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  1. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 2010/02/09
  2. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 782010/02/06
    please visit www.off-topicradio.com for more details.
  3. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 772010/02/02
  4. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 762010/01/30
    Off-Topic's Sports Show
  5. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 752010/01/26
  6. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 732010/01/19
  7. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 722010/01/16
    Off-Topic's Sports Show
  8. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 712010/01/12
  9. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 702010/01/09
    We will have, in studio, "DC Traffic"! They are a local up-and-coming band who just released their first album on cdbaby.com. They will be jammin' live on the air and hanging out with for the show.
  10. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 692010/01/07
  11. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 682010/01/05
  12. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 672010/01/02
    New Years Day... what could possibly go wrong?
  13. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 662009/12/31
    Happy New Year everyone!
  14. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 652009/12/29
    Ahh... our after Christmas show. With our bellies full, our family gone, and all that paper picked up, we breath a sigh of relief and bring you a new show! Tune in you just never know what might happen.
  15. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 642009/12/24
  16. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 632009/12/22
  17. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 622009/12/19
    Might be just Tom tonight...
  18. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 612009/12/17
    Special guest Buzz Burbank will be joining us this Wednesday to talk about the return of The Mike O'Meara Show,
  19. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 602009/12/15
    60th episode! WOOHOO!
  20. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 592009/12/10
    Dave's Dump, Headlines.
  21. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 582009/12/08
    MIT Wins $40,000, Google launches real-time searches,Donated jug holds marijuana, upcoming movies, and more
  22. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 572009/12/04
    BYOB FRIDAY!!!! Come hang out with us and have a great time! We will be doing another Mike O'Meara inspired BYOB show with Gary Cantrell of "The Shoot". it will be show as usual, we hope, but with drinking.
  23. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 562009/12/03
  24. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 552009/12/01
    Coming off a long weekend I'm sure we will have a lot to talk about. Headlines, sports wrap-up, movie reviews, our thanksgiving stories and whatevert the hell we want to talk about.
  25. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 532009/11/26
    Info (Show/Hide)
  26. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 522009/11/24
  27. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 512009/11/20
  28. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 502009/11/19
  29. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 492009/11/17
  30. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 472009/11/12
    Of course we'll talk about the launch party, and our impressions of the game thus far. It's also open line Wednesday so we'll take your calls and I'm sure there is some stupidity in the world we'll talk about.
  31. Best of Nov. 9, 20092009/11/11
    Sorry for the late post but the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch took a lot of our time. Please enjoy a couple of our older segments.
  32. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 452009/11/06
    Gay marriages losing ground, "Fat Defense" loses, "The Fourth Kind" of fake?, Military Hails 2 heros at Ft. Hood, Technologies that will change your life, plus movie previews and NFL rundown.
  33. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 442009/11/05
    BIG ANNOUNCMENT!! PETA headlines, Dave's Dump and don't forget it's open line Wedensday!
  34. Off-Topic Radio Presents Girl Scout Troop 1742009/11/03
    Girl Scout Troop 174 from Manassas, Virginia joins us to teach us about Girl Scouts.
  35. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 432009/11/03
    Louisville Slugger lawsuit, Modern Warfare 2 preview, V tv series, OMG PETA is at it again, Sports scores, and Valorween review.
  36. The Best of Off-Topic Radio2009/10/30
    Due to blogtalkradio's file limits we are sorry to say that this show will only be about an hour and a half and not the full 3 hours we would like to bring you. But enjoy nonetheless.
  37. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 412009/10/28
    Branden and Tom had to carry the show by themselves, Dave Scot and DIB where all unable to make it. Check out how they did.
  38. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 402009/10/26
    Justin from "On The Fringe" will be joining us to talk about their show and what they do.
  39. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 392009/10/23
    Gary Cantrell from "The Shoot" will be joining us since Dave and Scott are off today. Branden will Have your "Boarderlands" review and of course we will have a few stories to talk about.
  40. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 382009/10/21
  41. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 372009/10/19
    A review of the weekends sports and headlines.
  42. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 362009/10/18
    Big announcement! We will go over a big change to Off-Topic Radio. plus you'll get all our regular content.
  43. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 352009/10/11
    Can Man see the future? How did your favorite team do this week? What makes Dave angry? And other questions will be answered or atleast talked about This week on Off-Topic Radio.
  44. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 342009/10/04
    We will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  45. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 332009/09/27
    We will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  46. Off-Topic Radio BYOB Show2009/09/27
    Info (Show/Hide)
  47. Off-Topic Radio Ep 322009/09/20
    We will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  48. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 312009/09/13
    We will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  49. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 302009/09/06

    This weeks show will be live from Pocahontas State Park where we will be participating in the LARP know as NERO. Of course we will be covering the headlines and all your favorite segments we're just going to pull back the curtain alittle about LARPing
  50. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 292009/08/30
    We will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  51. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 282009/08/23
    There are still prizes left and we will try something new to give them away so be sure to tune in. A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT WILL BE MADE!! And maybe a guest to go along with that announcement so be sure to tune in. We will also cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting as usual.
  52. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 272009/08/16
    Tune in for our first on air game to give away prizes. We will cover the week's headlines, Mike Vick signing, the first NFL preseason games, of course Dave's Dump and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  53. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 262009/08/09
    Info (Show/Hide)
  54. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 252009/08/02
    Info (Show/Hide)
  55. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 242009/07/26
    We will cover the week's headlines, a review of the first week of 106.7 the FAN (formerly 106.7 WJFK in DC) and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  56. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 232009/07/19
    This week all the crew should be back and we'll have a interview with the Main Street Mafia following the MvP movie premier, "Dave's Dump" will be making a come-back and we will cover the week's headlines and whatever else we feel is interesting.
  57. Off-Topic Radio Ep. 222009/07/12
    This week we will be without Dave. He is on vacation and hiding from the world, but I think we can push on and bring you an entertaining show. We'll have the latest headlines and whatever else we want to discuss.
  58. A live pre-recorded episode2009/07/10
    We will be airing one of our podcasts. The episode we will be airing has yet to be chosen so if you have a favorite please comment on our facebook page and place your vote!
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