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  1. Izzy Video Ideas Episode 1 - Trying Something New Here2012/11/02
    I decided to try something new here. Take a listen… :)
  2. Meet the Shooter: An Audio Interview with Art Adams, Director of Photography2011/07/13
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  3. Camcorder Microphone Options2011/05/17
  4. Diffusion Panels for Outdoor Video Lighting2010/11/17
    In this video, I demonstrate the effect of using different levels of diffusion for outdoor lighting. Diffusion panels are essential tools for shooting video outdoors.
  5. How to Soften a Hard Light Source2010/10/13
    In this video, I demonstrate several different ways to turn a hard light into a soft light source. Many people look best under a soft light, so it’s helpful to know how to create one.
  6. Dramatic Lighting [Trailer]2010/09/09
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