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Baseball History Podcast

  1. Baseball HP 1228: Norm Cash2012/07/15

    Norm Cash was a left-handed power hitting first basemen for the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers in a career that lasted from 1958 until 1974
  2. Baseball HP 1227: Tony Cuccinello2012/07/03

    Tony Cuccinello was a right handed hitting second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Bees, New York Giants, Boston Braves and Chicago White Sox from 1930 through 1945. He went on to coach for the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers.
  3. Baseball HP 1226: Stuffy McInnis2012/06/27

    Stuffy McInnis was a right handed first baseman for the Philadelphia Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Boston Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Philadelphia Phillies from 1909 through 1927. He also managed the Philadelphia Phillies in 1927.
  4. Baseball HP 1225: Hank Sauer2012/06/20

    Hank Sauer was a right-handed power hitter for the Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and the New York and San Francisco Giants in a career that lasted from 1941 until 1959.
  5. Baseball HP 1224: Bob Meusel2012/06/14

    Bob Meusel was a right-handed outfielder for the New York Yankees from 1920 through 1929 and the Cincinnati Reds in 1930.
  6. Baseball HP 1223: Sonny Siebert2012/06/05

    Sonny Siebert was a right-handed pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics in a career that lasted from 1964 to 1975.
  7. Baseball HP 1222: Del Ennis2012/06/01

    Del Ennis was a right-handed outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds and Chicago White Sox from 1946 to 1959.
  8. Baseball HP 1221: Clint Courtney2012/05/23

    Clint Courtney was a left-handed catcher for the New York Yankees, St. Louis Browns, Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Washington Senators, and Kansas City Athletics in a career that lasted from 1951 until 1961.
  9. Baseball HP 1220: Wayne Simpson2012/05/15

    Wayne Simpson was a right-handed pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City Royals, Philadelphia Phillies, and California Angels in a career that spanned parts of the years 1970 to 1977.
  10. Baseball HP 1219: Earl Moore2012/05/08

    Earl Moore was a right-handed pitcher for the Cleveland team, know during his time with them as the Blues, Broncos and Naps. He also pitched for the New York Highlanders, Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs, along with the Buffalo Buffeds of the Federal League, in a career that laste from 1901 through 1914.
  11. Convention Floor 11: Steve Treder/Anthony Giacalone2012/05/06

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Steve Treder/Anthony Giacalone. Getting No Satisfaction: The San Francisco Giants of 1965 ----:"But for the Tense Situation Locally"…: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Summer of 1965.
  12. Convention Floor 10: Jim Gordon2012/05/06

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Jim Gordon. The Fred Haney Stories
  13. Convention Floor 09: Gilbert Martinez2012/05/05

    Presentation at SABR 41 convention by Gilbert Martinez. Not all No-decisions Are Created Equal: Evaluating a Little-examined Pseudo Statistic
  14. Baseball HP 1218: Fred Toney2012/05/02

    Fred Toney was a right-handed pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, New Yourk Giants and St. Louis Cardinals from 1911 through 1923.
  15. Baseball HP 1217: Lyn Lary2012/04/25

    Lyn Lary was a shortstop for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals from 1929 through 1940.
  16. Convention Floor 08: Dick Rosen2012/04/22

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Dick Rosen.
  17. Baseball HP 1216: Stan Spence2012/04/17

    Stan Spence was a left-handed hitting outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators and St. Louis Browns from 1940 through 1949.
  18. Convention Floor 07: Bill Staples2012/04/16

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Bill Staples.
  19. Baseball HP 1215: Roger Maris2012/04/10

    Roger Maris was a left-handed slugging outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Athletics, New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals in a career that lasted from 1957 through 1968. He held the single season home run record from 1961 until 1998.
  20. Convention Floor 06: Francisco E. Balderrama2012/04/09

    Presentation at the SABR 41 Convention by Francisco E. Balderrama.
  21. Baseball HP 1214: Gary Geiger2012/04/03

    Gary Geiger was a center fielder for the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros in a career that lasted from 1958 through 1970.
  22. CF 05: Bryan Soderholm-Difatte2012/04/02

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Bryan Soderholm-Difatte.
  23. Baseball HP 1213: Swede Risberg2012/03/29

    Swede Risberg was a shortstop for the Chicago White Sox from 1917 until 1920. He was the youngest member of the Black Sox scandal to be banned from professional baseball for life.
  24. Convention Floor 04: Phil Birnbaum2012/03/24

    Presentation at the SABR 41 convention by Phil Birnbaum
  25. Baseball HP 1212: Jim Perry2012/03/21

    Jim Perry was a right-handed pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers and Oakland Athletics from 1959 through 1975.
  26. Convention Floor 03: John Simpson2012/03/16

    Interview from the SABR 41 convention with John Simpson. In Search of the Greatest Game Ever Played in Dixie
  27. Baseball HP 1211: Jack Rothrock2012/03/14

    Jack Rothrock was a speedy utility player for the Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Athletics from 1925 through 1937.
  28. Baseball HP Exh 12022012/03/11

    Answers to emails and comments
  29. Convention Floor 02: Patrick Kilgo2012/03/08

    Interview with Patrick Kilgo at the SABR 41 convention
  30. Baseball HP 1210: Pat Moran2012/03/06

    Pat Moran was a catcher for the Boston Beaneaters, Chicago Cubs and Philadelphia Phillies from 1901 through 1914. He went on to manage the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds from 1915 through 1923.
  31. Baseball HP Exh 12012012/03/03

