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  1. Sp. 036 - Gundamn Year XI - The Savage Strike!2019/01/14

    The Best of 2018 Compilation, brought to you by the one and only Dollow Rlance!
  2. Ep. 201 - Ready Player Gundam!2018/11/19

    Neo & SBR finally tackle the latest Gunpla Battle series, "Gundam Build Divers"! Will they love it? Will they hate it? Will they join Gunstagram?!
  3. Ep. 200 - They Are Who We Thought They Were2018/11/19

    EPISODE 200! We made it, son! Join us for special episode where we look back on the show and talk about how we've changed as fans since the podcast started in 2007!
  4. Ep. 199 - We Have To Talk About Ideon2018/11/19

    Our tour through the Non-Gundam works of Yoshiyuki Tomino continues as we review the 1980 TV Anime Series, "Space Runaway Ideon", and the follow-up film, "Be Invoked"!
  5. Ep. 198 - Fat Char is Coming!2018/11/19

    DANGER! Fat Char is coming! Who will survive our discussion tonight of the recent news about upcoming Gundam Live-Action Film from Legendary Pictures, as well as our micro-review of Pacific Rim Uprising!
  6. Ep. 197 - The Red Comet Rises2018/11/19

    Tonight, Chris returns to close out our coverage of Gundam The Origin with our review of OVA VI, "Rise of the Red Comet"!
  7. Ep. 196 - The Legend of Garrison Missle2018/11/19

    In this episode, Neo & SBR review another 70's Super Robot series directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, "Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3"!
  8. Ep. 195 - The People vs. Char Aznable2018/09/28

    Neo & SBR hold an open conversation & retrospective on The Red Comet!
  9. Ep. 194 - The Legend of Kill Them All Tomino2018/09/28

    Neo & SBR start their coverage of Yoshiyuki Tomino's Non-Gundam Catalogue with a review of "Muteki Chojin Zambot 3"!
  10. Ep. 193 - Fare Thee Well, Bald Wizard2018/04/17

    In our final episode with Chris as a regular host, we send him off in fine fashion with a listener-submitted discussion topic, a look back on the podcast and one last dip into the ol' mailbag!
  11. Ep. 192 - Lotor's Run2018/04/15

    Our Reviews of "Voltron: Legendary Defender" Seasons 3 & 4!
  12. Ep. 191 - Shotgun Sayla2018/01/27

    In this episode, we reach in another grab bag of reviews for Build Fighters Battlogue 3 & 4, Twilight Axis & Gundam the Origin OVA V!
  13. Sp. 35 - Gundamn Diamond Dude! 10 Years2018/01/11

    The Best of 2017 Compilation, brought to you by the one and only Dollow Rlance!
  14. Ep. 190 - Gundam Potpurri2017/11/22

    Reviews of several Gundam Specials - Thunderbolt ONAs Eps. 5-8, Build Fighters Battlogue ONA Eps. 1 & 2 and Build Fighters OVA: GM's Counterattack!
  15. Ep. 189 - Oldest Ride, Longest Line2017/11/09

    We're joined by special guest AmuroNT1 for a Review & Discussion of the Code Geass OVA Series "Akito the Exiled"!
  16. Ep. 188 - Dynotherms Connected2017/10/01

    Review & Discussion for Season Two of "Voltron: Legendary Defender"
  17. Ep. 187 - Thermopylae Revisited2017/05/16

    Review & Discussion for Eps. 41 - 50 of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans" Season Two!
  18. Ep. 186 - Naze, Are You OK?2017/05/14

    Review & Discussion for Eps. 36 - 40 of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans" Season Two!
  19. Ep. 185 - Metal Gear Hashmal2017/05/11

    Review & Discussion for Eps. 31 - 35 of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans" Season Two!
  20. Ep. 184 - Lalah Land2017/03/02

    Review & Discussion for OVA Ep. 4 of "Gundam the Origin"!
  21. Sp. 034 - Gundamn Wars Year 9: A New Era2017/01/02

    In another annual special edited by Dollow Rlance, take a trip back to some of our best moments in 2016!
  22. Mech Talks! 2016 - Ep. 004 - The Shin Godzilla Review2017/01/02

