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DIBBcast - A Disney Podcast with a British accent.

  1. DIBBcast #173 - Mid July 2017 - Money saving Turkey Legs!2017/07/14
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  2. DIBBcast #172 - 1st July 2017 - Fun, Fundraising and Quintessentially Faffage2017/06/29
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  3. DIBBcast #171 - Mid June 2017 - What a load of Muppets!2017/06/15
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  4. DIBBcast #170 - 1st June 2017 - Concrete floors, Le Parc B and Clacton High Street2017/05/31
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  5. DIBBcast #169 - Mid May 2017 - Out of the mouths of Padawan babes2017/05/14
    In a Galaxy far, far away our very own Obe-Wan Kenobe, Jeremy, interviews his two boys re Star Wars matters . Our Princess Leia better known as Mel joins a Darth Vader Grant and Padme Amidala Rachel to review the news and rumours, project Bon VoyagEE holo - messages and pilot the Death Star of DIBBcast Towers. It's all powered by a British Accent!
  6. DIBBcast #168 - 1st May 2017 - Doggone - Jeremy gives us the bird!2017/04/30
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  7. DIBBcast #167 - Mid April 2017 - We have you cornered!2017/04/14
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  8. DIBBcast #166 - 1st April 2017 - Parliamo Mousari?2017/03/31
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  9. DIBBcast #165 - Mid March 2017 - We are your hosts...your Ghost Hosts2017/03/14
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  10. DIBBcast #164 - 1st March 2017 - DDP - DIBBcast Dining Plethora2017/02/28
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  11. DIBBcast #163 - Mid February 2017 - Un homme et trois dames Glowtini2017/02/14
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  12. DIBBcast #162 - 1st February 2017 - The Presidential Episode2017/01/31
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  13. DIBBcast #161 - Mid January 2017 - Totally Eclipsed2017/01/14
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  14. DIBBcast #160 - 1st January 2017 - Ring out the old, ring in the booze2016/12/31
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  15. DIBBCAST #159 - Mid December 2016 - A Highway Happy Holidays2016/12/14
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  16. DIBBcast #158 - 1st December 2016 - It's beginning to look a lot like cocktails2016/11/30
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  17. DIBBcast #157 - Mid November 2016 - Let's drone on...2016/11/14
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  18. DIBBcast #156 - 1st November 2016 - Rob or Roz?2016/10/31
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  19. DIBBcast #155 - 1st October 2016 - Beware the Big Black Cross!2016/09/30
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  20. DIBBcast #154 - 1st September 2016 - Farewell to Brownies2016/08/31
    With Rob still scoffing Funnel Cake back in Orlando the command comes through for Grant to lead the proceedings. Mel and Geoff tag along as they all discuss doctors and clinics, chocolate and coffee and whether to "Splash" or not. There's Bon VoyagEEs by the planeload and we announce our Mid Month Update Goody bag winner - and all with a British Accent.
  21. DIBBcast #153 - 1st August 2016 - Tipping Point2016/07/31
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  22. DIBBcast #152 - 1st July 2016 - The Good, The Bad and The Plushie2016/07/01
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  23. DIBBcast #151 - Mid June 2016 - It's the DIBBcast but not as we know it2016/06/15
    So we've all packed our suit cases and headed to Blackpool for our annual Grand Day Out. What a day it was with Avalanche Adventures, Wensleydale Wanderings, Rob's Rewards and Auntie Mel's Glowtinis. The great news is that £3200 was raised for Cancer Research UK and the day was rounded off by a "live" show. People of a nervous disposition are warned not to listen...
  24. DIBBcast #150 - 1st June 2016 - Ee, bah gum, it's grand!2016/05/31
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  25. DIBBcast #149 - Mid May 2016 - Abominable Animatronics2016/05/15
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  26. DIBBcast #148 - 1st May 2016 - Release the Soundoid!2016/04/29
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  27. DIBBcast #147 - Mid April 2016 - Mac 'n' Cheese2016/04/15
    In your mid month melee of magical musings, James & Grant mumble about Mickey's musical makeovers, mulled mead & merriment, movie memory matters, Munich's marquee, massive mission moratorium, Miso mixed menus, multiple methodology meddling, more maritme movements and marvelous monumental maybes on your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent!
