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  1. Volume 1032018/03/12
    Another collection of wonderful variety from our fine city. A brand new song from Pale Houses, a debut from bleary, what I'm calling "Chaotic Vaporwave" and some minimal ambient music out of Murfreesboro. All that and a correction on how to pronounce Joe Pisapia... we all learn something.
  2. Volume 1022018/02/26
    This week we dive into new releases from Joe Pisapia & Patrick Damphier, explore some curious sounds from Murfreesboro and hear new offerings from Dan Burns and Jessie Baylin (among others)
  3. Volume 1012018/02/16
    Volume 101: new music from Sad Baxter, The Pills, Daytona Machines, The Drowsees, Dave Paulson, Telefones and Tape Deck Mountain.
  4. Volume 1002018/01/31
    When we relaunched the site with a new mission, it was obvious that the WOTT Music podcast would have to undergo some renovations. Historically, I’ve compiled 20-30 minutes of new Nashville music, put them together as a playlist and released them into the world. There was no talking and no context around the songs being […]
  5. Volume 992018/01/02
    Welcome to 2018! While an astronomer might be quick to point out that there is nothing astronomically significant about January 1st, it works quite well as a time to refresh and begin again. A Fresh Start if you will. We're hurdling into the new year by posting another 25 minutes of great local music.
  6. Volume 982017/12/14
    December is, historically, a time for reflecting on the year’s previous releases – a worthy practice if ever there was one. However, there’s still plenty of great recent releases that haven’t been highlighted on our show and that just simply will not stand. If the WOTT Music podcast is a time capsule of the great […]
  7. Volume 972017/11/21
    It's a Thanksgiving miracle! The latest edition of the podcast tallies up some recent releases and continues to showcase the diverse talent our fair city has.
  8. Volume 96: Halloween2017/10/26
    In celebration of the ghoulish season I asked local music photographer and journalist / man-of-good-taste / Halloween aficionado Lance Conzett to curate an episode of the podcast brimming with his choice of local music spooky tunes. The resulting hour of selections is a delightfully surprising mixture of acoustic gothic tales, dark electronic and indie rock. […]
  9. Volume 952017/10/16
    Serendipity led me to place Yon Ort and ONLY back to back – a track that claims “What you feel, isn’t real” followed by a track that claims “we all die!” It’s a haphazard goodness that I can’t take credit for but I’m happy to bring to you. No theme in this Volume of the […]
  10. Volume 942017/10/04
    This edition of the podcast is a companion piece to Volume 93 that catalogs the full Glossary discography of albums, from Southern by the Grace of Location to Long Live All Of Us. Each album is represented by two songs and it makes for nearly an hour of downright badass rock music. Southern by the […]
  11. Volume 932017/10/02
    In this episode of the podcast, we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Glossary. Special guests Bingham Barnes and Joey Kneiser sit down for a discussion about the formation of the band, the history behind their discography and their conscious effort to set a moral, optimistic, compass for the downtrodden in their music. The band plays […]
  12. Volume 922017/09/18
    I contemplated doing an entire episode the podcast dedicated to the all-too-short catalog of music from Those Darlins. I may still undertake that task but having seen the huge impact that Jessi Zazu had on her community, it felt appropriate to include Those Darlins in a mix of Nashville music; as they continue to contribute […]
  13. Volume 912017/09/05
    Another excellent compilation of Nashville music. The variety of upbeat pop, soundtrack music, hip-hop and even an R&B soaked demo is a tough varietal grab bag to top.
  14. Volume 902017/08/11
    The amount of new music flowing forth from Nashville is so abundant that we're following up the previous podcast with a new installment just a week later.
  15. Volume 892017/08/01
    After compiling this edition of the podcast I immediately starting putting together the *next* volume; quickly tearing through all of the great music that has come out recently.
  16. Volume 882017/07/06
    One would think that Summer would signal a lighter load of releases but the opposite seems to be the case as lots of great, bigger name, albums are coming down the pipe. This Volume of the podcast covers a handful of the larger titles and makes sure to mix in a few new-comers to your ears.
