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Miss Law and her Class's Podcast

  1. P.5 Lele Unit 1 Good Behavior2010/09/09
    Miss Law records the first dictation for you, but next time I'll ask someone to help me. Go and downlaod the sound file and study hard! ^_^
  2. origami teaching lesson --- Karen Kwan2010/03/06
    please comment.
  3. origami --- Karen Kwan2010/03/03

    I'm so excited at that time!
    so I want say "audio play" but I say "audio movie"!

    I am so silly.
    At last, I hope everyone will enjoy origami.
  4. Introduce Myself - Carrie Ma2010/02/27

    Hello! Everyboby, I am Carrie Ma.
    This is my first time to open a podcast.
    I would like to introduce myself first.
    I am eleven years old and studying in Scared Heart Canossian School in Primary 6.
    At school, ......
  5. Introducing myself--Sidra2010/02/28
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  6. Introducing myself -- Miss Law2010/02/25
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  7. Miss Law’s new podcast account for reading aloud 2010/02/25
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  8. Introducing myself--Tiffany Lam2010/02/24
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  9. Introducing myself -- Charlene Liauw2010/02/24
    Hi! I am Charlene. Hope you will like my podcast!
  10. introducing myself-Stephanie So2010/02/24
    HI, I am going to introduce myself. The background song is "Reflection" hope you will like it!!!!!
  11. Introducing myself -- Lauren Lam2010/02/24
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  12. Introducing myself - Katie Kwok2010/02/24
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  13. Introducing myself (Eunice)2010/02/24
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  14. Introducing myself--Tiffany Lam2010/02/23
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  15. Introducing myself Phoebe Chan2010/02/23
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  16. Introducing myself--Cato Au yeung2010/02/28
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  17. Introducing Myself -- Candy Lam2010/02/22
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  18. Introducing myself---Cherry Keung2010/02/22
    Hi!My name is Cherry,I'm 11 years old. Let me introduce myself now!
  19. Introducing myself --- Karen Kwan2010/02/22
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  20. Introducing myself---Rita Ho2010/02/22
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  21. My thought 2010/02/18

    I'll try teaching my students to make some episodes on podcasts.
Miss Law and her Class's Podcast
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