    You saw this coming. Of course we were going to talk about this movie. This episode we celebrate 62 years of Godzilla with our review of the 29th Japanese made film, Shin Godzilla. We're also joined by Russell (also known as Robolizard on the internet), the original founder of the MechTalks Podcast. Also, just to be clear, spoiler warning on this one. We spoil the hell out of this movie.
  23. Sp. 033 - Stardust's Crusaders2017/01/02

    Spoiler Filled Review & Discussion for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"
  24. Ep. 183 - Biscuit's Lament2017/01/02

    Review & Discussion for Eps. 1-5 of "Iron Blooded Orphans" Season Two!
  25. Ep. 182 - Walkure Profile2016/11/10

    Chris & SBR cover the final half of "Macross Delta", reviewing Episodes 14-26!
  26. Mech Talks! 2016 - Ep. 003 - ITS A F$@ING ROBOT!2016/11/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  27. Ep. 181 - Beyond The Bounds!2016/09/21

    On tonight's episode, we run down the entries of the Zone of the Enders series
    covering the games & anime! Joining us our are special guests, @ArchetypeSaber & @SixerMason from @ShinStationEU!
  28. Sp. 032 - Til' All Are One!2016/09/03

    In this special episode, Soul Bro Ryu and hosts of the Jump-On Point discuss the IDW comic series based on our favorite robots in disguise, "Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye"!
  29. Ep. 180 - Wet Hot Gunpla Summer!2016/08/27

    Join us for our discussion of "Island Wars" - the
    new special episode of "Gundam Build Fighters Try"! Then, we catch
    up with Neo with his thoughts on "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded
    Orphans" Season 1!
  30. Ep. 179 - "Thunderbolt, baby!"2016/08/13

    Joined by a very special guest, we tackle as much "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt" as we can handle, reviewing the OVA Movie "December Sky" & Manga Vols. 1-7!
  31. Ep. 179 - "Thunderbolt, baby!"2016/08/13

    Joined by a very special guest, we tackle as much "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt" as we can handle, reviewing the OVA Movie "December Sky" & Manga Vols. 1-7!
  32. Ep. 179 - "Thunderbolt, baby!"2016/08/13

    Joined by a very special guest, we tackle as much "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt" as we can handle, reviewing the OVA Movie "December Sky" & Manga Vols. 1-7!
  33. Ep. 178 - Paladins of the Red Comet 2016/07/29

    We hit you with a double feature of reviews of "Voltron: Legendary Defender" Season 1 and OVA III of "Gundam The Origin"! Also, special guest @Fredrex00 from MechTalks joins us for several stories during the News!
  34. Ep. 177 - Macross Musume!2016/07/15

    Welcome to our Halftime Report on Macross Delta, as we discuss episodes 1-13!
  35. Ep. 176 - Last Stand in Edmonton 2016/07/01

    Our first live streamed episode, focusing on our review of the final 10 episodes (16-25) of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans" Season 1!
  36. Ep. 175 - Welcome to the Family2016/06/29

    Join us for our extended review for Eps. 6-15 of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans!
  37. Ep. 174 - Thunderstruck2016/05/21

    After a long wait, we bring you our review of the final volume of Gundam The Origin & the first episode of Gundam Thunderbolt!
  38. Mech Talks! 2016 - Ep. 002 - Fightin' Games and Comics2016/05/02

    AFTER 10,000 YEARS....another episode. This time with our bossand all around awesome guy SoulBroRyu, Co-host of the Gundamn@MAHQand
    amazing streamer! We sat down and talk all about fighting games andthe community, comic books, Star Wars, how shit Spider-Gwen is,and
    DOOM! Also making fun of Todd McFarlane. Because we can. Andbecause we're jealous of his money.
  39. Ep. 173 - Gundam AfterMASH2016/02/14

    Our very delayed final episode of 2015 brings our review of the final volume of Gundam The Origin!
  40. Sp. 031 - The Hateful Eight Years of Gundamn2016/01/17

    In this special episode edited by Dollow Rlance, we present some of our best moments of 2015!
  41. Ep. 001 - "A Bunch of Schlock"2016/01/12

    Welcome to the reboot of Mech Talks! Join Matthew & Fredrex00 on their uncensored stream-of-consciouness conversations about a variety of nerdish topics!