  17. Volume 872017/06/05
    I've been living in New York for the past four years but have managed to keep up with the Nashville music scene during that time and continued to churn out these podcasts.
  18. Volume 862017/05/08
    Another blazing example of the wealth of diversity of styles that can be found emerging from Nashville.
  19. Volume 852017/04/04
    Without trying too hard, this edition of the podcast ended up being a pop rock extravaganza. Feel good vibes throughout to prep your brain for the changing of the seasonal tides.
  20. Volume 842017/03/14
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast Let’s call it fundamentals. A WOTT podcast should consist of a variety of music showcasing the Nashville local music scene but keep it under the 40 minute mark. This volume includes a heavy dose of indie rock, keyboard pop, grunge rock, traditional country and desert psych rock – clocking in […]
  21. Volume 832017/02/09
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast Back to basics with this edition of the podcast; showcasing the amazing variety of music our local scene has to offer. This really spans the gamut of psychedelic pop to space folk to fuzzed out 8-bit bedroom jams to introspective explorations. We’ve really got it all! Promised Land Sound The […]
  22. Volume 822017/01/09
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast Here’s Part Two of the Special Edition WOTT podcast with Apollo Up discussing their recently reissued album, Chariots of Fire. This final segment with Au covers the second half of the album as well as the release and aftermath from the album. It’s the opposite of a limp funk pastiche. […]
  23. Volume 812017/01/04
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast Trying something a little different with this edition of the podcast. I invited the members of Apollo Up to sit down and discuss the writing, recording and aftermath behind their recently re-issued album, Chariots of Fire. Full disclosure, my label yk records released the new vinyl edition of the record […]
  24. Volume 802016/12/14
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast In lieu of a Best Of podcast, I wanted to commemorate the 80th volume of the podcast with a guest curator; an undertaking there will be plenty more of in the future. So, I invited Olivia Scibelli to curate the entirety of the episodes programming. Olivia is best known for […]
  25. Volume 792016/11/23
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast Give Thanks! Nashville continues to have an absolutely thriving scene of music. This 30 minute mix scratches the surface of a few recent releases but there’s plenty more goodness to come. Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop. New Man – Maybe I’m Feeling Fine Savoy Motel – Souvenir Shop Rock Lister Brothers […]
  26. Volume 782016/11/06
    Download MP3 Chaptered Stream Podcast An eclectic gathering of new(ish) music from the Nashville area. I’m extremely happy of how varied and genre spanning ole “Country Music USA” can actually get. This 30 minute set literally jumps from hip-hop to indie rock to dystopian electronic music to country music and metal. There was a time […]
  27. Volume 772016/07/20
    Download MP3Stream Podcast I hope you like the rock music because this one is bubbling over with it. All sorts of rock music! Psychedelic rock! Surf rock! 90’s Rock! Thick Riff Rock! Rock Grown From Emo Roots! Oh, and a bit of diversity with the mesmerizing looping of CASA and the glitchy fun of Real […]
  28. Volume 762016/07/05
    Download MP3Stream Podcast The purpose of the We Own This Town podcast is to create a living historical document of Nashville music. When I slack on publishing new editions, some music may fall through the cracks. This can not be! So, I’m kicking myself in the ass to catch up and make sure that all […]
  29. Volume 752016/06/15
    Download MP3Stream Podcast 75 episodes of this podcast. That seems like a lot so I’m taking a moment to reflect back on some of the artists of the days of yore. You know, early 2000’s-ish. It’s a throwback episode! Everyone loves a bit of nostaliga. Character – Theme From “Starkweather” Duraluxe – Phantom Power Forget […]
  30. Volume 742016/02/03
    Download MP3Stream Podcast Fun fact, the release of Volume 74 of the podcast coincides with the day of my birth. This is my gift to you. Okay, it’s actually 30+ minutes of Nashville musicians collective gifts to you because it wouldn’t exist without them. The following is culled from very recent releases or slightly upcoming […]
  31. Volume 732016/01/25