  28. DIBBcast #146 - 1st April 2016 - The nearly episode 145 show2016/04/01
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  29. DIBBcast #144 - 1st March 2016 - There's Cream in Them Thar Hills!2016/02/28
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  30. DIBBcast #143 - Mid February 2016 - Mind The Gap2016/02/16
    For February we focus on food as we bring you a funsized portion of your favoruite Disney podcast with a British accent. Falls Fillets, Frothy Fou, Film Finality, Fulton's Future, Floridian Feast-Fulls, Fusty Fragrances and the Fascination of Formica which isn't Flush with the Floor.
  31. DIBBcast #142 - 1st February 2016 - Love Bug, Shmove Bug2016/01/31
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  32. DIBBcast #141 - Mid January 2016 - Mind Your Manners For Mickey2016/01/17
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  33. DIBBcast #140 - 1st January 2016 - May January 1st be with you2015/12/30
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  34. DIBBcast #139 - Mid December 2015 - Santa's little helpers2015/12/14
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  35. DIBBcast #138 - 1st December 2015 - Carry On Padawan!2015/11/30
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  36. DIBBcast #137 - Mid November 2015 - Silence Sophie S'il Vous Plait2015/11/14
    It's Grant joining James for your little bit in the middle this month to Gas Gregariously about Grandma as Grinch, Ghoulish Gourmet, Greedos Gone, Guest Greetings, Glidden Games and Grill Grievances. We are asked to consider another candidate for Broomcupbaord 101 and, of course, we have all Bon Voyages on your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent.
  37. DIBBcast #136 - 1st November 2015 - When Shall We Three Meet Again?2015/10/31
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  38. DIBBcast #135 - Mid October 2015 - The Great British Dole Whip2015/10/15
    In your pumpkin sized mid month helping of your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent, the rascal Roskell rumages through the rumour mill to have a random rant with Rob about Rafiki's Relocation, Ritzy Robes, Restricted Rafting, Right Royal Resolution, Ride Renovation Risk Rumours & Rapunzel Roles before reviewing a very seasonal Broomcupboard 101.
  39. DIBBcast #134 - 1st October 2015 - Cor Blimey, Mary Poppins!2015/09/30
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  40. DIBBcast #133 - Mid September 2015 - Totes Emosh2015/09/16
    Ghastly Gremlins, Cindy Construction, Star Wars shenanigans, Christmas lights catastrophe and total Armageddon in more ways than one! Sticky tape, grim determination and pixie dust are the elements on this mid month show...
  41. DIBBcast #132 - 1st September 2015 - Get art o' my pool!2015/09/01
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  42. DIBBcast #131 - Mid August 2015 - Mel & Geoff's Night On The Tiles2015/08/14
    Mel invites Geoff to the converted box room over the garage at DIBBcast Towers to bring you news of Tremendous Turrets, Tea & Toast, Tinsel Teasings, Tip-Top Tenancies, Tiki Ties and, in Broomcupboard 101, Tile Trouble. It's your mid-month episode of your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent.
  43. DIBBcast #130 - 1st August 2015 - 60 Magical Years2015/07/31
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  44. DIBBcast #129 - Mid July 2015 - Please Move Along The Row2015/07/14
    Rob joins James for your mid July helping of your favourite Disney parks podcast with a British accent to discuss Colossal Changes, Cool Coleslaw, Calescent Cornbread, Colourful Carafes, Chocolate Chemistry, Carlo Collodi & Cheesy Chips. We also reveal all the details & information about next year's Grand Day Out 2016!
  45. DIBBcast #128 - 1st July 2015 - It's fluff to be a plush2015/07/01
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  46. DIBBcast #127 - Mid June 2015 - The DIBBcast Grand Day Out 2015!2015/06/14
    On Saturday 6th June 2015, the DIBBcast Team headed off to Blackpool for their annual family fun day, raising lots of money for Cancer Research thanks to the wonderful generosity of our friends & DIBBcastears. Listen to what happened when we recorded your favourite Disney parks podcast with a British accent LIVE! at the Pleasure Beach.