    EMails, comments and other thoughts from Baseball History Podcast announcer Bob Wright
  32. Convention Floor 01: Adrian Burgos Jr.2012/03/02

    Interview from SABR 41 with Adrian Burgos Jr.
  33. Baseball HP 1209: Hilton Smith2012/02/28

    Hilton Smith was a right-handed pticher for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League from 1936 through 1948.
  34. Baseball HP 1208: Dick Williams2012/02/22
    Info (Show/Hide)
  35. Baseball HP 1207: Hal Trosky2012/02/17

    Hal Trosky was a first baseman for the Cleveland Indians fro 1933 to 1941 and the Chicago White Sox in 1944 and 1946.
  36. Baseball HP 1206: John Meyers2012/02/07

    John Meyers was a catcher for the New York Giants, Brooklyn Robins and Boston Braves in a career that spanned the seasons 1909 to 1917.
  37. Baseball HP 1205: Mel Almada2012/02/05

    Mel Almada was a left-handed center fielder for the Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators, Stl Louis Browns and Brooklyn Dodgers from 1933 through 1939.
  38. Baseball HP 1204: Paul Derringer2012/01/24

    Paul Derringer was a right handed pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago Cubs in a career that lasted from 1931 until 1945.
  39. Baseball HP 1203: Bobby Boyd2012/01/18

    Bobby Boyd started as a first baseman in the Negro Leagues and then became the first black player for the Chicago White Sox. He went on to play for the Baltimore Orioles, Kansas City Athletics, and Milwaukee Braves in a major league career from 1951 until 1961.
  40. Baseball HP 1202: Johnny Murphy2012/01/11

    Johnny Murphy was a righthanded, control pitcher who pitched mostly in relief for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox from 1932 through 1947. Murphy later became General Manager for the 1969 Mets.
  41. Baseball HP 1201: Chick Fewster2012/01/08

    Chick Fewster played mostly second base but also shortstop, third base, and outfield for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Brooklyn Robins in a career that spanned the seasons 1912 to 1927.
  42. Baseball HP 1152: Bob Weiland2012/01/07

    Bob Weiland was a left-handed pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns, and St. Louis Cardinals in a career that lasted from 1928 through 1940.
  43. Baseball HP 1151: Al Jackson2011/12/28

    Al Jackson was a gutty left-handed pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds in a career that lasted from 1959 through 1969.
  44. Baseball HP 1150: Early Wynn2011/12/22

    Early Whnn was a right handed, Hall of Fame pitcher for the Washington Senators, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago White Sox in a career that lasted from 1939 until 1963.
  45. Baseball HP 1149: Fred Haney2011/12/15

    Fred Haney was a third baseman for the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals from 1922 through 1929. He also served as a manager for the St. Louis Browns, Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Braves, and General Manager for the Los Angeles Angels.
  46. Baseball HP 1148: Joe Rudi2011/12/08

    Joe Rudi was a right-handed outfielder and first baseman for the Kansas City and Oakland Athletics, California Angels, and Boston Red Sox in a career that lasted from 1967 through 1981.
  47. Baseball HP 1147: George Kell2011/11/29

    George Kell was a third baseman for the Philadelphia Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, and Baltimore Orioles in a career that started in 1943 and lasted through 1957. Following his retirement as a player, Kell went on to become a baseball broadcaster.
  48. Baseball HP 1146: Wes Westrum2011/11/23

    Wes Westrum was a catcher for the New York Giants from 1947 through 1957. He went on to serve as manager of the New York Mets from 1965 through 1967 and the San Francisco Giants in 1974 and 1975.
  49. Baseball HP 1145: Roger Peckinpaugh2011/11/16

    Roger Peckinpaugh was a major league shortstop for the Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees, Washington Senators, and Chicago White Sox from 1910 until 1927. He managed the New York Yankees in 1914 and then the Cleveland Indians from 1928 through 1933 and then again in 1941.
  50. Baseball HP 1144: Al Lopez2011/11/08

    Al Lopez had a career as a major league catcher for the Brooklyn Robins and Brooklyn Dodgers, the Boston Bees, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cleveland Indians from 1928 through 1947. He then went on to manage the Cleveland Indians andChicago White Sox through 1969
  51. Baseball HP 1143: Les Moss2011/11/02

    Les Moss played as a catcher for the St. Louis Browns for the most significant portion of his career, and was a backup catcher almost all his career. In addition to the Browns, he played for the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, and Chicago White Sox in a career that lasted from 1946 through 1958. Moss also managed the Chicago White Sox in 1968 and the Detroit Tigers in 1979.
  52. Baseball HP 1142: Walt Lerian2011/10/26

    Walt Lerian was a cather who played two seasons for the Philadelphia Phillies from 1928 through 1929. His life was tragicall cut short by an out-of-control vehicle after the end of the 1929 season.
  53. Baseball HP 1141: Orval Overall2011/10/18

    Orval Overall, righthanded pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs from 1905 through 1913.
  54. Baseball HP 1140: Johnny Beazley2011/10/12

    Johnny Beazley, righthanded pitcher, played for the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Braves in a careere that lasted from 1941 through 1949.
  55. Baseball HP 1139: Robin Roberts2011/10/05

    Robin Roberts, righthanded, Hall of Fame pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Balimore Orioles, Houston Astros, and Chicago Cubs from 1948 through 1966.
  56. Baseball HP 1138: Cesar Tovar2011/09/27

