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  1. 'The most religiously intense street in the UK' – Sounds Jewish podcast 2016/05/10
    In this episode broadcaster and oral historian Alan Dein eavesdrops on a day in the life of Oldhill Street in Hackney, a remarkable corner of London
  2. Laughter in Jewish culture - Sounds Jewish podcast 2014/12/01
    Alan Dein explores Jewish comedy through the stories of four Jews with a knack for making people laugh
  3. Sounds Jewish podcast: Jewish hair special 2014/07/08
    Alan Dein explores the world of shampoo, shaving and the sheitl, finding remarkable stories with Jewish hair at their roots.
  4. Sounds Jewish podcast: encounters 2014/03/07
    From steam baths to barmitzvah memories, Alan Dein digs out four remarkable stories on the theme of encounters
  5. Sounds Jewish podcast: Chanukah – keeping the flame burning 2013/12/03
    Four stories of Jewish life on the age-old Chanukah theme of tenacity and persistence against the odds: from the Austrian-Jewish refugee who maintained a lifelong love of two sets of parents to the music enthusiast reviving the Latin flame that once burned in Jewish hearts
  6. Sounds Jewish podcast: in the beginning 2013/10/04
    Four stories of Jewish life on the theme of beginnings, from the Hasidic woman breaking away to start a new life to the discovery of a dark family secret, from the start of a teenage night out at Edgware station to the tasting of the forbidden … a pork wonton
  7. Sounds Jewish podcast: the Jewish revival in Poland 2013/06/05
    Writer Denise Grollmus goes on a personal journey of Jewish discovery in Poland, the country where 3 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the second world war
  8. Sounds Jewish podcast: Jewish Book Week special 2013/03/01
    A B Yehoshua, Judith Butler and Sam Leith join Hephzibah Anderson at Kings Place to mark Jewish Book Week 2013
  9. Sounds Jewish podcast: Israeli elections aftermath and the Gerald Scarfe cartoon 2013/02/11
    Naomi Alderman, Yossi Mekelberg and Alexander Bodin Saphir join Jason Solomons to discuss the Israeli elections, the Oscars and the Gerald Scarfe cartoon in the Sunday Times
  10. Sounds Jewish podcast: why it's been a good year 2012/12/21
    Robert Popper, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Jacob Steinberg join Jason Solomons to discuss why Jewish culture was on-trend this year … and why Jews love Christmas lunch
  11. Sounds Jewish podcast: the Israel-Gaza conflict 2012/11/29
    Ian Black and Mark Gardner join Jason Solomons to discuss the eight days of conflict between Israel and Hamas in and around Gaza
  12. A new generation of Auschwitz tattoos – Sounds Jewish podcast 2012/10/16
    Naomi Gryn joins Jason Solomons to discuss the descendants of Holocaust survivors who are tattooing their grandparents' Auschwitz numbers on their own arms. Plus Mark Gettleson on the importance of the Jewish vote in the US presidential election
  13. Sounds Jewish podcast: theatre director Julia Pascal 2012/07/06
    Joining Jason Solomons this month is theatre director and playwright Julia Pascal
  14. Rafael Behr on ideas of Jewish identity in the UK 2012/06/01
    Rafael Behr, the political editor of the New Statesman, talks to Jason about the magazine's special edition on British Jewish identity; Laura Marks of the Board of Deputies of British Jews addresses sexism in the Jewish community and Francesca Segal discusses her debut novel, The Innocents, set in north-west London
  15. Sounds Jewish podcast: memories of London's East End 2012/04/03
    From Petticoat Lane legend Mike Stern to 'bagel poet' Ben Mandelson, we pay tribute to the Jewish East End of London – recalling a lost community whose influence lives on, through its food, its personalities and its spirit
  16. Sounds Jewish podcast: Jewish Book Week special 2012/02/24
    Joining Jonathan Freedland in a Jewish Book Week special are guests Shalom Auslander, Etgar Keret, Meg Rosoff and David Schneider