  47. DIBBcast #126 - 1st June 2015 - A five legged friend, a five legged friend - Queue here2015/05/31
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  48. DIBBcast #125 - Mid May 2015 - Broom Cupboard Bossa Nova2015/05/15
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  49. DIBBcast #124 - 1st May 2015 - It's Hip to be a Potato Waffle2015/04/30
    There are some shows we record where all the elements fall into place: news, banter, features. This is not one of them. With Geoff on his hollybobs, the team struggle to keep a lid on the madness. So in addition to our usual features you can also expect Huey Lewis, Potato Waffles, Eurovision, and the Judith Chalmers Backlot Tour Experience. Come back Geoff, all is forgiven!
  50. DIBBcast #123 - Mid April 2015 - It's A Small Wait After All2015/04/17
    With apologies for the slightly late arrival of your mid month edition of your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent, we bring you a bountiful barrow load of Breakfasts, Beasts, Belle, Bookings, Buffets, Bouncing, Bears, Boba Fett, B Movies, Bread, Bisques, Beers, Beaches, Bathing, Budgets, Boxes, Bars, Broom Cupboard 101 and your Bon Voyages.
  51. DIBBcast #122 - 1st April 2015 - We're 3 (Northern) Caballeros2015/03/31
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  52. DIBBcast #121 - Mid March 2015 - Eclipsed by Elsa?2015/03/14
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  53. DIBBcast #120 - 1st March 2015 - Tsum Tsum Enchanted Evening2015/02/28
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  54. DIBBcast #119 - Mid February 2015 - Other Coffee Shops Are Available...2015/02/13
    In a chronologically consistent chaotic collection of the character C, your mid-month chunk of your favourite Disney parks podcast with a British accent brings you Costs, Calculations, Coffee, Cars, Claws, Characters, Congratulations, the Caribbean , Chewbacca, California, China, Capsules and, in Broomcupboard 101, more Controversy! Oh, and Rob becomes Maggie Philbin.
  55. DIBBcast #118 - 1st February 2015 - Pop Goes the Haggis2015/01/31
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  56. DIBBcast #117 - Mid January 2015 - New Year, New Mascot?2015/01/14
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  57. DIBBcast #116 - 1st January 2015 - Resolutely - no resolutions!2014/12/31
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  58. DIBBcast #115 - Mid December 2014 - He's Back. Merry Christmas!2014/12/14
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  59. DIBBcast #114 - 1st December 2014 - Chosen to be Frozen2014/11/30
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  60. DIBBcast #113 - Mid November 2014 - Chante! Not Noel!2014/11/14
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  61. DIBBcast #112 - 1st November 2014 - Three Men in a Boat2014/10/31
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  62. DIBBcast #111 - Mid October 2014 - Share and share alike...2014/10/15
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  63. DIBBcast #110 - 1st October 2014 - For Goodness' Sake, Let it Go...!2014/10/01
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  64. DIBBcast #109 - Mid September 2014 - DLP PhotoPass+2014/09/16
    With a Frozen Iced Latte in hand, a crane covered in fairy lights & tinsel and lots of blood, gore & screaming, Mel and James bring you your monthly earful of your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent. Posing for a Selfie, James details the new PhotoPass+ service coming to Disneyland Paris soon as well as all the latest news & rumours from Disney around the globe.
  65. DIBBcast #108 - 1st September 2014 - A Whole New Boil Wash2014/08/31
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  66. DIBBcast #107 - Mid August 2014 - The Construction Show2014/08/17
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  67. DIBBcast #106 - August 2014 - Driving Miss Crazy2014/07/31
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  68. DIBBcast #105 - Mid July 2014 - Rob's Great Escape2014/07/15
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  69. DIBBcast #104 - July 2014 - It's a Jolly Holiday...2014/06/30
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  70. DIBBcast #103 - June 2014 - The DIBBcast Grand Day Out 20142014/06/15
    Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU! to everyone who attended The DIBBcast Grand Day Out 2014 and helped raise more than £1,500 for Cancer Research! If you couldn't make it, here's a small party bag sized helping of what you missed. Be sure to book your place for next year!
