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  1. Previewing The Score: Was Frederick Douglass a Libertarian?2019/03/27
    In this preview of the next episode of The Score, David Blight, biographer of Frederick Douglass, answers the question: Does Frederick Douglass deserve the reputation of "libertarian icon"?
  2. The Score: Magic Beans, Cork Wars, Europe’s End, Money Rock, Clerk Chat2019/03/23
    This week on The Score, we report from the 25th annual Virginia Festival of the Book. How important was cork during World War Two? Is the soybean a miracle plant? Does Europe have a future? And we conclude our conversation with Charlottesville's Clerk of Court.
  3. The Score: Brexit Questions, Child Care, Court Clerks, First Anniversary2019/03/17
    This week on The Score – Can the British Parliament agree on a Brexit strategy? What does the Clerk of Circuit Court do? Will the federal government devise a child care policy for America’s families? Plus: an anniversary.
  4. The Score: North Korea, American Experiment, Housing Prices, More CPAC2019/03/09
    This week on The Score – What explains high housing prices across the country? Did the Trump-Kim summit help or hurt U.S. relations with North Korea? Is there a future for uranium mining in America? What about coal? (Yes, what about it?)
  5. The Score: CPAC 2019, Green Book, Death Penalty, Log Cabin, Red Maryland2019/03/02
    This week on The Score – Did Green Book deserve its Best Picture Oscar? What’s happening at the Conservative Political Action Conference? How do Maryland and Virginia politics compare? Is there a future for gay and lesbian Republicans?
  6. The Score: Oscar Picks, Eighth Amendment, Venezuela’s Socialism, Border Emergency2019/02/23
    This week on The Score – Who will win this year’s Oscars? How did Venezuela reach the tipping point? Can a 1952 court decision up-end Donald Trump’s border wall emergency? What did the Supreme Court say about excessive fines and the Eighth Amendment? Our guests include John Q. Barrett, Ilya Shapiro, and Daniel Di Martino.
  7. Previewing The Score: The Constitutional Right Not to Pledge Allegiance2019/02/20
    In an excerpt from the forthcoming February 23 episode of The Score, Rick Sincere asks law professor John Q. Barrett about the Supreme Court and the Pledge of Allegiance.
  8. The Score: $22 Trillion, North Korea, Trump’s Emergency, 1960s Geopolitics2019/02/16
    This week on The Score – The US national debt reaches 22 trillion dollars. What can we expect from the next U.S.-North Korea summit meeting? Can we learn from the peacekeeping mission in Somalia? A look back at Kennedy and Johnson's foreign policy.
  9. The Score: Unfree World, Drug Prices, SOTU Responses, Doc Thompson2019/02/09
    This week on The Score: Is freedom in the world declining? Why are American drug prices so high? Was the President accurate about immigration and trade in his State of the Union message? What’s the full story on jobs and wages? And we remember radio host Doc Thompson.
  10. The Score: Groundhog Day, Frigid Weather, Crony Capitalism, Shutdown Blues, Student Journalism2019/02/02
    This week on The Score – What is the future of student journalism? Who is against crony capitalism? Where did the polar vortex come from and why is it making us so cold? Should we worry about the economic consequences of the federal shutdown?
  11. Previewing the Score: Polar Vortex 20192019/01/30
    "If the polar vortex were to not be around, it would mean either the sun had gone out or the earth had stopped rotating," Virginia state climatologist Jerry Stenger explained to me. "It is simply a consequence of differential heating on the earth and its rotation that develops this flow around the pole and that's totally normal."
  12. The Score: Democracy’s Future, Book Festival, Beer Rules2019/01/27
    What is the future of representative democracy in America? What’s coming up at the 25th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book? How does the federal government regulate the beer you drink?
  13. Previewing the Score: Terry McAuliffe on the shutdown and acting presidential2019/01/24
    Talking very much like a presidential candidate looking to displace Donald Trump, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe told Bearing Drift...
  14. The Score: Race Relations, Beer Battles, Minimum Wages, Tucker’s Economics2019/01/19
    This week on The Score – How have race relations changed in the ten years since Barack Obama became president? Is access to your favorite beer blocked by the government shutdown? Are the new conservatives opposed to free enterprise? What happens if Virginia raises its minimum wage?
  15. The Score: Immigration Policy, Jobs Growth, More Highlights2019/01/12
    This week on The Score – Why does immigration policy reform seem so impossible? What did we learn from the latest Labor Department jobs report? We visit some highlights from 2018, including interviews with authors and Virginia state legislators.
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