    Cesar Tovar played infield and outfield positions for the Minnesota Twins, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees from 1965 through 1976.
  57. Baseball HP 1137: Rip Repulski2011/09/22

    Rip Repulski, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Boston Red Sox from 1953 through 1961
  58. Baseball HP 1136: Baby Doll Jacobson2011/09/13

    Baby Doll Jacobson spent most of his career playing center field for the St. Louis Browns but in a career that spanned the seasons from 1915 through 1927, he also played for the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, and Philadelphia Athletics.
  59. Baseball HP 1135: Babe Phelps2011/08/31

    Babe Phelps was a catcher for the Washington Senators, Chicago Cubs, Brooklyn Dodgers, and Pittsburgh Pirates in a career that spanned the years 1931 through 1942
  60. Baseball HP 1134: Bill Freehan2011/08/24
    Info (Show/Hide)
  61. Baseball HP 1133: Everett Scott2011/08/16

    Everett Scott was a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox, and Cincinnati Reds in a career that lasted from 1914 until 1926.
  62. Baseball HP 1132: Jack Taylor2011/08/09

    John W. Taylor, pitcher for the Chicago Orphans, Chicago Cubs, and St. Louis Cardinals in a career that spanned the seasons 1898 through 1906. For a five-year period he achieved a pitching record of never being relieved in a game.
  63. Baseball HP 1131: Dom DiMaggio2011/08/02

    Dom DiMaggio played his entire 11-year baseball career for the Boston Red Sox, a career that spanned the seasons 1940 through 1953.
  64. Baseball HP 1130: Pat Dobson2011/07/26

    Pat Dobson was a right-handed starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians in a career that spanned the seasons 1967 through 1977. He was best known for being one of four Orioles pitchers to win 20 games in the 1971 season.
  65. Baseball HP 1129: Bill Nicholson2011/07/20

    Bill Nicholson was a left-handed hitting outfielder for the Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia Phillies in a career that spanned 1936 through 1953.
  66. Baseball HP 1128: Pat Seerey2011/07/18

    Pat Seerey was an outfielder for the Cleveland Indians from 1943 to 1948 and the Chicago White Sox in 1948 and 1949.
  67. Baseball HP 1127: Don Wert2011/07/05

    Don Wert, third baseman for the Detroit Tigers from 1963 through 1970 and Washington Senators in 1971.
  68. Baseball HP 1126: Bill Terry2011/06/28

    Bill Terry was a first baseman for the New York Giants from 1923 through 1936 and manager of the Giants from 1932 through 1941. A lefthand hitter, he tended to smash line drives to left center and straightaway center. He had a signature season in 1930 with a .403 batting average.
  69. Baseball HP 1025: Ray Schalk2011/06/23

    Ray Schalk, catcher for the Chicago White Sox from 1912 through 1928. He also played one year for the New York Giants in 1929. Shalk was known for his handling of picthers and his outstanding defensive ability; he was considered the greatest defensive catcher of his era.
  70. Baseball HP 1124: Lefty O'Doul2011/06/16

    Lefty O'Doul began his Major League career as a left-handed pitcher with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox from 1919 to 1923. After developing a sore arm he returned to the Minor Leagues and converted himself into a power-hitter for the New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, and Brooklyn Robins from 1928 through 1934.
  71. Baseball HP 1123: Bill Lefebvre2011/06/07

    Bill Lefebvre pitched with the Boston Red Sox in 1938 and 1939. After a 4-year absence from the major leagues, he played for the Washington Senators in 1943 and 1944. Lefebvre's best pitch was a fastball but he also threw a slider and palmball.
  72. Baseball HP 1122: Jerry Grote2011/06/02

    Jerry Grote, catcher for the Houson Colt 45's, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Kansas City Royals. He spent 12 seasons of his 16-year career with the Mets. His career spanned the years 1963 to 1981, including 1969 with the Miracle Mets.
  73. Baseball HP Exp 11032011/05/28

    Answering emails and comments
  74. Baseball HP 1121: Lefty Tyler2011/05/25

    Lefty Tyler, left-handed pitcher for the Boston team that was known as the Doves, Rustlers, and Braves from 1910 through 1917. Ha also pitched for the Chicago Cubs from 1918 through 1921.
  75. Baseball HP 1120: Red Barrett2011/05/17

    Red Barrett, right-handed pitcher, played for the Cincinnati Reds, Boston Braves and St. Louis Cardinals in a career that spanned 12 years starting in 1937 and finishing in 1949.
  76. Baseball HP 1119: Diego Segui2011/05/11

    Diego Segui, right-handed pitcher for the Kansas City Athletics, Washington Senators, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Pilots, Boston Red Sox, and Seattle Mariners from 1962 through 1977.
  77. Baseball HP 1118: Luis Tiant2011/05/04

    Luis Tiant, right-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, and California Angels in a career that spanned the seasons 1964 through 1982.
  78. Baseball HP Exh 11022011/05/03

    Answering emails and comments
  79. Baseball HP 1117: Fred Hutchinson2011/04/26

    Fred Hutchinson, right-handed pitcher for the Detroit Tigers from 1939 to 1953. He was also manager for the Tigers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds.
  80. Baseball HP 1116: Jon Warden2011/04/20