  17. Sounds Jewish podcast: February 2012 2012/02/03
    A discussion about the growing row dividing Britain's Jews over how to relate to British Muslims; an exclusive interview with former war photographer Judah Passow, who's been documenting the faces of Anglo-Jewry; and an interview with Brooklyn-based indie band Girls in Trouble, who combine folk, underground rock – and stories from the Old Testament
  18. Sounds Jewish podcast: Hanukah and end of year review 2011 2011/12/20
    In this special end-of-year edition of the show, we'll be reviewing the Jewish highs and lows of 2011 and celebrating Hanukah with sugar-laced, deep-fried doughnuts and live music in the studio from Erran Baron Cohen and Jules Brookes. With guests Jonathan Freedland and Rachel Lasserson
  19. Sounds Jewish podcast: Israel's tent protesters 2011/11/25
    This month we look at the burning issues that fired up the tent protesters in Israel; allegations of misogyny amongst the ultra-orthodox; and political cartoons that have provoked a deluge of hate mail
  20. Sounds Jewish podcast: Jewish new year 2011/09/27
    We take a journey of sound, music and speech to mark the 10 Days of Penitence, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur
  21. Sounds Jewish podcast: Food special 2011/07/15
    Jason is joined by doyenne of Jewish food Claudia Roden and leading food critic Giles Coren in this culinary special
  22. Sounds Jewish podcast: June 2011 2011/06/01
    Jason discusses antisemitism in football with David Baddiel and Gerald Jacobs, and Jesse Eisenberg chats about his new film
  23. Sounds Jewish: Passover special, April 2011 - podcast 2011/04/18
    Comedian David Schneider is joined by Maureen Lipman, Amy Rosenthal and Rabbi Jeremy Gordon as they gather for an evening of theatre based on the seder's central theme: freedom
  24. Sounds Jewish: Jewish Book Week – podcast 2011/03/03
    In a Jewish Book Week special Jason Solomons meets Maureen Lipman and Anne Frank's last living relative
  25. Sounds Jewish: February 2011 2011/02/15
    Joining Jason Solomons are Hagai Segal, Middle East politics lecturer at New York University London, and playwright Ryan Craig, to discuss regional turmoil and Israel on stage and screen
  26. Sounds Jewish: December 2010 2010/12/15
    Jason Solomons is joined by Jonathan Freedland as he reviews the Jewish highs and lows of 2010
  27. Sounds Jewish: October 2010 2010/10/25
    This month, Jason is joined by Birds of a Feather writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran
  28. Sounds Jewish: September 2010 2010/09/08
    In a bumper New Year edition of Sounds Jewish, Booker-shortlisted author Howard Jacobson reads from his latest novel, The Finkler Question
  29. Sounds Jewish: July 2010 2010/07/16
    Is the pope wading into troubled waters in his relations with Jews? Plus, an important anniversary for female rabbis. Jason is joined in the studio by Peter Stanford and Miriam Berger
  30. Sounds Jewish: May 2010 2010/05/13
    Free speech on campus, the meaning of Yiddish word broigus and a comic turn from motormouth yentas Ronna and Beverly
  31. Sounds Jewish: April 2010 2010/04/09
    In this month's podcast, Jason Solomons is joined in studio by comedian and novelist David Baddiel and Sarfraz Manzoor
  32. Sounds Jewish: Jewish Book Week special 2010/03/03
    Join Jason Solomons in London for Jewish Book Week: with literary stars Kathy Lette, Will Self and Jonathan Safran Foer
  33. Sounds Jewish: Valentine's Day special 2010/02/12
    Jason Solomons visits the new Jewish Museum of London and talks Jewish dating with Miriam Shaviv and Tim Samuels
  34. Jason Solomons talks Hanukah and boxing with David Schneider | Sounds Jewish: Hanukah 2009 2009/12/08
    Jason Solomons talks Hanukah and boxing with comedian David Schneider and singer-songwriter Sean Altman
  35. Jason Solomons speaks to the Coen brothers | Sounds Jewish: Film special 2009/11/11