    Download MP3Stream Podcast Despite my best efforts to slow it down, 2016 is hurdling along. This edition of the podcast is comprised of many great releases from the end of 2015. After this, I should be able to keep up with actual new releases. Regardless, you probably missed these at the end of the year […]
  32. Volume 722015/12/21
    Download MP3Stream Podcast This edition of the podcast is a little shorter than usual but I’m, officially, calling it an addendum to Volume 58, The Christmas Podcast. In both collections you will find a mixture of heartfelt or feelgood or rocking or melancholy Christmas songs. In this new volume we add on newly released songs, […]
  33. Volume 712015/12/14
    Download MP3Stream Podcast Playing a bit of catch-up on these podcasts but I am loving pumping them out more regularly. It seems like someone could do this weekly and it would be incredibly fresh. That person won’t be ME but it seems like *someone* could and it’d be a helluva nice archive of new releases. […]
  34. Volume 702015/12/01
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Another podcast intended for the more summer-y times but still standing the test of time in terms of great, enjoyable, Nashville music. If you didn’t already know these songs, now you do and you’re better off for it. Reconsider your 2015 Best Of list if a handful of these aren’t […]
  35. Volume 692015/09/30
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast It has been, admittedly, a few months since the last edition of the podcast. However, that does not mean it’s been a few months since I’ve actually compiled one, it’s just been awhile since I released one. The delay is unfortunate but it works out favorably because these songs are […]
  36. Volume 682015/06/25
  37. Volume 672015/05/18
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast THIS EPISODE IS CURATED BY Elizabeth Cameron of Forget Cassettes. Chalk it up to years of touring and being nailed to women-only bills, but I have a slight irritation of ‘female centric’ lists, line-ups, bios, and press. However, I do think it’s imperative to point out that the gender gap […]
  38. Volume 662015/04/20
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Volume 66 by Weownthistown on Mixcloud Another compilation of quality Nashville music that may not be on your radar. Please, put these on your Radar. Makeup and Vanity Set – Hand in Hand nightblonde – I Belong in Your Arms (demo) Gay Vibes – The Stab Adam Landry – Fall […]
  39. Volume 652015/03/24
  40. Volume 642015/01/08
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast It’s back! After uploading 63 previous episodes I felt inspired to make another installation. I mean, who ends on 63 iterations of something? It’s insanity. I wouldn’t call this a “Best Of” but it certain culls many of my favorites from the huge gap between episodes. Whatever it is, it’s […]
  41. Volume 632013/05/29
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast I’ve been having a look back through the archive at some of the earlier podcasts and guess what? They had one, maybe two, sentence descriptions. This exposition is ridiculous! You know what the podcast is and what it contains! Bully – Bully Ultras S/C – 1417 Roberts Ave Penicillin Baby […]
  42. Volume 622013/03/22
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Another quality dispatch (if I may say so myself) from the bottomless well of goodness that is the Nashville rock / electronic / indie scene. There’s probably a better name for that but it’s all I’ve got at the moment. Enjoy. The Features – This Disorder What Up, English – […]
  43. Volume 612013/02/19
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Now in our sixty first volume, is it safe to say that Nashville can be known for well more than just Music Row Country Crap? As you can hear, we’re chock full of quality indie, rock, garage, post-rock, absurdity and Quality Country. Just listen, you’ll get it. Beat Bums – […]
  44. Volume 60: 2012 Retrospective2013/01/30
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Let’s get two things out of the way. First, I realize it’s late into January 2013 and, thus, a compilation regarding music from 2012 seems a bit behind schedule. This is undebatable. Secondly, it’s dishonest, disingenuous and distasteful to call this a ‘Best Of’ as I have in years past. […]
  45. Volume 592012/12/26
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast What’s that? Another edition of the podcast in less than a week? Well, I couldn’t rightly leave up a Christmas themed edition past Christmas, could I? Plus, there were a few more gems released in December that needed to be put into the WOTT pipeline, proper. New music never stops […]
  46. Volume 58 (Christmas Edition)2012/12/21
