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  1. Episode #224 - The Return to Greatness! The Boys are Back in Town!2017/08/07
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  2. UJR #223 Making American Friggin' Awesome with Presidential Candidate Joe Exotic2016/10/23
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  3. UJR Episode #222 A Swamp Girl named Savannah2016/07/11
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  4. UJR Episode #221: Devon Massyn, Uncaged2016/06/25
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  5. UJR Episode #220: Our Fave Dav and Making Waves2016/06/20
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  6. UJR Episode #219 - Ray Morgan: Interviewing the Venom Interviewer2016/06/05
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  7. UJR Episode #218 - Jackie Bibby Hacking away at Rattlesnake Deaths2016/05/23
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  8. UJR Presents: Episode #217 with Joe Ball2016/05/15
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  9. Espisode #216 UrbanJunglesRises to deliver the Mother of Shows!2016/05/08
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  10. UJR Presents: A Holiday Awakening with Child Book Author Elaine Powers2015/12/19
    Join us as we welcome in the Holiday season and introduce you to a spectacular children's book Author Elaine Powers.

    For more info check out www.ElaineAPowers.com

  11. UJR Presents: Getting into the Spirit with Braam Malherbe2015/12/12
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  12. UJR Presents: A Crock in Maine & Crocfest in Florida2015/11/28
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  13. The Tiger King Returns! Joe Schreibvogel talks Exotic Ownership2015/11/14
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  14. UJR Presents: Conversion for Conservation, a Challenging Change2015/10/31
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  15. UJR Presents: Fear of a Black Python with Ari Flagle2015/10/24
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  16. UJR Returns: Junglist Journeys from Around the Globe2015/10/17
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  17. Jungle Love: Back from the Mayhem2015/08/22
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  18. UJR Presents: Fox Love at Home2015/07/18
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  19. UJR Presents: The Return of Jackie Bibby on Rattlesnake Roundups2015/07/11
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  20. UJR Presents: Pouched Rats Saving Lives from the backseat of a car in the City2015/06/06
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  21. UJR Presents: Biological Jewels and Herpetological Gems2015/05/30
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  22. UJR Present: Hollywood Centipedes and Amazon Cruises with Dante Fenolio2015/05/23
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  23. UJR Presents: Feral with Shawn Heflick!2015/05/09
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  24. UJR Special Presentation: RattleFest '15 sitting down with Jackie Bibby2015/04/18
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  25. UJR Presents: Pre-CRBE-Celebration!2015/03/28
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  26. UJR Presents: Neville Burns the Real "Crocodile Dundee" Plus NARBC2015/03/21
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  27. UJR Presents: The Constrictor Ban Constructed2015/03/07
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  28. UJR Presents: Nikki Moustaki - The Bird Market of Paris2015/02/21
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  29. UJR Presents: Robyn Markland and the Reptile Report's "Best Of" Awards2015/02/07
    Join Danny & Andy and special Associate Producer/Professional Manscaper Gacie Mendripf as we welcome back Robyn Markland of "The Reptile Report. Listen in as we catch up on the "Best Of" awards being given out by TRR and find out what makes Robyn so shiny plus all that's happening on the internet and much more, UJR style.

    Be sure to check out www.TheReptileReport.com !

  30. UJR Presents: Discoveries up North and other Canadian Tales2015/01/31
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  31. UJR Presents: Our MoFo Marty Stouffer!2015/01/17
    That's right, get excited...the man is back on UrbanJunglesRadio!

    Listen as Danny & Andy tingle with delight at the return of reknown Wildlife Documentary Producer Marty Stouffer, creator of "Wild America"

    Marty never disappoints when he visits UrbanJunglesRadio so sit back relax and plan on having your mind blown!
  32. UJR Presents: Jesus Saves...Anacondas!2015/01/11
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  33. UJR Presents: Jungle Bells 2014!2014/12/20
    Join Danny & Andy as we celebrate the 5th annual Jungle Bells Episode!

    Listen in as we catch up on one of the most amazing years ever including reminiscing on the best moments of 2014 and some of our most special guests calling in...

    Don't miss out on the celebration of UrbanJunglesRadio and even Danny's Birthday...it's JungleBells!

  34. UJR Presents: Eaten Alive by Conservation at Crocfest with Shawn Heflick2014/12/13
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  35. UJR Presents: Conveniently Losing a Voice2014/11/22
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  36. UJR Presents: Swallowing the Anaconda2014/11/15
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  37. UJR Presents: Halloweening2014/11/01
    Beautiful Halloween art and a live viewing of a great "B" movie on a spooky night together with Danny & Andy!
  38. UJR Presents: Monitoring Quality2014/10/25
    Join us as we catch up on the usual week's events and also speak with Brad Salzwedel who is doing amazing things with Asian Water Monitors in Captivity by creating captivating captives.

