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  1. The Score: Recycling History2019/08/11
    This week on The Score: Summer vacations bring summer reading, so we talk to various authors about books they have written about history. Our topics include early America, Prohibition, World War II, and what goes on behind the scenes at the White House.
  2. The Score: Biography Lessons2019/08/04
    This week on The Score, we dip into the archives for conversations with various authors and historians who have written...
  3. The Score: Market Urbanism, Senate Candidate, Moon Hoax, Conspiracy Theories2019/07/28
    This week on The Score – Was the Apollo 11 moon landing a hoax? How can we apply market-based solutions to urban problems? Who is the newest candidate for the Virginia General Assembly and who is he running against?
  4. The Score: Remembering Apollo 11 Fifty Years Later2019/07/20
    This week on The Score: We look back at the Apollo Eleven moon landing, which happened 50 years ago this week.
  5. The Score: Bitter Wheat, Chappaquiddick Anniversary, Firearms Session, WWII Surveys2019/07/13
    This week on The Score – What happened fifty years ago at Chappaquiddick? How did World War Two soldiers respond to surveys? Will the Virginia General Assembly pass new gun laws? Is David Mamet’s new play worth a trip to London?
  6. The Score: Jefferson’s Legacy, Khizr Khan, SCOTUS Review, Improving Debates, Negative Partisanship2019/07/06
    This week on The Score – How can presidential primary debates be improved? What did the Supreme Court do during its just-ended term? Can Donald Trump win reelection in the current political climate? And we report from Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello on the anniversary of American independence.
  7. The Score: Adams Family, Jefferson’s Education, Liquor Laws, Conservative Rift2019/06/29
    This week on The Score – What did the two Presidents named Adams think about “The Problem of Democracy”? How did Thomas Jefferson think citizens of a republic should be educated? Are state liquor laws out of control? Is there a philosophical rift within the conservative movement?

  8. The Score: Import Taxes, Redoubled Jeopardy, Weed Laws, Uranium Mining, Legislative Districts2019/06/22
    This week on The Score – What happens if the United States raises import taxes on Mexican goods? How are Americans protected against double jeopardy? Have the Virginia Attorney General’s views on marijuana law changed? We continue our chat with Sam Peak and Rachel Tripp.
  9. The Score: Road Blasts, Summer Theatre, Atlantic Trade, Immigration Prospects, Racist Science2019/06/17
    This week on The Score – How disruptive will a construction project on Route 29 be? Can the University of Virginia overcome its sordid history of promoting eugenics? Is there a free trade agreement in Britain’s post-Brexit future? What’s in store for summer theater patrons this year?
  10. The Score: Monacan Millennium, D-Day Remembered, Oklahoma! Reviewed, Panic Attack, Iraq War2019/06/03
    This week on The Score – What were the mistakes leading up to the Iraq War? Who were Virginia’s earliest inhabitants? Are there lessons from D-Day that apply in the twenty-first century? Is there hope for free speech on college campuses? Should you see the Broadway revival of Oklahoma!?
  11. The Score: Democracy Initiative, Writing Speeches, Cyber Warfare, Impeachment Revisited, Bill Clinton2019/05/25
    This week on The Score – What can we learn from the Presidential Ideas Festival? Is democracy vulnerable to cyber attacks from our adversaries? How do presidential speech writers write presidential speeches? Should we be thinking about impeachment? All that plus former President Bill Clinton's speech at UVA.
  12. The Score: Buying Gay, Facebook Break-Up, Final Exercises, Import Taxes2019/05/18
    This week on The Score – Was the gay rights movement propelled by capitalism? Why do people want to break up Facebook? Has the University of Virginia changed the way students graduate? How will Trump administration tariffs and trade policy affect the U.S. economy?
  13. The Score: Roger Stone, African Trade, Lavender Scare2019/05/12
    This week on The Score – We have an exclusive interview with Roger Stone, one of the targets of the Mueller investigation. What does he have to say about politics and policy? We also talk with an expert on trade in Africa and a historian describes the 'Lavender Scare.'
  14. The Score Special Edition: Roger Stone Ungagged2019/05/05
    In an exclusive interview for The Score from Bearing Drift, controversial and colorful political consultant Roger Stone lays bare his thoughts about Lyndon Johnson, Joe Biden, Steve Martin, and drug prohibition.
  15. The Score: Opioids Crisis, Measles Epidemic, Charlottesville Statues, Muslim Liberalism2019/05/04
    This week on The Score – Is there a solution to the opioids epidemic? Should we be scared about measles? What is the fate of the Confederate statues in Charlottesville? Are Islam and liberal values compatible?
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