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The Oracle CRM On Demand Podcast

  1. Podcast 023: Podcast Evolution2011/12/02
    Well it's been a really long time since we warmed up ole Skype and recorded a new podcast. So maybe the first thing we should do is apologize to our loyal fan. Sorry… you. Next thing we should probably do is talk about what’s happening with the podcast?
  2. Podcast 022: All about CRM On Demand Integration Events2011/05/26
    In this episode, Robert and I dig deep into Integration Events. What are they? Where did they come from? How can I use them? Should I use them at all? All your questions are answered!
  3. Podcast 021: Lifecycle Management Part 22011/03/30
    Its a follow-up to our last follow-up! In this podcast, Robert and I close the lid on lifecycle management with a focus on the newest CRM On Demand environment - CTE! And of course, if you missed Part 1, never fear, you can find it here.
  4. Podcast 020: Lifecycle Management Part 12011/02/25
    In this follow-up to our discussion of good Governance, Robert and Louis expound upon the topic of Lifecycle Management, with a focus on the environments Oracle CRM On Demand makes available for development, testing and training. There is a lot to talk about, so we've split this into two exciting podcasts.
  5. Podcast 019: Got Governance?2011/01/26
    In our podcast today, Robert and I get into governance. No, we're not talking politics (that's off-limits). This is CRM On Demand governance and it's something every customer needs to ensure long-term success.
  6. Podcast 018: Digging in to the Data Model2010/11/23
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  7. Podcast 017: CRM On Demand Turns 182010/10/09
    In today's episode, we celebrate another CRM On Demand milestone - our 18th release! Yes, our little software as a service application is finally legal. Robert and I memorialize this event by chatting about some of our favorite new features and enhancements.
  8. Podcast 016: Mike Lairson and the new Dashboard book!2010/09/14
    Today I welcome back Mike Lairson to the podcast. You all know Mike as the author of "CRM On Demand Reporting" - well now he's adding to the series with his recently released title "CRM On Demand Dashboards"! Mike took some time to chat with me about the new book and plans for the future.
  9. Podcast 015: Data Import Strategies2010/08/19
    It's been a while since Robert and I got together on the ole' podcast, so we were both eager to dive into this episode. And today we tackle one of those activities that is part of every implementation. The mid-morning cookie break? No! Data import, of course!

    Robert and I discuss the strategies to employ and the pitfalls to avoid when planning your data migration.
  10. Podcast 014: We Need to Talk About Adoption2010/07/23
    Today we tackle a topic that every company deploying CRM wrestles with - how to get users to actually use the system! In this super-sized episode, I am joined by my long time colleague Tim Koehler to talk about user adoption. Tim is a recognized expert in the topic and, more importantly, co-author of the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide.
  11. Podcast 013: The CRM On Demand Deployment Guide2010/06/18
    In this episode, Robert and I talk about the latest exciting development in the CRM On Demand world - the release of the first comprehensive guide to everything! The CRM On Demand Deployment Guide is already garnering positive reviews and promises to be an invaluable resource to anyone working with the service.
  12. Podcast 012: Five Things About Reports Performance2010/05/07
    So a few weeks ago Robert and I posted an episode called 'Five Things about Performance'. We went through a number of things - five, to be exact - that can impact performance. We got some great feedback on that episode and also a couple of comments asking us to turn our attention to performance of Analytics and Reports. Why is it any different? Mike Lairson joins me to explore this topic.
  13. Podcast 011: Five Things About R172010/04/23
    As you may know, Oracle is in the process of rolling out the latest CRM On Demand upgrade to customers - Release 17, or as we like to call it, R17. Today Robert and I pick our five favorite new features and go in depth on why we like them so much.
  14. Podcast 010: Five Things About Performance2010/04/06
    Welcome to another Five Things podcast. In this episode we discuss five common causes of performance issues with CRM On Demand.
  15. Podcast 009: Integration Introduction2010/03/18
    Just about every CRM On Demand customer I work with today has implemented some level of integration. Getting the right information (wherever it lives) to the right people at the right time is now a business imperative. Today Robert and I begin to take a look at the various ways On Demand can enable this vision - in many cases quickly and cheaply!
  16. Podcast 008: Data Access in Analytics2010/02/28
    In this podcast I am joined by my good friend Mike Lairson to address a topic requested by a listener (see, we care!). Mani wrote in a while back and asked that we talk about data access in Analytics. Well, we've covered data access in CRM On Demand from a few angles, why tackle Analytics as it's own podcast?
  17. Podcast 007: Five Things about Books of Business2010/01/26
    Today we introduce our new "Five Things" format for the podcast. Robert and I will discuss five things you need to know about one of our favorite CRM On Demand features - Books of Business. Look for "Five Things..." in the title of future podcasts. When you see it, you'll know you're going to get some concrete advice that you can put to work right away!
  18. Podcast 006: Jeff Saenger with McGraw Hill2010/01/05
    This podcast features a re-broadcast (with permission) of an interview conducted by Lisa McClain, editor at McGraw Hill, with Jeff Saenger. Jeff is a vice president for CRM On Demand at Oracle and one of my collaborators, along with Tim Koehler, on the CRM On Demand Deployment Guide.
  19. Podcast 005: Meet Mike Lairson2009/12/15
    In a ground-breaking first for the CRM On Demand Podcast team, we score an interview with celebrity author Mike Lairson. Those of you who are in the know of course recognize Mike as the author of Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting, available at Amazon.com. Listen to the conversation for some exciting news you'll only hear on the CRM On Demand Podcast!
  20. Podcast 004: Data Access QA from the Forums2009/12/04
    Robert and I depart from our usual dialogue to look at some questions posted on the Oracle Forums. In this follow-up to our last podcast on Data Access, we decided it would be fun to look at what’s heating up the Forums on this topic. Not surprisingly, we found a good number of questions posted by customers and partners.

  21. Podcast 003: Data Access Tour2009/11/20
    CRM On Demand has evolved over the years since Robert and I started working with it to allow many different ways of defining data access. In this podcast, we take a tour of the various options available and some things to consider for each.
  22. Podcast 002: SaaS Talk2009/10/09
    In this episode, Robert and I talk about Software as a Service, or “Saas” as it is often called. This software delivery method gets a lot of attention lately, but is this really anything new?
  23. Podcast 001: Common Implementation Pitfalls2009/09/25
    In our first podcast, Robert and I discuss some common pitfalls to avoid when implementing Oracle CRM On Demand. This is a handy list to keep in mind when planning and executing a CRM deployment. Along the way we share some stories from our work over the past several years in CRM On Demand consulting at Siebel and Oracle.

The Oracle CRM On Demand Podcast
A discussion of all things related to Oracle CRM On Demand. Louis and Robert host topical conversations on technical best practices, implementation approaches and interviews with On Demand experts.

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