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Ask the Naked Scientists ENHANCED PODCAST

  1. Can humans slow down time?2018/10/11
    How do scientists calculate the mass and velocity of planets? Why does time slow down during accidents? Is table salt bad for us? Why do cockroaches end up on their backs when they die? Will other primates become human? Plus, a lumpy Earth!
  2. How did life begin on earth?2018/10/04
    Is our galaxy moving around? How did life begin? Why do my feet only sometimes sweat? How do you explain the big bang? Why do people think the moon landing was faked? Where does foam on the sea come from? Plus, the Nobel prizes!
  3. Do paternity tests work on identical twin fathers?2018/09/27
    Do serious hurricanes only occur in the Northern hemisphere? Is the Y chromosome a mutated X chromosome? Does a blood transfusion change your DNA? Plus, the gene drive on the most dangerous animal in the world; the mosquito.
  4. How can smoking marijuana affect your health?2018/09/20
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  5. How dangerous are shisha pipes?2018/09/13
    Does Mars have layers like Earth? Is shisha dangerous? Why does cold water make my toothache worse, but cold beer doesn't? Does cleaning vegetables with baking powder work? Do any two humans have the same fingerprint? Why do I sleep talk?
  6. What makes strange quarks strange?2018/09/06
    What is so strange about a strange quark? Why do I sweat when I'm eating food? Why don't things weigh more on Everest? Why does my speedometer in my car and app show different things? How does a heat shield work? How does alcohol affect people of different sizes? Plus - rain in the Sahara!
  7. Can atoms die?2018/08/30
    Can atoms die? How does fasting influence diabetics? If you burn polystyrene is it dangerous? Is it possible to grow trees on Mars? How important is fat for baby brains? How long before the planet is overpopulated? Do butterflies taste with their feet?
  8. Why do galaxies spin?2018/08/23
    Do galaxies turn clockwise or anticlockwise? What's the difference between dark matter and dark energy? Why do older people have quivering voices? Why is our planet called Earth? How do bionic eyes work?
  9. Why do women live longer than men?2018/08/16
    Why do women live longer than men? How do birds fly in a group? Why do loose stones hit my windshield? Why are some cremated ashes white and others grey? What's the point of a sneeze? Plus, engineering better batteries.
  10. Are Phobias Hereditary?2018/08/09
    Are phobias hereditary? Does hair grow after death? Do we really share 5% of DNA with Neanderthals? Why do some people have such good memories? Why is the sea salty? Could we lock away all the carbon dioxide?
  11. How are stars born?2018/08/02
    Why are some stars second generation? Why is yawning contagious? Why is the moon moving away from us? What causes lag on live broadcasts? Why can't you put metal in a microwave? How do stars form? Plus, organ transplants.
  12. Why does cannabis cause the munchies?2018/07/26
    Can we harness the power of the ocean for electricity? Why are some people lucky? Can I stop my plant from fruiting? Why do my eyes go red when I smoke a joint? Are cigarettes or joints worse for you? Plus, water on Mars.
  13. Can we harness the power of lightning?2018/07/19
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  14. Why Isn't Everyone Ambidextrous?2018/07/12
    What is a near-death experience? How do you stop mosquitoes getting into water tanks? Why isn't everyone ambidextrous? What is Schrodinger's Cat? Why does elephant urine take so long to dry out on roads? How do we measure the distance to far away stars? Plus, finding a far flung source of neutrinos...
  15. Are GMOs harming my health?2018/07/05
    How do seedless grapes reproduce? What causes serial womanisers? What's the fastest way to cool down a fire? Why does brewing tea for longer taste better? Why do gazelles all look the same? Can GMOs be harming my health? Plus, saving the Northern White Rhino.
  16. Why do we have body odour?2018/06/28
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  17. Why doesn't my snoring wake me up?2018/06/21
    Why is there always room for dessert? Why doesn't my own snoring wake me up? What actually happens when we die? Why does my helium balloon get more squishy? Can humans really live for 200 years? What is vascular dementia?
  18. How does my brain store information?2018/06/07
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  19. Why is phosphorus important for life?2018/05/31
    Do white rainbows exist? Why does putting cold hands in hot water itch so much? Do food additives cause cancer? How can you safely store breastmilk? How does race affect eye and hair colours? Plus, fighting off dementia by seeing your friends. Chris Smith joins Eusebius McKaiser to answer your science questions...
  20. Is Jurassic Park possible?2018/05/24
    Could Jurassic Park be a reality? How did dinosaur blood survive for 65 million years? Why is volcanic gas poisonous? Is astrology scientific? What is the Universe expanding into?
