02/03/19522011/07/16
    Johnny Burke not only loses a fight, he dies of poisoning. His manager is a suspect.
  60. hitch hiker 02/10/19522011/07/30
    An escaped convict hitch hikes a ride on a country road.
  61. cold blood 02/17/19522009/07/11
    Eli, a poor field hand, is framed for murder and is saved from a lynching only by a dead rattlesnake.
  62. ice man 02/24/19522009/07/11
    The Rangers break up a stolen car ring and catch a boy who is too good with a knife.
  63. dream farm 03/09/19522009/07/11
    An Iowa farm family stops in Texas to help a stranger, who then kills the man and woman and wounds their twelve year old boy. Based on the events of June 12, 1941.
  64. prelude to felony 03/16/19522009/07/11
    A young girl steals her own fathers cattle and frames a neighboring rancher for the crime. Based on events of July 7, 1951.
  65. night hawk 03/30/19522009/07/11
    A man kills a girls date in Lovers Lane, and she refuses to identify the killer. Based on events of June, 1948.
  66. troop train 04/06/19522009/07/11
    A soldier deserts from the Army, kills his fellow deserter, and finds himself accused of beating up an old rancher.
  67. illusion 04/20/19522009/07/11
    A crazy woman and poison. But is she crazy and is it poison. Based on events of October 3, 1945.
  68. address unknown 04/27/19522009/07/11
    A woman is murdered, leaving behind a little boy. A Mexican named Pedro helps the Rangers against his will. Based on events of August, 1940.
  69. unleashed fury 05/11/19522009/07/11
    Charlie Brock, an escaped mental patient, is on the loose and cunningly evades recapture. Based on the events of April 25, 1938.
  70. smart kill 05/18/19522009/07/11
    A dead body found in a burning building leads Jace Pearson to a killer. Based on events of May 14, 1939.
  71. jailbird 05/25/19522009/07/11
    tales of the texas rangers
  72. sell out 06/01/19522012/06/16
    A clerk gives the Rangers misleading information when she witnesses the robbery and shooting of her boss. Based on events of September 15, 1949.
  73. illegal entry 06/08/19522012/06/23
    A Mexican knifes a fellow countryman and kidnaps a girl. An escape on a train filled with sheep leads Jace and the Rangers on a cross country race. Jose escapes from jail and the hunt begins once again.
  74. travesty 06/15/19522009/07/11
    A deputy is under suspicion of tire theft. Based on events of February 12, 1951.
  75. knockout 06/22/19522012/06/30
    A dead body in a hotel room bathroom leads the Rangers to a scheme making liberal use of knockout drops.
  76. ex con 06/29/19522012/07/07
    An ex con is hired to murder for 1000 dollars.
  77. boomerang 07/06/19522012/07/14
    A murder and a body in a lake lead the Rangers to a stock auction and the killer of Roscoe Cryder. Based on the events of May, 1937.
  78. finger man 07/13/19522012/07/21
    A sheriffs deputy is killed during an attempted prison break. The Rangers try to get his fellow prisoners to supply the needed evidence.
  79. round trip 07/20/19522012/07/28
    When an friendly newspaper delivery man is murdered, the Rangers follow the killers trail all the way to Brazil.
  80. stick up 07/27/19522012/08/04
    An ex con is suspected of robbery and murder, but he seems to have an excellent alibi.
  81. double edge 08/03/19522012/08/11
    tales of the texas rangers
  82. last stop 08/10/19522012/08/18
    A disastrous train wreck was caused by a railroad tie on the tracks, and it looks like it was done deliberately. Based on the events of July, 1931.
  83. cover up 08/17/19522012/08/25
    A Mexican is found cleaning a puddle of blood in a house owned by a missing man. Based on the events of July 4, 1946.
  84. three victims 08/24/19522012/09/01
    A colored man is the suspect in a robbery and double murder, after he's identified by the son the victims. Based on events of August, 1955.
  85. misplaced person 08/31/19522012/09/08
    A dead woman is traced to a psychiatrist, who comes under suspicion, but keep your eye on the shrimp fisherman. Based on events of November 6, 1949.
  86. alibi 09/07/19522012/09/15
    The Deacon has been badly beaten up, possibly by John Samson. The Deacon however, has lost his memory. Based on events of July 17, 1948.
  87. drive in 09/14/19522012/10/06
    A young man and his girlfriend rob a married couple and steal their car. A pair of ladies stockings becomes a vital clue. The last show of the series. Based on events of July, 1947.
tales of the texas rangers
Joel McCrea stars as Texas Ranger Jace Pearson in this thirty minute western adventure series. The shows are all reenactments of incidents from Texas Ranger history. The Texas lawman and his trusty steed, Charcoal, would track a criminal, often a killer, throughout the vast 260,000 square miles of Texas. With Joel McCrea lending star power, Tales of the Texas Rangers debuted over the NBC radio network on July 8, 1950. The thirty-minute show, sponsored by Wheaties, ran on Saturday nights at 930 for three months. In October, the show switched to Sunday evenings, eventually settling into the six oclock time slot. The weekly adventures were set during the past two decades in order that the show have a modern slant. Ranger Jace Pearson drove an automobile, but he had a horse trailer and often galloped astride his horse Charcoal into the backcountry in pursuit of lawbreakers. First Broadcast date July 8, 1950. Last Broadcast date September 14th 1952

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