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  1. Episode 252 - puppy exercise and dog food banks 2022/05/28
    In this podcast Dr Darryl Millis discusses how to give puppies the right amount of exercise and his article What is the Logic Behind Not Exercising Puppies Until the Growth Plates are Closed? John Cahill, Manager of Blue Cross Sheffield rehoming unit, talks about the charity's pet food bank.
  2. Episode 251 - grappling with dog issues and guess the dog news story 2022/04/30
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  3. Episode 250 - Zazie Todd and Shelly Volsche 2022/03/26
    In the 250th DogCast Radio podcast, eminent scientists Zazie Todd and Shelly Volsche talk about dog issue you need to know about. Learn the science behind making your dog happy with Zazie, and Shelly shares her research into pet parenthood. A celebration of the love between us and our dogs as Julie and Jenny reminisce about 17 years of DogCast Radio.
  4. Episode 249 - Help the Dog Fly, Blue Cross anniversary and dogs on social media 2022/02/19
    Hear about the exciting new initiative to help rescue dogs travel to their new homes, Help The Dog Fly. Plus we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Blue Cross, and get top tips on how to have a thriving dog social media account.
  5. Episode 248 - Detection Dogs and are we treating our dogs to early death2022/01/22
    Isabelle Groc talks about how her book Detection Dogs examines more than how dogs are helping us conserve our environment. Veterinarian Sean McCormack discusses research that shows over treating our dogs may cause them to die early. Plus a top speed DogCast Radio News - ten stories in six minutes!
  6. Episode 247 - Can you have a dog and work?2022/01/01
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  7. Episode 246 - dog owning in the time of Covid and Jess and Moxie Ride Around the World 2021/12/11
    Expert behaviourist Carolyn Menteith discusses research by Tails.com into the perceptions of changes in the dog world in the last two years. Jess Stone talks about how she and her GSD Moxie are biking around the world to raise money for Girl Up. A feel good podcast.
  8. Episode 245 - Rancho Luna Lobos and Canine Partners 2021/11/20
    In an episode all about dogs helping people, and people helping dogs, Fernando Ramirez talks about using dog sledding as a form of therapy for dogs, and Fiona Airey talks about her assistance dog, Verlin, and how Canine Partners have given her her life back. An uplifting listen.
  9. Episode 244 - Grisha Stewart and Jennifer Billot2021/10/30
    In this podcast hear Grisha Stewart talk about BAT, leash belay, her online expert dog training lessons and more. Jennifer Billot talks about setting puppies up for success in the real world. Two great beahviourists in one great show, helping you help your dog be as happy as possible.
  10. Episode 243 - Positive Pet Project and Lance A Spirit Unbroken 2021/10/02
    Jon Garstang is an animal shelter expert who is spearheading the first ever national initiative in Greece to teach children the value of relationships with animals. Walter Stoffel describes himself as having survived the rescue of Lance, a border Collie with issues.
    Two inspiring dog advocates.
  11. Episode 242 - Woof and Brew2021/09/18
    You can share a cuppa with your canine and keep your dog happy and healthy thanks to Woof & Brew. Treat your dog to a Christmas treat or an everyday tonic. Co-founder Steve Bennett talks about his inspiration and his love for his rescue dogs. Steve also runs Dog Friendly, helping dog owners to find genuinely dog friendly venues in the UK.
  12. Episode 241 - Andy Hale and National Happy Dog Day 2021/09/04
    In celebration of National Happy Dog Day on 9th September, certified behaviourist Andy Hale advocates moving past the "how" of dog training, and focusing on the "why". Andy's priority is the dog's emotional experience, and he and Julie discuss how we can allow our dogs to be happy. Join in the discussion online with the hashtag #HappyDogDay.
  13. Episode 240 - Pets helping pupils and Canine Capers2021/08/14
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  14. Episode 239 - The Thin Blue Paw Foundation and My Rescue Pet Rescued Me2021/08/07
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  15. Episode 238 - stolen dog found 450 miles from home and novelist Fiona Gibson2021/07/31
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  16. Episode 237 - dogs got me through a heart attack 2021/07/24
    When Scott Watkins had a heart attack, his dogs inspired to get healthy and stay healthy. Scott has his own dogs and offers holiday care for others' dogs. This interview is a great illustration of how our dogs become intertwined with every aspect of our lives.
