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  1. All Things Employment - 01-12-102010/08/17
    Topic: Federal Reporting Requirements - What's Required - Carla Irwin of Carla Irwin and Associates. Carla Irwin & Associates, Inc. specializes in developing and implementing Action Programs (AAP) for Federal Contractors.
  2. All Things Employment 1 26 20102010/08/17
    Another installment of Thoughts from the Cubicle - with Rob Zanfardino. Julie Bartkus is a staff motivation expert and the creator of "The Staff Motivation and Retention System.
  3. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Traditionally you could predict permanent hiring by the way temporary hiring was moving. Is that the case in today's market? What are the benefits - to both employer and employee - of taking on a temp role? What are the downsides?
  4. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Today\'\' show will lead in with Rob Zanfardino\'s Thoughts From the Cubicle and the guest today is Barbara Burke. Barbara Burke is the author of The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey - How to Be Happy and Successful by Simply Changing Your Mind.
  5. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Andrea Sitting-Rolf is the author of Rev Your Resume - Create Your Accomplishments Portfolio & Land Your Dream Job She is a successful entrepreneur, sales trainer, public speaker, sales strategist, author and founder of Sitting Inc.
  6. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Mr. Sheridan has more than a decade of experience representing clients in employment matters dealing with employment discrimination, restrictive covenants, deferred compensation plans, reductions in force, negotiation of severance agreements
  7. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Robin Harpe, Author, Motivational Teacher and Certified Work-Life Strategist is beloved for her penetrating wisdom and compassionate humor. She is committed to helping individuals BE more, DO more and Have more.
  8. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Career coaching - in today's tough job market, people in transition are looking for answers to the job search dilemma. One avenue to pursue is engaging with career coach.
  9. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT is an author, management consultant, coach and trainer. She is the founder of the Business and Life Training Institute for Entrepreneurs and works with companies and organizations to help increase income
  10. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Gests Raymond Lee and Justin Schakelman of Careerminds. What, exactly is a brand? Do I really need to brand myself, and if so, how and why?
  11. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Philip Page, Jr., Author of “Getting Up AGAIN – Surviving Unemployment and Pursuing Destiny� Philip was the victim of a layoff after 6 years as a programmer for a software company in Tulsa, OK.
  12. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Guest: Dr. Joseph Harrison, Jr. - Chief Civilian Human Resources Division, Recruitment and Retention Branch for the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM). The branch was launched in April, 2008.
  13. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Guest: Joe Cardinale is a professional Finance/Business Analyst who has been looking for a new opportunity for 18 months. Having been unemployed for the first time in his adult life
  14. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    Guest: Laura Bassett, Reporter for the Huffington Post Unemployed Need Not Apply - as absurd as it sounds, this is a true sentiment among hiring organizations and recruiters. As if job search in 2010 is not hard enough, this new obstacle has popped up
  15. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    On today’s show today and we will be discussing general employment topics – temporary employment, volunteering, and the still hot topic of unemployed need not apply. Stay tuned for our mail bag segment.
  16. All Things Employment 7 - 13 20102010/08/17
    In today's competitive job market, it is imperative that you have something to set yourself apart. This is not news to many job seekers......but the question always becomes - 'what can I do to set myself apart'? The answer is a credentials package
  17. All Things Employment2010/08/17
    The state of job seeking today, why companies are reluctant to hire, and why they are allowed to sit on so much cash! We will also speak with JoAnne Lublin from the Wall Street Journal who recently interviewed the head of Russel Reynolds, and executive search firm in the Northeast.
  18. All Things Employment 2010/08/03
    For job seekers who want to learn how to be a little different from the competition - how to stand out and be remembered - how to be considered TOM - Top Of Mind. Creating a credentials package can help a job seeker offer more insight into what they bring to an organization, to help make the recruiter's job easier, and to provide information that may not come up in the initial interview.
  19. All Things Employment July 27, 20102010/07/27
    Vickie Causa and Rob Zanfordino talk unemployment extension and job search techniques for recent graduates.
All Things Employment
All Things Employment is a venue for anyone wanting a peek behind the curtain of the world of employment. Job seekers will hear the latest information on the employment landscape; tips on navigating the emotional wave of unemployment and a place where someone knows what they are experiencing. Listeners are encouraged to call in and share their job-loss experiences – How it was handled? Were you granted a severance, outplacement, recall rights? Do you have any recourse? How have you dealt with the job search? Employers will hear information on current job trends, the latest in federal regulations, methods for attracting top talent, tips for becoming an employer of choice, the legal parameters of employment and your overall employer responsibilities.

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