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Open Door Baptist Church - ODBC

  1. BONES - Audio2012/05/18
    God expects us to honor our promises and commitments, even if we do not remember them. God may choose to withhold blessings because of broken promises, even those made by previous generations.
  2. Wealth In Our Church - Audio2012/05/18
    A church has many ministries. Without people who's gift is in earning and giving, a church may be unable to support the ministries they are called to do.
  3. God Makes Elections According To Foreknowledge - Audio2012/05/17
    God's elections are made even before birth according to foreknowledge of a persons choices. God knows the outcome and prepares blessings for those who will choose sacred over those who will choose profane.
  4. Why Am I So Strange? - Audio2012/03/04
    Ever feel like you are "different", and cannot find your purpose in life? You are like you are for a reason. This message will help and encourage you.
  5. The "How To" Series 4 - How To Forgive And Not Become Bitter - Audio2012/02/19
    Let it go and live a wonderful life! This message is on how to move and not become a victim. A great life is waiting for you if you will quit hurting yourself.
  6. Run That You May Optain - Audio2012/02/16
    Paul was focused and not just wasting time and efforts. Live for something that matters and be effective in doing so!
  7. The Lord Leading Us Into The Promised land - Audio2012/02/12
    Many people never enter into the promised land - which is God's life of blessing. The message shows you how to go in.
  8. A Bright Future - The Lord Can Take Care Of You - Audio2012/02/05
    The Lord can take care of you in a crazy world so we need not worry or fret!
  9. The Power Of Humility - Audio2012/02/02
    There are 7 blessings promised to those that are humble. There are also 2 different paths to humility, and the difference is dramatic!
  10. A Bright Future - The Blessings Of Being Older And Wiser! - Audio2012/01/29
    Today the glory is in youth, but in the Bible having aged in a godly life is a glorious crown!
  11. A Bright Future - You Have To Reap What You Sow - Audio2012/01/22
    We are planting crops for the future. The reason we can be optimistic is that we choose how blessed we are in the future. The Lord is an amazing record keeper!
  12. Locked In By The Love Of Christ - Audio2012/01/22
    Christ's love takes us captive, and we love it. We need to be locked in, and there are special blessings from the Lord including a special relationship with Him if we are dwelling there.
  13. A Bright Future - Never Alone - Audio2012/01/15
    We Christians can always know the peace that no matter what life serves us the Lord will never leave us or forsake us.
  14. When The Lord Flown Into You - Audio2012/01/15
    A powerful message about greatness in the Christian life does not come from us but from the Lord automatically bringing HIS life into us.
  15. God Forbid That We Would Not Pray - Audio2012/01/08
    This message not only shows us how vital it is that we pray, but it teaches us exactly how to have a successful prayer life.
  16. A Bright Future 4 - Our Sins Are 100% Gone - Audio2012/01/01
    The Lord has complete forgiveness for Christians and we have a bright future in Heaven!
  17. Complete In Him - Audio2012/01/01
    Christ is all we need, and we are complete in Him. This was our vision night service for 2012.
  18. With All My Heart - Audio2011/12/29
    We need to serve the Lord with complete abandon. No halfway in with Jesus.
  19. Why God Became Man - Audio2011/12/25
    A Christmas message about why God became man. 6 people trusted Christ as Savior after hearing this message - Praise the Lord! You will truly learn how much the Lord understands and cares for you!
  20. A Bright Future 3 - A New Body - Audio2011/12/18
    All saved people are going to receive a new body in Heaven, and here are some details.
  21. Our Understanding Saviour - Audio2011/12/18
    The Lord is not a distant disconnected God, but understands our lives and can help.
  22. Taking Up The Cross - Audio2011/12/18
    Jesus taught us that the cross symbolized much more than death, but a way to live!
  23. To Keep Us From Boasting - Audio2011/12/15
    Many things from Salvation by grace, to our having failure, may be there to keep us from boasting.
