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  1. It Will Make Sense In The End2010/11/05
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  2. Take Dominion2010/06/04

    Sometimes we wish we had the power to deal with the situations we find ourselves in. But the truth is that we have allowed or permitted the situation. We have the power to deal with every situation we will ever face in life.

    This Message will help you understand who you are on this earth, the reason why God made you and place you here, and the assignment God has f [...]
  3. Principles For A Successful Life And Ministry2010/05/21

    Principles are essential for a successful life and ministry. Principles are tried and tested and work at all times and in every situation. There are several aspects of a successful life and ministry. And there are principles that deal with each of these aspects.

  4. It Is Not Over2010/05/14
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  5. Handling The Pressures Of Society2010/05/07
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  6. Fulfilling Your Vision [Part 2]2010/04/30

    This is a continuation of last week’s message. If you were motivated and challenged by last week’s message, then this is definitely for you.

    We shall learn how to discover the plan and purpose of God for our lives, and answer the remaining questions:

    What is the right vision for my life?

  7. Fulfilling Your Vision [Part 1]2010/04/23

    The importance of having a vision for your life cannot be overemphasised. During this study, we shall learn how to fulfil the vision for our lives.

    We shall answer three questions:

    What is a vision?

  8. The Esau Mentality2010/04/16
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  9. The Royal Donkey2010/04/09

    Many a times, we try very hard to catch the attention of God and to impress Him. We often assume that would attract unto us the favour and the blessings of God. But God would rather that we yield ourselves unto Him completely.

    In this study [...]
  10. Possessing The Promised Land [Part 2]2010/04/02
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