    Jon Warden, left-handed pitcher for the Detroit Tigers in the 1968 season. He contributed to the Tigers pennant with four wins and three saves in 28 games in relief. After the 1968 season he was selected by the Kansas city Royals in the expansion draft but due to injuries never pitched for them.
  81. Baseball HP 1115: Al Weis2011/04/14

    Al Weis, utility infielder for the Chicago White Sox from 1962 to 1967 and the New York Mets from 1968 to 1971. He was one of the unexpected heroes of the 1969 Miracle Mets.
  82. Baseball HP 1114: Joe Hauser2011/04/05

    Joe Hauser, first baseman and home run hitter for the Philadelphia Athletics and Cleveland Indians from 1922 through 1929.
  83. Baseball HP 1113: Happy Felsch2011/03/30

    Happy Felsch, centerfielder for the Chicago White Sox from 1916 through 1920. Felsch was banned from professional baseball for life for his involvement in the 1919 "Black Sox" scandal.
  84. Baseball HP Exh 11012011/03/26

    Answering emails and comments
  85. Baseball HP 1112: Bud Harrelson2011/03/23

    Bud Harrelson, shortstop for the Mets from 1967 through 1977 including the year of the "1969 Miracle Mets". He also played for the Phillies and Rangers and went on to manage the Mets for part of 1990 and 1991.
  86. Baseball HP 1111: Bob Johnson2011/03/15

    Bob Johnson, All Star outfielder for the Philadelphia A's in the 1930's and early 1940's. Johnson also played for the Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox.
  87. Baseball HP 1110: Rogers Hornsby2011/03/09

    Rogers Hornsby, infielder and manager from 1915 through 1937, spent the majority of his playing career with the Cardinals but also played for the Cubs, Braves, Giants, and Browns. He managed each of these teams at one time and also managed the Reds.
  88. Baseball HP 1109: Slim Sallee2011/03/01

    Slim Sallee, left-handed pitcher for the Cardinals, Giants and Reds whose career spanned fourteen seasons from 1908 through 1921.
  89. Baseball HP 1108: Ed Lopat2011/02/22

    Ed Lopat, left handed pitcher that played on 5 World Championship teams for the New York Yankees from 1949 through 1953. He also played for the White Sox and Orioles in a career that spanned the years 1944 through 1955.
  90. Baseball HP 1107: Rabbit Maranville2011/02/16

    Rabbit Maranville, Hall of Fame shortstop for the Braves, Pirates, Cubs, Robins, and Cardinals. His 23 year career spanned the years 1912 through 1935.
  91. Baseball HP 1106: Bobby Murcer2011/02/08

    Bobby Murcer, outfielder for the Yankees, Giants, and Cubs from the mid 1960"s through the early 1980's. He continued in baseball as a broadcaster for the Yankees.
  92. Baseball HP 1105: Tommy Holmes2011/02/01

    Tommy Holmes, outfielder for the Boston Braves in the 1940's and managed the club for parts of 1950 and 1951.
  93. Baseball HP 1104: Frank Thomas2011/01/26

    Frank Thomas: Power hitting left fielder, first and third baseman for the Pirates, Reds, Cubs, Braves, Mets, Phillies, and Astros through the 1950's into the mid 1960's.
  94. Baseball HP 1103: Marty Bergen2011/01/18

    Marty Bergen, troubled catcher for the Boston Beaneaters in the late 1890's
  95. Baseball HP 1102: Buck Weaver2011/01/13

    Buck Weaver, switch-hitting third baseman/shortstop for the Chicago White Sox from 1912 through 1920.
  96. Baseball HP 1101: Doc Cramer2011/01/04

    Doc Cramer, left-handed hitting center fielder that played for four American League teams from1929 to 1948 (Philadelphia A's, Boston Red Sox, Washington Senators, Detroit Tigers).
  97. Baseball HP 1054: Ray Fosse2010/12/29

    Ray Fosse: All-Star catcher for the Indians and A's in the 1970's
  98. Baseball HP 1053: Dick Drago2010/12/21

    Dick Drago, right handed relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox in the 1970's.
  99. Baseball HP 1052: Hoot Evers2010/12/15

    Hoot Evers: Right handed centerfielder for the Detroit Tigers from the mid 1940's through the mid 1950's
  100. Baseball HP 1051: Dr. Bobby Brown2010/12/08

    Dr. Bobby Brown, Yankee third baseman and American League President
  101. Baseball HP 1050: Amos Otis2010/12/01

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    Amos Otis, centerfielder for the Kansas City Royals in the 1970's

  102. Baseball HP 1049: Dennis Bennett2010/11/23

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    Dennis Bennett, lefthanded pitcher for the Phillies and Red Sox from 1962 through 1968

  103. Baseball HP 1048: Jack Kramer2010/11/16

    Right handed pitcher for the Browns and Red Sox
  104. Baseball HP 1047: BHP Update2010/11/11

    Show updates and changes
  105. Baseball HP 1046: Sparky Lyle2010/11/11

    Left handed relief pitcher Sparky Lyle
  106. Baseball HP 1045: Dave Magadan2010/11/03

    TWIBH- Dave Magadan;

    Dictionary- Allow
  107. Baseball HP 1044: Jim Konstanty2010/10/27

    TWIBH- Jim Konstanty;

    Dictionary- Passed Ball
  108. Baseball HP 1043: Gene Tenace2010/10/20

    TWIBH- Gene Tenace;

    Dictionary- Slide step
  109. Baseball HP 1042: Richard Rudolph2010/10/13

    TWIBH- Richard Rudolph;