  21. How does shark repellent work?2018/05/17
    Why don't I sneeze during the night? Why do flammable liquids feel cold? Can you speed up meteors to help destroy them? What causes me to cry all the time? How do shark repellents work? Plus, a cure for the common cold!
  22. Does The Earth Have A Birthday?2018/04/26
    How can you reduce pain after surgery? Why do thick fluids wobble when poured? Why is the Earth's core molten? Plus, celebrating the 65th anniversary of discovering DNA.
  23. Why can't energy be created or destroyed?2018/04/19
    Can any organ get cancer? Why do mints make water feel cooler? Why do cockroaches face upwards when they die? What causes eye twitch? What's the best exercise after a hip replacement? How would high water pressue affect the body? Why is extreme cold as painful as extreme heat? Plus, developments are made with the first human head transplants...
  24. What was before the singularity?2018/04/12
    Why did my oven explode? Do nerves regenerate? What came before the singularity? Can an HIV-negative person transmit HIV? Should I complete a course of antibiotics? How do wine flies find my wine?
  25. What is the Universe expanding into?2018/03/23
    Can I donate an organ if it was already donated to me? Why do I sweat asymmetrically? What's the difference between a sea and an ocean? What is the Universe expanding into? Plus, a new trial spells hope for curing macular degeneration.
  26. Are other animals conscious?2018/03/16
    Can we treat eczema? Why can sour things taste before you eat them? Do testosterone levels spike during sex? Why didn't any other primates evolve high-intelligence? What is the difference between consciousness and intelligence? Plus, a farewell to Stephen Hawking.
  27. What wakes me up without my alarm?2018/03/09
    How do our bodies digest all the different things inside us. What is a phantom pregnancy? Why do men get middle-age spread? How do I wake up without an alarm clock? When did white skin first evolve? Plus, a message in a bottle.
  28. What is the limit of human thinking power?2018/03/02
    In a world of self drive cars would they have indicators? Why do you put sugar in before milk? Why are yawns contagious? How did butter come about? What's the limit of our brain capacity?
  29. How do planes stay in the air?2018/02/23
    How does a plane take off and fly without falling? Why are feathers more colourful than fur? Why don't teeth grow back? How do male seahorses carry babies? Plus, using mini organs to test cancer therapies.
  30. How does GPS work?2018/02/09
    Can you change the pH of your blood? How does GPS work? What causes nosebleeds? Why do we find falling funny? Plus, the smallest geneome sequencer to date.
  31. How can I remove salt from seawater?2018/02/04
    How can I remove salt from my water? Why does bread go soft inside plastic bags? Will my ginger beer explode? Why does hose spray come out slower under water? Why do I jolt awake sometimes when I sleep? Plus...cutting whiskers off mice.
  32. Why do we find puppies cute?2018/01/26
    What causes night cramps? Why is there a delay in audio and not video? How does a tortoise control its temperature? Does your heart stop when you sneeze? How deep is the ocean? Why do we go thirsty? Why do we find puppies cute? Plus, China successfully clones monkeys.
  33. How do blind people dream?2018/01/19
    My wife and I eat the same food but our farts smell differently - why? Can people who are born blind dream? Why are bricks the shape of bricks? How do I explain infinity? Why do astronauts grow in space?
  34. Do elephants get cancer?2018/01/12
    Is it true that elephants don't get cancer? Can science tell us how to be safe from tornadoes? Where does the rubber from tires end up? Why are tardigrades so amazing? How are sausage dogs so long? Does body size affect the perception of time?
  35. What would happen to someone born on Mars?2017/12/08
    Why does the sound a kettle makes change as it boils? Does a hot drink cool you down more than a cold drink? How does rice remove water from a mobile phone? What would happen to someone born on Mars? Why can't you hear accents in singers? Plus, how pollution affects birth weight.See more at www.nakedscientists.com
  36. Why is lightning jagged?2017/12/01
    Is the brain at birth empty? Why is farting funny? Does raw garlic cause stomach cancer? Why is lightning jagged? Can you fold the Universe? Is space dark? What is the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's?
  37. Is it Safe to Stand Near a Microwave?2017/11/24
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  38. Is bottled water safe to drink?2017/11/17
    Why do some athletes seem to be more injury prone than others? Will bottled water grow algae? If you toast bread will it keep its nutritional value? Are palm trees good at cleaning the air?
