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  1. Perception of Aging2010/12/04
    Join us with Lori La Bey, self proclaimed advocate on steroids for Alzheimer’s Disease. Lori is a speaker, trainer and the author of Hybrid CAREgivers, Your Memory Chip, Freeze Framing, and Dignity vs Ego, Opening up to and listening to your higher power.
  2. Paranormal, Fantasy and Mainstream Romance.2010/11/20
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  3. Psychic Readings On the Air with Deborah2010/11/06
    Call in and ask a question. Live mini readings with Deborah Simpson. Book your next reading, schedule a party or request an energy healing session at www.deborahsimpson.org
  4. Romance and More Romance2010/10/30
    Romance and More Romance – Join us with romance author, Sandy Sullivan, the author of “Cowboy Love,” “Wild Wyoming Nights,” “Wild Nevada Ride,” and many more. Listen right along as Sandy takes us behind the scenes into the background of such a steamy talent.
  5. Effigy2010/10/23
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  6. Free Sound Healings on the Air with Mary Electra2010/10/16
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  7. Life Changing Happening Sparks New Career2010/09/25
    Join us with Wendi Bird Barnhart, who after a near death experience, wrote and had published five books in less than five years. Wendi is the author of “Until Now,” “Cognitive Conclusions,” “Just When You Thought it was Safe to Read Poetry,” “You Know I Do It Write,” and “Giving the World the Bird.”
  8. Paranormal Activity, Ghosts & Demons2010/09/18
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  9. Time To Be Alive2010/08/28
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  10. A Cure for Alzheimer’s2010/08/20
    Fran Lewis is the author of several books including, "Memories are Precious." Join us as we speak with Fran about the deadly disease of Alzheimer's. We will also be talking to Fran about her writing endeavors and her published work.

    Additionally, Fran is a top reviewer for indie authors. Find out who are the best of today's indie authors.
  11. Tips for the Beginning Author2010/08/07
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  12. You Ask, She Answers2010/08/07
    Intuitive Consultant, Anna Toyna joins us on D's Roundtable for an hour of "you ask, she answers." No question goes unanswered. Anna's website is at http://www.in2itiveedge.com/
  13. Ghosts, Reincarnation, Past-Life Regression2010/07/17
    Certified Teacher and Author of "Colonizing Atlantis, the New Earth" and "Visions of Devonshire," Carolyn Devonshire shares with us her paranormal experiences, including ghosts, reincarnation and past-life regression. She also takes into the world of her literary masterpieces.
  14. A Tour of the Haunted Dental Clinic2010/07/01
    Mystery Writer, Sunny Frazier is no stranger to real life hauntings. Join us as he takes us through the travels of his eerie experiences working in Puerto Rico at a haunted military dental clinic.

    Sunny is the author of "Fools Rush In" and "Where Angels Fear."
  15. Journey through Mari's literary supernatural world2010/06/19
    An interview you don't want to miss ~ an exclusive journey through Mari's literary supernatural world.

    From the "Deep South" to Southern California, author Mari Sloan spins her tales of the supernatural and cosmic semi-possible. Her published novel, "Beaufort Falls" runs the gamut of human emotion, having readers laugh and cry, all in the same chapter.
  16. Astrology2010/06/05
    Join us with Susan Zuber-Chall. She is a professional astrologer and has been for more than 30 years. She does natal or birth charts, electional, horary and mundane astrology.
  17. Reality in Fantasy2010/05/29
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  18. Sex Sinners and Hippies2010/05/15
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  19. True Ghost Stories2010/05/08
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  20. Paranormal Author, Martha Jette2010/05/01
    Join us as Martha Jette talks about her own experiences with ghosts and the paranormal as well as the experiences of others that she has written about. Martha is a paranormal author of 7 books and will be delving into her work as a writer as well.
  21. Dreams in Prison Reform2010/04/24
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  22. Engineering by Day; Paranormal Writer by Night2010/04/17
    An engineering professional by day, Steven Nedelton's real passion flairs up at night when he enters the world he loves, writing. He has been writing since his early teens and published his first novel, Crossroads, in 2009. His interest in writing and in the paranormal converge when pen hits paper. Join us for an intriguing interview.
  23. Ellen George - Writer and Metaphysical Scholar2010/04/10
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  24. Tarot: Key to Understanding the Occult2010/03/20
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  25. Nex Gen Pulp Fiction - A Look Inside2010/03/13
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  26. Science for the Public Outreach2010/03/10
    Meet Mary Nickum, a retired librarian, editor and freelance writer. Mary's primary focus is on science for the public. She has chosen to extend her science for the public outreach to children. She is a published author of the following books: "Mom's Story, a child learns about MS," "Multiple Sclerosis" and "Science for the Public."
  27. The Belle Palmer Mystery Series2010/03/07
    Join us for an exclusive interview with Lou Allin, the author of the Belle Palmer Mystery Series and English Professor as she takes us into her creative world and shares her passion for islands, dogs and history.
  28. A Tour Behind the Scenes2010/03/03
    Join us with Randy Young, a brilliant writer, illustrator and publisher as he takes us for a ride behind the scenes of the nitty gritty of literary world.
  29. Near Death Experience2010/02/27
    Join us with Wendi Bird Barnhart as she takes on a voyage through her real life near death experience. Wendi is a published poet and will also be guiding us through the odyssey of her writing adventures. Her published books are, "Until Now," "Cognitive Conclusions," "Just When You Thought it was Safe to Read Poetry," and "You Know I do It Write."
  30. Morgan Lawrence, Forensic Psychologist2010/02/24
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  31. Author, Joe Perrone, Jr.2010/02/10
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  32. Join us with Don Drake2010/02/06
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  33. Breaking My Silence2010/01/27
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  34. The Skinny on Editing2010/01/24
    Join Deborah and Fran as they discuss the importance of editing, rewrites, using the dictionary and thesaurus and other hot tips.
D's Roundtable
Tune in with Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson - Internationally Acclaimed Author, Ordained Minister & Spiritualist for straight up talk about life, faith, clairvoyance and current events. Rev. Dr. Deborah Simpson believes in the principles of faith and God as well as all that embodies spiritual mysticism. She has the ability to inspire while drawing you into introspective journeys of discovery. Her inspirational influences have awarded her the foresight that she “will be heralded as one of the preeminent, inspiriting influences of the 21st Century.”
For more information about Dr. Simpson's ministry, please visit www.deborahsimpson.org.

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