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Bandit's LSU Sports Podcasts (mp3)

  1. Two Minute Drill #152011/01/09
    I'm back! Got distracted with other ventures, but I'm back and will build up for 2011! New production, same format (mostly). This episode - Cotton Bowl Awesomeness! Music Cotton Candy Dreamland by Feelds (Jamendo.com)
  2. Two Minute Drill #142010/04/03
    Basketball news, softball update, and of course baseball. Music: Cold Gold Fields by Braker Lane.
  3. Two Minute Drill #132010/03/23
    Baseball Analysis, some Spring football, plus softball and the end of the 2009/2010 Lady Tigers basketball season. Music: Deep White by Grayscale.
  4. Two Minute Drill #122010/03/16
    LSU Baseball loses the Kansas series - is it time to panic yet? Music: February Day by Desert Radio.
  5. Soapbox #22010/03/14
    Detailed look back at why the 2009/2010 LSU mens' basketball season was so sucktastic. Plus a brief look at LSU Sports current events.
  6. Two Minute Drill #112010/03/08
    Basketball season wrapping up, softball and baseball are rolling, and spring football is on. Music: Next Victim by Bronze.
  7. Two Minute Drill #102010/03/03
    Extended installment, covering basketball, softball and baseball. Music: Pulling the Joker by Sever
  8. Two Minute Drill #92010/02/22
    19th Ranked LSU Softball is off to a strong start - should be a fun year! Music: A Summer Washed Away by Grayscale
  9. Two Minute Drill #82010/02/20
    Basketball getting a little better, baseball begins. Music: February Day by Desert Radio
  10. Two Minute Drill #72010/02/11
    Progress of LSU Lady Tiger Basketball so far, and brief men's BBall lagniappe. Music: Bleed by The Liquid Kitchen
  11. Two Minute Drill #62010/02/06
    Quick look at LSU Men's Basketball midway through the 2009/10 season.
  12. Soapbox #12010/02/04
    Review of LSU's amazing recruiting "glovesave" performance on 2010's National Signing Day.
  13. Two Minute Drill #52010/02/01
    Quick commentary on LSU's 2010 Football Recruiting Class in the days leading up to National Signing Day.
  14. Two Minute Drill #42010/02/01
    Vandy post game podcast
  15. Two Minute Drill #22010/02/01
    Washington post game report
  16. Two Minute Drill #12009/09/01
    Quick commentary on LSU's season opener against the Washington Huskies.
Jeff Macloud's LSU Sports
Commentary on LSU sports by blogger Jeff Macloud. If you like the podcasts, please leave a comment!

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