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  1. Start With A Big Idea! - Mark Victor Hansen2005/08/24
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  2. The Best 1001 Ways to Market Your Books - John Kremer2005/08/24

    John Kremer is an acknowledged expert on book publishing and marketing and the author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books For Authors and Publishers (5th Edition). John talked with me about why bookstore distribution should be low on your priority list and discussed two OTHER strategies you ll want learn about fast.

  3. The Best Book Selling Ideas of 2004 2005/08/24

    You ll recognize their faces and voices. From Mark Victor Hansen co-author of the best selling, non-fiction series Chicken Soup for the Soul, to Dan Poynter, Robert Allen, Jan Nathan, Mike Kaufman and Jay Conrad Levinson the father of Guerrilla Marketing. Together they offer some of the best book marketing insights we ve heard.. Listen up!

  4. What Most Separates Profitable Publishers From Those Who Are Not? 2005/08/24

    In search of the keys to making money in publishing we talked to Jan Nathan, Executive Director of the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA). Founded in 1983, the PMA has over 3,800 members and is is the largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers. PMA provides cooperative marketing programs, education and advocacy within the publishing industry.

  5. The Anatomy of Buzz with Michael Rosen2005/08/26

    It s called buzz the art of getting lots of people to tell other people about your book. Buzz is cheap, it s effective and it moves books. Listen to our interview with the author of The Anatomy of Buzz and learn how to use word of mouth marketing to sell your books. Here s the link to the interview. it will be live within the hour!
  6. Marketing Your Book On The Internet - Robert Allen 2005/08/24

    If your books aren t selling, you ll want to hear this interview with best selling author Robert Allen as he discusses how independent authors can effectively sell books on the Internet. Robert explains the step by step process he and other authors are using, why you have to push word-of-mouth to critical mass and how to get affiliates to sell your books for you.

  7. Guerrilla Marketing for Writers - Jay Conrad Levinson2005/08/24
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  8. The New Book Publishing Model - Dan Poynter2005/08/24

    Dan Poynter discusses some of the most creative, effective and inexpensive ways to promote, market and distribute your books using
    The New Book Publishing Model
- ANN: Best Sellers Radio
Get free access to the best book marketing experts alive. Jay Conrad Levinson, Dan Poynter, Robert Allen, John Kremer, Mark Victor Hansen are just some of the book selling super stars you ll access by signing up for our Best Sellers Radio. Not just another amateur program, Best Sellers is hosted by an Emmy-winning host Errol Smith, who has written 4 books, one best seller and knows all the right questions to ask. The result is truly informative interviews that give you actionable answers to the book marketing questions you really care about.

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