  24. A Bright Future 2 - If God Be For Us - Audio2011/12/11
    The Lord is for us and wants to bless us if we are serving Him. He is omnipotent and sovereign so we can rest in peace.
  25. Jesus Prayed For Us - Audio2011/12/11
    Jesus took the time to pray for His followers and taught us to pray for others.
  26. A Bright Future - Sorrow Passes - Audio2011/12/04
    Have an eternal perspective on suffering. This powerful comforting message had a great impact on many people!
  27. Hope? Are You Kidding? - Audio2011/12/04
    From Lamentations 3 we see that on the worst day of his life, Jeremiah saw light and hope while still having a broken heart.
  28. How The Lord Draws Us - Audio2011/12/04
    Nobody can come to the Lord unless the Lord draws them - even though we have a free will. What He uses, many of us will see with our lives. We can use this message as hope for unsaved relatives.
  29. The Power Of Proclaiming A Fast - Audio2011/11/27
    There is great power in fasting. It can set captives free, and bring the power of God!
  30. Let God Be True - With His Word! - Audio2011/11/20
    The Bible is inspired AND preserved by the Lord - Not just in the originals. This lesson will speak to you and increase your faith in the Bible.
  31. 2 Thessalonians 1 - A Great Example In Tribulation - Audio2011/11/17
    This persecuted church continued faithfully in suffering and trouble. This lesson on the first chapter praises them for enduring and actually shows that suffering is usually a GOOD sign that the Lord is working.
  32. Why We Should Not Quit On The Lord - Audio2011/11/13
    Many Christians do not "stay faithful unto death". Here are seven specific reasons and motivations so you do not quit serving Him!
  33. Cannot The Lord Do As The Potter? - Audio2011/11/06
    Out of Jeremiah 18 the Lord shows His great power to rebuild a life if it does not become hard. He is able and we can be rebuilt!
  34. When We Number Our Days - Audio2011/11/06
    When we number our days we live better. We have better priorities, appreciation, etc...
  35. Go Apart To Pray - Audio2011/10/30
    This message shows the need to follow the Bible pattern of getting alone in a private place to pray
  36. Why Faithfulness Is So Exalted In The Bible - Audio2011/10/30
    The Bible shows that faithfulness is a godly trait that the Lord blesses in unusual ways.
  37. Some Old Fashion Clarity On The Will Of God - Audio2011/10/23
    This is an "old fashion" message boldly showing that we do have clarity on how to live.
  38. Truly Repent - Audio2011/10/23
    Do you know what "true repentance" is? The Lord has great mercy and a blessing for those who "truly repent"
  39. It Is In Truth The Word Of God - Audio2011/10/16
    The Bible is the complete preserved Word of God. The Lord wrote it and kept it for us - for this life and the next!
  40. Being A Spiritual Parent - Audio2011/10/13
    Learn to know what it is to be a spiritual parent and the joy it will bring you.
  41. A Peculiar Treasure - Audio2011/10/09
    How can you become God's peculiar treasure?
  42. Why Does The Lord Seem To Push My Buttons? - Audio2011/10/09
    Why does the Lord seem to push my buttons? Learn how some discomforts in life can lead to contentment.
  43. The Right Discipleship - Audio2011/10/06
    Let God show you the pattern to build His Church. Don't rely on Christians who cannot handle a good Bible based sermon!
  44. Knowing God Personally - Audio2011/10/02
    Do you really know the Lord, or just know about Him? Jesus prayed we would know Him and the Father. Make Him your God by taking personal possession of the Lord
  45. What Is man ??? - Audio2011/10/02
    What Is Man? that thou art mindful of him. The Lord focuses on mankind, then man focuses on man? It is not all about YOU!
  46. Things Started Right - Audio2011/09/29
    Having the right ingredients will cause the right results. Trusting in God to build a great work in the local Church.
  47. Knowing The Voice Of God - Audio2011/09/25
    Knowing when it is the voice of God and clearly when it is not the voice of God. He that hath an ear to listen!