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast After immersing myself in that Partytown Hospital record I decided to browse around Bandcamp and find some other eclectic Nashville Christmas music. In doing so, I unearthed the best Christmas present I could possibly bestow to the Nashville music scene – David Argyle Thacker’s The Mouth Trumpet Christmas Album. It […]
  47. Volume 572012/11/21
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast A solid thirty minutes of some of the latest and greatest from our fine city. This edition of the podcast certainly seems to lean more on the electronic based side of things but there’s plenty of rock and a dash of country in there for ya too. 01 Stereotonin – […]
  48. Volume 562012/10/12
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  49. Volume 552012/08/30
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast We continue to hurdle forward into a myriad of greatness spilling out of all corners of Nashville. I often laud how diverse the musical offerings of our town are and this edition of the podcast certainly pushes that idea even further. Hip-Hop, Pure Pop, Retro Soul, Psych Jams and Heavy […]
  50. Volume 542012/07/19
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Is there something in the air? Is Nashville honestly charging forward into the next level of being? Regardless of the press calling this place the Next Best Thing, it seems that we’re definitely in a Boom Period. I am still pleasantly shocked at how much great music is available for […]
  51. Volume 532012/05/16
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast The best problem a podcast can have is that there’s so much new stuff to feature that a monthly release doesn’t seem to cover enough ground, fast enough. It seems that, lately, we’ve definitely been having this problem. There’s a ton of stuff coming out all the time and it’s […]
  52. Volume 522012/04/16
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Crap! The last installment of the podcast came out in mid-February. When it’s been two months between release you know you’re doing something wrong. So, here’s an installment of some of the goods released in the interim – loads of good albums to dive into further. Another podcast edition is […]
  53. Volume 512012/02/13
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Not off to a great start having twelve podcasts this year but, regardless, I think this one should be quite the pleasing listen. Quality over quantity, right? If you’ve been reading the blog regularly you’ll likely be familiar with several of the included bands already but the podcast will still […]
  54. Volume 50 (Best of 2011)2011/12/20
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast One thing is for sure, Nashville has absolutely no shortage of great musical offerings well outside the Music Row realm. Granted, ole WOTT didn’t have quite as many actual podcasts as there were months in the year but I’d like to say we covered a good deal of the highlights […]
  55. Volume 492011/11/14
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast As with the last few audio editions of the podcast this serves as a combination of a summary of some of the recent reviews as well as an introduction to new goods. It’s both familiar and fresh! This edition also runs a little longer than the usual release; there’s just […]
  56. Volume 482011/10/03
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast It’s been since early August that a full-on compilation podcast has emerged from We Own This Town. So, without further ado (because I know you were all waiting), here’s a mega edition of the podcast featuring a load of new music from around town. The mix covers a lot of […]
  57. Volume 472011/09/21
    Download M4V Awhile back, Doug got together with Jeremy Ferguson to film a new We Own This Town Session featuring William Tyler – a man who seems to be involved in as many projects as you could imagine. Among them: Lambchop, Silver Jews, Hands Off Cuba, Charlie Louvin, Candi Staton, Wooden Wand, his own label […]
  58. Volume 462011/08/08
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast After the success of the last podcast I have been hesitant to even think about putting together another compilation. I mean, why not just let that high note ride for awhile? Well, it seems I’ve gone long enough. This edition of the podcast gathers together some of the better contributions […]
  59. Volume 452011/06/06
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast I’ll be honest; I know next to nothing about the hip-hop scene in Nashville. So, when it struck me that it would be interesting to compile a podcast of some of the more forward thinking acts coming out of our area I really had no idea where to start. Fortunately, […]
