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Enlightened Journey Podcast

  1. Episode 21 Ego vs Soul Communication (+some on nutrition)2010/08/03

    This episode:
    - Nutrition, avoid the traps of becoming enclosed in a concept.
    - Ego communication, ways to recognized it
    - Soul communication, how to listen to it
  2. Episode 20. Impatient Guides2010/07/29

    I am now communicating with a new group. I call them the Impatient Ones. Their message is all about manifesting and existing NOW. No BS, just straight forward information.
    Check out their message. let me know if you have any comments or questions.
  3. Episode 19. Dealing with toxic people (or influences)2010/06/25
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  4. Episode 18. Communication-UFOs-Disasters-Gods2010/06/15
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  5. Episode 17. Bonus: How I Manifest Travel!!!2010/05/23
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  6. Episode 16. Intro to the Holographic Structure2010/05/19
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  7. Episode 15. Entering the Cycle of Light2010/05/13

    The title says it all. This is a small intro to what 2012 means and...what comes next. The end of coexistence in a pyramid structure. Humanity is now entering a Holographic civilization.
  8. Episode 14. Structures are crumbling now2010/05/07
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  9. Episode 13. Unplugged2010/05/04
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  10. Episode 12- Bonus2010/03/05

    I thought I have a small conversation with you about where I will be in the next few weeks. I also talk about the importance of traveling, life and the adventure within them.
Enlightened Journey Podcast
"We are living in extremely interesting times. Times not only of drastic global changes, but also of self evaluation. Thanks to technology, as a species, we are connected globally as one. This benefit inevitably brings about the responsibility to each one of us to look within ourselves and contribute to create not just a better world, but a better life all around us. The material here will showcase intentions and efforts towards creating a more enlightened future for all of Humankind.
A great communion has already began, this is your invitation...

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