    In their first episode of the year, they are joined by guest panelist Crestborne (of @Powerborne) as they discuss their in-depth thoughts on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" & so much more!
  42. Ep. 172 - The War Boys of Gundam2015/12/31

    The long overdue review of the first 5 episodes of "Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans" has finally arrived as we begin our coverage of the new Gundam TV series!
  43. Neo Special 001 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review2015/12/22

    Neo reviews the latest offering from Star Wars!
  44. Ep. 171 - Kilgore the Origin!2015/12/02

    We finally cover the events of Gundam The Origin Vol. 11! Then the dust is blown off a misunderstood mecha anime classic as we review Madox-01, featuring the legend himself, Kilgore!
  45. Ep. 170 - That Ol' Crushing Feeling2015/11/10

    We crush it with a return to the 80's with a review of the Crusher Joe movie - directed by the legendary Yoshikazu Yasuhiko - as well as the two OVA specials!
  46. Ep. 169 - A Picture's Worth2015/10/08

    From the director of VOTOMS, Ryōsuke Takahashi, the crew review the 2006 documentary-style, mecha-anime series "FLAG"!
  47. Ep. 168 - No Country For Space Penis-Chan2015/09/15

    In this episode, we finally review the first two seasons of Netflix-adjacent mecha anime, Knights of Sidonia!
  48. Ep. 167 - Shining Incompetence2015/08/28

    Originally a mailbag question by MCTDread, we run with our thoughts on examples of Outstanding Achievements in Military Incompetence featured in Mecha Anime & Sci-Fi!
  49. Ep. 166 - Last Stand at Solomon2015/08/17

    Volume 10 is hot in our hands as we review another excellent chapter of "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin"!
  50. Ep. 165 - A Tale for the Eijis!2015/07/23

    We turn back the clock to 1985 to review the other Sunrise Mecha Anime classic to release that year, SPT Layzner!
  51. Ep. 164 - The Golden Geists 2015!2015/07/07

    Suggested by listener MCTDread. we honor some of the worst elements of mecha anime series with our "Golden Geists" Awards Ceremony of 2015!
  52. Anime Exop 2015 Aksys Games Art of Localiztion Revisted2015/07/06

    Anime Exop 2015 Aksys Games Art of Localiztion Revisted with special focus on Zero Escape 3
  53. Anime Expo 2015 Keiji Inafune Panel for Red Ash Project2015/07/06

    Anime Expo 2015 Keiji Inafune Panel for Red Ash Project
  54. Sunrise Bandai Namco Pictures Panel Anime Expo 20152015/07/05

    Sunrise Bandai Namco Pictures Panel Anime Expo 2015 - Day 3
  55. Anime Expo 2015 - Day 2 - Funimation Industry Panel2015/07/04

    Anime Expo 2015 - Day 2 - Funimation Industry Panel - Live Recording 7/3/2015
  56. Ep. 163 - Deep in the Heart of Texas2015/06/17

    Gundam The Origin Vol. 9 is on deck as we discuss & review the latest exciting volume! Then we dig into the Mailbag for an extended segment!
  57. Ep. 162 - Great Tournament, Great Experience2015/05/23

    In this episode, we return to Gundam Build Fighters Try and close out our thoughts on the series! Then, recorded live from the Florida Anime Experience 2015, is our Mecha Anime Confidential Panel hosted by Soul Bro Ryu & Doctor from the Ass Backward Anime Podcast!
  58. Ep. 161 - Familiar Places, New Faces2015/05/07

    Our reviews the final 6 episodes of "Gundam Reconguista in G" have arrived as we wrap up our thoughts on the series!
  59. Ep. 160 - Road to the Venus Globe2015/04/23

    Join us for our reviews of G-Reco Eps 17-20 as the crew of the Megafauna encounters new adversaries on their way to the mysterious Venus Globe! Then, we discuss the long awaited Gundam the Origin OVA Vol. 1!
  60. Ep. 159 - The Rayhunton Connection2015/03/26

    The reconquest of Earth begins as we review Eps. 13-16 of Gundam Reconguista in G!
  61. Ep. 158 - Flowers for Miharu2015/03/12

    The classic retelling of how Kai met Miharu and the Battle of Odessa are discussed as we review Gundam the Origin Vol. 8! Then we preview some of the sci-fi movies that are on deck for release over the course of 2015!
  62. Ep. 157 - The Tryhards Halftime Report!2015/02/23

