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Hollywood Shak's Music Therapy Radio

  1. Episode 6: D.H.S MT House: Throwback Mix2023/01/13
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  2. Episode 5: DHS Music Therapy: DITC Hip-Hop Quick Mix2023/01/06
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  3. Episode 4: DHS Music Therapy Radio House: Afro Jerzey2021/11/17
  4. Episode 3: DHS Music Therapy R&B Liqueur2021/11/08
  5. Episode 2: DHS Music Therapy QuixMix: Not'cha Mi-Ma's Cobbler2021/10/12

    A quick mix of your favorite classic R&B, Soul, & Disco Tracks.
  6. Episode 7: A Dj ReBorn2021/05/21
    Sorry for the Hiatus!
  7. DHSey Music Therapy House Session: 64 The journey continues2019/09/03
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DHS MusicTherapy Radio
Its old soul with new house grooves, sweaty and smooth. He ushers the crowd with his scratching, drawing in every vibration with his mixes. Creating a utopia of passionate rhythms joined with expression of celebrated dance. He surpasses the conventional rendition of DJ-sets with his ability to fade into each individual situation, appose to playing prepared sets. He embodies everything that is music, from the wax that the record is played on, to the warehouse where house music was made. So enjoy a slice of inspiration with every session, and tune in!

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