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  1. PFD Ep 13: Wears Helmut?2010/06/20
    Heidi and Julie discuss the new "venture" their husbands are engaged in...no it is not beer but something else entirely. All this and more on episode 13. Visit wearshelmut.com to learn more.

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  2. PFD Ep 12: Water, Water and More Water!2010/06/06
    Heidi's skin, Julie's pool problems. Norman cracks a smile and Heidi learns you have to wash your washing machine. All this and more on Episode 12!

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  3. 2 CARROT RING2010/06/06
    Max and I were working in the garden today and he wanted to test the carrots to see if they were ready. They are not not fully grown yet...but, look at how cool these two love carrots are! Max was very excited to have found them. I wonder if this means I planted the carrots too close together? Seems so.


    What's that you say? My new tractor came today?
    I have never been this happy in my life!

    But, I still love the kid more...so, he can play with it first.

    Congratulations Norman! You have a new toy. I now expect you to be jumping for joy when I need holes dug! BTW...I ordered Apple Trees. Love, Heidi

  5. PFD Ep11: We're Back2010/06/02
    Indeed! What an incredible weekend we had on the East Coast. Great weather pretty much the entire time.
    Heidi and Julie finally found time to catch up and record episode 11. Julie has been traveling and Heidi's been volunteering lately. But we're back.  Find out what they've been up to. Listen to it!

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  6. THE 'HONEY-DO' WAR ...2010/05/22
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  7. "TEMPORARY"2010/05/20
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  8. PFD Ep 10: From Bed to Couch2010/05/17
    Heidi has a new workout plan. Julie is digging her new Vampire series and Heidi recs a book, a Wii game and TV shows. Teen advice: "Don't encourage, expose." Black eyes, sunburn, meow meow kitty and more on Episode 10.

    Library Thing
    Suicide Prevention
    Bethel Farm

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  9. Will the Corn Grow? And Other Things in My Container Garden2010/05/16
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  10. PLAYING HOOKIE2010/05/14
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  11. Dorothy Hamill Rocks!2010/05/14
    I'm at a black tie dinner for suicide prevention- a cause close to my
    heart. Dorothy Hamill is here emceeing. She looks great but also
    suffers from depression. Amazing courage. Visit afsp.org for more
    information. -Julie
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  13. My Mother's Day and Bumps and Co.2010/05/09
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  14. Share Your PFDs2010/05/09
    Post in the comments or send us an email of your own PFDs (Potential For Disaster).
  15. PFD Ep 9: Special Mother's Day Edition (Not Really)2010/05/08
    Heidi finds out she is worth more married. "There is a book on manners on the market, buy it" - says Julie's mom.  Just hand them the cash. No that is not my butt! Starbucks needs a better back up plan. All this and more on episode 9.

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  16. HONEY - DO! HONEY - WHO?2010/05/08
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  17. Boston is burning!2010/05/03
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  18. PFD Ep 8: Deer Feet Hooks, Banjo Lessons, and Dog Poop in the Minivan2010/05/03
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  19. Vote: Which One Do I Buy First?2010/05/01
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  20. First Batch of Beer is In - Welcome Octoberfest in April!2010/05/01
    Yes Helmut and Fancy have cracked open the first batch of brewed beer from REd Barn Brewers and we are now tasting Octoberfest. It is actually not too bad. I am pleasantly surprised that it is drinkable. Here's to good times, tonight is kind of special....the Beaver Creek Lounge is open! Fire is burning and beer is cold. YEAH!
  21. TAKE THAT....GAS MAN!2010/04/27
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  22. PFD Ep 7: Stalking Squirrels, Strawberry Socks and Sleeping Sanctuaries2010/04/27
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  23. What's for Dinner?2010/04/26
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  24. GOOD MORNING JULIE!2010/04/25

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