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  1. Reaching A Healthy Weight2010/08/13
    Tonight Jason and Tanya will be discussing a few interesting methods for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.
  2. Healthy Living and Law of Attraction2010/08/06
    Join us tonight as we discuss the importance of your physical health in being able to create the life you dream of.
  3. Non-Judgment and Innocent Observation2010/07/30
    Join Tanya and Jason as they talk about the power of non-judgment and how practicing this can bring more peace to your life.
  4. The Keys to Happiness Part 42010/07/09
    Join us as we wrap up our series on finding true and lasting happiness. In this episode we'll be discussing laughter and joy and then we'll wrap up with a recap of the series.
  5. Finding The Keys To Happiness Part 32010/07/02
    Join us in part 3 of our 4 part series on finding the keys to true and lasting happiness.
  6. The Key to Happiness Part 22010/06/25
    Join us as we discuss how understanding and acceptance of life's circumstances as well as finding a balance in time tie into experiencing true and lasting happiness.
  7. Finding the Keys to Happiness2010/06/18
    Join us in the 4 part series where we reveal why happiness is so illusive and how you can finally discover true and lasting happiness.
  8. Letting Go of Expectations2010/06/11
    Join Tanya and Jason as they discuss how important it is to let go of expectations during manifestation.
  9. You Create Your Life From The Inside Out2010/05/28
    Tanya is on vacation for the next two weeks so join Jason as he discusses how we all create our life experience from the inside out and that outer circumstances are a direct reflection of the inner.
  10. Living Your Passion Part 32010/05/21
    Join Tanya and Jason as they walk you through the final step in living your passion--taking action. Since we live in a physical world, only acting within it can bring about concrete results and Tanya and Jason help you sort through the fear that can sometimes hold you back when you decide to step out of your comfort zone.
  11. Follow Your Passion Part 22010/05/14
    Join Tanya and Jason as they explain how following the signs that pop up can lead you directly to living your passions.
  12. Follow Your Passion Part 12010/05/07
    Join Tanya and Jason as they take you on a journey of living your passion. In this episode you will learn why living your passions is so important as well as how to identify what they are.
  13. A Deeper Look At EFT2010/05/01
    Tanya and I thought it would be a good idea if I gave you all a better understanding of what EFT does and why I use it. So this is a short explanation of why people get such powerful results with the EFT process.
  14. Making Room For More: How Clearing Clutter Helps Improve Manifestation2010/04/30
    Join us as we explain why physical clutter in your life actually slows down the manifestation process and how you can more easily let go of the need to hold on to a cluttered life.
  15. Clear Your Blocks2010/04/23
    Join us as we help you clear away blocks to manifesting your desires. Very often, the only thing standing between you and what you want is a belief or two. Let us help you clear a path for your desires to come flooding to you!
  16. The Prosperity Experiment Part 52010/04/16
    Join us as we wrap up The Prosperity Experiment with a discussion on gratitude.
  17. Prosperity Experiment Part 42010/04/09
    Join Tanya and Jason as they talk about the importance of allowing your goals to manifest. Many people get stuck on exactly how to allow but we'll give you insight and helpful advice on breaking through that barrier so that your goals can manifest more quickly.
  18. The Prosperity Experiement Part 32010/03/18
    Join Tanya and Jason as they explain the third part of attracting more prosperity in your life. Find out why it's so important to feel like you already have your goal and how you can go about doing that.
  19. The Prosperity Experiment Part 22010/03/11
    Join Tanya and me at our new time of 8 pm as we walk you through the next step in manifesting your dreams...finding and eliminating resistance. In this program you will discover what's holding you back from being all you can be and how to change negative thinking and limiting beliefs.
  20. The Prosperity Experiment Part 12010/03/03
    Join us for a month long experiment in manifesting prosperity! In this week's episode, Tanya and I will give an overview of the Prosperity Experiment, how it works and how we're going to walk you, step by step, through the process of manifesting more prosperity by the end of the month!
  21. Call Forth Your Prosperity2010/02/17
    Would you like to become more prosperous?

    Join us as we give you practical, real-life steps you can take to start using the Law of Attraction to create more prosperity in your life right now!
  22. Define What You Want In Your Life2010/02/03
    Critical to creating a better life is knowing what you really want. Many people have spent so much of their lives discounting their hopes and dreams that they have a hard time even knowing what those are anymore.
    Join Tanya and Jason as they guide you through learning how to connect with your true wants so you can finally claim the life you deserve.
  23. How Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back2010/01/27
    Life Design Experts Tanya Hahn and Jason Hundley explain just how powerful limiting beliefs and negative thinking are and how they are holding you back in every area of your life.
Belief Busting Breakthroughs
Radically change your life by busting through your negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

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