  71. DIBBcast #102 - 1st June 2014 - Tights, Camera, Action!2014/06/01
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  72. DIBBcast #101 - 15th May 2014 - Broom Cupboard 1012014/05/16
    Mel joins James in the converted box room over the garage to bring you details of Pirouette Painting, Passionate Patrons, Preferred Poniards, Palm Problems, Parade Plenary, Prosperous Progress & Personnel Placement. They also debate what should be thrown into our broom cupbaord 101 for eternity. It's your new look, not so little bit of your favourite Disney podcast, with a British accent.
  73. DIBBcast #100 - 1st May 2014 - Snail of the Century2014/04/30
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  74. DIBBcast #50Xtra April 20142014/04/14
    Just in time for Easter, the DIBBcast's very own Chip & Dale (we call them James & Rob) are in the XTRA broom cupboard to speak about Sylvilagus, Solidification, Stockings, Shloer, Shortbread, Soundalikes, Stripes, Segways, Springs, Sharks, Signage & Soft Openings, as well as everything you need to know to help plan a holiday to Disneyland Paris. The DIBBcast - Disney, with a British accent.
  75. DIBBcast #50 April 2014 - It's Frozen Down South2014/03/31
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  76. DIBBcast #49Xtra March 20142014/03/14
    Grant & James peruse Parades, Pete, Prescriptions, Paving, Pathways, Purple Produce, Padawans, Pollo, Power Bars, Perpetual Parties, Pies, Pasties, Port-Salut, Poler Puzzles and Pungent Permutations in this mid March XTRA helping of your favourite Disney Podcast with a British Accent. DIBBer Lottie Linter also drops by to discuss her experience as a Disneyland Paris Cast Member.
  77. DIBBcast #49 March 2014 - Sittin' on the Dock of Bay Lake2014/03/01
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  78. DIBBcast #48Xtra February 20142014/02/14
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  79. DIBBcast #48 February 2014 - The Wizarding World of Magic Bands2014/01/31
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  80. DIBBcast #47Xtra January 20142014/01/15
    Pavilions, Princesses, Patches, Pandora, Passes, Plunging, Paris & Adrian Mole are the hot topics Mel discusses with James on your broom cupboard sized little bit in the middle of your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent. It's the first DIBBcast XTRA of the year!
  81. DIBBcast #47 January 2014 - He's Behind You2013/12/31
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  82. DIBBcast #46Xtra December 20132013/12/14
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  83. DIBBcast #46 December 2013 - Have Yourself a Merry Little DIBBcast2013/11/30
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  84. DIBBcast #45Xtra November 20132013/11/14
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  85. DIBBcast #45 November 2013 - Magic Band of Brothers2013/10/31
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  86. DIBBcast #44Xtra October 20132013/10/15
    What's that you say Flipper? Mel's with James in the broom cupboard? And they've got all the latest news, rumours & information from Disney parks around the world? They've got Bon Voyages and more Grand Day Out news too? They even manage to squeeze in an audio tour of Discovery Cove?! It must be your little bit in the middle of everyone's favourite Disney podcast with a British accent!
  87. DIBBcast #44 October 2013 - Turning Japanese2013/09/30
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  88. DIBBcast #43Xtra September 20132013/09/14
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  89. DIBBcast #43 September 2013 - D.I.Y. Dreamin2013/08/31
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  90. DIBBcast #42Xtra August 20132013/08/15
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  91. DIBBcast Grand Day Out 2014 - The Big Reveal!2013/08/11
    The DIBBcast Grand Day Out 2014, in aid of Cancer Research. Join us at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Saturday 7th June for an exclusive family fun day. The team reveal all the details. To book your place, visit http://DIBBca.st/GDO2014
  92. DIBBcast #42 August 2013 - Grant goes AWOL - was it the Tiki Gods?2013/07/31
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  93. DIBBcast #41Xtra July 20132013/07/14
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  94. DIBBcast #41 July 2013 - Lemsip and a Glowtini2013/06/30
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  95. DIBBcast #40Xtra June 20132013/06/17
    Apologies for the late arrival of your Little Bit in the middle, but it's worth the wait we promise! On your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent James & Mel bring you News, Rumours, Bon Voyages and a special interview with the Disney Brides.
