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Chris Klein's Podcast

  1. Morning Brew 10-22-11 C co-hosting2011/11/14

  2. Morning Brew rejoin 9 24 20112011/10/01

    Saturday mornings 11-12 EST www.kcaaradio.com

    Join Fred Wallin and JB Kaye as they battle it out on the Sports and Political front-lines. Call in at 1-888-909-1050...if you dare!

    Produced by Chris "Mister C" Klein
  3. Mister C does the open of the Dec 17 2010 "Sports Parade" 2010/12/26
    I have been co-hosting "The Sports Parade" a sports talk program starring legendary tv/radio sportscaster, Fred Wallin. Co-hosts also include Brett Mallick and the East Coast Barrister of Bootchains, JBK...

    Here, I announce the show open....
  4. JBK Jive Talkin' Rejoin2010/02/04
  5. Opening For JBK hosting The Mel Robbins Show2010/01/22
    This is the new open Jb and I put together for his Friday hostings of The Mel Robbins Show. We are available for voice overs and image liners.
  6. The JBK Zone2010/01/22
    This is a new image liner JB and I did for his Friday hosting of The Mel Robbins Show.

    We are available for voice-over and image-lining assignments.
  7. Krazy Lounge Mix by JB2010/01/19
  8. JBK Eco-Freaks2010/01/18
    Image liner for JBK sitting in for The Mel Robbins Show
  9. JBK Image Liner Version 12010/01/14
  10. Image Liner for JBK Version 22010/01/14
  11. Open Bar At Lounge 600 Show 11 Hour 2 YES!!!!!!2009/12/30

  12. Open Bar At Lounge 600 Show 12 Hour 12009/12/29

  13. Merry Christmas From Lounge 600!2009/12/24
    This is a JB edit from one of our shows that was originally broadcaast on WICC 600AM five years ago.Merry Christmas & Enjoy ;-)
  14. Show 13 Hour 1 "Open Bar At Lounge 600"2009/12/24

    This is the first hour of our "Open Bar At Lounge 600" radio program that was originally broadcast on WICC 600AM on December 12, 2004. Enjoy ;-)
Chris Klein's Podcast

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