  39. UJR Presents: The Best Damn Reptile Show in 2 Countries2014/10/18
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  40. UJR Presents: The satisfying quickie2014/10/04
    LIsten in as Danny flies solo while Andy's away...it's been a few weeks since our last podcast so listen in as we get some quick updates and some phone calling fun and prepare for the one and only NARBC Chicago show happning next week.

    We'll be at the show and recording and having some fun so come by or tune in to find out more!

  41. Live from the Canadian Reptile and Exotic Pet Expo in Toronto2014/09/13
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  42. UJR Presents: Heading North and Updates Going Forth2014/09/06
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  43. UJR Presents: Wild America's Marty Stouffer Returns!2014/08/23
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  44. USARK, Us and Robyn Markland2014/08/09
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  45. UJR Presents: An injection of Awesome with Steve Ludwin2014/07/26
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  46. UJR Presents: Wild Times with the Wild Man Manny Puig2014/07/19
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  47. UJR Update: A show About Nothing2014/07/12
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  48. UJR Presents: He's Marty Stouffer and this is UrbanJungles!2014/06/28
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  49. UJR Presents: Animal Bytes Brian's Barczyk's Balls and More...2014/06/07
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  50. UJR Presents: So far, so good, with Safari Jeff.2014/05/31
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  51. Shawn Heflick on UJR: Rock out with your Croc Out!2014/05/17
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  52. A Reticulated Retort with Kevin McCurly of N.E.R.D.2014/05/03
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  53. UJR Presents: A Bad name for Good Creatures2014/04/26
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  54. UJR Presents: Triumphs and Tragedies2014/04/19
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  55. LIVE from the Batcave: On location at "The Wildlife Conservation and Ed. Ctr"2014/04/05
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  56. Why AP is Not your Bro so just say no to the Shows Fo'Sho'2014/03/29
    Join Danny & Andy as they explore why you should not support current network TV who seems to have a knock for attracting animal welfar and law violators amongst a maelstrom of misconception. We'll talk about some of the hypocrisy as unpleasant personalities of the current run of TV "stars" and more.

    Rejoice, It's the UrbanJunglesRadio Show!
  57. The Shiniest Little Rattlesnake Festival in Texas2014/03/22
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  58. A Captivating look at Joe Exotic2014/02/22
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  59. PangoPalooza!2014/02/15
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  60. Nothing but Shark Love2014/02/01
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  61. UrbanJungles Gone Wild2014/01/25
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  62. UJR: Canned Lion "Hunting" and Rattlesnake Roundups Fatal Blow2014/01/11
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  63. JUNGLEBELLS 2013!2013/12/21
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  64. UJR Presents: Inspiration on the Wing2013/12/14
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  65. UJR Presents: U.K. Hotness2013/12/07
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  66. UJR the Musical2013/11/23
    Listen to the first and probab;y only musical episode of UrbanJunglesRadio!

    We've long been known for our unique and often hilarious parody songs as well as some original music. Listen in as we play our best known songs and much more on a very special espisode you'll want to download and enjoy the musical expereience as brought to you by UrbanJunglesRadio!

  67. UJR Presents Kickin' it with Kakapos2013/11/16
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  68. UJR Presents: Conservation or Commercialization2013/11/09
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  69. UJR Presents: Have no Fear 2013/11/02
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  70. UJR PResents: The Tinley Report2013/10/19
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  71. UJR Presents: The Expo Report!2013/09/28
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  72. UJR Presents: Live from CRBE in Toronto!2013/09/14
    Join us for an unforgettable episode when Danny and Andy drop in at the Canadaian Reptile Breeder's Expo in Toronto!
    They'll be joined by thier host Grant Crossman and special guests Ton Jones, The Python Hunters, Bill Love, Steve Sykes, and much much more!

    Check out this awesome episode of UrbanJunglesRadio!
  73. UJR Presents: Taking a Breath Before Jumping2013/08/31
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  74. UJR Presents: Jim Harrison & Kristen Wiley 2013/08/24
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  75. UJR Presents: Unraveling a Tragedy 2013/08/10
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  76. UJR Quick Clip: Child Deaths and Snake's Life2013/08/06
    Join us for a special edition update from UJR as we try to make more sense of the tragic situation unfolding in Canada where two children have allegedly been killed by a large African rock Python. Join us as we speak with Bry Loyst about the situation.