  17. Episode 236 - drowning dog rescue by brave teenager2021/06/02
    When Charlie the Shih Tzu got into trouble in the water, brave teenager Connor waded out into the water to rescue him. But Connor couldn't swim. Charlie's distraught owner watched on in horror, her disabilities preventing her form entering the water herself. As Connor got hold of Charlie and fought to get back to land, dog and teenager bobbed up and down in the water.
  18. Episode 235 - Dog news: canine or k-nope? 2021/06/26
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  19. Episode 234 - Treat Everyone Like a Dog with Karen London 2021/04/29
    Trainer and behaviourist Karen London discusses her book, Treat Everyone Like a Dog: How a Dog Trainer's World View Can Improve Your Life. We know that positive training methods get the best results from our dogs - could positivity work with our friends and family? Karen says it does.
  20. Episode 233 - K9 Nation 2021/04/22
    K9 Nation is an app which allows you to connect and share information with other dog owners. Whether you're looking for a good dog walk, or struggling with your puppy, you can find practical help.
  21. Episode 232 - Photobiomodulation for your dog2021/04/24
    Photobiomodulation - or red light therapy - can be used to aid healing or keep dogs in tiptop condition. Ruth Milner gives a in-depth insight into red light therapy, Anna Webb discusses how it has played a role in keeping all her companion animals healthy, and Yaz Porritt talks about how it is an important tool in her repertoire of treatments.
  22. Episode 231 - Good Dog and Doggie Language 2021/04/03
    Kate Leaver celebrates the good dogs, talking about her own adorable dog, Shih Tzu Bert, and her book Good Dog. Lili Chin gives an insight into dog body language, and the journey her dog Boogie, a Boston Terrier, took her on to write and draw Doggie Language. Plus Julie and Jenny discuss dog news stories in the DogCast Radio News.
  23. 230 - Be a Green Dog Owner and The Particulars of Peter 2021/03/13
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  24. Episode 229 - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Help! My Dog is Scared of the Vet2021/02/13
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  25. Episode 228 - Monkey's House and Separation Anxiety2021/01/16
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  26. Episode 227 - Spike the Wonder Dog and Pampered Pets 2020/12/12
    In this podcast we have fun with Bill Boggs and talk about his book Spike the Wonder Dog, inspired by his own real life dog. Helen Brunton gives us a behind the scenes look at life as a pet sitter, and shares the funny adventures she's been on. Plus the DogCast Radio News. Happy listening!
  27. Episode 226 - dog and human physical health and mental wellness 2020/11/07
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  28. Episode 225 - Cowpugs, Battersea Anniversary and Pet Insurance 2020/10/24
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  29. Episode 224 - Major: A Soldier Dog and Paws Against Elbow Dysplasia and the Mayhew 2020/10/10
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  30. Episode 223 - Rock and Roll Over, Raising a lockdown puppy and languages for dogs2020/09/26
    In a fun and packed podcast, Norty Cohen and Steve McWilliams talk about Rock and Roll Over, an album of songs all about dog breeds. Annie Grossman from School For The Dogs advises on how to raise a lockdown puppy. Jason Forrest gets tips from Joe Nutkins on how to teach dogs foreign languages. The DogCast Radio News brings you all the dog themed news you need.
  31. Episode 222 - Separation anxiety and Pooch Paper 2020/08/22
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  32. Episode 221 - Stop importing puppies and dogs who found romance for their human2020/07/25
    Lucy Parkinson and TV vet Marc Abraham discuss the petition Lucy started to stop the exploitative importing of puppies into the UK. Writer Cath Jenkin reveals the spooky way her Border Collie brought brought happiness, romance and a new home into her life. Plus the DogCast Radio News.