  96. DIBBcast #40 June 2013 - When YMCA meets WDW2013/05/31
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  97. DIBBcast #39Xtra May 20132013/05/14
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  98. DIBBcast #39 May 2013 - Another brick in the wall2013/04/30
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  99. DIBBcast #38Xtra April 20132013/04/14
    On your little bit in the middle, James & Grant have lots to talk about. Sangria, papayas, horns, sandbags, cones, wood, bridges, ghostly orbs and trawling amongst all things Disney. Then they put on their coonskin caps for a quick history lesson before wrapping up your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent with your Bon Voyages.
  100. DIBBcast #38 April 2013 - Every Little Helps2013/04/01
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  101. DIBBcast #37Xtra March 20132013/03/16
    James uses his DIY skills to stop the leak in the broom cupboard so that Mel can join him to discuss Turnstyle Troubles, Splash Scaredy-Cats, Marvel Musings and Cabana Confusion alongside Cruise News, Disney Springs confirmation and maybe The Wizard of Oz at DLP? We also investigate Guided Tours at Disneyland Paris before we run through all your Bon Voyages!
  102. DIBBcast #37 March 2013 - DIBBcasts BIG Birthday Bash2013/02/28
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  103. DIBBcast #36Xtra February 20132013/02/15
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  104. DIBBcast #36 February 2013 - The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing…2013/01/31
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  105. DIBBcast #35Xtra January 20132013/01/14
    Grant joins James in the broom cupboard to welcome in the New Year with all the latest news, rumours, information and diet-friendly discussion of food on your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent. James' regular trip to DLP provides some information about a very important part of the resort and we also announce the lucky winner of "Dilemma at DIBBcast Towers!"
  106. DIBBcast #35 January 2013 - Alone again, naturally...2012/12/31
    So it's 2013 and the rainy season is still with us. That's why most of the Dibbcast crew have been away on holiday. We got back together for a riotous New Year's party and Geoff finds himself the first one up on New Year's day morning. He pops into James' broom cupboard and he's soon racing at Radiator Springs. News a plenty but no Bon Voyagees it seems.
  107. DIBBcast #34Xtra December 20122012/12/15
    In this bite sized little bit in the middle, Mel & James bring you up to date with all the latest news & rumours on your favourite Disney podcast with a British accent. Our DLP feature heads out to Buffalo Bill's Wild West and theres that all important final clue to The Dilemma at DIBBcast Towers.
  108. DIBBcast Special Edition, The Walt Disney World Family - December 20122012/12/05
    DIBBcast Interview with the Walt Disney World Family. In this special edition of the DIBBcast, James interviews the world's first ever Walt Disney World family, who come all the way from Northampton!
  109. DIBBcast #34 December 2012 - It2012/11/30
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  110. DIBBcast #33Xtra November 20122012/11/16
    Apologies for the delay, but we are finally able to bring you your little bit in middle. Its another packed Disney podcast with a British accent as James, Grant & Geoff bring you news of Pirates, Christmas, Gingerbread and Coffee. James reflects on DLP's 20th year and takes a look into it's future. There's the latest Dilemma clue as well as your Bon Voyages too.