  60. Volume 442011/05/17
    Download M4A Download MP3Stream Podcast Thanks to everyone for the fanfare on the last podcast edition. Doug assures me that more video podcasts are in the works and will be coming down the pipe before you know it. In the meantime, I’ve put together another edition of the audio podcast that I’ve no doubt you […]
  61. Volume 432011/04/07
    Download M4V Remember this? Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, the results of said efforts can be seen above. We Own This Town’s fearless leader Doug Lehmann – along with help from Andy Snyder and the illustrious Jeremy Ferguson – put together this in-studio performance from D. Watusi. After enjoying the above video be […]
  62. Volume 422011/03/16
    Download M4A Download MP3 Woops, sorta missed a whole month there with the podcast release. Fortunately, this edition of the podcast serves more as a summary of the blog offerings from the past six weeks than it does a brand new introduction to new music (though there is some of that in there too). A […]
  63. Volume 412011/01/20
    Download M4A Download MP3 New year, new podcast.. sort of. Since the December release of the podcast was devoted to wrapping up the year a few releases from the tail of our prior Earthly rotation were skipped over; an issue that I’ve tackled on this edition. As usual, this doesn’t cover absolutely everything out there […]
  64. Volume 40 (The Best of Nashville)2010/12/06
    Download M4A Download MP3 I am happy to present the fortieth edition of the We Own This Town podcast and, consequently, the Best of 2010 yearly summary release. Putting together any Best Of list is often an insurmountable task but when paired with the avalanche of good music coming out of a relatively small area.. […]
  65. Volume 392010/11/08
    Download M4A Download MP3 If you’re a regular reader of this site, some of the songs from the podcast may already be familiar to you. However, the songs are so good you really can’t hear them enough. Basically, consider this a re-recommendation if you’ve been paying attention and a fresh new endorsement if you’re just […]
  66. Volume 382010/09/27
    Download M4A Download MP3 Excitement levels for this podcast are at an all time high. So much great rock music coming out but there’s a plethora of great electronic, Americana, acoustic and just straightforward indie tunes as well. Seriously, if you don’t love 85% of this I’m going to be incredibly surprised. There will be […]
  67. Volume 372010/08/26
    Download M4A Download MP3 The gap between podcasts seems to be widening every so slightly. This can be circumvented by having you, the reader, send in music to check out. Of course, that statement assumes that anyone is actually reading this. Our stats are grim. Regardless, if you encounter a local band worth hearing – […]
  68. Volume 362010/07/15
    Download M4A Download MP3 It’s been a little over a month since the last podcast and it seemed like it was going to be quite awhile longer until the next edition came out. Fortunately, a little digging through Bandcamp’s Nashville filter and the compilation came together in no time. Ten tracks, 33 minutes and a […]
  69. Volume 352010/06/10
    Download M4A Download MP3 While I always enjoy putting together these podcasts there are occasional volumes that serve as a heavy reminder that there are many great things going on in Nashville music. To hear a collection of songs from a disparate group of artists that all sound appealing in one way or another evokes […]
  70. Volume 342010/05/10
    Download M4A Download MP3 Spring time brings a massive influx of releases and this year is, apparently, no different. There are a load of great new things out there well worth checking out and I think this iteration of the podcast will give you a good overview of a lot of them. The styles contained […]
  71. Volume 332010/04/14
    Download M4A Download MP3 This is one of the more eclectic podcasts in the We Own This Town realm of releases but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad! Look forward to some instrumental goods, some legit country, arranged strings and a bit of the quality indie, pop and rock music mixed throughout. That’s […]
  72. Volume 322010/02/15
    Download M4A Download MP3 As usual, right when I think I’m going to be hard pressed to compile another volume of intriguing local music I come across a slew of good stuff. In fact, this podcast has loads of promising goods in store. Granted, some of the songs are demos but you can imagine what […]
  73. Volume 312010/01/27
