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eDk Mix Sessions .: Prog.Tech-Trance //

  1. eDk·44 // TW!ST2012/03/22
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  2. eDk|0432010/10/03
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  3. eDk|0422010/08/31
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  4. eDk|0412010/08/23
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  5. eDk|0402010/07/28
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eDk Mix Sessions .: THE ARCHIVES ::

Over 10 years experience playing Drums and Producing EDM, combined with training in Jazz Improvisation and Studio Recording Techniques gives this DJ a unique perspective behind the decks.

"Everything is a remix on the fly. With loops, filters, and triggered effects, you can completely reshape a track and take it somewhere new. Digital DJ technology has advanced to the point where you can mix not just songs - but individual beats, riffs, and progressions, to mould together a sonic collage of your own."

Driven by a love of syncopated rhythms and hypnotic melody, Eddie's mixing style aims to layer elements of Techno, Prog, Psy, HardTrance, and HardDance - to create a journey through sound you can lose yourself in.

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