  33. Episode 220 - Keeping dogs safe from theft, loss and heat stroke2020/06/27
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  34. Episode 219 - Dog behaviour in lockdown and beyond2020/05/30
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  35. Episode 218 - Keep your dog happy and healthy during lockdown 2020/05/02
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  36. Episode 217 - Make your dog happy with Karen London and Nosey Barker2020/03/28
    In this podcast, Karen London considers how you can make your dog happier - what she says may surprise you! Kim Kaye talks about Nosey Barker and how she's helping dogs locally and beyond. Plus the DogCast Radio News. This podcast was produced during the UK's lockdown, but although that is referenced, this is an upbeat, happy podcast. Stay safe.
  37. Episode 216 - Tripawds and Scruffts 2020/01/28
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  38. Episode 215 - Dogs in the Movies and fear of the vet2020/01/25
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  39. Episode 214 - incredible Kratu and Frankie the biggest dog that ever was2019/12/21
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  40. Episode 213 - Dog obesity and carbohydrates and Disc Dog and accessibility 2019/11/02
    Daniel Schulof investigated dog diets, and which led him to feed his own dogs differently, write a book and start his own dog food company. Heather Smith, who competes, judges and trains around the world, discusses Disc Dogs and accessibility. Plus the DogCast Radio News, which is all about - you guessed it, dogs!
  41. Episode 212 Vet-AI pet care and Dog Is Love2019/09/28
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  42. Episode 211 - Doglogy University and how to find a good dog trainer2019/08/31
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  43. Episode 210 - Maisie the Double Merle and Cody's Comforts 2019/07/27
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  44. Episode 209 - Where the Lost Dogs Go and life saving surgery on a dog2019/06/29
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  45. Episode 208 - Benefab and Jayda finds a home2019/05/18
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  46. Episode 207- Gnomad Home and Rehome From Home2019/04/27
    Many of dream of escaping the rat race and living a simpler life. Jayme and Jon Serbell did just that - and it was their dogs who inspired them to take to the van life! Tanya Madden from the Mayhew Animal Home talks to Julie about rehoming Robbie. Plus the DogCast Radio News - which will be of particular to interest to bearded men!
  47. Episode 206 - Crufts 20192019/03/30
    Hear all about Crufts 2019. From the three new breeds competing for the first time, to the amazing assistance dogs in attendance, to efforts to make our dogs healthier including scientific research and feeding a good diet. Crufts has at its heart the relationship between humans and dogs - and it's a relationship that should make life better for both species.
  48. Episode 205 - Empowerment Training for your Power Dog2019/03/16
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  49. Episode 204 - dog holidays, snuffle mats and teeth2019/02/22
    In this podcast, you can listen to David Blank talking about the amazing doggy holidays you and your dog can share. Hear Rachel Rodgers, Head Coach of Dogs Trust's Dog School Shropshire, sharing what you need to now about snuffle mats and teeth cleaning. Plus the DogCast Radio News.
  50. Episode 203 - Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy 2019/01/26
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  51. Episode 202 - New Years Resolutions and Dare the dog who danced to happiness2018/12/22
    In this episode of the DogCast Radio podcast, you can hear Andrea Servadio's top tips to make 2019 fantastic for your dog. Listen to Heather Smith's tale of her rescue dog Dare who went from shut down to dazzling doggy dancer. Plus there's the DogCast Radio News with all the dog news stories you want. Must listen podcasting!
  52. Episode 201 - I heart dogs and An Armful of Animals2018/11/23
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  53. Rememebering War Animals2018/10/21
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  54. Revolutionary Cricket Dog treats and Record Breaking Dogs2018/09/22
    In this episode you can hear two amazing interviews: Rachael Grylls tells us about her World Record Breaking dogs (they hold four records between them - and counting!), and Anne Carlson talks about her cutting edge dog treats made from crickets (great for dogs and the environment). Plus the DogCast Radio News.
  55. Episode 198 Surf Dog Ricochet and Help the Street Animals of Morocco 2018/08/25
    In this episode we catch up with Surf Dog Ricochet who enhaces the lives of many people with disabilities. We hear about the work of Help the Street Animals of Morocco and their devoted volunteers. Plus we have the DogCast Radio News and we hear about the toy which annoyed Mischief.
