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HarmoCast - Alexandria Harmonizers Podcast

  1. Voices of Gotham Director – Larry Bomback Interview – show #202011/10/07
    Fresh off the Mid-Atlantic District chorus win, Voices of Gotham director Larry Bomback shares the history, current focus and future plans of this young organization. Not only are they making a great impression on the Barbershop Harmony Society but also on the NYC music scene with targeted branding, great web exposure and a clear chorus […]
  2. Crossroads’ Brandon Guyton Talks Recording, Leadership & Long Distance Quartetting – Show #192011/09/16
    This week we have a very special interview with Crossroads Baritone Brandon Guyton. We discuss the origins of the quartet, life with the Ambassadors of Harmony, chapter leadership, Director Jim Henry & tuning guru David Wright. Besides being a great singer and coach, Brandon is also a talented producer with an impressive resume of gold […]
  3. Flight 93 Memorial Chorus – Jeff Avey – Show #182011/09/08
    For the last 9 years the Chorus of the Potomac in Cumberland, MD have honored the everyday heroes of Flight 93 by singing at the crash site each anniversary of 9/11/2001. For this year’s 10th anniversary they decided to send an invitation to surrounding chapters and put together a combined chorus of 50 or 60 men. And […]
  4. Maxx imum Barbershop Impact – Maxx Factor – Show #172010/06/25
    Today’s interview is with a group of ladies who definitely know how to get the job done. They are extremely entertaining to see live and have a balance and vocal blend that creates a huge sound. Their accomplishments include: 2008 Sweet Adelines Region 19 Quartet Champions 2009 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes Champions 2009 National Harmony Sweepstakes […]
  5. How To Produce A Great Barbershop Show #162010/06/17
    This weeks interview is with Ken Fess, the producer of the Choir of the World concert coming up on June 27 and as it turns out has produced over 85 concerts for the Alexandria Harmonizers. Enjoy some insider details about the planning behind this great show and in turn some tips that you can use […]
  6. Just Let Go and Live The Story – Geri Geis – Show #152010/06/03
    Today’s interview is with another incredible individual. For years Geri traveled the world as a performer in acting, dance and music. Then a chance meeting 28 years ago with a curious Harmonizer began a relationship that brought gold medals to the chorus and continues to this day. Enjoy a glimpse into the life of this […]
  7. eXtreme Quartetting and Harmony Brigade – Charlie Rose & Duane Henry – Show #142010/05/29
    Having trouble getting enough quartetting in your life? Follow Charlie’s example and just do whatever it takes to make it happen… Of course, now that there are multiple brigades operating across the country you should be able to find a cure for your quartet itch. Today we talk to Charlie Rose – founder of the […]
  8. Barbershop Harmony Youth Quartet Camp – Mike Fasano & Tony Colosimo – Show #132010/05/22
    Today’s show is a special treat – an interview with two of the leaders in the Youth in Harmony program for the Mid Atlantic District. One of my favorite things to do each year is attend Harmony College East and besides staying up all night singing tags my second favorite thing is watching the youth […]
  9. To Advance You Need To Retreat – Show #122010/05/20
    Today’s show is an interview with Chuck McKeever – we talk about choreo plans and practice, quality coaching and the upcoming Harmonizers retreat weekend. Don’t miss the chance to see the Choir of the World concert on June 27. There are only a few seats left so order your tickets at www.AlexandriaHarmonizersPresent.com Also, don’t miss […]
  10. Presentation Coaching… It’s Not Just For Contest – Cindy Hansen Interview, Show # 112010/03/27
    With an incredible resume that includes working with and designing gold medal packages for choruses like Masters of Harmony and Vocal Majority along with quartets like Acoustix, The Ritz, Nightlife, FRED, 4 Voices and many, many more – Cindy Hansen is sought after the world over for her high energy coaching style and incredibly creative […]
HarmoCast – Alexandria Harmonizers Barbershop Podcast
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