  39. How do energy drinks affect us?2017/11/10
    Why don't I have fingerprints? Why do the helium balloons in my car move the opposite way to people? Do other moons face their planet at the same time? How do energy drinks affect your body? What makes a person left handed? Why do I sneeze when I look at the sun? Could a fly travel at lightspeed? Do you have to gender match a heart transplant?
  40. What is the speed of dark?2017/11/03
    If the body repairs itself, why do we die? Why does water come out of your eyes? Can galaxies exceed the speed of light? What is the speed of dark? What's the link between substance abuse and insomnia? How do I drive without paying attention? Do we understand stuttering? Plus, how gut bugs affect your cancer treatment.
  41. Is the Earth flat?2017/10/26
    What is the association of shingles and chicken pox? Is the earth flat? Why are berries red? Does drinking through a straw affect how drunk you are? Does hot water sound different from cold water? How do cats jump so well? How skin prevents damage.
  42. Why are rainbows curved?2017/10/19
    Why are rainbows curved? Why do you get double rainbows? Why are accents in Australia, England and America so different? Is a warp drive possible? Plus, the difference between good and bad cholesterol.
  43. Can we control lightning?2017/10/12
    How does my cat open doors? Why can't I pause the radio? What is lean muscle mass? Can lightning be manipulated? Can silver iodide control the weather? Plus three blind mice, now able to see!
  44. Why is ice sticky?2017/10/05
    When we doze off what causes that jolt? Do antidepressants cause swelling? Why is ice sticky? Can you carbon date a person? Can humans upload their consciousness to computers? What causes static shocks?
  45. What is sleep paralysis?2017/09/24
    Is Earth about to be wiped out by Planet X? Do animals indulge in same-sex relationships? Are B vitamins linked to cancer? Is rainfall from a hurricane fresh or salty water? Why do smokers light up over a coffee? Why do people with hypothermia sometimes undress? What's sleep paralysis? Join Dr Chris and Eusebius for all the answers as well as news of a new therapy for multiple sclerosis...
  46. How do airplanes land safely?2017/09/07
    Why do people scream when falling from buildings? How do bombs affect the environment? How do airplanes land safely? Why do people commit suicide, and can we prevent it? Plus, how frogs avoid poisoning themselves.
  47. Can we 3D print rhino horn?2017/08/31
    Can we 3D print rhino horn? What is a static shock? How do cats eat and purr at the same time? Where is the Universe expanding into? How do you recover from polio? Plus, a new treatment for leukemia.
  48. Why don't Animals Crossbreed?2017/08/24
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  49. Can humans spontaneously combust?2017/08/10
    Can people spontaneously combust? How do flowers know when it's day time? What causes static electricity? Should your blood type affect diet? Is there such thing as digital addiction? Can we get to Mars? Plus - how goldfish make their own alcohol.
  50. Why did both males and females evolve?2017/08/07
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  51. Is all sweat the same?2017/07/27
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  52. Do Plants Hibernate?2017/07/20
    Can the moon affect people's behaviour? Do you weigh less after you take a bath? Do gas heaters have any side-effects on our health? Are microwaves dangerous? Plus, new electronic batteries based on the pulley mechanism that will last much longer. Chris Smith answers your questions with Eusebius McKaiser on South Africa's Talk Radio 702...
  53. Why isn't Roger Federer's right arm twice the size of his left?2017/07/13
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  54. Why are some people ticklish?2017/07/06
    What can a person do about restless leg syndrome? Why does data expire? Why do our tummies rumble? Why are some people ticklish? Why do people grind their teeth? How do pills know where to go?
  55. Is sparkling water bad for you?2017/06/29
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  56. Why do people have different accents?2017/06/15
    How do horses have such strong muscles if they never eat any proteins? When dogs wag their tails is this voluntary or involuntary? Does it save electricity to heat your water all day, or turn it off and on again? Why do we speak in different accents? Why did viruses arise? Why do our noses run? Plus, new insights into TB.
  57. Can White Parents Have a Black Baby?2017/06/01
    What causes IBS and what can we do about it? Are there some foods you shouldn't eat if your gallbladder's been removed? Could a white couple give birth to a black child? In what simple ways can we save water? What's gluten intolerance? Plus, the condition CIDP - chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy - what is it and how can it be treated? Chris Smith speaks to Eusebius McKaiser.
  58. Can sperm survive in space?2017/05/25
    How would you have sex in zero-gravity? Are eggs viable in space? What is nuclear fall-out? What is cold fusion? How long can astronauts be in space without side-effects?
  59. How do you power a spacecraft to Saturn?2017/05/18
    How do you power a spacecraft to Saturn? Can gravity affect the telomeres inside our cells? What can be done to help people with macular degeneration? How did simple, unicellular life get more complex?