    For more info please visit www.UrbanJunglesRadio.com
  77. UJR Presents: David Kirby "Death at Seaworld"2013/07/27
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  78. UJR: Lucy Lawless and Phil Bishop WIldlife Warriors2013/07/20
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  79. UJR Presents: From Bees to the Seas2013/06/22
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  80. UJR Presents: Braam Malherbe connects with DOTs2013/06/15
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  81. UJR Presents: Fear of An Animal Planet2013/06/08
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  82. UJR Presents: Bugging Out!2013/06/01
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  83. UJR Presents: Emperors and Cowards2013/05/18
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  84. UJR Presents: Quakers in the UrbanJungles on UJR2013/05/11
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  85. UJR Presents: The Reptile Report and EarthRace New Zealand!2013/05/04
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  86. UJR Presents: Just Friends2013/04/13
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  87. UJR Presents: Emma Lock Restocked and a Spider Eggsac2013/04/06
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  88. UJR Presents: CEE4LIFE and Emma22013/03/30
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  89. UJR Presents: Pure and Unflitered2013/03/16
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  90. UJR Presents: Big Heros & Rattlesnake Roundup Zeros2013/03/09
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  91. UJR Presents: Crocs, Docs, and a crazy little Fox2013/03/02
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  92. UJR Presents: The Good, The Bad, The Roundups2013/02/16
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  93. UJR Presents: Hot Topics & a Cool Episode2013/02/10
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  94. UJR Presents: Community & Immunity, Sweet Venoms2013/01/26
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  95. UJR Presents: Jeff Holmes-Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy2013/01/19
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  96. UJR Presents: Evolutions and Revolutions2013/01/12
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  97. UJR Presents: Junglebells the End of the World Birthday Show2012/12/22
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  98. UJR Presents: Holiday Hotness2012/12/15
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  99. UJR Presents: Bob Irwin Returns 2012/12/08
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  100. UJR Presents: Damien Mander of IAPF2012/12/01
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  101. UrbanJunglesRadio: Thankful2012/11/24
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  102. UJR Presents: 9 Days in the Life of UJR - The Details!2012/10/20
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  103. UrbanJunglesRadio LIVE From Chicago NARBC!2012/10/13
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  104. UJR Presents: Midnight Madness at Ben Siegel Reptiles2012/10/06
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  105. UJR Presents: Animythical Awesomeness UrbanJunglesStyle2012/09/22
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  106. UJR Presents:Getting Emu-tional with Brian Barczyk 2012/09/15
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  107. UJR Presents: Getting NERDy with Kevin McCurly2012/09/01
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  108. UJR Presents: A night of Danny & Andy Getting Greene!2012/08/25
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  109. UJR Presents: The Wild Thing in Dominic Monaghan2012/08/18
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  110. UJR Presents: Musial Chairs Part Deux-Part 22012/08/12
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  111. UJR Presents: EarthRace New Zealand and Domestic Disease2012/08/04