    Download M4A Download MP3 Sometimes its best to start off the year with a bit of an eclectic mixture of styles; which I’ve hopefully done properly here with Volume 31. This podcast clocks in just under 30 minutes but includes some electronic influenced indie pop songs, some rawkus lo-fi goods and some more withdrawn acoustic […]
  74. Volume 302009/12/21
    Download M4A Download MP3 Picking a list of top releases for the year is not an easy task. 2009 was good to the Nashville music scene and there was a load to sort through. There was no way to boil down an entire year of music into the standard 30 minute podcast format so this […]
  75. Volume 292009/11/29
    Download M4A Download MP3 The end of the year usually signals a serious slow down in releases and new music to partake in. However, Nashville artists don’t seem to subscribe to this mentality and plenty of good new music keeps coming our way. Will the same be true of December and January? Only time will […]
  76. Volume 282009/10/26
    Download M4A Download MP3 For awhile there I thought Nashville might be experiencing a drought of great new music. The podcasts were getting tougher to put together and I was worried the well may have run dry. Sometimes it feels good to be so wrong. This edition of the podcast has such a nice wide […]
  77. Volume 272009/10/06
    Download M4A Download MP3 Download Zip In celebration of the forthcoming Next Big Nashville showcase sponsored by Lake Fever Sessions (and Nashville Cream) it seemed like an appropriate time to theme a podcast around the fine local offerings that the sessions have brought forth. It’s pretty simple, the Lake Fever Sessions are consistently great and […]
  78. Volume 262009/09/08
    Download M4A Download MP3 There are many good things happening in Nashville; across many genres. Often it’s best to theme a podcast towards a specific genre but with so much going on at the moment expect more eclectic playlists. This twenty-sixth podcast installment is one such example – from the Animal Collective-y vibe of Tallest […]
  79. Volume 252009/08/03
    Photo by Thomas Petillo Download M4A Download MP3 The very first We Own This Town podcast was kicked off by Ole Mossy Face and it only makes sense that the 25th installment of the podcast should be devoted to the Trey Deuce Club. While, musically, it’s a bit heavier leaning on the Americana and Western […]
  80. Volume 242009/07/07
    Download M4A Download MP3 Finding artists for these podcasts can sometimes be a laborious task – as I prefer to include artists that have additional materials beyond the one included track that is worth checking out. Cherry picking one good song here and there would be much easier but it’s always a bummer to dive […]
  81. Volume 232009/06/10
    Download M4A Download MP3 A little late on delivering this one (according to the self imposed “every three weeks” rule) but it’s chalk full of good stuff. Several new acts introduced here that you should check out (Milktooth, Bows and Arrows, The Lake, Paper Navy) and serious goodness from artists you should already love (Cortney […]
  82. Volume 222009/05/04
    Download M4A Download MP3 This podcast makes an attempt to focus on some straightforward Rock bands around town. Nashville has no shortage of said genre of band but it’s getting increasingly difficult to be a compelling rock band these days. The bands included in this iteration are either doing some great, showing promise to do […]
  83. Volume 212009/04/08
    Download M4A Download MP3 There is no single person that better embodies “owning” this town more than Aaron Hartley, the man behind Theory 8 Records. To look at the roster of artists and catalog of releases from the label it would seem that he basically has a monopoly on the quality Nashville music. Obviously, there […]
  84. Volume 202009/03/13
    Download M4A Download MP3 This may be our most pertinently timed podcast to date. The majority of artists featured here either have releases coming out very soon or just released something quite recently. Those that don’t fall into those two categories, well they’re quality songs as well. Enjoy the music, seems like Nashville has really […]
  85. Volume 192009/02/19
    Download M4A Download MP3 This edition of the podcast contains a healthy balance of local favorites and some new faces that should be in regular rotation. Several of the tracks are from unreleased albums that will, hopefully, be available online or at your preferred local record store sooner rather than later. 1. Uncle Skeleton – […]
  86. Volume 182009/01/19
    Download M4A Download MP3 A new year, a new podcast. With multiple contributors now submitting tracks the overall playtime will probably increase just a bit. Instead of twenty minutes, expect more like thirty. That being said, this edition of the We Own This Town podcast is 34 minutes long and features some great new stuff […]
