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The Big Nutz Show

  1. The Big Nutz Show 12.02010/10/27

    We're back... finally! (and sorry)

    Open Letter to Brett Favre

    Nate and Jubal discuss Celebrity Apprentice

    Nate's deaf chick story (a MUST listen)

    Song of the Day
  2. The Big Nutz Show 11.02010/05/23

    ***PROGRAM NOTE - The Big Nutz are off next week because Jubal is in Mexico. That means peep this episode twice!***

    Jubal the panty sniffer

    Kevin Costner saves water

    People be doing all kinds of stuff with their bodily fluids man

    Song of the Week

    Nate has a problem with Plies
  3. The Big Nutz Show 10.02010/05/17

    The Chicken Burper

    Poop Ninjas

    Jubal seems to think he's normal

    Song of the Week

    Cheating Spouses

    LT butt &#*$'s Me
  4. The Big Nutz Show 9.02010/05/09

    Arizona is racist

    Jubal's Open Letter to Arizona

    Guest: Comedian Sean Allen

    Being Single

    Song of the Week

    Armless Martial Artist

    What would you do if you were rich?

    What do you do after sex?
  5. The Big Nutz Show 8.02010/05/03

    Sleeping through a threeway

    Blow darts and Africans at the airport

    Drinking breast milk

    Song of the Day

    Getting caught red handed
  6. The Big Nutz Show 7.02010/04/26


    Whitney Houston we have a problem!

    Nate Prank Call

    Open Letter to Snooki

    Song of the week

    Big girl fashion

    The butt vibrator
  7. The Big Nutz Show 6.02010/04/19

    All the filth - puke, number 2, colonics

    Awkward sex stories

    Nate Prank Call

    Song of the week **new feature**

    BURN IT!

    Porno for the blind
  8. The Big Nutz Show 5.02010/04/12

    Nate is EXCITED!

    Music and The Memories it Brings Back

    Hoh Street

    Jubal's Open Letter

    Nate's Prank Call
  9. The Big Nutz Show 4.02010/04/04

    April Fools

    Sex, sex, sex

    Sex addiction

    Naming your privates

    Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

    Hog Nutz

    Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

    Oh... and Jubal got locked out of his place.

  10. The Big Nutz Show 3.02010/03/28

    Signing makes it all better
    Gay coffee
    Dora the Whore-a
    Please beat your kids
    Open Letter to Spencer Pratt
    Prank Call
  11. The Big Nutz Show 2.02010/03/21

    St. Patrick's Day
    Open Letter to St. Patrick
    Church Differences
    Prank Call
    Relationship Drama / How To Break Up With Someone
    ***Win Twilight New Moon on DVD and Todd Bridges new book (Yes, Willis)***
  12. The Big Nutz Show 1.02010/03/15

    The Ball Cramp
    Shaving While Driving
    Linsday Lohan and the Racist Baby
    Phone Prank - Nate calls for a "hap ending"
    Germans are Freaks / 2 Girls 2 Chopsticks
The Big Nutz Show

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