  60. Do our voices change as we age?2017/05/11
    Is there a cure for flu? Can your genetic engineering make you smart? How far are we from designer genes? Can we cure HIV? Do our voices change as we get older? Plus, bioengineered bones!
  61. What is the best cure for a hangover?2017/03/24
    How do birds wake up at the same time each day? How does quantum computing work? Why do we feel hot even when the room is cooler than body temperature? Who will be the first on Mars? What's the best cure for a hangover? Plus, an anti-aging tablet.
  62. What causes deja vu?2017/03/10
    Why do we mishear lyrics? What causes deja vu? Where have all the bees gone? Do mermaids exist? Does God exist? What causes deja vu? Plus, synthetic genomes!
  63. Why do I get a stitch when I run?2017/03/03
    Why do I get a stitch when I run? Is there such thing as baby brain? Is exercise good for you? Do the lines on your hand mean anything? How does altitude affect athletes?
  64. Can we create artificial rain?2017/02/24
    Why are tooth aches more likely at night? Can chemo affect iron levels in your body? Why is there oil beneath the earth? What caused the big bang? Can we create rain artificially? Plus, seven new exoplanets.
  65. Are cell towers bad for you?2017/02/17
    Why do chilies burn my fingers? How dangerous are cell towers to your health? Who names cyclones? Do white and black people have different body temperatures? Why do hairs reach different lengths over the body? Why is gold precious?
  66. Why do wheels sometimes seem to spin backwards?2017/02/03
    Why is it that wheels look like they're going backwards? Why does my car give me static shocks? If you move an ant will it find its way home? Can you cool something below absolute zero? Do pigeons get itchy? Why do humans get sick when they eat raw meat?
  67. Can cannabis cure MS?2017/01/27
    Is the earth round or flat? Can you have two snowflakes that are alike? Would medicinal marijuana help with MS and Alzheimer's? Why does your mouth heal faster than your finger?
  68. What should I eat before an exam?2017/01/20
    What are the best foods to eat before and during exams? How do you get heavy metal poisoning? Why do you develop allergies? Why would soap help clean greasy pans? Plus, a robotic heart.
  69. Can people predict their own death?2017/01/13
    Why are dreams so realistic? When should you move your babies onto solids? Can people predict their own deaths? Am I allergic to exercise? Plus, the world's smallest knot.
  70. How does pepper spray work?2016/12/02
    Why can't I eat fruit? How well do polar bears smell, and how do we know? How does marijuana affect your brain? How does pepper spray work?
  71. How did speech evolve?2016/11/25
  72. What are the consequences of nuclear war?2016/11/18
  73. Do microwaves remove nutrients from food?2016/11/11
  74. How do you stop HIV spreading?2016/11/04
  75. What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?2016/10/28
  76. Where do children get their intelligence?2016/10/20
  77. Do we use all of our brain?2016/10/13
  78. How do we see distant stars?2016/10/06
  79. How does radiation escape black holes?2016/09/29
  80. Could the Earth be a living creature?2016/09/22
  81. Why are men hairier than women?2016/09/15
  82. How do birds sit on electric wires?2016/09/01
  83. Why doesn't vodka freeze?2016/08/25
  84. What's it like on Mars?2016/08/19
  85. Why did the Olympic swimming pool turn green?2016/08/11
  86. How do tornadoes form?2016/07/28
  87. Why do dogs have wet noses?2016/07/21
  88. What's the science in palm reading?2016/07/14
  89. How old is the Universe?2016/07/07
  90. Zika vaccine effective in mice2016/06/30
  91. Why are mosquito bites so itchy?2016/06/23
  92. Why does standing up make you see stars?2016/06/16
  93. What causes light to move?2016/06/09
  94. How do we vomit?2016/06/02
  95. A new way of keeping time?2016/05/26
  96. Is rewarming food dangerous?2016/05/19