    Dictionary- Trainer
  110. Baseball HP 1041: Heinie Manush2010/10/06

    TWIBH- Heinie Manush;

    Dictionary- Center Field
  111. Baseball HP 1040: George McQuillan2010/09/28
  112. Baseball HP 1039: Ed Reulbach2010/09/21
  113. Baseball HP 1038: Joe Gordon2010/09/15
  114. Baseball HP 1037: Ray Caldwell2010/09/08
  115. Baseball HP 1036: Joe Harris2010/09/01
  116. Baseball HP 1035: Atley Donald2010/08/24
  117. Baseball HP 1034: Dwight Gooden2010/08/18
  118. Baseball HP 1033: Dave Dravecky2010/08/10
  119. Baseball HP 1032: David Justice2010/08/02
  120. Baseball HP 1031: Bert Blyleven2010/07/28
  121. Baseball HP 1030: Pie Traynor2010/07/21
  122. Baseball HP 1029: Babe Adams2010/07/13
  123. Baseball HP 1028: Eddie Rommel2010/07/06
  124. Baseball HP 1027: Rube Marquard2010/06/29
  125. Baseball HP 1026: Bill Russell2010/06/22
  126. Baseball HP 1025: Tony Oliva2010/06/15
  127. Baseball HP 1024: Eddie Grant2010/06/09
  128. Baseball HP 1023: Tim Keefe2010/06/01
  129. Baseball HP 1022: Tony Perez2010/05/26
  130. Baseball HP 1021: Ron Swoboda2010/05/18
  131. Baseball HP 1020: Greg Luzinski2010/05/11
  132. Baseball HP 1019: Howard Johnson2010/05/04
  133. Baseball HP 1018: Minnnie Minoso2010/04/27
  134. Baseball HP 1017: Earl Wilson2010/04/20
  135. Baseball HP 1016: Gavvy Cravath2010/04/13
  136. Baseball HP 1015: Bo Jackson2010/04/07
  137. Baseball HP 1014: Pete Reiser2010/03/30
  138. Baseball HP 1013: Kiki Cuyler2010/03/23
  139. Baseball HP 1012: Ken Harrelson2010/03/18
  140. Baseball HP 1011: Randy Hundley2010/03/10
  141. Baseball HP 1010: Eddie Stanky2010/03/02
  142. Baseball HP 1009: Ron Fairly2010/02/23
  143. Baseball HP 1008: Pedro Guerrero2010/02/17
  144. Baseball HP 1007: Johnny Evers2010/02/11
  145. Baseball HP 1006: Germany Schaefer2010/02/03
  146. Baseball HP 1005: Gail Harris2010/01/27
  147. Baseball HP 1004: Tommie Agee2010/01/21
  148. Baseball HP 1003: Cecil Fielder2010/01/13
  149. Baseball HP 1002: Ed Walsh2010/01/06
  150. Baseball HP 1001: Walker Cooper2009/12/29
  151. Baseball HP 0953: Andy Messersmith2009/12/23
  152. Baseball HP 0952: Lee Mazzilli2009/12/17
  153. Baseball HP 0951: Frank Robinson2009/12/09
  154. Baseball HP 0950: Cecil Cooper2009/12/03
  155. Baseball HP 0949: Al Rosen2009/11/25
  156. Baseball HP 0948: Joe Morgan2009/11/18
  157. Baseball HP 0947a: Dale Murphy2009/11/16
  158. Baseball HP 0947: Dale Murphy2009/11/16
  159. Baseball HP 0947: Dale Murphy2009/11/15
  160. Baseball HP 0946: Roger Craig2009/11/04
  161. Baseball HP 0945: Mike Flanagan2009/10/27
  162. Baseball HP 0944: Jack Coombs2009/10/20
  163. Baseball HP 0943: Fred Snodgrass2009/10/13
  164. Baseball HP 0942: Art Nehf2009/10/07
  165. Baseball HP 0941: Charlie Hough2009/09/30
  166. Baseball HP 0940: Jesse Burkett2009/09/23
  167. Baseball HP 0939: Walt Bond2009/09/16
  168. Baseball HP 0938: George Wiltse2009/09/08
  169. Baseball HP 0937: Willie Davis2009/09/01
  170. Baseball HP 0936: Joe Bush2009/08/26
  171. Baseball HP 0935: Joe McGinnity2009/08/18
  172. Baseball HP 0934: Jack Buck2009/08/11
  173. Baseball HP 0933: Gates Brown2009/08/04
  174. Baseball HP 0932: Dazzy Vance2009/07/29
  175. Baseball HP 0931: Clay Dalrymple2009/07/22
  176. Baseball HP 0930: Sal Maglie2009/07/15
  177. Baseball HP 0929: Ed Delahanty2009/07/07
  178. Baseball HP 0928: George Mullen2009/07/01
  179. Baseball HP 0927: Wally Post2009/06/24
  180. Baseball HP 0926: Max Carey2009/06/17
  181. Baseball HP 0925: Rocky Colavito2009/06/10
  182. Baseball Hp 0924: Eddie Collins2009/06/02
  183. Baseball HP 0923: Bob Allison2009/05/27
  184. Baseball HP 0922: Ted Lyons2009/05/19
  185. Baseball HP 0921: Virgil Trucks2009/05/13
  186. Baseball HP 0920: Bob Groom2009/05/06
  187. Baseball HP 0919: Vic Raschi2009/04/29
  188. Baseball HP 0918: Tom Brunansky2009/04/21