  48. Spiritually Storm Proof - Audio2011/09/25
    Are you spiritually storm proof? Storms will come in your life. Have a firm foundation built upon the Word Of God and learn to trust in Him
  49. Walking Carefully - Audio2011/09/22
    Walking Carefully - How is your walk in the Lord? Are you walking in the Light or in darkness. Walk circumspectly as children of the Light
  50. Being A Builder - Audio2011/06/05
    A Sunday School series on building and how to be a good builder. Covers how to build a solid foundation for life, relationships, marriage, and children.
  51. Turning Curses To Blessings - Audio2011/06/05
    An interesting message talking about how Balaam tried to curse Israel and how God turned it into a blessing instead!
  52. TN Let The Lord Sort It Out In The End - Audio2010/10/28
    In this sermon, Pastor Byram speaks on the parable of the wheat and tares.
  53. SM Lessons Learned From Defeat - Audio2010/10/03
    This sermon addresses how we can learn from ours and other people's failures.
  54. SN Shall Ye Stay Here While Your Brethren Go to War? - Audio2010/10/03
    An excellent sermon challenging you to step up and "fight the good fight" instead of letting others do all the work.
  55. How not to be burned out SM - Audio2010/08/08
    This message is about escaping burnout, and how to yoke up with Jesus, and have your joy return.
  56. Obeying God with all might MENPREACHING - Audio2010/08/08
    This message was preached on men's preaching night by Pastor's oldest son. This was his third message preached so far, about serving God with all your might....
  57. SS Being Guided Forward - Audio2010/08/08
    This message is about following God, and getting guidance to move forward in life... Trusting the Lord.
  58. TN God Calls the Faithful - Audio2010/08/05
    This message is about God finding us faithful and putting us into the ministry. If we are to do anything for God we must be faithful.
  59. How to be guided into the truth of the Bible PT 2 SS - Audio2010/08/01
    This message is about God's Word the Bible and how we can understand it, and how we should trust in God for understanding, and using the right contexts... We hope this lesson will be a blessing to you.
  60. One thing at a Time SM - Audio2010/08/01
    This message is about not judging other Christians, and about not judging other by your standards, and remembering that we will all give an account to God.
  61. SN Do we really Love - Audio2010/08/01
    Listen to this message to learn about the way we love, God's love, and the world's way of loving...
  62. SM Grasping and Growing in Grace - Audio2010/07/25
    This message is about God's Grace and how we are commanded to grow in it. The Bible tells us how to... Do you know what It says?
  63. Paying your Debts SN - Audio2010/06/27
    This message is about not being in debt, and making sure you pay those that you owe. And controlling your money.
  64. How to have peace within SS - Audio2010/05/02
    In this message we learn how to relax the tension around us and in our lives, but getting peace within... learn how..
  65. Serve God and enjoy your youth SS - Audio2010/05/02
    In this message we learn about the purpose of man, that we as Christians should serve God with all we have , and that we should enjoy are youth why we have it.
  66. Life Worth Living SS - Audio2010/04/25
    This message will help you live a life worth living. This message will help you gain Knoledge and learn from others.
  67. Not giving place to the Devil SM - Audio2010/04/25
    This message is about making sure that we as Christian give no place for the wicked one to get a strong hold in are lives, living are lives pleasing to God.
  68. For Christ to live in us SN - Audio2010/04/18
    In this message we learn about what it means to have Christ live in us. That we can be Christ vessel on earth to get the work of God done.
  69. Serving God Continually SM - Audio2010/04/18
    In this message we are told about something in the Christian life we need to continue. And also a handful of things that we should stop from the old life.
  70. Giving them what they want, before giving them what they need TN - Audio2010/04/15
    The message was preached by a guest preacher, Brother walkins, it's about meeting people wants, before giving people what they really need.
