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The FireVader Podcast (mp3)

  1. My Seventh Podcast More then Meets the Eye2010/08/08
    My Seventh Podcast where it is all Transformers Reviews
  2. My Sixth Podcast2010/06/01
    This is my Sixth podcast where I am doing my Top 5 80's Cartoons my Video game Review of Eat Lead and my Movie Review of Shrek Happily Ever After in 3d. Thanks for Downloading.
  3. My Special Revew Podcast2010/05/27
    This is my special Review Podcast for Modnation Racers and PixelJunk's Shooter
  4. My Fifth Podcast2010/05/23
    Sorry about it being so late but here it is...I hope that you really do like it.
  5. My Fourth Podcast2010/03/28
    My Fourth Podcast with my Top Five Disney Rides, News, Book Review, Video Game Review, and Movie Review
  6. My Third Podcast2010/02/28
    This is my Third Podcast I sure do hope that you all enjoy it and come back for more.
  7. Second Podcast2010/01/17
    This is my Second Podcast my Review of my Fav games for 2009 and my Fav Podiobook authors Phil Rossi and Scott Sigler
  8. My First Podcast2010/01/17
    This my first podcast I hope that you like it.
The FireVader Podcast
My News Reviews and my brand new podcast

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