    In this episode we discuss Gundam Reconguista in G, Build Fighters Try, some modeling news, as well as the King of all Monsters, Godzilla. Thanks to Gundam Planet for the use of one of there videos!
  63. Mech Talks! Ep. 003 - King of All Monsters2015/02/23

    In this episode we discuss Gundam Reconguista in G, Build Fighters Try, some modeling news, as well as the King of all Monsters, Godzilla. Thanks to Gundam Planet for the use of one of there videos!
  64. Ep. 156 - Into the Under Nut2015/02/03

    A new year begins with our reviews of "Gundam Reconguista in G" Eps. 9-12!
  65. Sp. 030 - The Lord King News Special 20142015/01/09

    With the blessing of the greatest news man of our time, Lord King, Neo & Dollow bring you up to speed on news that happened over the holiday hiatus!
  66. Sp. 029 - Final Gundamn Fantasy VII Years2014/12/29

    It's that time again! Produced by Dollow Rlance, he takes us through some of Gundamn! @ MAHQ's best moments in 2014!
  67. Mech Talks! Ep. 002 - Henshin-A-Go-Go-Baby!2014/12/29

    After much struggle. the Gundamnation reunite for the sophomore episode of Mech Talks, as they have a roundtable discussion on the Kamen Rider saga & other topics!
  68. Ep. 155 - Kuntala, Please!2014/12/05

    The saga continues as we return to "Gundam Reconguista in G" with our reviews of Eps. 5-8!
  69. Ep. 154 - Sympathy for Mr. Gundam2014/11/19

    Not only does the Old Timey return this episode, we also have a spirited discussion about the MSG parody series, "Mobile Suit Gundam-san"!
  70. Ep. 153 - The World is Not Square2014/10/31

    The Bald Wizard of MAHQ is back, just in time for the original Bald Wizard's return to Gundam with our review of "Gundam Reconguista in G" Eps. 1-4!
  71. Ep. 152 - Showdown at the Aznable Ranch!2014/10/22

    With Gundam the Origin Vol. 7 loose in the streets, we finally sit down to discuss the unfolding events of the latest chapter!
  72. Ep. 151 - Weapons Grade Nightmares2014/10/08

    The listener submitted topics keep rocking our way as we discuss the rigors of "showrunning" & our most nightmare inducing scenarios in Mecha Anime!
  73. Mech Talks! Ep. 001 - The Prototype Episode!2014/09/28

    Welcome to Mech Talks! This is an open discussion podcast about mecha, anime, video games, and really just anything that comes to our minds.

    The Gundamnation comes together for the first Mech Talks, as they have a roundtable discussion on the upcoming season of Gundam & other topics!
  74. Ep. 150 - Ask Gundamn!2014/09/20

    In this momentous episode, we face the Gundamnation for a live Q&A session!
  75. Ep. 149 - Once Bitten2014/09/01

    #ExVsTheGundamnation's own Crestborne is in the guest host seat as we blow the dust off two entries from our Topics Submissions thread! Then, we sit down with the one and only Vampy Bit Me, discussing her love of Gundam & Gunpla and her adventures in cosplay!
  76. Ep. 148 - Your Sho of Shows!2014/08/18

    In this jam packed episode, Dollow & SBR sit down with the voice of Madoka from "Rinne no Lagrange", actress Kira Buckland, for a fun interview! Then we are joined by none other than #AnimeMovieNight's own Shoji Ramuro for a review of mecha anime OVA "Kishin Corps"!
  77. Ep. 147 - Let Them Hate2014/07/31

    The long-awaited instant classic has arrived as we review "Transformers: Age of Extinction"! Then we hit the books again & discuss Volume 6 of "Gundam: The Origin"!
  78. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 - Keiji Inafune Panel - 7/5/20142014/07/06

    Gundamn Covers Keiji Inafune Panel at Anime Expo on July 5, 2014
  79. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with Q & A - 7/5/20142014/07/06

    Gundamn covers the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Q & A at Anime Expo on July 5, 2014
  80. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 - Inside the Voice Actor's Studio Panel - 7/5/20142014/07/06

