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  1. Musikpitch.com founder Scott Macintosh2010/07/15
    Need custom Music? Make custom music? Scott Mcintosh's discusses his contest music site Musikpitch
  2. Knowledge Genie Co-Founder Milo Sindell2010/06/22
    Take what you know, package it and keep the profits! Is it a book, a movie, a game. a bird or a plane. No it's a Genie. Listen in and see if we get our 3 wishes.
  3. Handling Cyber-bullies with Dr. Cheryl Dellasega PhD2010/06/03
    Cyber-bullies are a growing problem in schools and at work Can you cyber-punch a bully in the nose and cyber-stand up to them?
    Penn State University professor Dr. Cheryl Dellasega discusses this old school problem in the new tech world.
  4. Advanced cell phone technologies with Teltech Systems Meir Cohen2010/04/15
    Meir Cohen of Teltech Systems Tells us how they're bringing cell phone technologies into the 21st century.
  5. TRC 2.4 Interview with Embee Mobile2010/03/25
    We talk with Embee Mobile and how they convert surfing the web into points that can be transferred into minutes for pre-paid phone users.
  6. TRC 2.3 Jen Abrams co-founder of ourgoods.org an artists bartering site2010/03/11
    Do you want to learn how to belly dance but have no money? Well if you can write a press release, fix a moped or have a tangerine cocktail dress size 6 you might be in luck. The old school method of barter is back and the the people at ourgoods.org are part of that movement.
  7. TRC 2.2 Interview with Mike Thompson of Nuance2010/02/23
    Interview with Mike Thompson of Nuance to talk about Dragon Dictation, the free iPhone app that lets you dictate instead of type. And, Dragon Search that lets you say what you want to search for instead of typing.
  8. TRC 2.3 Ramble On with Richard Lee and Mark Lampert2010/02/18
    While waiting for an interviewee to show up in the queue, Mark and Richard ramble about tech and consequences.
  9. Nick Daze' from boomtown talks Happy Hour App2010/02/04
    Get your drink on with the simplest, sexiest, most useful happy hour finder on the planet!
  10. Let's talk about the #apple tablet2010/01/27
    Richard and Mark diffuse the hype and the news to talk about the reality and the potential of the new Apple tablet.
  11. mycubi.com- Set to become the Ebay for services2010/01/27
    Need something done? Why ask just one service provider when on mycubi.com you can ask several at
    the same time and allow them against each other for your business.
  12. Episode 1.14 with Usman Naeem of TimeSvr.com2009/12/08
    Info (Show/Hide)
  13. Episode 1.13 Lenny Borodin from Drunk Sniper2009/12/02
    Today were joined by Lenny Borodin V.P. of business development for apalon.com makers of Drunk Sniper- The ultimate Iphone pissing game.
  14. Episode 1.12 Jason Sadler of IWearYourShirt.com2009/10/15
    Today with chat with Jason Sadler of IWearYourShirt.com, an innovative marketing website where you can have your shirt with your name, company, brand, or cause worn for one day by Jason himself. We talk with Jason about the concept, how he uses technology, and why he's booked until mid 2010!!
  15. Episode 1.11 Andrew from SmileyLaw.com2009/10/13
    We talk with Andrew Smiley, a partner at Smiley & Smiley, a personal injury law firm in NYC about his firm and how he uses web technology.
  16. Episode 1.10 Romance Language and Online Dating2009/10/07
    We talk with Erika Moore of Romance Language, a company who helps people market themselves in the online dating world, essentially assisting them in crafting their online dating profiles. Erika is also a dating guru and has lots of advice for singles.
  17. Episode 1.9 Nate of Reptile Media2009/10/06
    We talk with Nate Gronewold of Reptile Media, an online clearinghouse for freelance news content, designed for the exclusive use of journalists and publishers.
  18. Episode 1.8 Sonya from Seriatim2009/10/02
    We interview Sonya Weisshappel founder and CEO of Seriatim a NYC-based company that handles the step-by-step details of domestic and international relocation, with individual care and attention.
  19. TRC Episode 1.7 Eric from Penguin-Place.com2009/09/03
    We talked with Eric Bennett, the proprietor of Penguin-Place.com about being a penguin fanatic and owner of an all-things Penguin e-commerce site.
  20. Episode 1.5 "The Startup" 2009/08/24
    Lisa is interested in starting her own business. Today, in this multi-part series, she will get some guidance from David Leffler, a small business attorney and Richard Lee, a small business IT and Web Consultant.
  21. Episode 1.4 The Year of The Backup - Mozy.com2009/08/19
    There are less excuses one can make for not backing up their files. Mozy.com offers one of the cheapest solutions online for backing up your desktop. For under $5, the lazy, paranoid and now the cheap, can cover their digital assets. Richard and Mark interview Devin Knighton from Mozy.com.
  22. Episode 1.3 Interview with Kylie Harper of TapitWater.com2009/08/18
    In this interview with Kylie Harper we will learn all about TapitWater and how she and her company are helping the environment by creating more awareness to the problem of bottled water. Plus, we'll talk about how she uses technology to help blast her message far and wide.
  23. Episode 1.2 Interview with Rahti of Creative Calling Coaching2009/08/14
    Rahti will explain her own words what it is that might be keeping people from pursuing the creative line of work they've only dreamed of. Later in the segment we'll be exploring creative websites to let the right-side of your brain run wild.
  24. TRC Show with FootHold Worldwide2009/08/07
    FootHold Worldwide (www.footholdworldwide.com) is a service that bridges people from their formal education into the professional world.
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