  56. Episode 197 - Canine Compulsive Disorder and VIP pet sitting2018/07/28
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  57. Episode 196 - The Wisdom of Wolves with Jim and Jamie Dutcher2018/06/30
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  58. Episode 195 - Well Informed Pet and dog grooming secrets2018/05/26
    Well Informed Pet is an app that lets you - and all those who care for your dog - keep track of all their health information. We go behind the scenes at the dog grooming salon, and deal with some controversial issues. Plus in the DogCast Radio News the dog who wasn't a dog, the assistance dog who might not be, the First Lady who dove into a lake for her dog, and more!
  59. Episode 194 - Crufts 2018 2018/04/28
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  60. Episode 193 - Finn's law and Alabama Rot2018/03/10
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  61. Episode 192 - Rescue dogs: how to adopt one and how to help if you can't2018/02/17
    In this episode you can hear an expert dog trainer's 10 steps to getting a great dog from the shelter. If you can't adopt a rescue dog, you can still help support dog shelters and charities in a wide variety of ways. Plus the DogCast Radio News is an emotional rollercoaster.
  62. Episode 191 - Dog First Aid and The Firmest Friend2018/01/13
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  63. Episode 190 - What It's Like to be a Dog and Barking Mad Dog Holidays2017/12/16
    Gregory Berns talks about his book What It's Like to be a Dog, which is a thought provoking and fascinating read. Sue Corfield tells us about the dog activity holidays she runs in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Plus we've rounded up some happy stories for the DogCast Radio News.
  64. Episode 189 - The Dog Healers and War Dogs Remembered 2017/11/11
    In this episode you can hear Mark Winik talk about his debut novel, The Dog Healers, and listen to Julia Robertson explain why she founded the charity War Dogs remembered. Plus there's the DogCast Radio News, and what Mischief the German Spitz puppy has been up to.
  65. Episode 188 - Service Dogs UK and Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home2017/10/22
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  66. Episode 187 - Muffins Halo and Chorley Fun Dog Show2017/09/23
    In this episode you can hear about Muffin's Halo for Blind Dogs, and what motivates people to enter their dog in a fun dog show. In the DogCast Radio News, listen to stories about the latest dog related research. Plus there's a new member of the DogCast Radio team!
  67. Episode 186 - Maxwell Muir on wolves2017/08/19
    In this episode you can hear trainer, behaviourist, writer, broadcaster and wolf expert Maxwell Muir talk about what wolves mean to him personally, their plight in a modern world, and his hopes for their future. Plus we have the DogCast Radio News.
  68. Episode 185 - Doggie Food Bank and Animal Naturopath Lyndall Pinchen2017/07/15
    In this show you can hear naturopath Lyndall Pinchen describe her natural approach to helping your dog live healthily, and how you can deal with parasites and vaccinations. Listen to the inspiring story of how Julie Austin started Doggie Food Bank after a homeless woman asked for help feeding her dog. Plus the DogCast Radio News, and the latest developments with Buddy.
  69. Episode 184 - Galen Myotherapy for dogs2017/06/17
    Galen Myotherapy was founded by Julia Robertson in 2002, and in this show you can hear Julia talking about how the therapy works, how it allows dogs to choose to participate or not, and how letting the body heal itself is essential. You can also listen in to a therapy session.
  70. Episode 183 - Amazing arthritis treatment and What to do if an off leash dog rushes you2017/05/20
    Hear about the innovative, life-changing treatments Nupsala has for dogs with arthritis, allowing them to move comfortably again.. Listen to the effective, safe advice Sara Reusche has for thwarting an off leash dog who is charging towards you and your dog.
  71. Episode 182 - Canine Arthritis Management and The Buddy Foundation of Maryland2017/04/08
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  72. Episode 181 - Pugability and Twix's Recovery2017/03/25
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  73. Episode 180 - Crufts 20172017/03/19
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  74. Episode 179 - Car travel problems and helping your dog through surgery2017/02/25
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  75. Episode 178 - Maxwell Muir2017/01/21
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  76. Episode 177 - Canine cancer 2016/12/17
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  77. Episode 176 - Conservation K9 Consultancy2016/11/26
    Hear from expert trainer Louise Viljoen how her dogs are playing a vital role in conserving wildlife around the world. The dogs' incredible sense of smell enables us to monitor wildlife with as little disturbance to them as possible - and the dogs Louise trains and works with are rescue dogs. A great, positive story in many ways.