    Gundamn covers the "Inside the Voice Actor's Studio Panel" at Anime Expo 2014 on July 5, 2014.
  81. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 - Sailor Moon Official Panel - 7/5/20142014/07/06

    Gundamn cover Viz Media's Sailor Moon Panel at Anime Expo 2014
  82. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 Funimation Industry Panel 7/5/2014 (Raw & Uncut)2014/07/06

    This is a recording of the Funimation Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2014 held on 7/5/2014. The recording is raw and uncut.
  83. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 Anime News Network Industry Panel 7/5/2014 (Raw & Uncut)2014/07/06

    This is a recording of the Anime News Network Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2014 held on 7/5/2014. The recording is raw and uncut.
  84. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 Right Stuf Industry Panel 7/5/2014 (Raw & Uncut)2014/07/06

    This is a recording of the Right Stuf's Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2014 held on 7/5/2014. The recording is raw and uncut.
  85. Gundamn @ Anime Expo 2014 - Sunrise Industry Panel 7/5/2014 (Raw and Uncut)2014/07/06

    The entire Sunrise Industry Panel at Anime Exp 2014 held on 7/5/2014. The recording is raw and uncut.
  86. Ep. 146 - Mailbag Overdrive!2014/07/02

    With Chris away for the summer, we take an extended look into the Mailbag and answer voicemails & questions from the Gundamnation!
  87. Ep. 145 - The Unboxing of the Universal Century2014/06/05

    Before Chris leaves for Summer hiatus, we close out the 4 year long coverage of Gundam Unicorn with a review of Ep. 7! Then in similar fashion, we wrap up our VOTOMS round-up with a discussion of all the OVAs of the 2000's onward!
  88. Ep. 144 - The Man from OZ2014/05/22

    The VOTOMS Round-up continues with reviews of the OVAs of the 80's & 90's! Then we sit down with voice actor David Kaye for a very special interview!
  89. Ep. 143 - The Red Comet Begins2014/04/23

    Our long-awaited VOTOMS Round-up kicks off with a review of "Armored Trooper VOTOMS". Then, the Gundamn Book Club resumes with our discussion of "Gundam The Origin" Vol. 5!
  90. Ep. 142 - The Final Round2014/04/10

    We reach the final stretch of Gundam Build Fighters, reviewing episodes 21-25!
  91. Ep. 141 - Mailbag Blowouts & Corner Closeouts!2014/03/26

    In this monumental episode, we close the doors on the Hopers & Dreamers Corner in a Mega-way! Then it's a long & overdue return to the mailbag for your comments & questions!
  92. Ep. 140 - Gunpla's True Detective2014/03/11

    This episode is rich with Plavsky Particles as we climb further up the bracket of the World Tournament with reviews of Build Fighters Eps. 16-20!

  93. Ep. 139 - Julius F'n Kingsley!2014/02/28

    MAHQ's resident Code Geass expert, AmuroNT1, returns to discuss the recently released second OVA episode of "Akito the Exiled"!
  94. Ep. 138 - The Meatbun Chronicles!2014/02/13

    Build Fighters rages on as we dive back to into the action with reviews of Eps. 11-15!
  95. Ep. 137 - The Raid: Jaburo2014/01/30

    We enter uncharted waters as the White Base finally arrives at Jaburo in Gundam The Origin Vol. 4! Then, we take a look at several of the mecha-themed video games coming out this year!
  96. Ep. 136 - Stars & Strikes!2014/01/16

    We return the face the new year with a robust episode, chock-loaded with our reviews of "Gundam Build Fighters" Eps. 6-10 & another Mailbag Blowout!
  97. Sp. 028 - Shadow of the Gundamn! Year Six!2014/01/07

    Hot on the heels of the the last special, Dollow brings to you another - this time, compiling our best moments from over the past year!
  98. Sp. 027 - AGE Year Five of Gundamn!2014/01/01

    By popular demand & edited by our producer Dollow Rlance, is our long-awaited best of Year Five special of Gundamn!
  99. Sp. 026 - The Lord King Xmas News Special2013/12/17

    The News Never Sleeps! With Gundamn on hiatus, Neo & Dollow Rlance sit down to report the latest news!
  100. Ep. 135 - HELLO Vifam!2013/11/30

    In an extended segment, we review the 1983 Mecha Anime space odyssey, "Round Vernian Vifam"!
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