  112. UJR Presents: The Amphibian Assault B4 Snapperfest's Death2012/07/28
  113. UJR Presents: Tasteless Finning with Mick Dowers2012/07/21
  114. UJR Presents: Tons Of Luck and a Ten on the Thirteenth.2012/07/14
  115. UJR Presents: Pre Danny & Andy B'ing Awesome2012/07/07
  116. UJR Presents: Shawn Hefflick and a Reason to Party!2012/06/23
  117. UJR Presents: The Beast Returns w/ Emma Lock2012/06/16
  118. UJR Presents: Hanging with My Boys of Summer2012/05/19
  119. UJR Presents: Losing our Heads, Again.2012/05/12
  120. UJR Presents: Selling Cute n Fuzzy2012/05/05
  121. UJR Presents: The Empty Belfry2012/04/28
  122. UJR Presents: Pain in the Reptile with Dr. La'Toya Latney2012/04/21
  123. UJR Presents: Giant Lizard Love w/ Dr. Robert Sprackland2012/04/14
  124. UJR Presents: Rattlesnake Roundupdates & Justin Meitz Unites2012/04/07
  125. UJR Presents: Summits & Sumos and 100 Episodes2012/03/24
  126. UJR in Sweetwater-The Herpetological Holocaust Report2012/03/12
  127. UJR Presents: Kickin' Off NARBC Tinley w/ Potter & KFK!2012/03/03
  128. UJR Presents:Love bites with Tom Crutchfield2012/02/25
  129. UJR Presents: Discovering Wildlife with Rob Carmichael!2012/02/18
  130. UJR Presents: State of the Herp Nation w/ Justin Meitz 2012/02/11
  131. UJR Presents: Live from Repticon in Ft. Lauderdale w/ BPI !2012/02/04
  132. UJR Presents: The Renovation & Fortification for Battle2012/01/28
  133. UJR Presents: The Reckoning and Regrouping2012/01/21
  134. UJR Presents:Fears, Facts & Venomous Workshops w/ Doug Hotle2012/01/07
  135. UJR Presents: Jungle Bells 2011 !2011/12/24
  136. UJR Presents: Conservation Commando: Damien Mander of IAPF2011/12/10
  137. UJR Presents: Crocodilian Sexiness inside and Out!2011/12/03
  138. UJR Presents: USARK on UJR: Save our Hobby, Please.2011/11/26
  139. UJR Presents: Poisonous Protection w/ Tom Crutchfield2011/11/19
  140. UJR Presents: Justin Kobylka & JKR Gear Shedding New Life2011/10/29
  141. UJR Presents: NARBC in Review + Conquering Hamburg & more!2011/10/15
  142. UJR Presents: Live from the NARBC Chicago Floor!2011/10/08
  143. UJR Invades the N.A.R.B.C. show in Tinley Park - LIVE!2011/10/08
  144. UJR Presents: Reptile Angels for Devils & Big Cat Rescue 2011/10/01
  145. UJR Presents: Hot Snakes & Venom Angels 2011/09/24
  146. UJR Presents: Steve Cemelli & Sticky Gecko Leapin' Lovin' 2011/09/17
  147. UJR Presents: HerpDigest & Dr Venom!2011/09/09
  148. UJR Presents: Beastly Bestie Brian Barczyk and More..!2011/08/27
  149. UJR Presents: Summertime Blues & Dominican Reds+ Free stuff!2011/08/13
  150. UJR Presents:Scales n our Tales co-hosted by Donald Schultz!2011/07/30
  151. UJR Presents: Prizes, Projects, and Proof we Rock!2011/07/23
  152. UJR Presents: USAVRI-Venoms & Poisonous Ball Pythons2011/07/16
  153. UJR Presents: Killing for Kicks & Bob Irwin kicking it off!2011/07/09
  154. UJR Presents: The End of Seaway Serpentarium Saga? And More2011/07/02
  155. UJR Presents:A Tribute to Bill Haast & Reptile Men of Genius2011/06/25
  156. UJR Presents: Rattlers Revisited & Awesomeness Abounds2011/06/11
  157. UJR Presents: Wildlife Warrior Women & Seaway Serpentarium 2011/06/04
  158. UJR Presents: Tuatara Tuatara Tuatara!2011/05/28
  159. UJR Presents: UJRapture-Ending the World but Helping Dingos!2011/05/21
  160. UJR Presents: In Depth with Tom Crutchfield2011/05/14
  161. UJRadio Presents: Pete Bethune Wildlife Warrior!2011/04/30
  162. UJRadio Presents: Bob Irwin & Colin Riddell Return!2011/04/24
  163. UJR Presents: Rattlesnake Roundups Round 2 plus More!2011/04/09
  164. UJRadio Presents: The Elephant in the LIving Room Interviews2011/04/03
  165. UJRadio Presents: Australian Conservation with Colin Riddell & Cobra Calls 2011/04/02
  166. UJRadio Presents: Chillin' with my Boys featuring Brian Barczyk!2011/03/26
  167. UJRadio Presents: The Rattlesnake Holocaust & other fun things...2011/03/19
  168. UJRadio Presents: Dan Krull Part Deux and so much more...2011/03/12
  169. UJRadio Presents: Bob Irwin - The Original Wildlife Warrior2011/03/05