  111. DIBBcast #33 November 2012 - An Everest Thunder Mountain Of Progress2012/10/31
  112. DIBBcast #32Xtra October 20122012/10/14
  113. DIBBcast #32 October 2012 - Glowtini2012/09/30
  114. DIBBcast #31Xtra September 20122012/09/15
  115. DIBBcast #31 September 2012 - Two Men and a Little Lady2012/08/31
  116. DIBBcast #30Xtra August 20122012/08/14
  117. DIBBcast #30 August 2012 - Fifty Shades of Bon Voyages2012/07/31
  118. DIBBcast #29Xtra July 20122012/07/14
  119. DIBBcast Interview with Discovery Cove2012/07/03
  120. DIBBcast #29 July 2012 - Halos and Horns2012/06/30
  121. DIBBcast #28Xtra June 20122012/06/16
  122. DIBBcast #28 June 2012 - Champagne and chaffing cream, anybody?2012/05/31
  123. DIBBcast #27Xtra May 20122012/05/15
  124. DIBBcast #27 May 2012 - "Por Favor Mantengase Alejado de las Feral Cats"2012/05/01
  125. DIBBcast #26Xtra April 20122012/04/15
  126. DIBBcast #26 April 2012 - The Best Has Yeti to Come2012/04/01
  127. DIBBcast #25Xtra March 20122012/03/15
  128. DIBBcast #25 March 2012 - Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!2012/02/29
  129. DIBBcast #24Xtra February 20122012/02/16
  130. DIBBcast #24 February 2012 - He's Behind You!2012/01/31
  131. DIBBcast #23Xtra January 20122012/01/15
  132. DIBBcast #23 January 2012 - Out with the old, in with the new2011/12/30
  133. DIBBcast #22Xtra December 20112011/12/17
  134. DIBBcast #22 December 2011 - Tis the season...2011/11/30
  135. DIBBcast #21Xtra November 20112011/11/15
  136. DIBBcast #21 November 2011 - Fireworks!....uh, Fireworks!2011/10/31
  137. DIBBcast #20Xtra October 20112011/10/15
  138. DIBBcast #20 October 2011 - Cupcake Anyone???2011/09/30
  139. DIBBcast #19Xtra September 20112011/09/15
  140. DIBBcast #19 September 2011 - Something old, Something Kangaroo, Something Borrowed, Something Coral2011/09/01
  141. DIBBcast #18Xtra August 20112011/08/15
  142. DIBBcast #18 August 2011 - Irasshai Dibbcast hachigatsu2011/07/30
  143. DIBBcast #17Xtra July 20112011/07/15
  144. DIBBcast #17 July 2011 - Lights, Camera, Mandrills!2011/06/30
  145. DIBBcast #16Xtra June 20112011/06/16
  146. DIBBcast #16 June 2011 - June Is Busting Out All Over…2011/05/31
  147. DIBBcast #15Xtra May 20112011/05/15
  148. DIBBcast #15 May 2011 - To the Shopping Malls, and Beyond!2011/04/30
  149. DIBBcast Interview with SeaWorld2011/04/22
  150. DIBBcast #14Xtra April 20112011/04/17
  151. DIBBcast #14 April 2011 - Black Puddings, Turkey Legs and Fish!2011/03/31
  152. DIBBcast #13Xtra March 20112011/03/15
  153. DIBBcast #13 March 2011 - One year older, none the wiser2011/02/28
  154. DIBBcast #12Xtra February 20112011/02/15
  155. DIBBcast #12 February 2011 - All At Sea2011/01/31
  156. DIBBcast #11Xtra January 20112011/01/16
  157. DIBBcast #11 January 2011 - Putting the wild into bewildered2011/01/01
  158. DIBBcast #10Xtra December 20102010/12/15
  159. DIBBcast #10 December 2010 - We Wish You A Merry DIBBcast2010/12/01
  160. DIBBcast #9Xtra November 20102010/11/15
  161. DIBBcast #9 November 2010 - A (Thanksgiving) Turkey of an Episode2010/11/01
  162. DIBBcast #8Xtra October 20102010/10/14
  163. DIBBcast #8 October 2010 - Fools, Ghouls and Cagoules2010/10/01
  164. DIBBcast #7Xtra September 20102010/09/15
  165. DIBBcast #7 September 2010 - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter...2010/09/01
  166. DIBBcast #6Xtra August 20102010/08/15
  167. DIBBcast #6 August 2010 - Are We There Yeti?2010/08/01
  168. DIBBcast #5 July 2010 - The Pirate Copy2010/07/01
  169. DIBBcast #4 June 2010 - We Woz Robbed2010/06/01
  170. DIBBcast #3 May 2010 - After the (volcanic) dust had settled2010/05/01
  171. DIBBcast #2 April 2010 - The Difficult Second Album2010/04/01
  172. DIBBcast #1 March 2010 - The Pilot Episode2010/03/01
DIBBcast - A Disney Podcast with a British accent.
Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.

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