  97. Can we 3D print teeth?2016/05/05
  98. Do planes change the weather?2016/04/22
  99. Why do you shudder when you wee?2016/04/07
  100. How do we get vitamin D from sunlight?2016/03/18
  101. Do antioxidants prevent cancer?2016/03/11
  102. How do they film fast moving golf balls?2016/03/04
  103. Why do we get butterflies in our stomach?2016/02/26
  104. How big is a drop?2016/02/19
  105. What are Gravitational Waves?2016/02/12
  106. What Keeps the Sun Burning?2015/12/11
  107. How safe is an old microwave?2015/11/27
  108. Do Animals Have Blood Groups?2015/11/13
  109. What is the universe made of?2015/10/30
  110. What causes stuttering?2015/10/16
  111. Do people have free will?2015/10/09
  112. Where do deleted texts go?2015/10/02
  113. Why do wires tangle?2015/09/25
  114. Should we drink wee?2015/09/18
  115. Where did Homo naledi come from?2015/09/12
  116. How can a headless chicken run?2015/08/28
  117. What determines your blood type?2015/08/21
  118. Can you microwave a cockroach?2015/08/14
  119. How does rice fix a waterlogged phone?2015/08/07
  120. Can you use a sonic boom as a weapon?2015/07/31
  121. Are intelligent people more prone to depression?2015/07/24
  122. Why does the placebo effect work?2015/07/17
  123. Does food affect your mood?2015/07/10
  124. How high can a fly fly?2015/07/06
  125. Why does the Earth hum?2015/06/19
  126. What does Botox do to your face?2015/06/12
  127. What happens when you swallow gum?2015/06/05
  128. Does truth serum work?2015/05/29
  129. Why don't babies laugh when they are born?2015/05/22
  130. Can you stop a yawn with a finger?2015/05/08
  131. Why can't my cat catch my cold?2015/05/01
  132. Why can't I whistle as I get older?2015/04/24
  133. How does seedless fruit reproduce?2015/04/17
  134. Can you use sound to control dreams?2015/04/10
  135. Why do we get goosebumps?2015/03/27
  136. What causes thunder and lightning?2015/03/20
  137. What is the sun made of?2015/03/13
  138. Can candles give you cancer?2015/03/06
  139. Why do I get a stitch when I exercise?2015/02/27
  140. Why does stress give me knots in my stomach?2015/02/20
  141. Can animals predict the weather?2015/02/06
  142. Why do we get brain freeze?2015/01/30
  143. How do phantom limbs work?2015/01/23
  144. Is there such a thing as a 'baby brain'?2015/01/16
  145. Is there a cure for vertigo?2015/01/09
  146. Why do pigeons bob their heads?2015/01/06
  147. How do you get an old pen to work?2014/12/19
  148. How do birds make eggs?2014/12/13
  149. Why do banana peels go brown?2014/11/28
  150. Can comets reveal the future?2014/11/21
  151. Why aren't there any flying spiders?2014/11/14
  152. What causes cataracts?2014/11/07
  153. Are Ebola survivors immune for life?2014/10/31
  154. Why do people talk to themselves?2014/10/24
  155. Can the radio control my dreams?2014/10/10
  156. Do flies have blood?2014/10/03
  157. Why do some people sleepwalk?2014/09/26
  158. Can you be born circumcised?2014/09/19
  159. Why does spaghetti break into 3 pieces?2014/09/05
  160. Why does running water make you need the loo?2014/08/29
  161. Can you get sunburn through a glass window?2014/08/15
  162. How accurate are dinosaur reconstructions?2014/08/08
  163. Are maps always right?2014/08/01
  164. Why do some wines give you a worse hangover?2014/07/25
  165. Why do we get nightmares?2014/07/18
  166. Is the sea getting saltier?2014/07/15
  167. Can blind chameleons change colour?2014/07/04
  168. What is Spontaneous Human Combustion2014/06/27
  169. A cure for procrastination?2014/06/20
  170. Why do we yawn?2014/06/13
  171. Why do people open their mouths when they apply mascara?2014/06/06
  172. What gives water its colour?2014/06/02
  173. What does coffee do to my heart rate?2014/06/02
  174. Are flies getting harder to swat?2014/05/17
  175. Will whales get the bends?2014/05/02
  176. Naked at 7022014/04/25
  177. Is petrol better value when it's cold?2014/04/25
