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  1. 2018-10-13 Saturday evening2018/10/20
    A spontaneous collaboration between more civilized songs. J on keys V on classical guitar.
  2. Sunday Keys2017/07/17
    After a long day cleaning up the garage, with a dust mask and lots of trance music shining on the neighbors, this was recorded. The good ol’ Wurlitzer with the DL4 is proving to be a nice combo. Luckily there isn’t much noise this time, which works well for the major-tonality. There are some parts […]
  3. Keys DL4 with a dolphin intro2017/07/10
    I’m looking at this as a podcast episode. Think of the following text as a transcription of the intro: Hello there, Here’s a new track recorded today. It’s a long one, about 45 minutes and all instrumental as usual with Humaneyes. The beginning has a condensed clip from a comedy show by Joe Rogan. I […]
  4. DnRs main riff2017/02/23
  5. Immediate natural riff2016/10/28
    I like how this one appeared.
  6. 100 Percent2016/10/20
    This one well, is 100 in actual time
  7. 75 Percent2016/10/20
    This guitar piece can’t be described more than this and the vague title.
  8. keys song 22016/10/12
    I like this phrase.
  9. Cave Keys Full2016/10/06
    Here is a longer version per request. Perhaps this can be released with chapter markers in the future. For now, no section distractions. Good to be listened to when words aren’t where you want to be.
  10. New Sustain2016/08/19
    Added a brace for the sustain pedal but then didn’t use it much in this. A clip from mid-way through. Wurlitzer and M13.
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"There will be mistakes but the show must go on." ~Humaneyes
This podcast contains longer instrumental music, primarily first takes for a live performance feel. If you are looking for some musical ambiance while doing other tasks this may be a podcast for you. Tracks range from the discovery of a theme to elaborating on it, to just showcasing a loopable 'best of' from a longer session. As far as what it sounds like, listening is probably the best description.

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