  189. Baseball HP 0917: Earl Averill2009/04/15
  190. Baseball HP 0916: Moe Drabowsky2009/04/07
  191. Baseball HP 0915: Duke Snider2009/03/31
  192. Baseball HP 0914: Jose Canseco2009/03/25
  193. Baseball HP 0913: Herb Score2009/03/17
  194. Baseball HP 0912: Orlando Cepeda2009/03/11
  195. Baseball HP 0911: Stan Musial2009/03/07
  196. Baseball HP 0910: Stan Musial2009/03/04
  197. Baseball HP 0909: Jud Wilson2009/02/25
  198. Baseball HP 0908: Joe Nuxhall2009/02/18
  199. Baseball HP 0907: Kent Hrbek2009/02/10
  200. Baseball HP 0906: Davey lopes2009/02/04
  201. Baseball HP 0905: Buck Leonard2009/01/28
  202. Baseball HP 0904: Jackie Jensen2009/01/21
  203. Baseball HP 0903: Louis Sockalexis2009/01/14
  204. Baseball HP 0902: Frank Chance2009/01/07
  205. Baseball HP 0901: Jimmie Reese2008/12/31
  206. Baseball HP 0853: Happy Chandler2008/12/24
  207. Baseball HP 0852: Frankie Frisch2008/12/16
  208. Baseball HP 0851: Jim Fregosi2008/12/10
  209. Baseball HP 0850: Claude Osteen2008/12/03
  210. Baseball HP 0849: Jimmy Piersall2008/11/26
  211. Baseball HP 0848: Danny Murtaugh2008/11/19
  212. Baseball HP 0847: Dick Groat2008/11/11
  213. Baseball HP 0846: Bucky Harris2008/11/04
  214. Baseball HP 0845: Larry Bowa2008/10/29
  215. Baseball HP 0844: Larry Doyle2008/10/22
  216. Baseball HP 0843: Scott McGregor2008/10/15
  217. Baseball HP 0842: Mordecai Brown2008/10/08
  218. Baseball HP 0841: Eddie Joost2008/09/30
  219. Baseball HP 0840: Jim Kaat2008/09/26
  220. Baseball HP 0839: Smokey Joe Wood2008/09/18
  221. Baseball HP 0838: Dan Quisenberry2008/09/09
  222. Baseball HP 0837: Luke Appling2008/09/03
  223. Baseball HP 0836: Rick Wise2008/08/26
  224. Baseball HP 0835: Dick Allen2008/08/19
  225. Baseball HP 0834: Hank Thompson2008/08/12
  226. Baseball HP 0833: Paul Molitor2008/08/08
  227. Baseball HP 0832: Ernie Harwell2008/08/04
  228. Baseball HP 0831: Dutch Leonard2008/07/22
  229. Baseball HP 0830: Brian Downing2008/07/16
  230. Baseball HP 0829: Fred Patek2008/07/09
  231. Baseball HP 0828: Kid Nichols2008/07/01
  232. Baseball HP 0827: Joe Tinker2008/06/24
  233. Baseball HP 0826: Roger Connor2008/06/18
  234. Baseball HP 0825: Jim Abbott2008/06/10
  235. Baseball HP 08242008/06/04
  236. Baseball HP 0823: Gus Bell2008/05/28
  237. Baseball HP 0822: Ferguson Jenkins2008/05/21
  238. Baseball HP 0821: Don Cardwell2008/05/14
  239. Baseball HP 0820: Sam Jones2008/05/07
  240. Baseball HP 0819: Ross Barnes2008/04/30
  241. Baseball HP 0818: Wes Ferrell2008/04/23
  242. Baseball HP 0817: Bill Stoneman2008/04/15
  243. Baseball HP 0816: Jack Quinn2008/04/08
  244. Baseball HP 0815: Vic Power2008/04/02
  245. Baseball HP 0814: Wilbur Rogan2008/03/26
  246. Baseball HP 0813: Jim Bottomley2008/03/19
  247. Baseball HP 0812: Jim Palmer2008/03/12
  248. Baseball HP 0811: Dolph Camilli2008/03/05
  249. Baseball HP 0810: Rick Reuschel2008/02/27
  250. Baseball HP 0809: Moe Berg2008/02/20
  251. Baseball HP 0808: Willie Foster2008/02/13
  252. Baseball HP 0807: Jerry Koosman2008/02/06
  253. Baseball HP 0806: Joe Cronin2008/01/30
  254. Baseball HP 0805: Tim Raines2008/01/22
  255. Baseball HP 0804: Benny Kauff2008/01/15
  256. Baseball HP Exh 08012008/01/13
  257. Baseball HP 0803: Dick Lundy2008/01/10
  258. Baseball HP 0802: Burleigh Grimes2008/01/02
  259. Baseball HP Exh 07032008/01/01
  260. Baseball HP 0801: Zack Wheat2007/12/25
  261. Baseball HP 0786: Cool Papa Bell2007/12/18
  262. Baseball HP 0785: Rusty Staub2007/12/12
  263. Baseball HP 0784: Smokey Joe Williams2007/12/05
  264. Baseball HP 0783: Monty Stratton2007/11/27
  265. Baseball HP 0782: Hal Chase2007/11/21
  266. Baseball HP 0781: Chuck Connors2007/11/14
  267. Baseball HP 0780: Elston Howard2007/11/08
  268. Baseball HP 0779: Randy Jones2007/10/31
  269. Baseball HP 0778: Red Barber2007/10/27