  87. Volume 172008/12/17
    Best Of 2008 Download MP3 | Download M4A We Own This Town makes no qualms about embracing its subjectivity. With that in mind, each of our contributors were asked to choose 4 – 5 songs from the past year that they felt rose to the top and they’d be compiled into our final podcast for […]
  88. Volume 162008/11/18
    Holly House Edition Download MP3 | Download M4A In celebration of the upcoming Holly House 8 Off 8th this edition of the We Own This Town podcast is centered around all the bands participating in said Holly House collective. Download the podcast, familiarize yourself with the bands and come enjoy all that they have to […]
  89. Volume 152008/09/30
    We Own This Town: Volume 15 Download MP3 | Download M4A Another podcast episode of music worth hearing from around town. The first half is more of a collection of rock bands and the second half focuses on more indie, pop and ‘other’ styles. R.I.P. to the The Non-Comissioned Officers, they will be missed. Cover […]
  90. Volume 142008/08/25
    We Own This Town: Volume 14 curated by Janet Timmons / Out The Other Download MP3 | Download M4A Janet Timmons of Out the Other was kind enough to compile all the great music featured in this edition of We Own This Town. In 29 minutes she managed to pack in punch after punch and […]
  91. Volume 132008/08/04
    We Own This Town #13 Download MP3 | Download M4A Nashville rock is never in short order but it feels like lately there has been a surplus of goodness that should be appreciated. This edition of We Own This Town attempts to highlight some of the more recent releases from some of Nashville’s finest. Granted, […]
  92. Volume 122008/07/21
    We Own This Town #12 (mp3 / m4a) In an attempt to showcase a tiny bit more variety in musical styles from around town this edition of We Own This Town makes an honest effort at focusing on music based a bit more in the electronic realm of things. That being said, there is still […]
  93. Volume 112008/06/23
    We Own This Town #11 (mp3 / m4a) 24 minutes of music you may or may not have heard from around town. In other words, a healthy mix of Nashville favorites and some newcomers worth taking note of. Oh, and I’m not one for talking much during an episode so welcome back the return of […]
  94. Volume 102007/11/07
    We Own This Town #10 (mp3 / aac) This Episode was over a year in the making.. So you know it’s amazing! Tracklist: Hotpipes – Starter Kit Six Gun Lullaby – Follow You Home The Carter Administration – Malcom & Marr The Privates – Barricades Velcro Stars – Cascade Tigers Con Queso – Better Songs […]
  95. Volume 92007/10/08
    We Own This Town #9 (mp3 / aac) A variety of songs from new or upcoming releases mixed in with a few tracks that just need to be heard. Tracklist: De Novo Dahl – Dance Like David Disappointed by Candy – End of the World And The Relatives – Lower Case The Golden Gears – […]
  96. Volume 8 (video)2007/04/17
    Featuring The Mattoid, Umbrella Tree, and All We Seabees. WOTT #8 is 11 mins and was shot at Umbrella Tree’s release for What Kind of Books Do You Read?. The Basement, way back on August 18th, 2006. [We Own This Town #8] (.mov) The Mattoid – The Cocksuckers Umbrella Tree – Wiseman All We Seabees […]
  97. Volume 72007/03/19
    We Own This Town #7 (mp3 / aac) It’s been awhile, but if I can wait till April for the The Office and not complain, so can you: Tracklist: The Turncoats – Let Me In Ole Mossy Face – Newest Mistake Greenland – The Way It Is Lowercase Collective – r0b0ts? Prom Night – Bad […]
  98. Volume 6 (video)2006/07/21
    Featuring How I Became The Bomb, Ghostfinger, and The Clutters. WOTT #6 is 13mins and was shot live at a sold out show at Exit/In on May 26th, 2006. [We Own This Town #6] (.mov) How I Became The Bomb – Bar Song Ghostfinger – Moon The Clutters – Fire 13:27 secs / 81.5 MB […]
  99. Volume 52006/06/08
    We Own This Town #5 (mp3 / aac) The big 5.0! Enjoy. Tracklist: De Novo Dahl – Shout The Bang Up – Brand New Step Lone Official – Amelia A Poet Named Revolver – Dance Off With The Cops Hotpipes – Downer, Quiter All We Sea Bees – Bruin Hunt LIVE
  100. Volume 42006/05/05
    We Own This Town #4 (mp3 / aac) This episode I’m playing upcoming & recent Nashville releases. Tracklist: Hands Down Eugene – Full Blast Glossary – Poor Boy Lylas – His Master’s Merriment Apollo Up! – Walking The Plank Be Your Own Pet – Wildcat! Forget Cassettes – The Catch How I Became The Bomb […]
We Own This Town: Music
Shining a light on the best new music from Nashville.

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