    A special edition for UK Jewish Film Festival. The Coen brothers, Inglourious Basterds and more
  36. Sounds Jewish | October 2009 2009/10/20
    The Tories' troublesome partnership with rightwing parties in Eastern Europe. Plus, do British Jews and Muslims have more in common than they think? And beatboxing with Chasidic hip-hop reggae star Matisyahu
  37. Sounds Jewish: September 2009 2009/09/17
    Bernard Madoff and his Jewish victims, the power of atonement and: is Leonard Cohen the most Jewish musician in the world? Jason Solomons with your monthly show
  38. Sounds Jewish: The Jewish queens of Bollywood 2009/07/20
    Do Jewish schools discriminate? Plus Marilyn Monroe and a report on the Jewish queens of Bollywood
  39. Sounds Jewish podcast: Politics, parenting, and misusing Yiddish 2009/06/24
    Are British Jews ending their love affair with Labour? Plus, are Jewish parents too overprotective? And why Alan Sugar's made Yiddish sexy
  40. Sounds Jewish podcast: Eurovision hopes 2009/05/06
    A hard-hitting response to Caryl Churchill, the US 'pro-peace' lobby and a Jewish-Arab double act dreaming of Eurovision glory
  41. Sounds Jewish: Heavy metal Jews 2009/04/06
    In Sounds Jewish for April 2009, the second coming of Bibi Netanyahu, how Jews shaped heavy metal and five ways to survive passover with agony aunt Irma Kurtz
  42. Sounds Jewish: A special edition marking Jewish Book Week, presented by Jason Solomons 2009/03/03
    A special edition marking Jewish Book Week, presented by Jason Solomons
  43. Sounds Jewish podcast: A look at the impact of the conflict in Gaza 2009/02/02
    This month, Sounds Jewish teams up with the Islamophonic podcast to look at the impact the conflict in Gaza has had on British Jews and Muslims
  44. Sounds Jewish: December 2008 2008/12/07
    Is Fagin too antisemitic for the London stage, Obama's Jewish allies and – what's the Yiddish for condom? Presented by Jason Solomons and comedian David Schneider
  45. Sounds Jewish podcast: November 2008 2008/11/12
    Jason Solomons talks to Borat director and Seinfeld co-writer Larry Charles, and the Jewish Film Festival artistic director Gali Gold
  46. Sounds Jewish podcast: A love letter to Art Garfunkel 2008/10/06
    Jason Solomons asks if the net has made antisemitism worse, plus Sarah Silverman urges Jewish grandmothers to swing the Florida vote for Obama
  47. Sounds Jewish: September 2008 2008/09/08
    Is Israel about to have a woman PM? Is the Holocaust a suitable subject for a film aimed at children? Plus Joan Rivers on her autobiographical show
  48. Sounds Jewish podcast: Can Jews camp? 2008/07/07
    Jason Solomons is joined by Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner and Ivor Baddiel to tackle the big questions: Is God a woman – and can Jews camp?
  49. Sounds Jewish: The Apprentice and kvetch choir 2008/06/01
    Jason Solomons is joined by Tanya Gold and James Max for this month's discussion of The Apprentice and the first ever kvetch choir
  50. Sounds Jewish podcast: Musician Idan Raichel, plus 60 years of Israel 2008/05/06
    Jason Solomons presents the latest edition of our podcast for the Jewish community, looking at the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel
  51. Sounds Jewish podcast: Is it okay to shout support for the 'Yid army'? 2008/03/31
    Jason Solomons is joined by Daniel Finkelstein and Jay Rayner for the latest edition of our podcast for the Jewish community
  52. Sounds Jewish podcast: Amy Winehouse, frumkas and the life of a Muslim Darfuri - in Israel 2008/03/03
    What do Jewish mothers make of Amy Winehouse?
  53. Sounds Jewish podcast: AJ Jacobs on his year of living biblically 2008/02/04
    Jason Solomons hears how the Jewish vote will affect the US elections; and the beauty of silent films (in Yiddish)
  54. Sounds Jewish podcast: First edition of our Jewish talk show 2007/12/14
    The monthly Jewish talk show with Jason Solomons
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