  270. Baseball HP 0777: Bret Saberhagen2007/10/24
  271. Baseball HP 0776: Lenny Dykstra2007/10/20
  272. Baseball HP 0775: Mickey Cochrane2007/10/17
  273. Baseball HP 0774: Enos Slaughter2007/10/13
  274. Baseball HP 0773: Bill Wambsganss2007/10/10
  275. Baseball HP 0772: Goose Goslin2007/10/06
  276. Baseball HP 0771: William "Billy Goat" Sianis2007/10/03
  277. Baseball HP 07702007/09/29
  278. Baseball HP 0769: Orel Hershiser2007/09/26
  279. Baseball HP 0768: Dave Winfield2007/09/23
  280. Baseball HP 0767: Jim Rice2007/09/18
  281. Baseball HP 0766: Red Ruffing2007/09/16
  282. Baseball HP 0765: Jimmy Wynn2007/09/11
  283. Baseball HP 0764: Robin Yount2007/09/09
  284. Baseball HP 0763: Maury Wills2007/09/04
  285. Baseball HP 0762: Gary Carter2007/09/01
  286. Baseball HP 0761: Clete Boyer2007/08/29
  287. Baseball HP 0760: Roger Bresnahan2007/08/26
  288. Baseball HP 0759: Schoolboy Rowe2007/08/22
  289. Baseball HP 07582007/08/19
  290. Baseball HP 0757: Branch Rickey2007/08/14
  291. Baseball HP 0756: Ed Kranepool2007/08/12
  292. Baseball HP 0755: Cal Hubbard2007/08/08
  293. Baseball HP 0754: Darryl Strawberry2007/08/04
  294. Baseball HP 0753: Pee Wee Reese2007/07/31
  295. Baseball HP 0752: Cal Ripken, Jr.2007/07/28
  296. Baseball HP 0751: Tony Gwynn2007/07/25
  297. Baseball HP Exh 07012007/07/23
  298. Baseball HP 0750: Steve Garvey2007/07/21
  299. Baseball HP 0749: Jim Gilliam2007/07/18
  300. Baseball HP 0748: Bob Gibson2007/07/14
  301. Baseball HP 0747: Ron Guidry2007/07/11
  302. Baseball HP 0746: Vida Blue2007/07/07
  303. Baseball HP 0745: Boog Powell2007/07/04
  304. Baseball HP 0744: Clyde Wright2007/07/01
  305. Baseball HP 0743: Fred Clarke2007/06/26
  306. Baseball HP 0742: Harmon Killebrew2007/06/23
  307. Baseball HP 07412007/06/20
  308. Baseball HP 07402007/06/17
  309. Baseball HP 0739: Denny McLain2007/06/13
  310. Baseball HP 0738: Johnny Vander Meer2007/06/09
  311. Baseball HP 0737: Rick Monday2007/06/05
  312. Baseball HP 0736: Walter Alston2007/06/02
  313. Baseball HP 0735: Charles Radbourn2007/05/29
  314. Baseball HP 0734: Buck O’Neil2007/05/26
  315. Baseball HP 0733: Harvey Haddix2007/05/23
  316. Baseball HP 0732: Andre Dawson2007/05/19
  317. Baseball HP 0731: Frank Howard2007/05/16
  318. Baseball HP 0730: Mickey Mantle2007/05/13
  319. Baseball HP 0729: Ducky Medwick2007/05/08
  320. Baseball HP 0728: Cap Anson2007/05/06
  321. Baseball HP 0727: Bill Madlock2007/05/02
  322. Baseball HP 0726: Moses Fleetwood Walker2007/04/28
  323. Baseball HP 0725: Gaylord Perry2007/04/24
  324. Baseball HP 0724: Nellie Fox2007/04/21
  325. Baseball HP 0723: Miller Huggins2007/04/17
  326. Baseball HP 0722: Mike Schmidt2007/04/14
  327. Baseball HP 0721: Eddie Cicotte2007/04/10
  328. Baseball HP 0720: Billy Williams2007/04/07
  329. Baseball HP 0719: Don Drysdale2007/04/04
  330. Baseball HP 0718: Babe Herman2007/03/31
  331. Baseball HP 0717: Rickey Henderson2007/03/28
  332. Baseball HP 0716: Luis Aparicio2007/03/25
  333. Baseball HP 0715: Leo Durocher2007/03/20
  334. Baseball HP 0714: Judy Johnson2007/03/17
  335. Baseball HP 0713: Juan Marichal2007/03/14
  336. Baseball HP 0712: Chuck Klein2007/03/11
  337. Baseball HP 07112007/03/06
  338. Baseball HP 0710: Bill Mazeroski2007/03/03
  339. Baseball HP 0709: Herb Pennock2007/02/24
  340. Baseball HP 07082007/02/18
  341. Baseball HP 0707: Sam Rice2007/02/10
  342. Baseball HP 0706: Hack Wilson2007/02/04
  343. Baseball HP 0705: Albert Spalding2007/01/27
  344. Baseball HP 0704: Lefty Gomez2007/01/20
  345. Baseball HP 0703: Nap Lajoie2007/01/13
  346. Baseball HP 0702: Ozzie Smith2007/01/06
  347. Baseball HP 0701: Josh Gibson2007/01/03
  348. Baseball HP 0677: Eddie Mathews2006/12/30
  349. Baseball HP 0676: Curt Flood2006/12/23
  350. BHP Exh00082006/12/17