  71. Save it till afterwards SM - Audio2010/04/11
    This message is about not spending what God gives us foolishly, (not money) about waiting, not being wasteful.. Not getting you reward now but storing it up in Heaven.
  72. Still and Quite TN - Audio2010/04/08
    This message is about being still and quite, and listening to the voice of God. The Still small voice of God.
  73. Great Tresures in Dark Places TN - Audio2010/04/01
    In this message we learn that many of are biggest blessing ccme out of the darkest, and most fearful place that we go for Christ sake.
  74. Proactively Overcomming SN - Audio2010/03/21
    This Message we learn how to overcome Evil with Good, we learn to do all the Bible tells us when People, hurt us or Miss use us. We hope it will help you Grow in the Christian Life.
  75. Cultivating a Crop SS - Audio2010/02/28
    This message is about cultvating the crop, growth is natural if given the righ circulstances, good ground, good green house... I Corth 3:6
  76. What is a Covenant ? - Audio2010/02/18
    This message is a begining of a new series on Covenants in the Bible, we believe these message to be a little deeper truths that will better help you understand the Bible as a Whole. We hope it will be a blessing to you.
  77. But Lord I have a better way - Audio2010/02/14
    This message was preached Sunday morning. This message is about us submitting to God will, and God way of doing things iin ourlives, we so offten want to call the shot's, but it's dosen't work that way with God.
  78. Not letting strongholds get built - Audio2010/02/14
    In this message we learn to take notice of Strongholds that are being built, and what we can expect when going to rip them down out of our land. This will be number one in series on strongholds.
  79. Holy Impatients - Audio2010/02/11
    This message is about when a Christian can be impatient with God. When we've waited and done all we could and know God has to do something Big.
  80. When the Storms Hit your House - Audio2010/02/07
    In this message pastor tells us how we can build our spiritual house "our lives" with the right materials.
  81. Lessons learned from a wondering Son - Audio2010/01/31
    In this message we learn about God heart about people being brought back to God. God loves seeing people come back to Him, he loves seeing those who have fallen away come back to Him.
  82. How Long - Audio2010/01/28
    This message is a hard message, about us and our ways. God ask us HOW LONG? intill you will get right with God.. How Long ?
  83. Lessons from David in Relationships - Audio2010/01/21
    In this message pastor shows us, what we need to have toward people, we need to be loyal, even when they are no longer.
  84. Open Doors - Audio2010/01/21
    This message is about the Open Doors that God give us, how to notice them and make sure that we go threw them.
  85. How to hit the restart button - Audio2010/01/17
    In this message we learn that we serve a mericiful God, a God that is willing to give us another chance, if ask, and repent of our Sin.
  86. Daniel Greatly Beloved - Audio2010/01/10
    In this message we learn about the wonderful place Daniel was, because of his relationship with The Lord
  87. How to have fullness of Joy - Audio2010/01/10
    This message is the second part on a small series of How to have Joy, that we as Christians need to have Joy, and rejoice in the Lord alway and again I say rejoice
  88. Influencing a life when all else fails - Audio2010/01/07
    This is part of the wisdom that helps series. This was preached by pastor Byram at are mid week service hope that it is a blessing to you.
  89. Called to the Ministry - Audio2010/01/03
    In this sermon we see that all christians are called to the ministry. It's all are jobs to reach a dying world, and be in the harvest.
  90. Finishing Well - Audio2009/12/27
    This was another moving message preached by pastor, about Finishing well, and not quiting before your truely done.
  91. Last Sundays Sunday - Audio2009/12/27
    Are you living as if Jesus where comming back tonight are you ready.. Would you be ashamed before him.. are you ready
  92. Standing in Defence of Creation - Audio2009/12/27
    In this message we are taught how we can stand up for the creation, and be able to explain away the Evolution point of view... Contending for the Faith
  93. Do I need to go to Church - Audio2008/02/01
    In this message, Pastor refutes all arguments and excuses pertaining to the importantace of the local church in a Christian's life.
Open Door Baptist Church

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