  78. Episode 175 - How to Right a Dog Gone Wrong2016/10/22
    In this show Pamela Dennison draws on years of working with students and personal experience to offer help and hope to those coping with a reactive of aggressive dog. Listen to Pam explain how you can help your dog cope with life, offering practical advice along the way. All delivered with honesty and humour.
  79. Episode 174 - author Graeme Sims2016/09/24
    A stray dog came into Graeme Sims' life at a low point, and transformed it. In this interview the ad-man turned shepherd, turned showman, turned vicar, turned author discussed why not all dogs are equal, and why Italians have taken him to their hearts.
  80. Episode 173 - Pet loss and end of life 2016/09/09
    When you've loved a dog, losing them can plunge us into grief, but there is help available. Wendy Van de Poll is a certified end of life and pet loss grief coach, and she has advice to help you cope with the death of your beloved dog.
  81. Episode 172 - Oodles of Doodles and DoodleFest2016/08/20
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  82. Episode 171 - Flatcoat Walkies and How to Foster Dogs2016/07/17
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  83. Episode 170 - Coping with allergies and 10 great reasons not to copy Cesar Milan2016/06/17
    In this show, Dr Patrick Mahaney has the advice you need if your dog has allergies, and Sally Gutteridge shares 10 good reasons not to copy Cesar Milan. Plus the DogCast Radio News, and how you can add your voice to the protest against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
  84. Episode 169 - Dogtology and Service Dogs UK2016/05/08
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  85. Episode 168 - Canine assistants and dog friendly Bridgnorth2016/04/02
    In this episode you can hear Canine Assistants' founder Jennifer Arnold talk about how she educates, rather than trains, the assistance dogs she provides. It's an approach that is yielding amazing results. In the UK, Bridgnorth, in Shropshire, is bidding to become the most dog friendly town in Britain. Hear what happened when Julie went to investigate.
  86. Episode 167 - Carolyn Menteith Understanding Puppies 2016/03/12
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  87. Episode 166 - Pam Dennison - You CAN Train Your Dog2015/02/28
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  88. Episode 165 - There's more to a puppy pile than cute2016/01/30
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  89. Episode 164 - Dogopedia and Harry the Labradale2015/12/13
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  90. Episode 163 - Let your dog sniff and K9 Rescue International2015/11/28
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  91. Episode 162 - Keller the double Merle and making training fun2015/10/31
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  92. Episode 161 - Hands on First and Help! My Dog's Scared of Fireworks2015/09/12
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  93. Episode 160 - No Walks? No Worries! and Pets and the Afterlife2015/08/22
    This show is a mix of the practical and the spiritual. Hear trainer and behaviourist Sian Ryan talk about her authoritative book No Walks? No Worries!, and find out how to take the stress, worry and boredom out of crate rest. Listen to Rub Gutro discuss the experiences which led him to write Pets and the Afterlife Messages from Beyond.
  94. Episode 159 - Among the Wolves2015/07/26
    In this show you can hear Toni Shelbourne talking about her latest book, Among The Wolves.
  95. Episode 158 - K9 Project and Get Healthy, Get a Dog2015/06/20
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  96. Episode 157 - Crufts 2015 Special Part Two2015/04/02
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  97. Episode 156 - Crufts 2015 Special Part One2015/04/19
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  98. Episode 155 - Pamela Dennison discusses reactivity and aggression in dogs2015/03/28
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  99. Episode 154 - Pre Crufts special2015/02/07
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  100. Episode 153 - Susan McKeon: the journey of a canine convert2015/01/24
    In this, our first show of 2015, you can hear Susan McKeon talking about how she went from being a feline fanatic to becoming a canine convert. Plus find out what breed of dog is most popular where in the USA and the UK,and catch up with Buddy's news too.
  101. Episode 152 - What Julie's been doing2014/12/23
    DogCast Radio host Julie explains what she's been up to for the last few months.
  102. Episode 151 - Training sporting breeds and the blind agility dog2014/02/01
    Hear expert trainer Dawn Antonial Mitchell talking about her latest book From Bird-Brained to Brilliant - Training the Sporting Dog to be a Great Companion. Izzy Johnson talks about training her blind dog to participate in agility and Rally-O and how her Romanian rescue dog blossomed given time and space. Plus the DogCast Radio News and more.