  178. The first in-vitro vagina?2014/04/11
  179. How Sunny is it on Saturn?2014/04/04
  180. Where does Earth get its oxygen?2014/04/02
  181. What are gravity waves?2014/03/21
  182. Why do Guinness bubbles go downwards?2014/03/17
  183. Does wet coal produce less power?2014/03/09
  184. Can a phone affect my fertility?2014/03/01
  185. Where does dust come from?2014/02/23
  186. What causes a blood red moon?2014/02/23
  187. What accelerates light?2014/02/03
  188. Would a swimmer hit by lightning be fried?2014/01/31
  189. How do you size-up a CME?2014/01/12
  190. Ask the Naked Scientists is BACK!2014/01/06
  191. Do plants have sex?2014/01/05
  192. Why pulling nose hairs makes you cry?2013/10/13
  193. What Do Rockets Push Against in Space?2013/09/27
  194. Why does the Universe Spin?2013/09/20
  195. What Makes My Eyelid Twitch?2013/09/13
  196. Do Diamonds Melt?2013/09/08
  197. How does Digital Storage Work?2013/07/28
  198. Why is space dark?2013/07/21
  199. Why are mechanical hearts hard to make?2013/07/14
  200. Do Plants do Maths?2013/07/05
  201. How do solar sails work?2013/06/30
  202. Meths for Mosquito Bites?2013/06/22
  203. Is the weather worse at weekends?2013/06/07
  204. Can we Reproduce in Space?2013/06/03
  205. What is Colourblindness?2013/05/24
  206. Why are bubbles white?2013/05/19
  207. What is Sleep Walking?2013/05/13
  208. Does food affect body odour?2013/05/03
  209. How do Touch Screens Work?2013/05/03
  210. Are babies born to swim?2013/04/20
  211. Weaning and HIV2013/04/20
  212. Live from 702 HQ2013/04/13
  213. Do Satellites Collide?2013/03/27
  214. Why does Washing Shrink?2013/03/21
  215. How does a gastric bypass work?2013/03/09
  216. Are urine and sweat the same?2013/03/04
  217. How do pills know where pain is?2013/02/22
  218. Are you taking the Higgs?2013/02/10
  219. Why Tired Toddlers Rub Their Eyes2013/02/03
  220. How does blood doping work?2013/01/25
  221. Making more twins2012/12/21
  222. Can genes re-write their own code?2012/12/07
  223. Do tyres on the roof repel lightning?2012/11/30
  224. Do Blood Donors Live Longer?2012/11/09
  225. What causes hurricanes?2012/11/08
  226. Why don't eyebrows go grey?2012/10/26
  227. Why do some people have only boy babies?2012/10/19
  228. Why are aeroplane doors always on the left?2012/10/12
  229. Why does boiled water taste different?2012/09/28
  230. How do hair transplants work?2012/09/22
  231. Can we turn an asteroid into a space-station?2012/09/14
  232. Where does amniotic fluid come from?2012/09/06
  233. Why don't aeroplane tyres explode?2012/08/31
  234. What is a Black Hole?2012/08/24
  235. Why are there 360 degrees in a circle?2012/08/10
  236. Why should salt have a sell-by date?2012/07/27
  237. What causes anencephaly?2012/07/20
  238. Why doesn't the sea sink into the seafloor?2012/07/13
  239. Why do wounds itch?2012/07/06
  240. Could we Plug In an Electric Eel?2012/06/22
  241. Could Lightning Power a Town?2012/06/15
  242. Are Muscle Transplants Possible2012/06/12
  243. Can viruses catch colds?2012/05/31
  244. Will my wife look like my mother-in-law?2012/05/25
  245. Can Aeroplanes run on Diesel?2012/05/18
  246. Why do I want to eat chalk?2012/05/04
  247. How does snake venom work?2012/03/29
  248. How long can a human heart remain stopped?2012/03/23
  249. Why do Whales have Horizontal Tails?2012/03/09
  250. Why do Bubbles go Down in Guinness?2012/03/02
  251. In-Vitro Meat?2012/02/24
  252. Are insecticides painful for insects?2012/02/17
  253. What causes Deja vu?2012/02/10
  254. What is a hydatidiform mole?2012/01/27
  255. Why do veins look blue?2012/01/20
  256. How do they get the stripes in the toothpaste?2012/01/13
  257. Do My Koi Know My Voice?2011/11/25
  258. Why would Humans Explode?2011/11/18
  259. Why Are Planets Round?2011/11/04
  260. Are We All Equally Sweaty?2011/10/28
  261. Why can't you tickle yourself?2011/10/21
  262. What is an itch?2011/10/14
