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  1. The Score: Unfree World, Drug Prices, SOTU Responses, Doc Thompson2019/02/09
    This week on The Score: Is freedom in the world declining? Why are American drug prices so high? Was the President accurate about immigration and trade in his State of the Union message? What’s the full story on jobs and wages? And we remember radio host Doc Thompson.
  2. The Score: Groundhog Day, Frigid Weather, Crony Capitalism, Shutdown Blues, Student Journalism2019/02/02
    This week on The Score – What is the future of student journalism? Who is against crony capitalism? Where did the polar vortex come from and why is it making us so cold? Should we worry about the economic consequences of the federal shutdown?
  3. Previewing the Score: Polar Vortex 20192019/01/30
    "If the polar vortex were to not be around, it would mean either the sun had gone out or the earth had stopped rotating," Virginia state climatologist Jerry Stenger explained to me. "It is simply a consequence of differential heating on the earth and its rotation that develops this flow around the pole and that's totally normal."
  4. The Score: Democracy’s Future, Book Festival, Beer Rules2019/01/27
    What is the future of representative democracy in America? What’s coming up at the 25th Annual Virginia Festival of the Book? How does the federal government regulate the beer you drink?
  5. Previewing the Score: Terry McAuliffe on the shutdown and acting presidential2019/01/24
    Talking very much like a presidential candidate looking to displace Donald Trump, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe told Bearing Drift...
  6. The Score: Race Relations, Beer Battles, Minimum Wages, Tucker’s Economics2019/01/19
    This week on The Score – How have race relations changed in the ten years since Barack Obama became president? Is access to your favorite beer blocked by the government shutdown? Are the new conservatives opposed to free enterprise? What happens if Virginia raises its minimum wage?
  7. The Score: Immigration Policy, Jobs Growth, More Highlights2019/01/12
    This week on The Score – Why does immigration policy reform seem so impossible? What did we learn from the latest Labor Department jobs report? We visit some highlights from 2018, including interviews with authors and Virginia state legislators.
  8. The Score: New Year, New Congress, Tech Regulations, 2018 Highlights2019/01/05
    This week on The Score – A new year brings a new Congress, a government shutdown, and an unsteady White House. Silicon Valley wants regulation … or doesn’t want it. Which is it? We also have highlights from 2018.
  9. The Score: Weird Science, Angry Jurors, Beale Street, Federal Spending, Fake News2018/12/29
    This week on The Score – Can federal spending be reduced? What were the top science stories of 2018? Tim Hulsey reviews If Beale Street Could Talk. We hear the hidden story of the stage play, Twelve Angry Men, why 1979 was such a pivotal year, and how consumers of journalism can fight "fake news." All this and more on The Score.
  10. The Score: Rights Celebration, School Choice, Africa Policy, Tech Trends2018/12/24
    This week on The Score podcast – Why do libertarians celebrate the Bill of Rights in the rain? What are the latest trends in school choice? How will the Trump administration pursue policy in Africa? We ask those questions, and our film critic reviews Peter Jackson’s new documentary about World War One.
  11. The Score: John Bolton, Cold War, Inclusive Economy, Ninth Amendment2018/12/15
    This week on The Score – What brought about the end of the Cold War? Will an "Inclusive Economy" eliminate poverty? Can the United States counterbalance China and Russia in Africa? Is the Ninth Amendment more than an ink blot? All this and more on The Score.
  12. The Score: George Bush, Copyright Lawsuit, Charles Dickens, College Libertarians2018/12/08
    This week on The Score – A presidential scholar reflects on the late George H.W. Bush. Seventy-seven years later, we remember Pearl Harbor. A lawyer explains how the Library of Congress violates the First Amendment. Our film critic wonders if we misunderstand Ebenezer Scrooge. We ask, what do college libertarians do?
  13. Previewing The Score: George H.W. Bush as Vice President2018/12/05
    Rick Sincere interviews presidential scholar Barbara Perry about the vice presidency of George H.W. Bush, in an excerpt from a longer conversation about the late 41st President of the United States.
  14. The Score: Amazon County, Cable News, Christmas Songs, Billy Elliot2018/12/03
    This week on The Score – Why did Amazon choose Northern Virginia for its HQ2? What effect does cable news have on American politics? Can left, right, and center debate without yelling at each other? Is Billy Elliott a Christmas classic or crass propaganda?
  15. The Score: Ranked Choice, Charlottesville Jews, Hemingway’s Cocktails2018/11/24
    This week on The Score: Advocates discuss proposed election law reforms. A historian relates the long story of Jewish citizens in Charlottesville. Political scientists look back at JFK and LBJ. Ringing in the festive season with Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktails.
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