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Control Voltage

  1. CV008 – Control Voltage for September 11, 20162016/09/12
    Title: Digital Wastelands Artist: Fortadelis Release: N/A Label: N/A Download: Grab it from SoundCloud Title: Distracted by a Red Star Artist: Dissolved Release: Faint Chamber Zero (Bandcamp) Label: N/A Download: Grab it from SoundCloud Title: (La) Bouche (Moto) (Deep House Loop) Artist: terrasidio Release: Hydra (single) Label: N/A Download: Grab it from SoundCloud Title: Universal […]
  2. CV007 – Control Voltage for August 10, 20132013/08/11
    Title: Doppleganger Artist: Freezepop Release: Imaginary Friends Label: The Archenemy Record Company Download: Grab it from Freezepop’s website (the box on the left) Title: My Skateboard Will Go On Artist: Anamanaguchi Release: My Skateboard Will Go On Label: dream.hax Donwload: Grab the tune from Soundcloud Title: Algzèbres, Pts. A-M, and Pts. N-Z Artist: minusbaby Release: […]
  3. CV006 – Control Voltage for April 22, 20112011/04/22
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  4. CV005 – Control Voltage for March 23, 20102010/04/09
    Title: This Is Not an Experiment Artist: ehskeh Release: n/a Label: n/a ehskeh, AKA Uriel Salas, checks in this week with a great upbeat danceable piece. Give ehskeh some digital love over on the SoundCloud! Title: Who Are You / Poo on You Artist: Lost Systems Release: n/a Label: n/a Great IDM stuff from Bright […]
  5. CV004 – Control Voltage for March 20, 20102010/03/20
    Title: 50K Watts of Bass Artist: DJ Sean Timothy Release: N/A Label: N/A DJ Sean Timothy has been a DJ since 1997 and a producer since 2002. This is an awesome electro/breakbeat tune he put up on his Soundcloud. Grab it for free, and if you dig it, throw him some scratch for the tune […]
  6. Dynamic Range Day – SHOUT OUT against the Loudness Wars2010/03/18
    Join with us and protest the Loudness Wars! Check out more info at the blog, or a great explanation of the Loudness Wars in the YouTube video below.
  7. Wax Cylinders for the New Millenium2010/03/15
    In an interesting take on the old wax cylinder, hotchk155 has developed a cylindrical hand-cranked MIDI sequencer using a baked beans can, some magnets, some Technics Lego bricks, and an electronics breadboard. From the horse’s mouth: One empty baked bean tin, some lego and a stack of little magnets… stick magnets on the tin and […]
  8. Favorite Song from CV003?2010/03/10
  9. CV003 – Control Voltage for March 9, 20102010/03/10
    Title: Pattern of the Music Artist: Tom Cosm Release: N/A Label: N/A Tom Cosm is a certified Ableton Live trainer and all around cool guy. He puts lots of his music online for free, and gives away the Ableton Live sets in the hopes that someone can learn from them. This track is one of […]
  10. Groovy Korg EMX-1 Track2010/03/08
    Nice percussion track done live on a Korg EMX-1. Looks to me like he’s recording it in Ableton live (on the computer in the background). Take a listen: Yet another one with no download so I can’t feature it on the podcast. 😦
Control Voltage
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