  103. Episode 150 - C.A.R.I.A.D. at Christmas - Band Aid for Dogs2013/12/02
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  104. Episode 149 - Ashleigh and Pudsey at The Pet Show and Has your dog got you trained?2013/08/24
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  105. Episode 148 - If I should die before my dog and First aid kit for dogs2013/07/27
    In this show Kerry Rhodes talks about the items you should have in your canine first aid kit and Joe and Cathy Connolly talk about their book If I Should Die Before My Dog which every dog owner should have. Plus the DogCast Radio news and more.
  106. Episode 147 - Terrier training and Treibball2013/06/01
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  107. Episode 146 - Dognition and Reiki2013/05/11
    In this show we investigate the scientific and the alternative as Dr. Brian Hare talks about the citizen science project Dognition, looking into the different types of canine cognition, and Reiki Master Teacher Rob Fellows talks about how Reiki can help you and your dog. Plus the DogCast Radio News, and a UK petition that aims to change the way puppies are sold.
  108. Episode 145 - Crufts 2013 Special (Part 2)2013/04/13
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  109. Episode 144 - Crufts 2013 Special2013/04/06
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  110. Episode 143 - Ted Kerasote - Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer Lived Dogs (Part 2)2013/03/30
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  111. Episode 142 - Ted Kerasote - Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer Lived Dogs 2013/03/02
  112. Episode 141 - Doggitude and grumpy dogs2013/02/16
  113. Episode 140 - Treibball and The Truth about Wolves and Dogs2013/01/26
  114. Episode 139 - 12 Dogs of Christmas and Canine First Aid2012/12/15
  115. Episode 138 - The 12 Dogs of Christmas and Roann's Dog Therapy Team2012/11/24
  116. Episode 137 - On Toby's Terms, The Spirit of The Dog and Lizzie Owen2012/10/27
  117. Episode 136 - teach a hug and take great photos of your dog2012/09/29
  118. Episode 135 - Best dog toys and Hayley the fundraising Basset Hound2012/08/25
  119. Episode 134 - Scruffts and Women and Dog Training2012/07/14
  120. Episode 133 - C.A.R.I.A.D. and Piper the painting Bulldog2012/06/09
  121. Episode 132 - Golden Retriever profile and Barknight2012/05/12
  122. Episode 131 - The Gift of Growl and Difficult Dog Training2012/04/21
  123. Episode 130 - Crufts 2012 Part 22012/03/31
  124. Episode 129 - Crufts 2012 Part 12012/03/24
  125. Episode 128 - Debbie Connolly discusses Crufts 2012 vet checks2012/03/13
  126. Episode 127 - Nature vs nurture, and How dogs combat stress2012/02/11
  127. Episode 126 - The Russian Dog Wizard in America and dogs in Australia2011/12/14
  128. Episode 125 - Joe Inglis's diet advice and Renee Premaza on saving Jack2011/12/11
  129. Episode 124 - Sadie and the rattlesnake part 2 and Sealyhams2011/11/20
  130. Episode 123 - Sadie and the rattlesnake and dogs on beds2011/10/08
  131. Episode 122 - Run a fun dog show and Chance's Happy Ending2011/09/13
  132. Episode 121 - Puppy socialisation and listener advice from Judy Rentrop2011/08/13
  133. Episode 120 - The Power of Wagging Tails and the Great British Greyhound Walk2011/07/09
  134. Episode 119 - The Power of Wagging Tails and the Sheepdog Experience2011/06/11
  135. Episode 118 - Surfing dog Ricochet and rescue greyhounds2011/05/21
  136. Episode 117 - Osteoarthirtis research and Nikki Moustaki2011/04/16
  137. Episode 116 - Crufts 20112011/03/27
  138. Episode 115 - Older dogs, Crufts and Westminster2011/03/19
  139. Episode 114 - Search and Rescure and Pit Bull NationPit Bull2011/02/12