  351. Baseball HP 0675: PK Wrigley2006/12/17
  352. Baseball HP 0674: Arky Vaughan2006/12/09
  353. Baseball HP 0673: Rollie Fingers2006/12/03
  354. BHP Exh00072006/11/25
  355. Baseball HP 0672: Lou Boudreau2006/11/25
  356. Baseball HP 0671: Kenesaw Mountain Landis2006/11/19
  357. BHP Exh00062006/11/17
  358. Baseball HP 0670: John McGraw2006/11/11
  359. Baseball HP 0669: Ban Johnson2006/11/05
  360. Baseball HP 0668: Sandy Koufax2006/10/28
  361. Baseball HP 0667: Bill Buckner2006/10/25
  362. Baseball HP 0666: Chief Bender2006/10/22
  363. Baseball HP 0665: Reggie Jackson2006/10/18
  364. Baseball HP 0664: Gil Hodges2006/10/15
  365. Baseball HP 0663: Bob Lemon2006/10/11
  366. Baseball HP 0662: Steve Carlton2006/10/08
  367. Baseball HP 0661: George Sisler2006/10/04
  368. Baseball HP 0660: Addie Joss2006/10/01
  369. Baseball HP 0659: Pete Incaviglia2006/09/27
  370. Baseball HP 0658: Tommy John2006/09/24
  371. Baseball HP 0657: Grover Cleveland Alexander2006/09/20
  372. Baseball HP 0656: Carl Yastrzemski2006/09/16
  373. Baseball HP 0655: Ralph Kiner2006/09/13
  374. Baseball HP 0654: Eddie Plank2006/09/10
  375. Baseball HP 0653: Felipe Alou2006/09/06
  376. Baseball HP 0652: Warren Spahn2006/09/03
  377. Baseball HP 0651: Lefty Grove2006/08/30
  378. Baseball HP 0650: Jackie Robinson2006/08/27
  379. Baseball HP 0649: Ted Williams2006/08/23
  380. Baseball HP 0648: Ernie Banks2006/08/19
  381. Baseball HP 0647: Rube Waddell2006/08/16
  382. BHP Exh00032006/08/13
  383. Baseball HP 0646: Bobby Bonds2006/08/13
  384. Baseball HP 0645: Pete Rose2006/08/09
  385. Baseball HP 0644: Henry Aaron2006/08/05
  386. Baseball HP 0643: Thurman Munson2006/08/01
  387. Baseball HP 0642: Mel Ott2006/07/29
  388. Baseball HP 0641: Brooks Robinson2006/07/26
  389. Baseball HP 0640: Hoyt Wilhelm2006/07/23
  390. Baseball HP 0639: Bob Feller2006/07/19
  391. Baseball HP 0638: Rod Carew2006/07/15
  392. Baseball HP 0637: Johnny Bench2006/07/12
  393. BHP Exh00022006/07/11
  394. Baseball HP 0636: Paul Waner2006/07/08
  395. Baseball HP 0635: Satchel Paige2006/07/04
  396. Baseball HP 0634: Lou Gehrig2006/07/02
  397. Baseball HP 0633: Joe DiMaggio2006/06/27
  398. Baseball HP 0632: Willie McCovey2006/06/24
  399. BHP Exh00012006/06/21
  400. Baseball HP 0631: Ray Chapman2006/06/21
  401. Baseball HP 0630: David Clyde2006/06/18
  402. Baseball HP 0629: Lou Brock2006/06/14
  403. Baseball HP 0628: Cooperstown2006/06/11
  404. Baseball HP 0627: Roy Campanella2006/06/07
  405. Baseball HP 0626: Casey Stengel2006/06/04
  406. Baseball HP 0025: Nolan Ryan2006/05/31
  407. Baseball HP 0624: Willie Mays2006/05/28
  408. Baseball HP 0623: Christy Mathewson2006/05/24
  409. Baseball HP 0622: Willie Stargell2006/05/21
  410. Baseball HP 0621: Tris Speaker2006/05/17
  411. Baseball HP 0620: Ty Cobb2006/05/13
  412. Baseball HP 0619: George Brett2006/05/09
  413. Baseball HP 0618: Ernie Lombardi2006/05/07
  414. Baseball HP 0617: Cy Young2006/05/03
  415. Baseball HP 0616: Dizzy Dean2006/04/30
  416. Baseball HP 0615: Connie Mack2006/04/26
  417. Baseball HP 0614: Jack Chesbro2006/04/22
  418. Baseball HP 0613: Don Larsen2006/04/19
  419. Baseball HP 0612: Carl Erskine2006/04/16
  420. Baseball HP 0611: Walter Johnson2006/04/12
  421. Baseball HP 0610: Fernando Valenzuela2006/04/08
  422. Baseball HP 0609: Roberto Clemente2006/04/05
  423. Baseball HP 0608: Tom Seaver2006/04/01
  424. Baseball HP 0607: Mel Stottlemyre2006/03/29
  425. Baseball HP 0606: Hank Greenberg2006/03/27
  426. Baseball HP 0605: Derek Parks/Kirby Puckett2006/03/25
  427. Baseball HP 0604: Kirby Puckett2006/03/20
  428. Baseball HP 0603: Kirk Gibson2006/03/15
  429. Baseball HP 0602: Tony Conigliaro2006/03/11
  430. Baseball HP 0601: Stan Musial2006/03/06
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