  170. UJRadio Presents: Tree Boa Love Fest with Mike Heinrich2011/02/19
  171. UJRadio Presents: A night with the boys + Surprises & Toys2011/02/12
  172. UJRadio Presents: Monster & Heros in the Bronx, Stupidity in the News.2011/02/05
  173. UJRadio Presents: Joe Wasilewski on Crocs and the Congo!2011/01/29
  174. UJRadio Presents: Ray Morgan & "The Venom Interviews"2011/01/22
  175. UJRadio Presents: Mark Moffett Explorer, Adventurer, Ant Lover!2011/01/15
  176. UJRadio Presents: Jennie Erin Smith author of "Stolen World"2011/01/08
  177. UJRadio Presents: "JungleBells" - The super celebretory year in review & surprises2010/12/18
  178. UJRadio: Chatting with Aaron Florian of iHerp & Kaleb LaFaive Putting SnakeBytes on TV!2010/12/11
  179. UJRadio: Danny & Andy Astound and Amaze 2010/12/04
  180. UJRadio: Small Scale films with Dan Krull and the Florida Girls of Herpetology!2010/11/20
  181. UJRado: Clyde Peeling of Reptiland & Jason White Vlogging & Snake Jogging. 2010/11/13
  182. UJRadio: Ray Van Nostrand of Strictly Reptiles & Dan Krull of Small Scale Films2010/11/06
  183. UJRadio: Halloween to "Herpers" with Producer/Director Dav Kaufman & Special spooky guests!2010/10/30
  184. UJRadio Presents: The Legendary Tom Crutchfield!2010/10/23
  185. UJRadio: Buggin' with Ken the Bug Guy!2010/10/16
  186. UJRadio: Where's Andy? With Myke Clarkson & Al Coritz the ViperKeeper!2010/10/10
  187. UJRadio: Brian Potter and Goblet of Firewater2010/10/03
  188. UJRadio Presents: Sweetness with Swifty; Tarantulas and more2010/09/26
  189. UJRadio: What we sound like on Acid-at least during the first 5 minutes of the show.2010/09/11
  190. UJRadio Presents: The Beastmaster and his WingMan.2010/09/04
  191. UJRadio Presents: Missing out on NARBC2010/08/21
  192. URadio Presents: A night with Jeff Lemm2010/08/14
  193. UJRadio Presents: Don Schultz & Devon Massyn & Brian Barczyk & Brent Burns!!!2010/08/07
  194. UJRadio Presents: IHS & Project Orianne-Protecting Eastern Indigos2010/07/24
  195. UJRadio Presents: Dr Bryan Grieg Fry Take 2!2010/07/17
  196. UJRadio Presents: Fry Fail!2010/07/10
  197. UJRadio Presents: Bryan Christy author of "The LIzard King"2010/07/03
  198. UJRadio Presents: Silence of the Crickets & other Juicy Morsels2010/06/26
  199. UJRadio Presents: Allen Salzberg of HerpDigest talks turtles!2010/06/19
  200. Urban Jungles Radio: Wildlife Filmmaking Ethics with Chris Palmer & Vanessa Serrao2010/06/05
  201. UJRadio revisits with Brain Barczyck of SnakeBytes.TV!2010/05/29
  202. The Australia Zoo's Wes Mannion2010/05/17
  203. UJradio Presents: Jules Sylvester - The man behind the Slithery Stars!2010/05/15
  204. UJRadio Presents: Jim Harrison of Kentucky Reptile Zoo2010/05/01
  205. UJRadio Presents: Brian Barczyk of BHB Enterprises & SnakeBytes.TV!!2010/04/24
  206. Urban Jungles Radio!2010/04/17
  207. Urban Jungles Radio: Spider Talk with Stan Schultz the Tarantula Whisperer!!!2010/04/10
  208. Urban Jungles Radio: Behind the Scenes...2010/04/03
  209. Urban Jungles Radio!2010/03/27
  210. Animal Venom Research International with Roy Malleappah & Kim McWhorter2010/03/13
  211. UJRadio Presents: Don Schultz - Wild Recon and Wild animals!2010/02/28
  212. AA TreeBoa Hour2010/02/22
  213. Thea Litschka-Koen: White Witches & Black Mambas2010/02/13
  214. AA-Tree Boa Hour-Corallus Questions & Answers Plus More!2010/02/08
  215. Spotlight on the American Tarantula Society2010/02/06
  216. Treeboa Hour on Urban Jungles Radio: Kathy Love & Mike Heinrich2010/02/01
  217. Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas with Ed Marino2010/01/30
  218. NFL star Chad Brown of Pro Exotics talks Asian Bamboo Ratsnakes on UJRadio2010/01/03
  219. Spider Talk-The Tarantula Show!2009/12/27
  220. Treeboa Hour on Urban Jungles Radio2009/12/19
  221. Urban Jungles Radio Episode 5:Arachno-Edition!2009/12/13
  222. Urban Jungles Radio Episode 42009/12/13
  223. Urban Jungles Radio Episode 32009/12/13
  224. Urban Jungles Radio.com Episode "Dos"2009/12/13
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