  140. Episode 113 - New Year's Resolutions and Pit Bull Nation2011/01/08
  141. Episode 112 - Why dogs bark and what your dog really wants for Christmas2010/12/11
  142. Episode 111 - Orphans of Katrina2010/11/13
  143. Episode 110 - Newfoundlands and recovering from pet loss2010/10/09
  144. Episode 109 - Coprophagia and cruciate ligament surgery 2010/09/11
  145. Episode 108 - Sue London and Schutzhund2010/08/14
  146. Episode 107 - Karen Wild and Chiengora2010/07/10
  147. Episode 106 - The working life of a herding dog and Canix2010/06/12
  148. Episode 105 - Bel Mooney and Dachshund profile2010/04/10
  149. Episode 104 - Dog Tricks for Dummies and Flyball2010/04/10
  150. Episode 103 - Crufts 2010 and Dee Green2010/03/20
  151. Episode 102 - Kathryn Segura, Hollywood Dog Wrangler2010/02/13
  152. Episode 101 - Stan Rawlinson, The Original Doglistener and Darlene Arden The Pet Expert2010/01/09
  153. Episode 100 - Leashes and lovers and Labradoodle Trust2009/12/26
  154. Episode 99 - Am I Boring My Dog? And Cushing's Disease2009/12/12
  155. Episode 98 - Black Dog Syndrome and dog friendly bed and breakfast2009/11/28
  156. Episode 97 - Author Chris Davis and Australian Terrier Health Committee2009/11/14
  157. Episode 96 - Canine health concern2009/10/24
  158. Episode 95 - Small Dog, Big Life and Basset Hound scent trails2009/10/10
  159. Episode 94 - Finding Peace After Pet Loss2009/09/12
  160. Episode 93 - The Healing Art of Pet Parenthood and pet sitting2009/08/08
  161. Epiosde 92 - Cardio Myopathy in dogs and Ruby Scrumptious toy dog walking group2009/08/08
  162. Episode 91 - Ziggy the painting dog and Wolf walk2009/07/25
  163. Episode 90 - Speaking For Spot and the Swedish Kennel Club2009/07/11
  164. Episode 89 - Be the Ideal Puppy Purchaser and the Dog in Art2009/06/13
  165. Episode 88 - Kate and Gin .. and Ice2009/05/23
  166. Episode 87 - Fit as Fido and A Day at Dogs Trust2009/05/09
  167. DogCast Radio Episode 86 - CAPS, Crufts and more2009/04/25
  168. Episode 85 - Just This Side Of Heaven and Crufts 20092009/04/11
  169. Episode 84 - Give a dog a home and raising puppies (part two)2009/03/14
  170. Episode 83 - Raising puppies and Justice for Dogs2009/02/14
  171. Episode 82 - Russian Dog Wizard and Wolf Conservation2009/02/14
  172. Episode 81 - Free Shaping and Tellington Touch2009/01/24
  173. Episode 80 - Listener's problem and Swapping Bones For Brocolli2009/01/10
  174. Episode 79 - Tailwaggers and Rethinking rescue dogs2008/12/27
  175. Episode 78 - Choosing a puppy and more on spending less at the veterinarian2008/12/13
  176. Episode 77 - Spending less at the veterinarian and Walking Ollie2008/11/22
  177. Episode 76 - The National Dog Show, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Puppy Farm Protests2008/11/08
  178. Episode 75 - Australian Terriers and more on settling a new puppy2008/10/25
  179. Episode 74 - Settling a puppy and Canine Good Citizen2008/10/11
  180. Episode 73 - Clicker Training2008/09/27
  181. Episode 72 - Calming your dog and Tellington Touch2008/09/12
  182. Episode 71 - Separation anxiety and Border Collie Profile2008/08/08
  183. Episode 70 - Cold Wet Nose Show and Greyfriars2008/07/12
  184. Episode 69 - Socialisation, toilet training and dog counselling2008/07/12
  185. Episode 68 - Dogs in divorce and Border Collies2008/06/28
  186. Episode 67 - Coping with the loss of a dog2008/06/14
  187. Episode 66 - A Dog About Town and more on Breed Specific Legislation2008/05/24
  188. Episode 65 - Rescue dogs2008/05/10
  189. Episode 64 - Merle's door2008/04/26
  190. Episode 63 - Crufts part 22008/04/12
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