  263. Can you sneeze in your sleep?2011/10/07
  264. Can frozen onions make you cry?2011/09/30
  265. What causes Humans to Combust?2011/09/16
  266. How do electrons orbit in atoms?2011/09/02
  267. How much mucus is made in a day?2011/08/19
  268. Is a Dragster Faster Going East?2011/08/12
  269. Do microwaves cook from the inside out?2011/08/05
  270. Should I Let the Dog Lick My Wounds?2011/07/15
  271. Plummeting Lifts and Replacement Windpipes2011/07/08
  272. Why is the Sky Blue?2011/07/01
  273. How do painkillers know where it hurts?2011/06/03
  274. Why Stones Chip Windows on the Inside2011/05/27
  275. What causes sensitive teeth?2011/05/20
  276. Can Males Donate Organs to Females?2011/05/06
  277. Why do bats dangle upside down?2011/04/15
  278. What is Yuppie Flu?2011/04/07
  279. Where do soundwaves go?2011/03/25
  280. Why not put reactors underwater?2011/03/18
  281. Why Don't Mosquitoes Burst?2011/03/15
  282. Where do Melons Get their Water?2011/02/25
  283. Asthma, Pool Cleaners and MRSA2011/02/11
  284. Can corks cure cramps?2011/02/04
  285. Two Suns in the Sky?2011/01/28
  286. What causes kidney stones?2011/01/21
  287. To Pee, or not to Pee?2011/01/14
  288. How do cats navigate?2011/01/07
  289. Can a Mobile Phone Unlock a Car?2010/12/24
  290. Do Oxygen Levels Go Down in Winter?2010/12/17
  291. Is the moon upside down?2010/12/10
  292. Why do some songs get stuck in your head?2010/12/03
  293. Why Do We Sleepwalk?2010/11/26
  294. How does an astronaut swallow in space?2010/11/19
  295. Does Diesel Pollute More Than Petrol?2010/11/12
  296. Can humans get stuck together during sex?2010/11/05
  297. How Does Deodorant Work?2010/10/29
  298. Can I Crush my capsules?2010/10/22
  299. Am I ambidextrous?2010/10/15
  300. Where Does Belly Button Fluff Come From?2010/10/08
  301. Artificial Noses, Aeroplane Toilets and Big Brains2010/09/30
  302. How do Dolphins Drink?2010/09/24
  303. Tractor Beams, Phone Masts and Living in Space!2010/09/16
  304. Is it Safer to Kiss a Stranger or Touch the Door Handle in a Public Toilet?2010/09/09
  305. Why do Pigeons nod their Heads?2010/09/02
  306. Why are Cacti so Spiky?2010/08/26
  307. GPS, Floating Bridges and Explosions in Space!2010/08/19
  308. Protons, Photons and Colour-changing Toys2010/08/12
  309. Lasers, Atoms and our Universe!2010/08/05
  310. Why does time speed up as we age?2010/07/29
  311. Caramel, Carbon Dioxide and the way to the Centre of the Universe2010/07/22
  312. Do we really need 8 glasses of water a day?2010/07/15
  313. Why do Moths Fly Towards Light?2010/07/09
  314. Should I Drink from the Hot Tap?2010/07/01
  315. Flavours, Flies, and Facial Hair!2010/06/25
  316. Microwaves and Mirages2010/06/17
  317. How Did HIV Begin?2010/06/10
  318. Tornadoes, Bombs and Electric Shocks!2010/06/03
  319. Ageing and our Senses2010/05/28
  320. Why can't we Tickle Ourselves?2010/05/20
  321. Man-boobs, Hair Cells & Relativity in Rugby2010/05/19
  322. Bombs and Bacteria2010/05/13
  323. Earthquakes and Volcanoes!2010/05/07
  324. Comets, Planets and Space!2010/04/30
  325. Volcanoes, Aeroplanes and our Environment!2010/04/23
  326. Sun, Clouds and Rain2010/04/16
  327. Animals, Hair and Hot Flushes!2010/04/08
  328. Boomerangs, Painkillers and Nipples!2010/04/02
  329. What if the Moon went AWOL?2010/03/19
  330. Lightning, Radiation and the Northern Lights!2010/03/18
  331. Spaceships, Sun Rays and Glowing Skies!2010/03/12
  332. Why do we find Bottoms Attractive?2010/03/05
  333. What Do the Dimples Do on a Golf Ball?2010/02/26
  334. Love and Our Universe2010/02/19
  335. Earth, Space and Winning the Lottery!2010/02/12
  336. Spontaneous Combustion and Smellovision2010/02/03
  337. Do Strip Lights Flash Beneath Power Lines?2010/01/29
  338. Broken Bones and Glowing Worms2010/01/21
  339. Water, Snow and Icy Roads.2010/01/15
  340. Food, Fats and Healthy Eating!2010/01/06
  341. The Wrong Sort of Snow?2009/12/18
