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Lanarchy - UK Multiplayer Gaming and Tech

  1. 36 - The B-Team2010/07/28
    The World Cup and Wimbledon are going on, but we have some games and tech news too!

  2. 35 - 59 all? That's crazy!2010/06/23
    The World Cup and Wimbledon are going on, but we have some games and tech news too!

  3. 34 - 97% Bollocks...2010/06/14
    Games news is pretty quiet, so we talk some Red Dead Redemption. In Tech news we chat about the new iPhone 4.

  4. 33 - No more Android News?2010/05/15
    Some games news, CoD, MoH and CSS, plus a little Apple and Android chat.

  5. 32 - This one's getting sent to the patent office!2010/04/26
    So many good ideas, we should be on the next series of Dragons Den!

  6. 31 - Does your PC really need a hard drive?2010/04/17
    The guys spec up the best machine they can for £800... but McBain forgets the hard drive!

  7. 30 - Just the two of us!2010/04/02
    Andy and Lee take you through what games news there is, more on HTC's latest releases and some Film and TV chat.

  8. 29 - 3D Porn?2010/03/17
    Lots of Bad Company 2 love... and Marcus has had a beer or two...

  9. 28 - An Android Ally!2010/03/04
    Marcus makes a return to the podcast and now Andy has someone to talk Android with! Even if Marcus still currently owns an iPhone...

  10. 27 - What's the Buzz?2010/02/17
    This is getting silly now, 2 podcasts in the same month! Bioshock 2 chat and more Android device news. Google causing some Buzz with their own social networking and some other random chat!

  11. 26 - Bore Us With The Nexus One...2010/02/03
    Can you believe it, not even a month has passed and we're recording another podcast! Some chat about STO and Bad Company 2 amongst other games. Andy bores about his latest gadget, everyone bashes Apple for their iPad release and a bit at the end about movies and TV shows we're watching.

  12. 25 - Happy New Year2010/01/06
    It's been a while, but we're back! Not the best quality as it's all done over SkyPe, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it.

  13. 24 - What happened to 2008?2009/03/03
    What on earth happened to 2008? It seems to have slipped us bye... We're back though with a few announcements too.

  14. 23 - 2007 Christmas Special2007/12/06
    It's been a while, this 2 hour bumper special talks about the recent crop of games which have finally made it to our desks and films from the summer.

  15. 22 - Just a quickie2007/05/09
    Still in a bit of a gaming drought, but that should all be ending soon. News on Lanarchy 28 which took place at the weekend.

  16. 21 - Content free zone2007/03/15
    Some news on what we've been up to over the last couple of months. A bit about how Lestat likes Vista again now and updates on games to look out for over the next month or so.

  17. 20 - Vista's already broken?!?2007/01/25
    News on Vista and how its broken before its even out. Unfortunately we have some sound issues in the first half of the show.

  18. 19 - Multi call spectacular! Kinda...2007/01/03
    Our first show using SkyPecast. We had a few sound issues due to this, but it also enabled us to broadcast to our biggest Live audience yet and take a few calls. Amongst other things, we look at the games due out in 2007.

  19. 18 - Super secret destruct buttons and buying MMO Gold2006/12/06
    Would you believe it, we spend some time slagging off EA again? We also discuss the gold farming issues in MMORPG's.

  20. 17 - PC World, for all your PC repair needs2006/11/22
    Curfish joins us for the first time and brings news on the rip off that is PC World...

  21. 16 - Browser wars and the 1,000 pound machine2006/11/09
    With Firefox 2 and IE7 both being released, we chat about the different options, not forgetting Opera 9. McBain proves Vampires don't exist and then we have our next podcast competition to win a �10 Gift Voucher.

  22. 15 - EA bashing and belching2006/10/18
    One of our classier podcasts, including a belching competition and other intelectual chat.

  23. 14 - UT2007 and other releases2006/09/27
    Lots of general chat about games coming out in the near future.

  24. 13 - Sony, EA and US TV Shows2006/09/13
    In game advertising, random game news and more about new US TV shows.

  25. 12 - PC's - DIY or custom built?2006/08/23
    Slightly less laughs and stupidity (well, no Sc00bs... what do you expect) but hopefully an entertaining show about games and the best options for upgrading your machine.

  26. NFL Supplemental - American Football for beginners2006/08/11
    A bit of a change from the norm. This show is a good introduction for anyone wanting to watch the NFL this season for the first time. (Sorry, no tech stuff)

  27. 11 - Sc00by's a girl!2006/07/28
    The night before Lanarchy 24 we recorded a show with out Guest Crouch. The podcast included chat about PvP which brought us to the conclusion that Sc00bs' is a big girl.

  28. 10 - Intel Conroe and call in show2006/07/15
    Our first LIVE call in show where we gave away some Logitech goodies. Much chat about the new CPU's coming onto the market.

  29. 9 - Damn Portuguese... Sorry, mainly football and films.2006/07/01
    As the title says, this one is mainly football and films. Apologies for the poor sound quality in the first half of the podcast.

  30. 8 - Online shopping, the World Cup and films2006/06/20
    A look at the best options for buying online hardware, lots of waffle about the World Cup and films, with some amusing outtakes at the end.

  31. 7 - OMG, too much waffle!2006/06/08
    We started with not much to say... and went on for an hour and a half! Hopefully you'll still find it amusing.

  32. 6 - Logitech ftw!!!2006/05/23
    Yes, we all love Logietch... also some chat about the 3rd Gen consoles. It's a new record 1hr 22 minutes long.

  33. MMORPG's Supplemental2006/05/10
    A short show about 3 of the most awaited upcoming MMORPG's.

  34. 5 - Physics cards and favourite films2006/04/27
    This show was more based on news rather than specific subjects. A bit of chat about these new Pyhsics cards and then talk about our all time favourite films.

  35. 4 - Favourite games of all time2006/04/08
    Another hour long show covering a variety of subjets. Sound levels possibly a little high in this one... we'll get it right sometime soon!

  36. 3 - Hard drives and Pay to Play gaming2006/03/26
    Our longest podcast yet, weighing in at just over an hour! Shocked You have been warned... We cover various subjects including hard drives and pay to play gaming.

  37. 2 - UK ISPs and Headsets2006/03/12
    We're getting there, a better sounding recording for our second podcast with chat about UK broadband options and then the importance of headsets for a gamer.

  38. Supplemental - D & D Online2006/03/02
    A short podcast all about the newly released MMORPG, Dungeons and Dragons Onlnine.

  39. Pilot Podcast - Vista, IE7 and more2006/02/25
    Our first podcast. A few issues that need ironing out before the next one, but hopefully you'll enjoy it all the same. Some chat about Vista, IE7, the CoD2 and BF2 patches and Ady talks to himself about some films.

Lanarchy - UK Multiplayer Gaming and Tech
Lanarchy.co.uk is a London based PC multiplayer gaming community. These podcasts are made by people from this community and they cover PC games, consoles, gadgets, technology and other things such as film and TV shows. It tends to be given in an amusing light hearted manner...

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