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  1. Episode 20 - Amanda Steinberg on Starting Your Own Business from Scratch2010/05/26
    Say you've got an idea for a killer business, now what? If you're serious about starting it, how do you even begin to bring it into fruition? In this episode, DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg talks with us about starting your own business from scratch.
  2. Episode 19 - Erica Williams on Debunking the Millennials' Work Ethic "Problem"2010/05/26
    In this episode, we discuss an article written by Erica Williams in which she challenges the notion that the Millennial generation is lazy.
  3. Episode 18 - Peter Pham on Comparing Credit Card Offers2010/05/06
    In this episode, Peter Pham answers questions about how to compare credit card offers. Listen and find out what key features you need to look at when comparing credit cards, how to know you're getting the best interest rate, how your credit score impacts the type of card you'll be able to get, and more!
  4. Episode 17 - Vielka Burey-Jacas on Paying for College2010/04/28
    Is it always better to take out federal student loans than private loans? What's a good interest rate? What are the pros and cons of a 529 savings plan, and how do you set one up? In this episode, Vielka Burey-Jacas talks with us about how to pay for college.
  5. Episode 16 - Jeff Yeager on Being a Cheapskate2010/04/12
    Being cheap or frugal is a means to both improve your life while also improving the planet. It's all about consuming wisely. Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskate, talks with us about some ways we all can become better consumers.

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  6. Episode 15 - Alicia Holmes on Financial Literacy2010/04/08
    Alicia Holmes, creator of the financial literacy program "You Are Your Business," talks with us about her program and why it's important for young adults to finance education programs.
  7. Episode 14 - Manisha Thakor on Women and Finance2010/04/08
    Manisha Thakor, author of "On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance," is on a mission to help American women learn how to live their lives from a position of financial strength.
  8. Episode 13 - Catey Hill on Spending Less and Saving More2010/03/31
    Catey Hill, author of Shoo, Jimmy Choo! discusses money-saving tips for shoppers, paying off student loans, getting out from under credit card debt, and more!
  9. Episode 12 - Anya Kamenetz on Taking Control of Education Costs2010/03/15
    The cost of college has gone up more than any other good or service in last 20 years. Anya Kamenetz talks about funding education and the kind of innovation will it take to bring down costs over the long term.
  10. Episode 11 - Andrea Rice on Job Interviews2010/02/25
    What are the biggest mistakes people make during a job interview? What information should you know about the company that you're interviewing with? What is your elevator pitch and how should you use it? Andrea Rice, President and Co-founder of Gotta Mentor answers these and other questions in this fantastic interview!
  11. Episode 10 - Eleanor Blaney on Credit Cards2010/02/10
    Eleanor Blaney discusses the new credit CARD act that goes into effect this year, what it means for people, and how folks can make best use of their credit cards.
  12. Episode 9 - Rick Rodgers on Financial Independence Planning2010/01/22
    Funding a $20/month data plan for an iPhone will cost a 25 year old $125,000 in lost savings at retirement. A $400 TV will cost $18,000 in lost savings at retirement. Albert Einstein called “the miracle of compound interest” the eighth wonder of the world. Time is something young adults have a lot of and they should use it to their advantage.
  13. Episode 8 - Chris Golden & Ally Gotsell on Retirement2010/01/14
    Some have mentioned increasing the retirement age. Others have suggested that automatically enrolling employees in an IRA will increase assets for retirement. Chris Golden and Ally Gotsell discuss these and other retirement topics on our next live talkcast.
  14. Episode 7 - Penelope Trunk on Getting a Job in 20102010/01/04
    Penelope Trunk, CEO of Brazen Careerist, a career management tool for next-generation professionals, gives us advice on maximizing opportunity and finding a job this year.
  15. Episode 5 - Lauren Silverman: Stock Market Obsession2009/12/29
    Youth Radio commentator Lauren Silverman talks with finance expert Tad Borek about why young adults should be interested in investing in the stock market at a time when there is general hostility toward Wall Street.
  16. Episode 4 - Blogger Chat: Saving Money vs. Making Money2009/12/29

    Is it easier to save more or earn more? How does an economic recession impact a person's ability to choose one way or the other? What are the barriers to saving more or earning more? This LifeTuner Chat focuses on the dichotomy between saving money and making money.
  17. Episode 3 - Blogger Chat: Finance Lessons Learned the Hard Way2009/12/28
    MLR from MyLifeROI.com, Laura from GreenPandaTreehouse.com, and other personal finance bloggers discuss the financial lessons they learned the hard way and debate the processes by which people learn about finance.
  18. Episode 2 - Denise LaBuda: How to Talk to Your Kids About Money2009/12/28
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  19. Episode 1 - Michael Rubin: Life Beyond the Paycheck2009/12/21
    Tired of scraping by to make ends meet? Looking for ideas on how you can get ahead? Michael Rubin, author of "Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck," and president of Total Candor, a financial education company, shares tips and answers questions on things most everyone can do to decrease spending, increase savings and start to go above and beyond the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.
  20. Episode 6 - LifeTuner Chat: Money and Relationships2009/11/18
    More than two-thirds of folks responding to a recent LifeTuner survey said they felt that money has caused them relationship stress. Whether or not we like to admit it, money can wreak havoc on our relationships if not discussed. In this episode, Motley Fool writers Robert Brokamp and Dayana Yochim will talk about reducing money and relationship conflicts.
LifeTuner brings together sensible, unbiased advice from volunteer financial experts with a vibrant community of peers and individuals who’ve been there before – all of whom can share their experiences and learn from each other.

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