  342. Soap, Water and Tidal Power2009/12/11
  343. Gold, Hydrogen and Atomic Bombs2009/12/04
  344. Jetlag and Body clocks2009/11/27
  345. Dark Skies, Meteors and 3D Vision2009/11/19
  346. Snot, Spit and Criminal Minds2009/11/13
  347. Tough Tomatoes and Custard Conflagrations2009/11/06
  348. Venom and Stings2009/10/30
  349. Climate Change and Future Technologies2009/10/16
  350. Exploring our Universe2009/10/09
  351. Eyes, Aliens and Goosebumps!2009/10/02
  352. Batteries, Lightning and Stainless Steel2009/09/18
  353. Aliens, The Moon and The Bermuda Triangle2009/09/11
  354. Elements, Planets and Satellites2009/09/04
  355. Spiders, Wasps and Evolution2009/08/28
  356. Mobiles, Glowsticks and 3D Films2009/08/21
  357. Parallel Universes, Making Moons and Artifical Brains2009/08/14
  358. Brainy Birds and Winding Watches2009/08/07
  359. Exploding Stars, Shoe Polish and Lost in Space2009/07/31
  360. Yeast, Gyroscopes and Nuclear Waste2009/07/24
  361. Flashes, Orbits and Dogs2009/07/17
  362. Trees, Tyres and Teleportation2009/07/10
  363. Hiccups and Helium2009/06/19
  364. Stars, Wormholes and our Expanding Universe2009/06/12
  365. Laughter, Smell and Sounds2009/06/05
  366. Glass, Galaxies and the Gulf Stream2009/05/29
  367. Solar Wind, Moondust and Mouldy Cheese2009/05/22
  368. Cameras, probes and mobile messaging2009/05/15
  369. Spiders, Space and Skyscrapers2009/05/08
  370. Spotty Bottoms and Jogger's Nipple2009/05/01
  371. Sticky Water, Static Shocks and Solar Storms2009/04/24
  372. Painkillers, Plastics and Platelets2009/04/17
  373. Sparks, Lightning and Electricity2009/04/10
  374. Genes and Clones2009/03/20
  375. Electric cars and Exploding Champagne2009/03/13
  376. Atomic Bombs, The Amazon and our Climate2009/03/06
  377. Planes, Spaceships and Automobiles2009/02/27
  378. The Earth and Its Elements2009/02/20
  379. Ice, Snow and Space2009/02/13
  380. Phantom Limbs and Electric Shocks2009/02/06
  381. The Science of Lightbulbs and Compact Discs2009/01/30
  382. Stars, Stings and Tickles2009/01/23
  383. Space, Sciatica and Solar Power2009/01/16
  384. The Science of Sparks, Candles and Lightbulbs.2009/01/09
  385. Evolution and Adam's Apples2008/12/19
  386. Moons, Planets and Black Holes.2008/12/12
  387. Spies and Satellites2008/12/05
  388. Moons, Tides and Teabags!2008/11/28
  389. The Science of Time and Space2008/11/21
  390. Water, Sea Levels and Tides2008/11/14
  391. Stars, Space and Flying Saucers!2008/11/07
  392. Forming Gems and Fighting the Freeze2008/10/31
  393. Fast Cars and Mysteries of our Galaxy2008/10/24
  394. Dark Clouds and Sunlight on Your Skin2008/10/17
  395. Gluey Geckos and Snow in Space2008/10/10
  396. The Science of Fusion and Nuclear Power2008/10/03
  397. The Science of Flight and the Colours of the Universe2008/09/26
  398. Red Tongues, Intestinal Bacteria and Gut-busting Stress2008/09/19
  399. The Large Hadron Collider and Future Energy Sources2008/09/12
  400. Freezing Time and The Expanding Universe2008/09/03
  401. Flames, Fireworks and Flies!2008/08/29
  402. Losing your Senses and Shadows in the Sky2008/08/22
  403. Weighing the Earth and Discussing Diabetes2008/08/15
  404. Lightning, Poisonous Plants and White Holes2008/08/09
  405. Nut Allergy Myths and Dogs with Hayfever2008/08/02
  406. The Science of Brain Freeze and Magic of Mobiles!2008/07/25
  407. Forgetting Memories and Burning Rubber!2008/07/18
  408. The Power of Piezo and Sounds in Space2008/07/11
  409. Starting the Sun and Rotting Remains2008/07/04
  410. Bouncing Bombs & Deadly Volcanoes!2008/06/27
  411. Flying Loops and Fungal Tongues2008/06/20
  412. Splitting Atoms and Fires in Space2008/06/13
  413. Toning Up and Greenhouses on the Moon2008/06/06
  414. Future Power and Outer Space2008/05/30
  415. Talking Monkeys and Forming Fossils2008/05/23
  416. Floating Clouds and Shining Stars2008/05/16
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